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  1. Looks just like another quality "tourist", well done so far, RTP....
  2. Has nothing to do with bad luck, just bad work and stupidity. Anyway its a tragic incident that should not have happened at all.
  3. What a smart guy.. Ok, he is a thief - but really, he stayed in Thailand after joining a raid like that??? He really wanted to get free accomodation provided by the Thai Gov I guess.... I've heard the standard and the food provided is excellent...
  4. Hahaha, stupidity never ends... Well done
  5. thaifan01

    VIDEO: Foreigners attacked by ladyboys in Phuket

    Garbage is ppl with an attitude like yours, sorry if i offend u
  6. thaifan01

    VIDEO: Foreigners attacked by ladyboys in Phuket

    Looks like they deserved it, dont seems like an unprovocated attack at all. The katoeys are humans as good as we are, just keep that in mind and respect ppl for whatever they are - then u probably dont end up in situations like this
  7. Haha, I should not laugh, but can't help myself. Been there, done that Lesson to be learned; there's a lot of rage behind the thai smile - and keep your wife/gf happy....
  8. Morons!! All of them. Not sure whats the right solution except throwing the idiots in jail. Maybe start seizing the vehicles so it really hurts, including trucks. Something have to be done, thats for sure. But I would not put my savings on it...
  9. The RTP are just right this time, both drivers to blame.
  10. "Cut in front" my ass!!! Truck driver way over speed in to the intersection, then turning left and of course the truck overturned. What a sucker!!!!
  11. You are right...but at least he didn't follow up with kicks after the opponent hit the ground, so lets give him one for that.
  12. Tragic story with the accident that never should have happened. Yes, money is and will be an issue in Thailand - like it is almost everywhere. I am prett bored of besserwisser's and haters around, please take a breath and think twice before judging. And if you don't like Thailand, what the h... are you doing there? Pack your bags and get your ass back home if Thais and Thailand is so bad!
  13. No doubt the same guy. He seems to have changed career from selling his "Thai sticks" to pimping... Seems to be the smartest move he have done... Not!
  14. Looks like they found a solution that will work well for all parties, well done!