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    "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind" -- Hosea 8:7

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  1. Ideal location for the summit! President Trump and Kim should be able to conclude business with a minimum of distractions here than some of the other possible locations mentioned such as Ulan Bator.
  2. Road checkpoints enforcing traffic safety

    As a reminder, it's always better to speak English with the BIB as they will move you along more quickly.
  3. They stay because some people enjoy being miserable.
  4. The Only Farang

    Yes, and it's perfect 👌! 😊
  5. People who use "haha" at the end of sentence always come off sounding plastic and fake to me.
  6. TM30 Reporting

    Been here many years too and have never done one either.
  7. Believe Comey has it exactly backwards. If anyone is unfit it's him after blatant political bias of the FBI under his 'leadership ".
  8. The "bashing" is well - deserved.
  9. Yes, another well-coordinated job accomplished by Trump and his British & French partners.
  10. Neither. It just happens and there's nothing to be done about it but acceptance.
  11. Heh, Trump fooled them again. What he signed was an omnibus bill, not a budget bill. He's under no obligation to spend that money.
  12. What's the big deal? Obama called Putin to congratulate him on his earlier reelection so the criticism that Trump followed suit is nothing but ripe hypocrisy.
  13. Excellent move as McMaster was too much a "Globalist" Bolton will be a stronger figure.
  14. Urgent coach safety warning

    You would have to have a death wish to ride in one of those contraptions. Especially sitting in in the top level. Every time the bus turns a corner, it app that the thing will tip over.
  15. Trump congratulates Putin on his reelection same as Obama congratulated him in the past.