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  1. Even Joshua has more wins than the Spuds at Wembley in 2017!
  2. To be fair to 'Old Bog Brush', that game was so crap I'm not surprised he wanted to leave early! How can Maureen be called a genius yet Tony Pulis a dinosaur? #puzzled
  3. Nearly spot on Carms....Hope you had a bet on the R/C
  4. If you go to Queen Sirikit hospital, ask for the quit smoking clinic. You can be prescribed a course there.
  5. A few minutes of Benny Boy vs Citeh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhhOODunx3Q
  6. No mention of the Magical Mini Messi's on the Citeh thread so I'll bring you up to date here. Our kids beat them 3-2 costing them any chance of winning PL2. Woodburn (2) and Virtue with the goals. In our imperfect world though, it means EFC win the thing! Well done the Trickies!.....Hopefully we can dampen their spirits somewhat last game of the season (9th May) at Woodison!
  7. Average age of the bench.....19!!!
  8. Unchanged team from last week. Ex Chelsea kid Rhian Brewster (17 this month) joins the other youngsters on the bench
  9. ^ Unlike our pal Sturridge!
  10. Have a look yourselves: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/dele-alli/leistungsdaten/spieler/207929 http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/david-silva/leistungsdaten/spieler/35518
  11. Matip, Klavan, and Lucas all carrying injuries and have not trained this week . Joe Gomez may be starting. Last time he started, Brendan was manager and Leicester were 5000/1 to win the league! Hendo out for the season as well!
  12. Nico? Jermain?.... It's Harry. We're putting the band back together
  13. Judas always was in his element at Easter
  14. Got your wish Bob.Your mate has a knee injury...Lucas do you? Mignolet, Clyne, Lovren, Matip, Lucas, Milner, Can, Wijnaldum, Coutinho, Firmino, Origi.
  15. Courtois out today. Might also miss the Spurs semi!