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  1. Anyone on here had experience of getting a refund (or not) from Agoda? I,m still waiting after 27 days for the refund to come through....Agoda tell me refund has been authorised and to wait until 30 days have passed before contacting them again trying to blame my bank for the slow transaction.....are they just browbeating me?
  2. I was in the LH Bank in Terminal 21 Pattaya yesterday asking about opening a savings account and was told a Residents Certificate from Immigration was needed.....
  3. Plenty of decent honest Thai women here also.....and plenty of scumbag Thai men,don,t make derogatory remarks/assumptions unless you know them personally and are able to give a true account. R.I.P. to the chap
  4. "respect for laws and regulations" if only............
  5. petermik

    Thai police nab document verification gang

    Maybe these are the guys relegated to "inactive duties"................
  6. petermik

    Forum very slow and pages not loading

    Charge your battery..............
  7. petermik

    Songhhtaew / Bus to Tesco Lotus South?

    It would help if you gave us your starting location......
  8. petermik

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Been coming and living here 10 years and for the first time on wednesday I had a meal at Beefeater on soi Diana,I chose the 200 gms pork steak @ 345 baht is was ok but nothing special......far better value can be found in many Pattaya restaurants in my honest opinion.....overrated for me sorry
  9. petermik

    Cheap barber in Pattaya

    Mr Joe,s Hairdressing academy turn left at the 3rd road/pattaya tia lights coming up from walking st direction and they are 30 metres up on the left side walking towards pattaya klang free haircuts by students/supervised and they appreciate a little tip.....not essential though p.s. if your a hansum chap one of the "students" may give you their phone number.....male or female
  10. petermik

    Winter in Bangkok??? 36 C today

    Saying goodbye to Angela by any chance.........
  11. petermik

    its not all one sided

    Try another memory card in it.....mine would not record also some time ago due to a dodgy card bought a new genuine one and alls been well since......my dashcam was a cheapie from Lazada (800 baht I think) had it nearly 3 years and still working fine
  12. petermik

    Deleting notifications

    Clear notifications options is now back working fine......at least on my pc
  13. The warranty is 3 years OR 100,000 kms whichever comes FIRST.....as you state your car is 6 years old it,s now out of warranty OK? Under the terms of Nissan,s warranty the car HAS to be serviced by Nissan every 6 months or 10,000 kms whichever comes first......try a Bosch service station for price if there is one local to you for the CVT oil/filter change before you DIY
  14. 3 year warranty or 100,000 kms
  15. petermik

    Pattaya to add more motorcycle taxis in January

    Just what Pattaya needs....any chance more songthaew,s will be licenced also.......