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  1. I don’t think anyone has been disrespectful towards the deceased.
  2. It’s also about a guy who ended up with lots of debt because he married a hooker. So I think it’s only fair to remind people to not do that stupid mistake, and I can’t see why that’s making you feel inferior. And, so what? What does that change?
  3. Lifestyle, looks, education, etc. is all our own choice. So when I say “don’t end up with a hooker”, that obviously includes to not ending up as a person who’s only attractive to hookers in the first place. When it comes to marriage or relationship, some people would prefer a infertile quality woman over a fertile hooker. But if fertility is so important for you, then marry that bargirl for her fertility.
  4. 1. I didn’t say get a girl that is young enough to be your daughter. I said get a girl who’s not a hooker, get one who has her own money, who’s well educated etc. 2. I’m sure there are quality girls in any age range, and there are quality girls that don’t care if you’re retired and divorced. Maybe because they are retired and divorced too. Even if not, that doesn’t change anything: Don’t end up with a hooker. Apart from the apparent risks and issues, do people not have a bit of self-respect? I feel sorry you only met hookers there. You do realise there are way more girls there than just the ones who decide to talk with you?
  5. Sure, if there’s only hookers in your world. Fair enough.
  6. You do realise that was only one and the last item in a longer list? But yes, I did in fact meet a few Thai girls on Tinder that I would call quality girls. At least in terms of job, car brand, appearance, command of English language, conversation topics, and other aspects you can observe during a couple of dates. 1. I am not looking for anything. I was commenting on western guys ending up with prostitutes as girlfriends or wifes. 2. Fertility, age, or the number of Thai guys liking her are not criteria for a quality girl, at least not in my books. If that’s important for you — fair enough. But do you really wanna say there are no quality girls over the age of 30? 3. Those girls that I mentioned solely for the purpose of giving an example do not look desperate to me at all, and I believe they could have many Thai guys. But maybe you know them better; fair enough.
  7. Did you even bother to read the whole conversation? The question was how to meet quality girls. My answer was: same as back home. What does that have to do with your Soi 6 experience?
  8. While I seriously doubt that you “Never saw any hookers back home”, same as there are certainly not hookers here “every 100m or so”, I can’t see what that has to do with what I wrote in response to your question how to meet quality girls. Even if you “Never saw any hookers back home” and there really were hookers here “every 100m or so” —— does that stop you from meeting girls at one of the places I mentioned?
  9. Of course not every Thai family is welcoming of westerners. Same as not every Western family is welcoming of Asians. And if you know many families that would forbid her daughter to date a westerner, then fair enough and I understand why you would come to such conclusion. I personally never had issues meeting quality girls in Bangkok or while traveling. The same applies for my friends, classmates, and work colleagues. And when I look around here in the office.. so many well-educated, high-salaried single ladies in their early/mid thirties who spent significant time abroad and work extensively with western people everyday. Maybe not all of them are into western guys; maybe for some family is the reason. But I can’t see why not at least half of them shouldn’t be open to date a western guy. In fact, I’m currently “dating” one of them, and she’s telling me exactly the same thing. From talking to her, it’s more a problem of finding a decent (western) guy, part of the problem being that they spend 80% of their life in the office working 80 hrs weeks and the remaining time with their moms and dads.
  10. And you come to that conclusion based on knowing just one of those? Wow. Let me tell you you’re wrong.
  11. Looking at stories like this, it seems more like the people who believe Thailand is a different planet are doomed ;-)
  12. Don’t know what a TEFLer is. But is meeting girls really rocket science? Ever considered that it could work the same here as back home, where you (probably) wouldn’t look in brothels either, but meet girls through friends, at work, in the library, during workout, as part of a club, or even on Tinder? Why do people think this is a different planet?
  13. I don’t understand what the one has to do with the other. Even in a “whole new world” you have two eyes to see all those things I mentioned above, don’t you? How can a new world turn you blind on both eyes? Love makes people blind sometimes. But how can fall in love with a bargirl in the first place?
  14. Like I said: Even if it was true that these girls do not exist, it certainly wouldn’t make me lower my standards. Heck, i cannot even understand how someone actually can fall in love or feel something (more than pure sexual) for such girl. Just seeing how these bargirls dress and behave; all the ugly tattoos; the big mouths; the shabby clothes; the low level of education — how does that work? Maybe you’re lonely at that age, sure, but feelings and love require attraction, and how can you be attracted to such girl?