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  1. WinnieTheKhwai

    Yi Peng 2018

    Thapae Gate, or as close as you can get to it along the moat before it gets too crowded. Or near the river, like Wat Chaimonkhol temple. (Also extremely crowded)
  2. WinnieTheKhwai

    Yi Peng 2018

    God that's scary.
  3. WinnieTheKhwai

    Schengen Visa

    It seems strange for an official government communication to peddle bullshit. (Well, for Europe anyway, it seems more common now in other parts of the Western world..) Because without border crossings within the Schengen area, they have absolutely no way of knowing, and that's fully intentional by their own design.
  4. WinnieTheKhwai

    What snake is this?

    I think that's a really negative Facebook group. Nasty admins.
  5. WinnieTheKhwai


    A nice hi-res route map is here: And it looks like there is an iPhone app now, too. (In addition to the Android one)
  6. WinnieTheKhwai

    TM30 during Weekend?

    Other way around. TM30 is for the home owner to fill in, however in practice they give guests/tenants a hard time when doing visa extensions when their home owner hasn't done it. They kind of use the leverage they have over foreign tenants as a way to get paid. Thai landlords on the other hand tend to feel that it's not their fault that their tenants happen to be foreign and aren't eager to show up at immigration, much less pay a fine. BTW if anyone ever wants a shiny TM30 receipt then feel free to stay at my wife's holiday rental home for at least a night; she's obligated to run the TM30 through on you and doesn't mind giving you a copy of the receipt.
  7. Especially in Asia I think, and to a lesser extent North America. In Europe, most older people don't really understand (correctly) what AirBnB is. ( Probably due to misinformation from their media with a penchant for seeing problems where there are none (of few). )
  8. ( BTW, the Crime of the Century has been solved: https://www.chiangmainews.co.th/page/archives/824420 )
  9. The crime of the century has been solved. https://www.chiangmainews.co.th/page/archives/824420
  10. WinnieTheKhwai

    Air Quality Maya Parking Lot

    Yes I do. However I've never been to Maya and don't really feel like visiting. (Or anything else in that area.)
  11. It would be excellent if tourism diversified into surrounding areas. Sadly though the author of the article seems to have just made that up, because it's seriously difficult to get guests for a property out of town via AirBnB. (I know, I've tried.)
  12. WinnieTheKhwai

    Chiang Mai - Hang Dong area questions

    Flat.. This is Hang Dong district. Yes, you don't want to be in the tiny strip of flat land immediately South of the airport. Around the canal road or West of it is best, that also gives you two major roads to get into town. Canal road is being turned into a really big highway at the moment. Hmmm.. you may be on to something.. ? Nah. It's a chalet at one of the resort places in Hang Dong. And building amidst mountains and a stream sounds nice but it's extremely challenging to not get washed away at certain times of the year.
  13. WinnieTheKhwai

    border runs

    You may end up wishing you brought in more money, before the complete meltdown of that country..
  14. WinnieTheKhwai

    Casio G shock strap replacment.

    Here: https://www.google.co.th/maps/@18.7959636,98.986486,3a,75y,63.76h,93.12t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sIlGT49VRkFrpSLxRNPoXYw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Nice people, too. And no need to find your way in and out of big shopping malls.