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  1. You can easily spend that in Bangkok if you go to decent clubs. 423.72 THB for two small bottles of Asahi in 'Ce La Vi' in Bangkok. Shots even more. A few rounds of beers and shooters and you'll easily go through 10,000 baht.
  2. Similar story. I was sat drinking quite late one evening with the motorbike taxi guys on my soi when a much older and obviously drunk farang came wandering past, then a bit later (10 minutes or so) he wandered past in the other direction.... another 10 minutes and he came back, but this time he stopped in front of me (I was sat on a stool with my back to the street) and without warning kicked me off my seat and into the street. Before I had picked myself up 2 motorbikes guys had rushed to help me off the floor and the rest of them (5 or 6) had grabbed the old dude and were giving him a beating. I had to stop one of them from braining the old fool with a large empty Leo bottle! The old guy must have been in his 60's. Not sure what his issue was with me, but he clearly didn't like seeing me having fun with a group of Thais.
  3. Chicken Little Syndrome ;-)
  4. Did it not occur to you for that that particular report may have either been fake or that we may not be getting the complete story? Other than that, what's being circulated in the papers now is a lot of misleading information based on unsubstantiated rumours. Why are people being advised to "get a visa next time" by IO's? Why are people on exempt told to at least use a mixture of exempts and visas, by IO's? Exactly. Also given the huge numbers of people coming through the airports, and the large number of Westerners that live here (in Bangkok) and how many of them must be coming and going, there haven't been that many reports of people being turned away. Some recent stats (this doesn't cover all foreign nationalities as you'll see) :- Men make up 61% of Bangkok’s 2.1 million foreigners, with 47,000 expats coming from the UK, 89,000 from the USA, 9,500 from Australia, 4,900 from Canada and 2,700 from South Africa. That is 153,100 expats in Bangkok from UK, USA, Australia, Canada and SA.
  5. You canceled your existing citizenship? Please elaborate He said that the Thais wanted him to cancel his existing citizenship in order to get Thai citizenship. He chose not to do that so did not complete the process of getting Thai citizenship and therefore did not have to pay the 97500 THB citizenship fee. It seems strange that they would require that given there are many Thais with dual citizenship.
  6. Citizenship or Permanent Residency? Do you have a Thai Passport?
  7. People should also understand, if they don't already, that the list has nothing to do with Caucasian foreigners and everything to do with workers from countries bordering Thailand. I actually believe that there will be opportunities for Westerners to work here, especially in things like App development.
  8. One of the Hooters in Bangkok has a nice looking white woman working there, presumably as a manager or trainer. I dream of a day when Bangkok becomes more like Hong Kong and Singapore and we see far more westerners living and working here. Sadly I doubt it will ever happen.
  9. Hopefully we will both continue to have no issues coming into Thailand. Sounds like you have a good understanding of what you can do to improve the chances you don't get asked additional (difficult) questions. Best of luck!
  10. Did you go through an agent to find someone to marry? Just joking although getting a marriage visa does of course require one to get married and not everyone will be able to do that.
  11. Oh come on we all know that all across Thailand kids are being taught be non native English speakers who cannot pronounce English words correctly. Perhaps some lucky kids out there have amazing non native English speaking teachers, but they are few and far between. The quality of English teaching here is shocking. Kids do not leave school capable of speaking English.
  12. 2 years ago I began researching business ideas that I could set up here and that would allow me to live here permanently. I identified a product I can manufacture and sell here, found my first seed investor and as previously mentioned am now in the process of setting up the company. My current tourist visa expires soon but the company setup may not be complete, so it looks like I'll either have to fly somewhere and get another tourist visa or preferably get a 90 day Non Imm B on the basis that I am coming in to conclude the business setup.
  13. Except that for a while now Immigration have made it clear there is a limit to how many back to back visa exemptions they'll accept. They haven't said what this limit is. Whereas immigration law says that you can stay in Thailand as many times as you like on tourist visas so long as you do not work.