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  1. Mobile Password manager?

    :-) hard to trust anyone nowadays including myself when it comes to the Internet. What progam are you using for encrypting G-DOCS?
  2. I'm in CM, how to book Thai hotel?

    ok , I got it :-)
  3. You've been to Dubai. Can you comment on how easy it is to get around with a wheelchair?
  4. Mobile Password manager?

    I share your concern and it is for real. The same is true when I can download an application from Google Play and must repeat my Master Password. How do I know who keeps what
  5. I'm in CM, how to book Thai hotel?

    Sorry for the tardy response, My question was confusing. Some time ago I booked directly ClubMed in Phuket And I got a Thai price not to be found on the net. Booked Via Internet but from somewhere at the Golden Triangle. This means that my email was recognized as NON Farang
  6. Into VR for learning?

    Any active VR users here? Pls share your experience!
  7. Sending WhatsApp to myself

    Justified Question. I find it easier, quicker to refer to the same structure, layout, and forwarding, deleting. I use Evernote for more permanent matters, also KEEP . 2nd Whatsup , is a quick notebook, adding/deleting is much more convenient.
  8. Into VR for learning?

    Here the link https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/mondly-launches-virtual-reality-for-learning-languages-powered-by-chatbots/
  9. Into VR for learning?

    I'm very keen to learn Thai. Waited much too long. Mondly offers Thai too. Anyone with VR experience ? Not limited to languages. Brain challenges in general. Systems experience?
  10. Sending WhatsApp to myself

    I'm using this trick a lot to collect ideas plus whatever catches my interest. Now I want to give this more structure, a filing system with different folders . For that I add more OWN group members in addition to myself . Meaning, for"folder travel" "folder Physio" WhatsApp would want to have a new verifiable mobile phone number for each folder. (1 should do already) How to get one? One possible solution at minimal cost= Buy one Pre-paid sim for 100b. Which should be plenty because there should be little outgoing data traffic. Quote I got too many places where I file things. Was always looking for an application widely used by myself and others. I got whatsup and found this = Open a W-Up-group where you'll be sole member. http://techwelkin.com/whatsapp-send-message-to-yourself [ Even for our own dirty little secrets whatsup seems really save. NY Times uses it to get whistle- blower-tips. Alternativly NYT suggests Application SIGNAL https://whispersystems.org/]
  11. Movie “Waltz with Bashir“

    Great input, gentlemen! I've seen it all ....in realty . Got there just before the fighting broke out and left well after the Marines.
  12. Movie “Waltz with Bashir“

    Seems YouTube links are automatically deleted
  13. Movie “Waltz with Bashir“

  14. Movie “Waltz with Bashir“

    Note=-it's a highly unusual animated documentary about the War in Lebanon 1992 -94
  15. Movie “Waltz with Bashir“

    Digging in my own past I like to find the English edition of this movie. For suggests I will be grateful. See a short clip. Golden Globe Award and many others.