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  1. If you don't go want to go before Monday then don't go then either, it is a holiday (labour day), go Tuesday instead.
  2. Because the airlines understand that if you enter without a visa you get a 30 day entry. They don't know or care about the possibility to extend in-country. Strictly speaking you can be denied entry to Thailand without the 30 day outbound ticket and the airline is afraid they will be liable to bring you back to the UK. There have been numerous reports of people denied boarding from the UK but at the same time plenty of opposite reports with no problems at all. You could always nip up to Hull for a tourist visa and the potential problem is gone, and then also no need for the extension in Thailand.
  3. You can certainly get a 30 day (not approx, exactly) extension on your visa exempt entry and it can be done at your local immigration office. The one issue you may face is at the airport in the UK as they will(may) be looking for a flight out of Thailand within 30 days. You may need to buy a throwaway ticket for this purpose.
  4. Used where exactly?
  5. Surely if you are doing 90 day reports you have already extended your stay?
  6. Sounds like you are on an extension of stay based on marriage. You are not on a visa entry. You can leave whenever you like and apply for a multi non-O (marriage). Leaving the country without a re-entry permit will snuff out your extension. No need to tell immigration anything. And when you want to go back to an extension of stay you can do so within the last 30 (maybe 45) days of any 90 day entry on your non-O.
  7. Seems they have some issues....... http://www.aviationpros.com/news/12327814/kan-air-grounded-for-now
  8. There is a link on the embassy website to nearby Ashtons Solicitors, some details of same in this thread;
  9. 1) wont work as they are closed tomorrow.
  10. That's not much use for immigration.
  11. No, they specifically say not to book ahead. There is no interview by the way, just a application drop.
  12. 1) Open tomorrow and Wednesday. 2) Yes.