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  1. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    The air in Chiang Rai for the past 4 months has been worse than international standards, often twice as bad or more. It is likely to remain like this or worse for months to come. And if this is a dry year like authorities predict, we can expect times of unhealthy air even during the rainy season. It is surprising to hear someone describe the situation as remarkably good despite the sunset or sunrise both being completely blotted out by pollution. A lot of people are suffering and as we know the worst is yet to come.
  2. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    I can only think of one reason Thailand is dragging its feet this many years and still not installing equipment that measures PM 2.5. It's because it will reveal the truth of how bad the air actually is. So for those who want the real story on air quality, here it is from aqicn.org:
  3. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Not true. The AQI in Chiang Rai has typically been in unhealthy ranges for the last 4 months. According to aqicn.org the AQI is currently over 120 which is unhealthy even by Thai standards. All you have to do is look outside and the haze is obvious to the most casual observer. You can't even see a sunrise or sunset. So where are you getting your information? According to international health standards it is not good. Why do you feel it is good?
  4. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    Remember Bangkok has done a number of things to curb pollution otherwise the air would be much worse. Things like all taxi's and buses run on LPG. But in the countryside of Thailand they do nothing about the bad air and burning. You'll see the air quality in what should be serene countryside soar to way worse levels than the metropolis of Bangkok which is absolutely ludicrous. And the smog blankets every single inch of northern Thailand for around half the year to one extent or another.
  5. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Though the numbers are bit lower, the Chiang Rai air has still been in the orange zone (unhealthy for sensitive groups) same as Chiang Mai. I doubt these burning bans are all they are cracked up to be. Does anyone have a link to any of those satellite images that show the fires across Thailand? Then we can glimpse how the ban is working or not.
  6. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Thai's enjoy lighting fires. That's why they do it. It's not a necessity. So there is no point in coming up with better alternatives because they don't care. It makes them perfectly happy to burn things their entire lives and pass it on to the next generation. As for Chiang Rai the air is comparable to elsewhere in the north; bad half the year and horrible at times. I vividly recall my final trip to Chiang Rai. Forget seeing the mountains, visibility was just so bad, just a few hundred meters and the atmosphere was as if a volcano had erupted nearby. There was absolutely nowhere a person could go to escape the stench. Fires were being lit all over the place, even the hotel burned giant amounts of plastic in a pit nearby. I couldn't wait to get out of there and get back to Bangkok for the air. I know it sounds absurd to want to go to the smoggiest city to breath again, but it was true. And when I got to Bangkok the air seemed like heaven in comparison and I could sleep again.
  7. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    I would say the same to you. Did you not notice the air has become the worst of the year due to lack of wind?
  8. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    Finally the truth is coming out. It's not from other countries. They are now blaming the Thai people themselves. It's a shame they wait for the air to get unhealthy before issuing any directives. They should enforce no burning all year round so the people in the north can enjoy good air every day of the year.
  9. Don't kid yourself. In cases you might reach for a camera of a wonderful creature villagers will not hesitate to reach for their gun. The villagers will kill and eat every single animal until there is nothing left. Endangered species status and national forest borders are not a big deal to them. It is terrific they busted this horrible guy and his accomplices. But it is appalling to learn they may hold a double standard when it comes to the poor doing the poaching. The forests should be protected from everyone, period. It's nonsense to insinuate that because someone is hungry (or any other excuse) that stealing from the forest is now somehow tolerated or any less of a crime.
  10. Completely incorrect. Living around such villagers they clearly hunt for pleasure. Just because they eat what they kill doesn't change this. The villagers know it is wrong, but they sneak in just like he says and hunt every innocent animal they can. The villagers aren't starving. It's just a pleasureful activity to them. They also enjoy burning down the forests and stealing every flower and everything else they can get their hands on. I hope his words do not mean he or anyone else protecting the forests is granting villagers any special leniency or a free pass to slaughter animals in the forest.
  11. The board should have held an emergency meeting within the first 24 hours and thrown him out on the street with immediate effect. But they did nothing. The damage to Ital Thai's reputation is not possible, it's now permanent. All of these "could's", "might's", "considers" are just useless talk.
  12. Did you miss the part where the figures said this engine produces MORE power than the old 3.2L? Peak horse power alone can often be a marketing gimmick because some engines are peaky or only good in unused RPM ranges. I don't know much about either engine but I would suspect the 3.2L could be stronger in important ranges. I'd like to see a dyno comparison of the two engines to form an opinion of which is better. Man WHAT would you buy then? I don't know the choices of what's out there. Maybe one day a good tuner will drop in a bigger engine? It scares me how Ford describes the raptor as not designed for acceleration. In the mountains passing zones are rare and short and right before blind corners. Every millisecond is needed standing on my old vigo accelerator to stand a chance of passing safely. I would prefer something much more powerful than that for my next vehicle.
  13. I live in the mountains in Thailand. So a vehicle with a strong engine for confidently going up steep grades and a good chassis for comfort through the curves that can also haul things and go through rough terrain when asked would be very practical. When I glimpsed the raptor i thought maybe this could be it, but no, sigh. Not with that engine.
  14. Ford rolled this this truck out in Thailand for a reason. To compete in the Thailand market. Ahh, didn't know that. So it's the Thai version dumbed down for the local market. Now it makes sense. Looks over substance, all about show value. All you need to do is slap on a cool name and tell them a story how cool the engine is and they'll get in line. It all makes sense now. Got it. I can't blame Ford for doing what makes the most sense for their profitability. In time history will look back at this truck as exactly what it is: the mighty truck with the itty-bitty engine. I know I am in the minority and don't matter, but that just isn't the direction I would want to go when I buy a truck.
  15. Your explanation wasn't that clear to be honest. Let's keep this simple. The marketing people at car companies understand the general public only look at peak HP. Most people would be confused to learn a car with less HP could beat a car with more HP. Only the more technical people know that when looking at an engine, it's more important to look at the torque curve. The peak HP number the marketing people dangle at you is often at very high RPMs that aren't useful in typical driving. You should care more how good the car pulls from a standing start at 1000 RPM. Or when you push the throttle when cruising at 2000 RPM. Tiny 4-banger engines like that found in the raptor typically fall flat on their face trying to supply good power at low RPMs. They have to rev really high to get the power on. Ford understands this and installed a 10 speed transmission help keep the revs from falling into the dead zone ranges. But it's only a band aid solution and they are getting eggs and tomatoes thrown at them for this decision. Would a raptor beat a vigo in a drag race? Maybe, but who cares because a vigo is just an everyday grocery getter. The raptor was supposed to be this mean super truck, but the engine isn't tough at all. I repeat what the Ford chief engineer said "If you’re talking about power; if you’re focused on power, that’s not a Raptor. That’s not what Raptor’s about."