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  1. Mr. mogandave I don't feel an M5 or Porsche are middle class cars. Does this disturb you in any way that you wish to share? Come on, we wouldn't expect any less from you so go ahead an make your case against this. It's always good for a laugh. Now I did say you might be surprised to know there are middle class people in the US that are able to buy such cars and I know a few and that's something much less likely to be the case with Thailand's middle class due to tariffs. In case you haven't noticed, there is no one but you that finds these things to be controversial and condescending and bickers about it. And it's strange how this can happen with you so frequently. So maybe you need to think about the root causes of this. And also maybe why you are here. Finally, I have brief lesson for you today. When you switch to making personal attacks it means you've lost the technical argument. And that's something others know and understand and will notice when they see it. You lost today, but hopefully you've learned this one important thing in the process. I won't report your posts despite that they are against forum rules since I think it's even better for everyone to be able to judge you by your own posts.
  2. canopy

    PM rules out rice subsidies

    I may not agree with all decisions of any government, but I find this to be an excellent move for the farmers and for Thailand. The purpose of a business is to make a profit, not become a burden to the tax payer. Sad as it is to see such a tradition go, but the days when a family could survive off a small rice plot are long over. We can all see that in the poverty that surrounds us. Government subsidies are just a crutch propping up this failed model assuring a longer, deeper cycle of poverty for these people. Thailand needs to switch pronto to profitable use of land. Removing the crutch of subsidies is the surest way to open a path to the poor to finding a better way, whatever that turns out to be, rather than be shackled to this cruel model. The government has already made suggestions on better ideas for land use, though I can't comment on if/how suitable they are in reality.
  3. Mr. mogandave it would be my pleasure to do you a favor and clear your name by making no doubt that everyone understands perfectly what you said and I quote from you: "In 2017 Mercedes (4.1) & BMW (3.2) accounted for 7.3% of passenger car sales in Thailand," "To be clear, I never commented on what percentage of cars in Thailand were MB & BMW". We can all easily see the glaring differences between your two quotes so there is no need to elaborate on this or argue anymore. So can we move on? Oh right I thought not. So just a quick word of advice: be forewarned if you do decide to make pedantic arguments about these magnificent differences, it could very well prompt someone to accuse you of being a scooter riding English teacher with no money. I've seen it. It sounds like this may come as a surprise to you, but there are middle class people in America that buy M5's and Porsche's. I personally know of several. It is troubling to hear you feel "there are plenty of cars here that are a good value" as some sort of excuse to sweep the tariff situation under the rug as being inconsequential. In reality that statement does not reflect the feelings of all middle class Thai's that do not necessarily agree with nicer cars being placed out of their reach artificially and being forced to choose amongst these cheaper cars "of good value".
  4. Let's see if I understand you correctly. I post sympathy for the middle class in Thailand due to BMWs being off limits due to tariffs. You then scoff at the idea that a $100K car could possibly be in the league of the middle class, even in America. Then the amazing foot in the mouth part happens: you boast that 7.3% of passenger cars in Thailand are BMW/MB. How much do they cost? Pretty sure you are talking about cars that cost a lot more than $100K here. So do you think "someone" as you put it includes the middle class? According to you no. So thank you for confirming everything I have said nicely in one post.
  5. Gotcha. That comment was not directed at you, but rather the post of someone who bought a BMW. What I was trying to say is I sympathize with the Thai middle class who would like to buy BMWs but cannot unlike the middle class in other countries. I mean now someone just said an M5 will run nearly half a million US$! What???
  6. Never happened. And no surprise at the name of the one guy that gave you a like for something that never happened. Best I can tell is you are referring to a response to when you proclaimed a fishy, hard coded savings on grey market on a fishy retail price. I am not here to argue, but I have no tolerance for false information because readers should be allowed the privilege of getting correct information. Hey thanks for all the attention guys, but I'd love to talk more about BMWs and have a lot to share about them and also like to learn more about them.
  7. That is really funny and I'll tell you why. BMW has made some great cars and I for one have had the pleasure of ownership. And I love seeing other people's BMWs more than any other marque and am in ownership circles. However, I have never met a BMW owner like you who is demeaning and rude to others because you THINK they can't afford them as somehow being beneath you. I hope I never have to meet you. Your lesson for today is just because someone has the money to buy something doesn't mean they are necessarily willing to pay the asking price. Things like value for money and favorable deals sometimes enters the equation. There is a lot of excellent content in this thread. I hope you can contribute better quality posts than that.
  8. 900 baht before or after taxes and fees? You know how that works...wave around teaser prices to lure you in then double or triple the price at checkout. Nok Air has been bad about this in the past. In the beginning they advertised 500 baht tickets to Isaan. The trouble was not many seats, if any on a particular flight were that price and other costs were added at the end making them quite expensive.
  9. I did not alter what you said--not one word. Now if you used a word like appended instead of altered I would agree. Like "why did you append that bit after my quote?". But then of course it's a silly, self answered question because everyone can see why. It's common in journalism if a clarification to what someone said is needed is to put it in the quote with brackets. But on this board brackets are interpreted as formatting characters so I substituted parenthesis to assure it was delineated as not part of your quote. There are other ways that could have been used, but the quote function is ideal because the magic of the board software tells people when they are quoted since it is probably something they will want to read more about. In this case, answers to a question you raised. By the way you've been quiet since raising the question about the relevance cars costing 3x that of the US. Do you feel it has been answered or have anything useful to add?
  10. I hope in the future BMWs can be accessible to more people like yourself.
  11. Where did you pull that number from, never mind I think we know ha ha. You need to do a little research. Customs might auction off a brand new illegally imported Ferrari. And then the highest bid is just a few hundred thousand baht because "oddly" there was only 1 bidder that was interested. So in response to this loophole they sometimes crunch imported exotic cars rather than auctioning them. But still avenues exist (look at crackdowns in the news) and it is plain to see smart buyers get new cars at very reasonable prices. It wasn't that long ago I carried computer hardware to Thailand because it seemed everything cost 3x more here than the US. Thankfully those days are over and prices are often pretty close. I hope cars will one day be competitively priced and this nonsense ends. The middle class will flourish. A BMW should not be taxed such that it is exclusively a car for a rich kid, especially when he just went around the taxes intended for him and got it through other channels. The whole thing has been a failure hurting the middle class while benefiting the rich.
  12. It's why there is a vibrant grey import market in Thailand where the smart people bypass having to pay 3 times the cost of how much the car was supposed to cost. Sometimes there are crackdowns and MB for one has threatened to stop servicing vehicles brought in this way.
  13. Even in Canada education isn't effective. Lake Ontaria has billions of plastic micro beads in it. Laws have to be made and enforced for all types of plastics all over the world. Self policing and education doesn't work.
  14. You may not be aware this is actually a pretty common consideration with AC devices. There is a lot of information on this here and elsewhere on the net if you need more information.
  15. canopy

    BMW to push PHEVs in Thailand

    Let's look at just one pricing example. The 740e has a tiny 4 cylinder engine and is assembled in Thailand yet it costs 6.6 million baht which in other countries would easily buy two of them. I had heard engine size and import duties drive up costs, but clearly these are not the factors driving up the costs for these BMWs. What is the reason for the price hike?