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  1. Buying gold in Thailand - worth it?

    My mom believes she can make a good deal buying gold here compared to European market prices. I don't really have a clue about it. - Is gold cheaper here than elsewhere? - Can I trust those gold shops? Since I don't know how to tell, i am worried i could be ripped off with fake or overpriced stuff. - Do you recommend any place? Specifically, she would like to have a very simple golden chain bracelet. Nothing super fancy or artistic. She just thinks it's cheaper here.
  2. Buying ropes in Bangkok?

    Thanks. Specifically looking for material that's a bit softer on the skin and not creating scratches too easily. I'll have a look there.
  3. Buying ropes in Bangkok?

    Does anyone know where I can buy ropes here in Bangkok? Does HomePro sell it?
  4. One idea, in case she cannot raise the additional 20k THB needed, was that she leaves to a neighboring country where she can teach English to earn money for her flight. She could do so with her new passport (once she received it) and using the ticket refund (in case a refund is possible) for the overstay fine. It might not be the best option, but (if possible at all) a backup plan in case she cannot raise the 20k THB in time. Still better than the risk of ending up in a cell.
  5. The girl: Just brainstorming here: Where I come from, there are quite some Fintech startups these days offering small loans online. So I did a quick Google search on "easy loan online South Africa" and several results popped up. You may wanna check if that would be an option to raise funds (either applying yourself or letting your parents or friends back home do it). Please note though that I obviously don't know whether those sites are legit or not. As with everything online, do your due diligence. Also, did you ask your embassy for a loan? I know some embassies do that in exceptional emergency cases. And should leaving to Cambodia or Laos still be an option, did you try explaining your situation to Kenya Airways and ask for a full refund? Don't think they would care (everyone could make up a story like that after all), but why not try at least? Good luck.
  6. Couldn't she get a refund for her ticket, wait for her new passport to be issued, then leave to e.g. Cambodia or Vietnam using the ticket refund for the overstay fine to get a teaching job there? Of course, only possible if the ticket is refundable. But if that's the case, another x weeks overstay shouldn't make the situation much more worse right (understand the overstay fine is capped at 20k)? Just an idea, I might be completely wrong. Good luck anyways. Wouldn't wanna be in such situation.
  7. I am looking for an apartment in bangkok for rent: - 1BR - furnished - monthly rental - central location (east of Chayo Praya to On Nut) - max. 20k/month Any recommendations? thanks!
  8. I am looking for an apartment in bangkok for rent: - 1BR - furnished - monthly rental - central location (east of Chayo Praya to On Nut) - max. 20k/month Any recommendations? thanks!
  9. Tooth Whitening recommendations?

    I want to do a teeth whitening in Bangkok because it'll probably be cheaper than doing it at home. Can anyone recommend a good dental clinic for teeth whitening in Bangkok?