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  1. 1 or 2 Day Overstay?

    2 days over will get you 2 days fine, i e., 1000thb. I just went out 2 days over through BKK. Not even a hint of a frown from the IO, I think he was glad to have something slightly different to deal with.
  2. Worth noting that it does not have to be an "agent", anyone can submit your application for you and pick up the new passport. Useful if you have friends who might be going to Bangkok around the same time. I applied myself and a friend's girlfriend picked mine up.
  3. How wheelchair friendly is Dubai?

    This site rates it pretty well; https://wheelchairtravel.org/dubai/public-transportation/
  4. Non O multiple and divorce

    I've entered twice this year on a non-O marriage after divorce in December last year. No problems.
  5. Residency Certificate for Passport renewal

    Yes, my UK bank statement has my Thai address on it. I am sure that the bank letter would be fine albeit most likely not really needed, but if easily obtained will do no harm!
  6. Re-entry permit

    1) 10-15 mins. 2) After security, before immigration. See here;
  7. Holidays without rain ?

    What time of year? Hong Kong and Phuket hardly qualify as not having rainy seasons (or cheap for that matter).
  8. Visa question

    If Doha will do it and what they will want to see is an unknown, at least to me! As for the money, it would need to be in an account in your name.
  9. Visa question

    You get a non-O from a consulate or embassy outside Thailand. Nearby you can get one in Savanakhet easily without any financial evidence. In Penang with THB400k in a Thai account. The requirements vary country by country, You can probably get one where you live, wherever that is.
  10. Visa question

    A multi-entry non-O would be ideal in your case, you are pretty much what it is designed for. As for skipping queues that cant be done, but you can probably use the Thai line with your wife (not guaranteed though).
  11. Residency Certificate for Passport renewal

    As reported here numerous times they will accept an extension of stay if you are on one. Most likely they would also accept a non-imm visa also. Just copy it out of your passport. They do not insist on the residence document being from their list, I used an AIS phone bill and UK bank statement.
  12. Banking

    Not a mod but anyway you'll find it here; https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/forum/13-jobs-economy-banking-business-investments/
  13. Proof of address.

    You actually don't need proof of address, you can provide proof of residency. If you are on an extension of stay that is apparently good enough (as has been reported here several times before).
  14. Or install "Whoscall" which does work.