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  1. Where can I get the "Arab rage" vid? That sounds mighty entertaining
  2. "Drunk driving" is called "Drink Driving" in the UK.
  3. That's nothing, Colorado is making 100 million dollars PER MONTH from it http://www.ibtimes.com/how-legal-marijuana-funds-education-colorado-taxes-go-prevent-bullying-2423329
  4. The celebrity's lawyer: “He was defending himself,” Adul Tinapong said at Yannawa Police Station. “The other person looked like he was about to start a fight.”
  5. he tortured them and killed one of them while the other went to ICU. they found his genitals were burned with candles and his head was so badly beaten his eyes could open and brain was hemorrhaging. Stripped of rank. Not even court-martialed.
  6. such a weird pic. too much smiling next to a comatose teen. and the mom (im assuming) takes off her mask so she can smile for the picture?
  7. Good work mate. I spoke with these guys several times at one of their patpong haunts (a certain bar across from foodland). Aaron was friendly and just wanted to show pics of his baby. It was clear that he was very respectful towards Peter - who was loud and annoying at times. They were 9-11 inside job guys and Peter was vocal about being anti US. Funny how I remember them 'joking' alot about wondering if i was CIA the first times i met them.
  8. Astounded at two things in this blog 1) the author cites soi dogs and shisha pipe laws as "things that need to change in Thailand"?? I would've STARTED with lack of elected leaders, rampant corruption, draconian speech restrictions, slavery in the fishing industry, insurgency in the South...etc etc.. 2) Then this: "And while some may call me crazy, since Thailand is technically a military-controlled country, a fact that many expats also like to complain about, if I were the Thai government, I would consider trolling the expat websites and looking for expats talking negatively about the country that’s so graciously taken them in." umm...and do what with them? This is an American literally calling for the Thai military to spy on fellow expats who simply voice their opinion. SCUM.
  9. rofl...yet another "do your job and get a prize" police scam. Remember the "refuse a bribe and get 10k baht"? or the Erawan bomber cash prize?
  10. "He said the cash deposit would be sent to the Finance Ministry to take care of for two years."
  11. And the award for "Least Flattering Photo of the Year" goes to...