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  1. Whoa...putting 'the fun' in quotes....could be grounds for 112
  2. The inflating of the ego goes deep. They have a whole day where students must crawl to them and pour water of their hands like they are demigods.
  3. Are license plates not registered? How is possible the owners are 'unknown'. What's the purpose of the license plate if not to identify the car/owner?
  4. Good in that the US should have never expanded its involvement to such a ridiculous, shades-of-Vietnam/Afghan/etc level. But bad if it was simply due to complaints from Russia. I want the US and Russia to get along, shoot even be friends if such a thing is ever possible. But I'm not naive enough to believe that Russia doesn't see distinct geopolitical advantages in a weakened, more chaotic USA.
  5. First, no I was pointing out that the graphs you posted were highly misleading. Second, I find it hard to believe rhetoric had nothing to do with Trump's election, that his famed 'straight-talking', pull-no-punches style had no effect on the rabid masses at his gatherings. Nope, it was all substance, policy and data they were after. Get real mate.
  6. So many problems with these graphs. Jesus just look at the first one: it says "Student Loans" in big type. But when you read above that, it says its actually including Federal government debt and consumer credit. Well of course its going to skyrocket starting in 2009 - that was exactly when QE kicked off.
  7. Yeah that criticism, just so annoying.
  8. Ooooh 'cunning linguist', wow so clever mate. Is it 2009? And no, 'having fun' is not in the job description.
  9. TV please for the love of god, hire a native English editor. A farang cannot be an ambulance ride.
  10. It's a very average salary in the states, but of course high vs. average Thai salaries. I will definitely have to belt tighten and I pray nothing causes the baht to collapse. Work permit is required regardless of actually being in the country as it is a Thai firm (if there is a workaround, pls advise!). I understand I will no longer qualify for the Foreign Income Exclusion as I won't pass the physical presence/bonafide residence test, but I should still be able to use Foreign Income Tax Credits. These are far more complex and thus my anxiety about the move and whether they will fully cover my taxable income. thanks.
  11. Investments in Thailand

    SIRI also is the riskiest as they have been the most aggressive with launches last year and this year
  12. I am in the last steps of getting the Thai firm I have been working with for 5 years to allow me to work from home in the States. Has anyone done this before? I'm trying to make sure I don't forget anything or get messed up somewhere. I will withdraw funds via my SCB card whilst stateside. This is new territory for the HR team and they mentioned something about an international transfer limit of 25k usd. Never heard of such a thing but I want to hear from others. My working hours will be crazy, but I am willing to do whatever it takes for them to let me do this. Work permit-wise, I will have to return in February for renewal. I'm assuming my tax situation will remain unchanged as I will still technically be making my money abroad (foreign income exclusion - I don't make over 100k usd so no worries). My wife goes in for her green card interview in the next couple of weeks...so we are almost home free.
  13. Investments in Thailand

    LHHOTEL, IMPACT. not property per se, but JASIF
  14. How insecure is this man? If you don't like the people the German FM is meeting (because they are Pal supporters - ooooooohhh so evil), why not tell that to him to his face. No, better to look like a sniveling little bitch and cancel the meeting.