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    "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind" -- Hosea 8:7

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  1. What Trump is saying is Give Peace a Chance.
  2. Knew some poster would bring up DJT no matter this thread hasn't a thing to do with him. TDS is out of control! 555
  3. It's obvious why Obama didn't act - he was under the misconception that Hillary was going to win.
  4. Darkie... whoops! I meant Darlie is the only toothpaste my dogs will use! 555
  5. Absolutely not disrespectful. Where do people get such notions? 555
  6. Junk mail seldom follows you to a foreign address.
  7. Please enumerate why an expat needs a foreign address. Does not make any sense to do so.
  8. Are you kidding? Have you any idea of how many US expats have shifted here and no longer have a USA address?
  9. Point is folks is after all the BS you read, the Retirement Extension based on 800k in the bank is the absolute best way to go. Don't get sidetracked like who wants to tie up the money in a Thai Bank? If you are going to retire here and you don't have the funds to deposit? Maybe Costa Rica is a good idea?
  10. Let's discuss. What problems can you envision? The principle account holder dies w/out a will? That might be a problem down the road but what we're talking about here is the most expeditions method of renewing the Retirement Visa.
  11. Not really as it's one more step to the final goal of obtaining the Retirement Visa. Income verification involves getting from ACS another form. In the end it's Tham Jai Khun
  12. "If you use the "cash in bank" option, then every year all you would need to do is get a form letter from the bank verifying that the money has been there for the minimum period of time, and a copy of your bank book (along with the other, easy to do, paperwork needed). No annual trips to the Embassy/Consulate required. (I prefer that option myself as the money can be used once you've got your new Extension, so long as you replenish it prior to the 3 month deadline before the next Extension. Or you can just leave the money in a Fixed Term account, earn a small amount of interest and have the peace of mind knowing you have that lump sum sitting there "for emergencies" or future Extensions.)" The absolute best way to go. Nothing beats the peace of mind knowing there's just a small amount of paperwork to go thru each year to renew the retirement Visa.
  13. Pertinent to the discussion is my just completed application for the wife's SS benefit to collect on my existing SS routed thru BB in NYC. The procedure took much longer than when I applied thru the PI years ago but was notified today that that it's been given the 'green light' and forwarded to Baltimore for finalization.