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  1. The comment seems strange because presumably Phrae, like others, has had sub-standard almost every day for the last 6 months,
  2. Even scarier think about this. picture at right: lungs of a typical person. picture at left: lungs of people living in the north.
  3. The disadvantages of any type of frame (uPVC, aluminum, wood) has to do with buying cheap frames rather than the material itself. In the USA for instance, you may be surprised to know some of the very finest window frames you can buy are made from wood and are highly sought after. Things like seasonal expansion and shrinkage are designed in such that they always operate perfectly. But if you buy a cheap wood frame in Thailand then guess what? When it dries there are gaps and when moisture is high it binds. This is not because you bought a wood frame, but because you bought a cheap wood frame. The person who made them didn't stop to consider anything about seasonal movement. You wanted cheap, he made it cheap. Does PVC or UPVC hold up to the tropical sun? Good question and here again this is a price issue, not a material issue. Good uPVC frames guarantee the color for 10 years. Cheap frames can yellow out very quickly.
  4. You are absolutely right. This was discussed in this thread some time ago and there was a story in the news section about it. To recap, the reporting of air quality is misleading for two reasons: first the dangerous PM 2.5 is omitted as you point out and second the Thai government inexplicably changed the air quality scale such that air twice as bad as air that would not pass international standards is classified as good. There has been no explanation from the government for either of these discrepancies. A of now the air quality has dropped into the orange range.
  5. I bought a replacement battery for a Samsung S5 at a mobile phone section of a shopping mall. They tried to sell me a generic brand saying they are better than the original, but I insisted on an original Samsung battery. Reluctantly they sold me one. From all appearances It looked legit. For the first charge I let it stay plugged in overnight as I believe is the proper conditioning. But after a few weeks the battery life has dropped dramatically. The battery that came with the phone lasted many years before that happened. So I am suspicious this is not a genuine battery at all, but a cheap fake with a Samsung decal. Is there a way to buy a for sure genuine Samsung battery? Like lazada, from Samsung directly, etc.
  6. The rains stopped for a few days now and the fires are starting up again and the air quality is deteriorating. In the space of just one day the board has gone from green to yellow. This worsening trend will continue as dry days accumulate and could be back in the red zone very soon. .
  7. Despite the rain there are still points in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai where the air is a bit below international standards for clean air. Certainly a good trend overall, though expected like any other year. And remember all it takes is a few days of dry weather, then the fire bugs will plunder the air quality once again.
  8. Any suggestions where to find 4 core speaker cable such as online? Want 4 core so cable runs can be neat and compact. I have looked in all of the audio shops, electrical shops, and everywhere else I can think of and only see 1 or 2 core.
  9. Does the 20A rating Tyco specifies assume/require one is using 120V?
  10. I found the perfect product, but must buy it from the US apparently. Product description: Use this splice tap kit in place of a junction box for splicing 12 or 14 awg (300 volt), 2-conductor nm cable with ground. Many contractors and homeowners doing Wiring in a house have found this kit easier to use than a traditional exposed junction box. This splice can be hidden behind a wall. This product is UL & CSA listed and it is NEC compliant.
  11. Again, I hope to get some better ideas other than mounting a classic junction box above every single place there is an outlet because it seems unnecessary overkill for this type of application. Was hoping something simple to snap over the connection would be available like the below picture. Another possibility would be to run the cable back up the wall to eliminate the T altogether. Comments on these or other ideas welcome.
  12. What are ways to make electrical T's in the pictured case? There is a large conduit above a wall containing several 220V romex cables. Take now for instance a cable that goes through this conduit and drops down to each outlet in its circuit (slides down through a pvc conduit embedded in the wall). What are some good ways to make T's so cable can run down to each of these outlets? Hoping there is something simpler than mounting a classic junction box every place a T is needed.
  13. According to the air quality data available online I'm not aware there has been even one single day of healthy air for the last 5 months.
  14. True site selection can help reduce noise and should be carefully considered, but in itself it will never be a completely reliable solution. Nor will windows, but having the ability to silence window openings are a must ingredient. No matter where you build your house in Thailand from the very "quietest" country home to the biggest metropolis you will find unwanted man made noise outside rearing its ugly head.
  15. Only if done properly--proper spacing, proper pane thickness differential, glazings, etc. In Thailand noise reduction is more important than energy efficiency. If you can't sleep or concentrate, it's irrelevant how much money you are saving on electric bills. Quality frames also have full weather stripping and multi-point locks to make really tight seals.