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  1. harrry

    Renewing Australian passport in Thailand

    Not true, if you have a current or recently expired passport in good condition issued after about 10 years ago the form must be submitted online. You then have to print it out and go to the embassy or outreach with the form and they will accept the photo if correct (they are fussy) and the form and the fee and you will then receive the passport in a week or two. If you wish they will post it from Bangkok but you are responsible if it goes missing. On the outreach visits they say they will not accept cash, you must pay in Thai Baht through a Credit or Debit card. They have a machine,
  2. Another country I lived in had to release men who raped tourists often. The problem is that without the girl staying to give evidence they could not even go to court. The only thing they could do was hold them as long as the girl stayed in the country and make life very uncomfortable for them while they were on remand.
  3. harrry

    Good Things Topic.

    After a long drought Tops has vegemite again.......
  4. So the rule is do not fly on airlines of countries that believe in reincarnation. That way the pilot may care.
  5. n the contrary the correct procedure in an phone fire is to keep pouring water on the phone and if possible submerge it in a bucket of water. What you have to do is keep it cool enough to prevent Thermal Runaway
  6. Of course some like Heathrow and Sydney close all night from midnight to 6.30am every day. It might have been good planning to have Krabi used more during this period and arrange land transport.
  7. https://www.icao.int/publications/Documents/9303_p9_cons_en.pdf
  8. harrry

    Mental Health

    Remember the doctors they see at the hospital are not generallly specially trained in Mental Health. True Specialists are very rare here but most hospital.s will have someone with some expertise. Sadly it is not always possible to see them but in my view Thailand does better than Australia in handling mental illness.
  9. If you do go to Laos remember being depeorted means you cannot transit through Bangkok. You will have to get to laos by going to say Singapore.
  10. harrry

    Mental Health

    Someone I know went to Sripat in Chiangmai. Got a private consultation with the head Psychiatrist at the Government hospital but at Sripat with no waiting. Cost was 500 baht but the 200 baht nursing charge. A good hour, , medication changed and a review form given to her to take to her home hospital with the government stamp.
  11. Even if not in the contract I would check with a lawyer. I think the property law in Thailand does require that.
  12. Don't you have to return the building in its original state and condition at the end of the lease?