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  1. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    You forgot high speed internet, electricity, mobile phone data package, taxis and BTS
  2. Boy arrested with 16kg heroin stash

    Retail price for a gram of heroin in Thailand was 3100 THB in 2004 (Source: https://www.unodc.org/pdf/WDR_2006/wdr2006_chap5_opium.pdf page 365) Prices now are actually lower having dropped to about 2750 THB per gram (Source: http://www.havocscope.com/tag/thailand/ )
  3. Boy arrested with 16kg heroin stash

    I see what you did there ;-)
  4. price of gold

    Caused by people replying to the OP without bothering to read any of the other replies first.
  5. Is this what the perfect home looks like?

    How is that perfect? How do you hold parties with more than 100 people in 150 sq/m? Where do your staff live? 20 m2 bedrooms?! Do you sleep in your wardrobe? My clothes take up twice that much space. The house in the OP is rubbish too..... who wants to live in something so pedestrian.
  6. Same same. I live alone, and with toilet use, shower use and a bit of washing of dishes I use 2 units a month (36 baht)
  7. http://www.inspiremore.com/shipping-container-home/
  8. Huh? I was drinking in Nana Plaza and Cowboy last night (until about 4am). I didn't see anywhere shuttered up or any increased police presence.
  9. Mainly because a hard drive connected to your computer cannot be easily accessed remotely from your phone or from any of your other computers, unless you are on your own network or have the skills to setup remote access. Google Drive is super easy to use and integrated nicely into the Android ecosystem. For most people 100 GB is more than enough for all their documents and only costs 70 baht a month for the convenience of access anywhere. See attached image for my usage. Also USB HDDs fail whereas Google Drive is unlikely to lose your data.
  10. I doubt very much you have documents and pictures using 1.5 TB on your desktop. You said you lost the document covering the years 1960 to 1971, if you'd had that backed up to the cloud then you wouldn't have lost it. Backups are only really needed for files you create yourself, everything else you can download again, whereas documents you created or photos you took have to be recreated and usually that isn't possible. And no-one can access your cloud files unless you give them your password.
  11. 100 GB of Google Drive storage is only 70 baht a month or 700 THB a year if you prepay. 1 TB runs 350 a month or 3500 a year. Having a cloud based backup of your important documents and pictures is a great safeguard against local HDD failure.
  12. Life after a stroke

    Let me be the first to wish you a happy birthday for this coming weekend.
  13. The fact you know what PV'ing is might mean you were.