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  1. finishing nails

    May be of interest they have electric pin nailers at the big hardware stores. They cost much more than compressed air types, but you don't need a compressor. Then there are battery powered nailers which cost not much more than electric ones. I have done some reading about the different types of small nails available today. I did not see any suggestions to just put in a lot of pin nails to achieve adequate strength. Typically pin nails or even brads are used only to hold work pieces together long enough until the actual fasteners / glues can be installed. The tiny hole left from pin hole nails is a definitely a plus, but for me robustness of the finished product is more important.
  2. finishing nails

    Answer: amazon has a great selection of finishing nails including stainless steel, coated, different gauges, lengths and shipping to Thailand. Rant: Definitely do not want a compressor and/or a pin nailer which are all the rage now--pin nails are too weak and are not a substitute for finishing nails in most cases. Would consider an expensive battery pack powered brad nailer like Makita because no compressor is needed and brads offer at least some holding power. But I really want some cheap, traditional, strong, easy to use finishing nails. I am astonished to learn such a cheap and easy technology is apparently not used in Thailand. I guess they just don't mind big, ugly, rusty nail heads showing all over the place.
  3. finishing nails

    Anyone had luck finding finishing nails online or in stores?
  4. Biscuits

    Mortise and tenon is the best though also the most difficult to execute. Dominoes are also strong and their appeal is speed. Dowels and biscuits are obsolete technologies. I have a domino joiner. While tempting, I would not make my own dominoes. First unlike the tool, dominoes are cheap. But that's not why. More importantly dominoes are extremely well engineered in subtle ways that might not be fully understood or easy to replicate. For instance they are optimized for holding power after gluing:
  5. Young teakwood

    I work with teak on a daily basis for years. It takes about 10-15 years for a teak tree to develop termite-resistant oil. And while the heartwood becomes termite resistant, the sapwood never does. A newly felled teak tree of any age often has powder post beetles burrowing in the juicy, damp sapwood. The sapwood also easily molds where the heartwood does not. Very wet teak will be eaten regardless of age. If one wants it to last, teak should never be in ground contact or exposed to standing water.
  6. What authorities are you referring to and what did they do? And why not just continue getting their help?
  7. greywater plantings

    It's interesting greywater systems are still evolving. Getting the kinks out is progressing for instance with ease of maintenance. And making a system that takes full advantage of the Thai climate to me is essential. I have found these resources particularly useful: frog watch greywater oasis malaysia systems
  8. Terra Cotta tiles

    Global House has bigger size terracotta.
  9. greywater plantings

    What plants are ideal for treating water in a constructed greywater wetland in this climate? Below is a picture of the process. I've read vetiver grass is very good, but would prefer something a little more ornamental. I see a surprisingly good variety of bog plants available at nurseries. Barring any suggestions I may just go with a sampler pack and see what happens.
  10. Sealant for grout in bathroom

    The reason for grout sealer is that grout is porous which contributes to mold growth in these crevices. Grout sealer fills up the pores, providing greater protection from mold. Note cotto has grout specifically for bathrooms called nano grout. It's composed of very fine particles resulting in a smooth finish that does not need a sealer. It's available in Thailand in the same colors as normal cotto grout but you might have to go to a SCG outlet to find it.
  11. Sealant for grout in bathroom

    Grout rakes work well if you keep them moving straight. Two hands helps. Divots occur if wedging the tool. I had found grout sealer nowhere. Now that I know weber has it and see what the container looks like, I will carefully check global house's display again. It's too bad though that looking at the container apparently there is no roller applicator like is the case in other countries:
  12. Copper pipe

    I would also recommend Thai Nair. English speaking, extensive stock of copper fittings and pipe sizes / grades (L K M), orders ship out next day.
  13. It's bizarre to hear people won't use q-con in bathrooms due to dampness yet happily use them on exterior walls that take driving rain. It's best to ask SCG any questions about their products. They will tell you exactly the right way to do it. They even answer emails in English.
  14. Where to buy a slump test cone (kit)

    The first thing a chang does when the truck arrives is tell the driver to add water. Lots of water. It makes the concrete flow like water and is faster and easier to work. But as you know this can create long term issues that are unwanted. You need to explain to the chang in advance about the slump test and to instead tell the driver immediately to add no water, just in case he will do it by default. Also a good idea in this case to get a concrete vibrator. Thicker concrete is more difficult to consolidate and a vibrator will do a good job. Also tap the forms to get nice solid edges. I'd also agree go genuine CPAC to help assure quality. It's no guarantee but maybe less risky than others in general. In defense of some of the others there are some that also give sheets with thorough specifications about the mix and have you sign off.
  15. Water (Hose) Bibs

    Maybe worth noting the hose bibs commonly sold here are not full bore. It means if you open the valve and look inside you will see a further reduction in diameter where the valve closes. Another curiosity regarding an original link is that home depot is blocked in Thailand.