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  1. WinnieTheKhwai

    23-foot python swallows woman whole in Indonesia

    In other news: Indonesians are the worst videographers in the world.
  2. WinnieTheKhwai

    6 Liter Drinking Water Refill Stations in WatKet??

    Nah, I know the area and looked around Google street view near some apartments.
  3. WinnieTheKhwai

    6 Liter Drinking Water Refill Stations in WatKet??

    I see; check all the sois. For example here: https://goo.gl/jMZNQS Or here: https://goo.gl/hKNyyk Or you can just have filtered drinking water delivered; that's easier.
  4. Potential problems with this Reuters article: Sex slavery is happening out in the open at Thapae gate, early evening amidst tourists taking pictures or buying souvenirs. (It is literally the worst place in the North to do anything shady, there is a police box and CCTV cameras.) Hints at a high degree of organization, with foreign men knowing the pimp and arranging the transaction via him. (Looking at Thaivisa posts, foreigners have trouble even procuring drinking water or cooking gas without their Mrs.) Conflates underage sex and pedophilia with consensual adult sex. Conflates prostitution with gay cruising, for which Thapae Gate is a known spot. Conflates child sexual abuse with gogo bars and other tourist bars. No photos of any of this. In the same article on a newspaper site there is a very slick video by this NGO with intentional shaky-cam footage to create an impression of things being extremely dodgy. One of the bars shown in drive-by is Ram Bar, a completely legit 'straight-friendly gay bar', that does fun cabaret shows. Video for reference: At least (!) 40% of sex workers in Thailand are children/underage. This is inserted into the line about the total number of sex workers from a UNAIDS report, however that report makes no claim to the number of underage sex workers / abused children. "Today, he drives a tuk-tuk, his girlfriend sometimes accompanying him," So happy to have that added about his girlfriend, so we can learn that they cured him from being gay / saved this straight Thai man from white gays.
  5. Right. So don't believe everything you read, especially not when written by people who have a direct financial interest in exaggeration and sensationalization. It's a little said to see this originate at Reuters, actually. It seems more on the level of a British tabloid. Stuff like that is what gave NGOs such a bad rep in Thailand. 800,000 child prostitutes under 11.. Pull the other one.
  6. WinnieTheKhwai

    Guest houses must now get a hotel license--any info?

    And those are still not illegal, and are not being closed down. BTW there is a little more to it than just notifying the district office, it does involve inspection and some rules to follow. Nothing too difficult though; some rules are a little silly but not particularly difficult to follow. The trouble is with places that are far bigger than 4 rooms. Yes. Also, there would be hordes of homeless tourists roaming the streets, looking for a place to stay. That doesn't seem to be happening.
  7. WinnieTheKhwai

    6 Liter Drinking Water Refill Stations in WatKet??

    Wat Ket covers a really big area. Anything more specific? They tend to be near markets or apartment buildings.
  8. WinnieTheKhwai

    Zoe Complex.

    You can build lots of things. Just not skyscrapers. Which is an excellent policy.
  9. WinnieTheKhwai

    Guest houses must now get a hotel license--any info?

    What is special about weekends? GOOD! And far too lenient a fine for the parking spot hoarders. I can't think of a strong enough punishment for that.
  10. WinnieTheKhwai

    Zoe Complex.

    What makes you think that's not exactly what they're doing?
  11. WinnieTheKhwai

    Guest houses must now get a hotel license--any info?

    Just in case: If you know of anyone who needs to quickly relocate a bunch of people to legal/licensed accommodation then send me a message; if know of several places with accommodation at various price levels, from basic guesthouse level, to mid-range hostels, to full holiday rental homes. (not my places) Especially at the lower end there is lots of availability. (So that also makes me think that the impact so far isn't too big, or else there'd be a wave of Chinese/Farang homeless people looking for a room. )
  12. WinnieTheKhwai

    Does this little bee sting?

    I'm not sure that's legal to do with kids.
  13. WinnieTheKhwai

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    No. It's better than ever, actually. Can we compromise on the stuff being at least closer to the top shelf than the bottom one, relative to other tourist bars around Thailand? Foxy Lady. 20 years ago wasn't exactly top shelf either. It's probably better now, although 20 years ago the girls spoke better Thai.
  14. Sometimes these checkpoints have a happier ending. https://www.facebook.com/byhotnewsthailand/videos/1996775080342059/
  15. Door to door, like razzia style in every condo building, checking papers? That'll be fun for everyone. If they're even home. The good thing about tourists is that they're mostly out, doing touristy stuff. But you mean check who was recently registered for TM30 and then check those units? I guess that's doable.. and the TM30 information will also show visa type so if that's a visa-free entry or tourist visa then they should catch quite a few, yes. (And in case someone wonders, yes, many hosts have a very good relation with the condo reception people and pay them some money to take care of handling keys, providing basic information like where to do laundry and where the pool is, and take care of TM30 registration. They'll just pay reception 300-500 Baht or so per time to keep them very happy. That's easily 600-1000 Baht a week shopping money for them for just one unit, and they could do it for multiple units.) Sometimes, although usually the reason for using AirBnB is that a family or group of friends gets a whole house privately to themselves, with a kitchen, etc. But yes it does happen that people who book an AirBnB but need another day when it's not available then subsequently check into the Meridien or another nice hotel. It's not usually a money thing, unless at the very low-end. Although I will say that hosts who go low in their rates and amenities will very often get more price conscious guests, even a group of backpackers who don't even know each other all that well but just met up on an island or wherever and then go 'hey let's get an AirBnB together and split the cost'. It's best to stay above that level, it's WAY better hosting a middle class family from China than a group of Farang backpackers. You find cheapness everywhere. I very often wheel luggage way deep into sois of Sukhumvit to some hotel there. And hosts who do it right will just offer to pick up guests somewhere convenient. Above and beyond and all that, plus you get to tell them stuff on the drive over and sell trips, tours and activities.