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  1. we have created a generation of zombies

    And how about replacing the brain with a few computer chips, so we wouldn't have to learn anything anymore? People need to learn some things, but perhaps simply learning to operate the technology is enough in some cases. What are the chances these days that someone is going to need to calculate a percentage difference or work out how to split a bill between a group of friends, when everyone has a device on them that does it with 100% accuracy. Why not (if we are able) augment our memories with computer chips. Enhancing humans with technology is an exciting prospect. One which I hope I live to see. My biggest hope is we find a way to download human consciousness into a computer and can then be immortal in a virtual environment. None of the restrictions of aging, or of the physical world. You and your environment would have infinite options. How amazing would that be!!
  2. The Korat Mall - How do the shops survive

    Where is this? I'm looking for 10 or more spaces like this.
  3. we have created a generation of zombies

    Or how about you live and work in a city for 20+ years and aside from business functions where you often see the same people (and hence they become friends), you also go out socially 5 nights a week and on any given night you are likely to see upwards of 50 people that you know by name. Plus you always meet new people who've arrived to live and work there. I lived in Hong Kong for 35 years, I'm still connected via Facebook and Instagram with 8 people I first met when I was 6 years old. I spent 7 years at boarding school and I'm still in contact with a large number of my ex school mates. My sister went to a nearby girls school, and I'm still connected to quite a few of the girls I became friends with there. I've worked for investment banks and other large multinationals, so I've had countless colleagues over the years, most of whom I'm still in contact with. I also worked in the F&B industry for a while, so made a lot of friends that way. But mostly it's from going out a lot, seeing the same people in bars and clubs every night for years and becoming very close friends with everyone. It's only been during my 10 years here that I've not made many friends, simply because people here are either not staying or are frankly not the type of people I want to form long term friendships with. I also know a lot of people I'd call acquaintances, but I don't add them as friends on FB, either because I've not known them for years, or I just don't see them enough or do enough stuff together with them for them to be called 'friends'. Of all the people you used to consider your 'real' friends, going right back to when you were a young child, how many are you still in contact with?
  4. The Korat Mall - How do the shops survive

    As with retails all over the world, you cannot get an accurate estimate of their business volume without counting how many customers they get over a 1 month, 3 month and 6 month period. My family had shops in HK and would have days with no customers for the first 6 hours, then have one customer come in and spend 50,000 baht. Had you walked past at anytime during the first 6 hours you'd have thought we made no money. But we made plenty when averaged over a month.
  5. we have created a generation of zombies

    I will be the first in line when we can have implanted electronics. Heads up displays in our field of vision, with up to date information and tracking of your friends location, embedded comms so no need to hold a phone, voice commands (we already have this) and things we can't imagine. I saw a great comment on Twitter earlier this evening, which I saved because it applies to so many of the old guys on here :- "The older you are, the less excuse you have to be skeptical of the positive benefits of technological innovation because you've witnessed the revolution firsthand over the previous decades."
  6. we have created a generation of zombies

    Thanks for the poor attempt at either humour or being insulting. I was 100% serious, if you don't understand the benefits of keeping in touch with everyone you've ever called a real friend, then I feel very sorry for you.
  7. we have created a generation of zombies

    Every single person I call a friend is someone I either went to school with, worked with or have know personally for over 10 years. I wouldn't call someone I interact with online a friend, neither would I add them as a friend. I might interact with them in online groups but they aren't friends (although if I met them in real life and we got on in person they could become a proper friend). In Bangkok I only have a small group of around 50 friends, the rest of them are mostly back home in Hong Kong or scattered around the world.
  8. we have created a generation of zombies

    I have a Xiaomi Mi Max phone with a 6.44 inch screen. I wish it was a bit bigger but it was the largest I could find that was also a decent phone, within budget and available in Bangkok.
  9. we have created a generation of zombies

    I have over 1200 people I have known for between 1 year and over 40 years that I consider friends. Most of them don't live in Thailand. Calling them to would be impossible. Aside from which I'd only be able to speak to them, not see the amazing meal they had last night, or the cool people and places they had been at since out last chat. It's not the impersonal generation, it's the keep in touch with everyone you've ever considered a friend rather than losing touch with them when you or they move to another country.
  10. It's bloody cold in Bangkok too!!
  11. we have created a generation of zombies

    You must be from the older generation. I now do 90% of my business's marketing from my phone and about 80% of my email for the business. Which means a large part of my day is spent working on my phone instead of on one of my computers. Being able to work from my phone means I get more done as I can do stuff in a taxi, while standing on the BTS, even while just walking down the street. I'm no longer limited to doing work when I'm in the office or at home. It's also not just work, I can keep up with what my friends are doing around the world in near real time.
  12. Rooms under 10,000THB/month in BKK?

    Plenty of place in Bangkok for under 10,000 baht http://www.thaiapartment.com/
  13. Is this comment a joke or so you really not understand the question? To the OP - You could invest in the State Railways of Thailand (SRT) which is listed on the Thai Stock Exchange. They submitted plans to construct 10 stations. The deadline for construction bids for the project is 2018 so if you do some research you should be able to find which Chinese, Japanese and Thai joint ventures are bidding. Then find which stock market they are listed on and buy shares of those firms. Even the companies providing the trains, the switching equipment, and other services would be a good investment. You are looking at a very long term investment but I'd say a fairly safe one.
  14. Birthday gift - suggestions please

    I guess the OP might know where to go and get it for her
  15. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    ice or field? Ice. Field hockey is too slow.