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  1. how to connect 4" pvc pipe

    Aha! I used the real thick type of pvc and have the same sentiment. For the lump hammer idea, I am worried the glue will freeze well before it goes in all the way. You know how pvc cement is, once you stop even for a second it's over. So I worry one hit it starts in well enough, second hit it doesn't move anymore. Plus clearance for a hammer can be limiting in some cases. I plan to develop a pry bar system to pull them together with a lever. And since it takes forever to apply cement to this size I will also try small paint rollers.
  2. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Usually the ritual of burning the day's plastic and garden sweepings into the atmosphere is in afternoons or especially early evenings and there must be millions of them across Thailand on a daily basis. But after midnight? That's strange. Usually no one is even awake then. Are these fires to keep warm? If so maybe you could donate them some blankets and coats in exchange for no burning. Even if they say no, at least they will have an understanding what they are doing is a problem.
  3. Unlike smaller sizes, I have found the amount of force needed to fully insert 4" pvc pipe to be tremendous beyond belief. Anyone found a good way to get this size together, especially in cases where little leverage is available?
  4. Irritating UPS ‘feature’

    I had a UPS perhaps worse than that from Syndome. It constantly shrieked annoying loud beeps. I was so happy the day it went kaput and bought APC brand and have been happy ever since. In Thailand I have found power outages to be common. So I think it is good advice that before buying a UPS, listen to it.
  5. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    There is substantially improved air quality in an air conditioned vehicle. Anyone who has ever been in traffic in a tuk tuk in Bangkok will know this without needing to look it up.
  6. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    First of all, it's a pretty sad, yet common state of affairs to compare the air in the countryside to the very biggest city. I don't think Bangkok air should ever be a benchmark for air quality in the north. Country air should be pristine, not polluted and people should accept no less. Today it says CM=109 BKK=91 so it is flip flopping already. And we haven't even scratched the surface of the smokey season yet. Keep in mind people living in Bangkok are typically shielded from the outside air. They live in air conditioned homes, go to air conditioned restaurants, use air conditioned transport, go to air conditioned shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and so on. The air outside is not much of a bother and this makes a big difference. In the north it's different. Much more likely for the population to be in open air 24 hours a day exposed to the full pollution all the time.
  7. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    This is precisely what triggers the fires. All it takes is about 2 dry days in a row and they rush out and start burning things. And the dryer it gets more and more burning goes on. I live on a mountain so it is easier to make this connection by looking at all the smoke tendrils. Almost none after recent rains. A few dry days in a row and bam! Burning horizon to horizon. The land burning you are talking about will primarily happen next year after it's become super dry. That's when the air quality sinks to its worst. For now one of the major things burning is stalks from harvests and other things stacked up waiting for dry weather. Just look around now the air is filth and the locals are contributing to this; don't need to look at a web site to make this assessment.
  8. Air has already become filthy and we are only in October. The AQI has shot over 100 on the scale in a lot of places meaning it is over twice as bad as air considered to be of good quality and will keep climbing. Visibility is becoming very limited due to the pollution. I can't remember it getting this bad this fast before. This could be a very bad year.
  9. Forest encroachers trying ‘new tricks’

    So the "new trick" seems not so new at all--the poor sell land to the rich. And the new solution is to give back the land to these sellers. All the while they say it is the poor that are doing the encroachment. It's as if they want the poor to take as much forest land as they please as long as the rich are kept out of it. It's not clear how this policy is going to improve anything. The words "poor" or "rich" should not be part of any policy to protect the forest. Just protect the forest equally without discrimination. Then the strategy moving forward will become clear.
  10. One thing everyone should be able to notice is the air quality has visually diminished in this last week of October as the rains fade away. If you look up the sky is blue. If you look out toward the horizons it is now a smoggy discoloration all around. Visibility is less than before through this haze. I was taught that if you can see the air you are breathing then you have problems. This is the beginning. It's going to get a whole lot worse.
  11. Quick recap: unhealthy air blankets northern Thailand for around half the year. It is caused by people burning everything they can when the weather is dry which is roughly the October-April time frame. Some days/months are worse than others. Visibility can become extremely limited due to smoke. People go to hospitals for respiratory problems in large numbers. On the worst days the government hands out gas masks and tells people to stay inside with doors and windows closed and not to exercise. It is definitely something that changes a lot of expats minds about living there. I don't know of anywhere in northern Thailand that is immune; doctors say it is a health issue that impacts 100% of the population there. This year's burning season may be ramping up now. A few days have gone by without rain and the fire bugs are all out eagerly burning. Visibility is worsening and the air quality level is starting to dip into unhealthy levels. There could be little to no good air until april of next year. Looking at how little has been done and how little the population cares about this self inflicted issue, it is presumed to remain indefinitely into the future with the people just continuing to burn and ignore it. To give some indication of how seriously people see this issue, there are over 60 pages discussing this issue in this topic alone: Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai.
  12. Good find wayne. They actually say tungsten carbide--not sure if that is something even more special / available in Thailand. Also they say they have a screw that will drive and counter sink. Nothing anyone has shown me in the hardware stores here can do this however.
  13. Viva board may be a great material in its finished form, but it is certainly the most difficult material I have ever worked with and I would only use it as a last resort. I have use the 20mm thick panels which makes it so tough going. It's good to clamp a board to run the saw against to keep the blade from wandering. Even then it requires tremendous will to keep the blade flush to the board. The amount of dust that billows out when cutting is beyond belief and requires wearing a respirator. Not only is it difficult to cut, a single panel weighs close to 200 pounds requiring teamwork to move and position. Driving screws is hopeless even with an impact driver. Pilot holes using specialty drill bits is necessary and I have found no ideal way of counter sinking. But I doubt any of this is why no one will cut it. Just find any builder in your area and I am sure he will do it in a jiffy. Just need a circular saw with diamond blade.
  14. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    The first step in solving any problem is awareness.
  15. Don't be so gullible. You are believing the sensationalized headlines. They were busted for illegal logging. They unsuccessfully tried to say they were mushroom picking to get off. Every single court found them guilty of being complicit in illegal logging. The evidence was overwhelming. I'd say it's time to consider that just maybe they were guilty as charged and their mushroom story was just a smokescreen that you and others ate up.