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  1. he should have been given a plane ticket to Singapore with a couple of spray cans.
  2. Should have had to do the job himself. Five coats.. here is the right brush
  3. Though the child does not aparently fit in any of the categories listed so he may be safe from that.
  4. Glad and sad to hear.....keep well
  5. https://topsy.one/hashtag.php?q=%23ristr8to has a few more
  6. I buy my coffee to drink but this was a great win and I am sure he deserved it. Congratulations.
  7. Australian Family Law applies. No crime. You did not have exclusive custody....You could apply to the could but you will not get it, at best visit right which would be unenforceable. On divorce if here court takes little account of length of marriage. Nott sure if you can get out of need to pay child support as not the birth father but though possible may be hard. Has she applied for it?
  8. Yes the compulsory one is still needed
  9. What is the use of an accord which permits the worlds largest polluters like China and India free reign while adding costs to the countries that abide by them. One in all in one out all out is what it should be.
  10. There must be at least 6 inches between ceiling and unit
  11. So by your reasoning nurses do not need training as they are only giving medicine provided by a doctor and reading a few dials. In both cases lives are at stake, a mechanic who just replaces a broken part without knowing parts can kill just as quick as a nurse can by not understanding a reaction to a drug. Male or female does not matter. Competancy does.
  12. My last bill on a single phase worked out at 4.2 baht unit total
  13. atmosphere polluter :)
  14. Years ago in New Zealand I made the mistake of showing a torn half of a fiver to the bank and saying what i could do...... I was given a long form to fill in to declare that it was not torn as a deliberate act and advised that that would be a criminal offence. I had to go over and get that witnessed by a JP....Luckily the bank manager could do that. On returning another long form to explain in detail how I came to be in possession of the half note and asking for consideration for replacement. I then received every month for 6 months a registered letter that payment would be made if no other claim received in the 6 months. At the end of this I got another registered letter, with a reply paid envelope for the receipt of the enclosed 5 pound note in replacement. Hate to know what that cost them. At least in Australia this has been streamlined.