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  1. Any "southern" bars in Chiang Mai?

    These guys in the picture were pretty fun actually.. not sure if/where they're still playing; have seen them at Tiger Kingdom (perennially under renovation) and Dash.
  2. FEMALE PEDOPHILES - what about them ?

    It must be different because the topic is running for half a day already and we don't have 6 pages of people suggesting torture and mutilation to the perps.
  3. Chiang mai liquor laws 2-5PM

    Hotels and hotel restaurants possibly yes (and legally) but regular restaurants like David's Kitchen probably also yes but not legally.
  4. Thailand in the spotlight on CNN

    Fake news.
  5. Agreed; you were politely stating your views. Correct or incorrect, if that's a ground for blocking someone *and then telling someone you're blocking them* (which contrary to popular belief is not required to complete the process) then that's indeed entering into areas of psychological interest.
  6. Thanksgiving 2017

    I would also like to know. Also I don't do Google either and am thinking of stopping to do ThaiVisa. Can you all send me your phone numbers please then I'll call you when I want to know something.
  7. Serial Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin

    Wow, LOL. I don't even know where to start. But maybe let's just start that you base your information on an article you just read that couldn't get a couple percentages to add up to 100%, written (and then reposted) by people who literally can't add 2 and 2 together, or wonder where all the other nationalities are including Japanese, Middle Eastern and a large number of other European countries. You mean showing a passport or other ID wouldn't clear that up in 5 minutes? Or even just a quick query in the immigration TM30 database for the foreigner registered at the address? Realistically though if any foreign government has a name and/or passport number then Thai authorities will locate the person very quickly. If they *don't* have a name but do have a picture then there might still be a suspicion that the person is in Thailand and then spreading the picture may definitely help. Yes that will lead to a few false IDs.. but wouldn't clearing that up be worth it if it means you occasionally catch a real one and save a number of children? (IMHO: yes it's worth it when done discretely. No it's not worth it when done in the usual pompous Thai police style, inviting press over and putting someone in a newspaper in the fact-finding stage.)
  8. songkran

    Hi, A couple days before the event the official schedule will be available that will show all the cultural events, most of which take place in the morning on the 13th, 14th and 15th. Also every temple will have people making merit especially in the morning hours. And then the afternoon is for the water related festivities: anywhere along the city moat is a good place, but it can also be fun (if a little raunchier) in tourist bar areas down from Thapae Gate and around the corner on Loy Kroh. It doesn't require a lot of planning frankly, just show up with a good mood; any kind of water-hurling equipment can be bought right there along the moat. Do buy sun block, it's insane how burnt you can get even in unusual places (feet, ears, etc.) BTW I think Doi Inthanon isn't great in April: it gets very dry so there's not a lot of water (if any) at many of the waterfalls. Ob Khan National Park is a good tip though, and some local Songkran celebrations may be going on there as well, and without idiot tourists.
  9. Macadamia Nuts

    I buy these at 7-Eleven and throw away the rest.
  10. What's all this talk about Loy Krathong.. it's not even Halloween yet!!
  11. Chiang Mai Burning Season Pullution Question

    Good luck finding a place in Asia that is around 10 or even 20. I'll wait. Even in Europe it goes way over that number almost all the time, as is readily apparent if you look at that air quality site (http://aqicn.org ) Let's look at Europe right now shall we, the UK, directly in a nice Atlantic breeze.. and PM2.5 levels are.. around 50. So good luck finding a place that's at 10. In summary, you have unrealistic expectations for almost anywhere on the planet, but particularly so for Asia.
  12. Airplane noise. Low flying?

    Umm.. you moved to a dictatorship. (Yes, also if you moved before recent coups) Anyway get used to it, the coming days for Loy Krathong will be very busy, and then all during high season. And lots more flights, even international now to/from Qatar and Ho Chi Minh. (And then when TAT releases tourist arrival numbers that are inevitably higher, a billion Thaivisanisti make sounds of ridicule.. They must not live in San Sai.)
  13. Did people stop wearing black today?

    I'm wondering if people in Bangkok stopped wearing black today. Specifically the middle class people that you see every morning in the Skytrain: was that a sea of color this morning? Note: yes I know that people in the outskirts or construction workers etc have always worn whatever. I'm asking specifically if there is a change in Bangkok business districts. It was interesting to see that in my Chiang Mai office there's no change whatsoever and it's all still black or very muted colors.
  14. Tourists .... pfffft!

    Not staged, just arranged for capturing a good photo. Staged would mean she hired people, dressed them up as Minions and then photograph that. She's just arranging the actual scene to facilitate a good photograph being taken. (Like, technically: lighting, background, etc.) And indeed if you ask people to do that for you then offering some payment is nice. At the same time, not everyone photographs well if they're aware a photo is being taken and they're expected to pose, usually awkwardly. So another tool in the photographer's toolkit is to just take long range zoom shots of people behaving naturally. Both are totally fine. If that was the worst thing that foreigners did that day then I think we're doing pretty good. And then on the original poster.. a rethink of his life may be in order: tourist temple or not, lots of people take pictures there, including Thais, including monks, including expats, including tourists. Until he realizes that he's the odd one out he'll struggle through the most innocuous moments in daily life. Maybe there are pills for that.