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  1. 30 day tourist visa

    many thanks to all for this info
  2. good morning all. hopefully someone can advise me re a 30 day tourist visa. how many times in one year can i enter thailand. many thanks
  3. If I don't have any clue what they will get. Do you
  4. Just imagine what these two muppets would have got if they pulled this stunt in Russia?swapping drivers,resisting arrest, female bites police. Real class act. Love the pony tail on a supposed grown man?? Hope they both get a severe going over. Then taken to the airport never to return
  5. Lost the plot no need for the cops to point the finger she sorts that out
  6. Football fiasco: Two Britons, Thai accused of Premier League piracy

    Um what month are we in now?
  7. Don Muang Airport clamping down

    Yes but so true
  8. Makro

  9. So when Thai people visit our countries do we charge them these prices?no everybody pays the same.absolute rip off.all foreign people stay well clear of this blatant rip off
  10. Australia aged pension

    Prison sentence love it well put
  11. 10/3/2015??maybe the date on the cam is wrong.but so sad for this lad to die in this way.does look like a deliberate accident though.r.i.p.
  12. Australia aged pension

    Thanks for the link it is a bit involved,so I figure they are right in their decision.i left for Thailand in 2011 returned permanently oct 2016.worked all my life in Aus.so all up many years living in Aus.take care
  13. Australia aged pension

    I had lived in Thailand for six years.i turned 65 in 2015.i returned to Aus for a holiday in 2015 and went along to Centrelink for a chat,knowing they would not give me the green light for my pension,but just thought I would test the water.already had been given some good advice on here from a few members so wasn't getting excited.told them all they needed to know.lodged proof of i/d etc etc.then after a month returned to Thailand.a day later I receive a message,aged pension will not be paid as I have left the country.they have a direct line to immigration.so as of October 2017 I departed Thailand for good to reside in Australia full time.visited Centrelink again supplied documents and waited and waited.more questions one after another I had no more answers for them.Finally today after over 4 months they phoned me.advising me they would pay me a reduced amount as I have money in the bank.yes my super I worked years for.they advised I would receive back monies for the 4 months.they then told me I can't leave the country for two years??not even for a few weeks,not a day?if I do my pension will cease immediately and I would have to go through the whole scenario again.grrrr. I am now a prisoner in my own country that I have worked for all my life.do any lads on here know if this is the norm for the two year ban?or can I contest this?