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  1. cop who posted it gets free dinners for a week
  2. When asked if the passenger, David Dao, was at fault for the actions that led to his removal from his Louisville, Kentucky-bound flight at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, Munoz said, simply: "No, he cannot be. He was a paying passenger sitting in his seat on our aircraft. No one should be treated that way." straight from the CEO http://www.ndtv.com/world-news/united-ceo-felt-shame-watching-video-of-deplaned-man-accepts-responsibility-1680722
  3. I cannot quite understand this but I think it means seed rice of desired type will be sold at low cost for planting. The daqnger of this is we get into the one supplier geneticly modified type of rice. (not an argument about GM just about the one supplier in this case)
  4. Although the airfield has a military presence....like most it is actually for civilian puposes ran by the Department of transport (sorry I was wrong about AOT I thought they ran all but it is DOT that runs regionals. I will have to rephrase my post to DOT runs most regional Airports. AOT runs important ones like Chiangrai. :) Bangkok Air runs a few. II know the rates at the AOT airport for Chiangrai are capped at about 150 baht a day but I believe the short term rate is 10 baht for 10 minutes. When I flew out of Surathani I went by taxi
  5. No but AOT are all the same I believe for their airports. The only different ones are the ones Bangkok air own. THere I think it is more like leaqve your car and your credit card and we may let you have the wheel back.
  6. cheap enough that my thai relatives would rather leave the car there when they fly down to Bangkok which they do reguarly as one is in hospital there, They consider two days rent is better than taxi fares.
  7. I think that is 15 baht an hour
  8. http://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/cause-of-death/road-traffic-accidents/by-country Europe is slightly better but this is not surprising as the miles driven perr year are lower by far in europe. US is nearly double.
  9. As you bring up Austrlaia you should know that you do not have to wear seatbelts in Australia if they re not fitted and were not fitted as original maanafacture of the vehicle. You will find thaT olderr vehicles do not have seat belts and they do not have to be worn.
  10. A suggestion regarding test drives. Check which of the hire companies have the car you want and hire it for a day. this gives a proper chance to see if it suits your needs.
  11. It seems there will be no problem with increased queue lengths as there wil be less people coming as they are sick of the delays already. Now if that was for leaving understandable as security on flights is a problem though less risky than the busses.
  12. http://www.companyvauban.com/en/guide/legal/faq.html Trusts are illegal in thailand.
  13. Do not forget that the government has compete plans for many structures including possibly this one which are allready approved. In some cases they are close to free. Getting planning permision is not necescarily a straight forward process. http://www.crossy.co.uk/Thai_House_Plans/ these are house ones someone :) has put online. THre are ones for factories too but you will probably need a thai to find them. I also notice that in your drawing you have a very low pitch angle...5 degreees or so at a guess If a wind flies over that it will make a perfect airfoil. I think it will need to be a lot steeper.
  14. we get our airconditioner that is in daily 24 hr use cleaned once every three months inside and out and the others 4 in total in two houses once a year. The cost inside and out of anormal service is 300 baht and sometimes there is 50 baht extra for gas. This year he asked to do a complete clean for the one that has been used nonstop for 5 years for which he charged 1000 baht a job which took him two hours and completely dismanting and removing all parts for cleaning etc, Runs like a drem now. this is in Chiangrai.
  15. I thought one of the ways they built large roofs like that now was to use high pillers and have the roof structure suspended from them..sort of like a suspension bridge.