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  1. Lets hope that the quality tourist from US will sleep tight in prison.. But I have my doubts, haha
  2. Prawit names third party over watches

    Not Santa, my friend - it was Somchai, probably he gets a fake Rolex, some pocket money and free meals for a few days..
  3. Prawit names third party over watches

    Here we go again... Will end up with nothing, except maybe a few scape goats taking the blame and shame. Not ONE of my Thai friends believe things will be better when it comes to corrupt, stealing officials for a very long time. Their actions affects all levels of the society and its really rotten to the bone. Shame on u, guys! Lets hope karma bites your ass in the end of the day... Happy New Year
  4. Seems like just another quality expat in Thailand. If proven guilty, throw the key away...
  5. You hit the nail on it's head, no doubt about that. But there is a mayor difference between a 10-year old kid and that guy - he is the top-guy and he got the power to do <deleted> he want to do. Without any consequenses at the moment.
  6. No, I really can't see the problem here. The case is that she claims that the police treated her bad, my opinion is that they did not. When it comes to the law and penalty for braking it, it is ridiculous as many other laws and penalties around the world - but again, THAT was not the case, mr Einstein. I suggest that you read and think next time (and may an English language spelling class would help you as well). Have a merry and peaceful x-mas
  7. Unfortunately it seems that you are right. I was hoping, back in 2014, that they took the battle against corruption seriously, but now I really have my doubts. The corruption and the consequences of it is an rotten apple, which destroys Thailand and the people. When you realize that your leaders and the elite don't care about the laws, you start thinking "why should I follow the law".
  8. Its NOT legal to sell, use or import e-sigarettes in Thailand.
  9. I pulled it out of the bag called experience. Actually, it was my first thought that came to me when I watched the video and the "net idol" appeared. Then add her behaviour, why the police searched her vehicle at the first place. But, only a thought, hopefully I am wrong
  10. It's called corruption, bribes, tea money etc. Dear child has many names as you know
  11. Yup, they are illegal. And so is prostitution as well...
  12. Here we go again, bring the popcorn I can't see the case here, really. The socalled internet celeb broke the law and got caught. Then she refused to follow orders from the police, so she needed some help - no wrongdoing from RTP at all in my opinion. The poor "celeb" was probably drugged up on meth as well, and that could explain her behaviour
  13. He is not the first, and for sure not the last man who learns his lesson the hard way in Thailand. Where else in the world do men in love give their spouses control of their lifesavings? Think twice, you may feel better safe than sorry
  14. Thailand is NOT like most countries, and thank god for that. Even in Thailand its allowed to use a bit common sense, isn't it?
  15. The roads in Thailand are dangerous and deadly, that is a fact. Renting a motorbike is pretty easy and cheap, but its a good idea to just let it be. Reality will hit you pretty hard if you have an accident, and the consequenses could be fatal so it may be a good idea to just let it be an grab a taxi?