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  1. So when Thai people visit our countries do we charge them these prices?no everybody pays the same.absolute rip off.all foreign people stay well clear of this blatant rip off
  2. Prison sentence love it well put
  3. 10/3/2015??maybe the date on the cam is wrong.but so sad for this lad to die in this way.does look like a deliberate accident though.r.i.p.
  4. Thanks for the link it is a bit involved,so I figure they are right in their decision.i left for Thailand in 2011 returned permanently oct 2016.worked all my life in all up many years living in Aus.take care
  5. I had lived in Thailand for six years.i turned 65 in 2015.i returned to Aus for a holiday in 2015 and went along to Centrelink for a chat,knowing they would not give me the green light for my pension,but just thought I would test the water.already had been given some good advice on here from a few members so wasn't getting excited.told them all they needed to know.lodged proof of i/d etc etc.then after a month returned to Thailand.a day later I receive a message,aged pension will not be paid as I have left the country.they have a direct line to as of October 2017 I departed Thailand for good to reside in Australia full time.visited Centrelink again supplied documents and waited and waited.more questions one after another I had no more answers for them.Finally today after over 4 months they phoned me.advising me they would pay me a reduced amount as I have money in the bank.yes my super I worked years for.they advised I would receive back monies for the 4 months.they then told me I can't leave the country for two years??not even for a few weeks,not a day?if I do my pension will cease immediately and I would have to go through the whole scenario again.grrrr. I am now a prisoner in my own country that I have worked for all my any lads on here know if this is the norm for the two year ban?or can I contest this?
  6. A very good mate has been very sick in various Hospitals in Udon a Coma for a long time.He is slowly getting well,but unable to walk.he advised his lady to check his o/a Visa.he was over due by 2 months for a 90 day report.she attended Immigration in Udon.told he must pay?? yeah great almost passed away in a bed for months. \,and they want cash? she took doctors bills,photos of the of him in Hospital bed.still told must pay.Great way to look after Farang.who retire in Thailand and spend money. She is now trying to speak with someone in Immigration at the Airport who she was put onto.hopefully she can get it sorted.
  7. They have a special office on the ground floor near the is very small.staff in there speak english.and i have found them very helpful. Take the account to them they can explain all to you.before u head upstairs to pay.
  8. Been in Thailand all these years.ever heard of Health Insurance. cant believe you are concerned over little monies.that being said i wish you good health.
  9. Thank you to all who responded.yes I realised my extension of stay would expire.which it will be due in December. I will obtain a tourist visa when I return for holls. Many thanks.
  10. I realise this is a few months old.but i get decent ribs from Macro.plenty of meat on them.i soak them in Coke a Cola. then after a few hours i marinate in Oyster sauce and some thai sauce.plenty of Garlic.then cook in a bit of oil slowly.absolute to die for.
  11. Good afternoon all. Just a quick question. I have been living in Thailand for 6 years with my o/a Visa.I am heading back for good in a few months.House sold here etc etc.Will continue to return here maybe once a year with a tourist Visa.I gather my o/a will be finished,no problem. Do i require to get a re entry permit before i leave.i think not but just checking.. Many thanks.
  12. Gold clubs laying over his shoulders.must have been a golf pro.Gold clubs.??wonder how they got over his shoulders? no bar lady comes to check on me if i am not at the bar???
  13. This is nothing new.many places all over Thailand have these type of crossings.they mean nothing.they should be dangerous.a lot different in other countries.where people can look carefully before stepping foot onto them.then use first time in Thailand many years ago i almost walked on a crossing expecting the cars to stop?? 2016 come on Thailand get with the times.have ALL Thais Licenced.for cars and bikes.ban 12 year olds on Motor bikes. Get serious for once.just look at the road toll here.
  14. I was driving towards Bangkok last Monday late afternoon.huge storm.belting down rain.I moved into middle lane slowed down.idiots kept going full tilt in right thing traffic slows to a crawl.8 car pile up right lane.two km later another one 5 vehicles.later another 4 vehicles.had not rained for some time road would be so greasy.but some do not for bus drivers here.some are in too much of a hurry to get from A to B.Mini Van drivers enough to all who were killed here