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  1. Plastics a wonder material. We have global warming so we must all collect all the plastic bagss and other plastics we can, They can be used to make flood barriers to stop our cities being inundated.
  2. The tail skid is more an indicator than a protector though it helps prevent some damage, The distance from the ground to the tail on a flaps 1 landing is 13cm,,,,,This is for a Boeing 737-800
  3. Advice on purchasing an old condo

    Check the condo is not a leashold (company) it would then only be yours for a couple of years as the leashold is probably 40 years. Similarly check the condo is on freehold land and not leased land.
  4. Ford SYNC2 to SYNC3

    I am pretty sure you will be cheaper buying a complete aftermarket gps (and dvd video player) than upgrading the maps only on the fitted product at dealer price/
  5. No Give way to the right is not the rule here. Check the road code., The law is give way to the LEFT,,,,, many foreigners have troublew with that but read it in Section 71 (500B)[If, when entering a junction, there are other vehicles, the driver must let such vehicles go through first.If two vehicles enter a junction from different directions at the same time, the vehicle on the left side has a right of way, except when there's a designation of principle roadway in which case the vehicle on the principle roadway has a right of way.]Title: Land Traffic Act B.E. 2522ISBN: 9-7450-3994-2
  6. My old Australian one had a stamp put in by the consul at the interview which I had to show when transfering to the new one at the Thai Immigration.
  7. Import license required ? for a jacket ?

    Did you buy it from Amazon with the Customs deposit option? If so contact Amazon
  8. There is a difference between giving the waitress a tip for her service and being overcharged by the restaurant. 5 baht is not much....but the principle upsets many people. In my case it may not get a reaction from me at the restaunt (especially with the waitress....maybe I would comment to the owner) but may make me feel negative about the experience and go to other restaurants.
  9. I think it is very hard for many overseas students to convert to a University program in Australia without a bridging course. There are special Government High Schools in some states which do a repeat year for those Australians had trouble with the HSC because they were from non English speaking families. TAFE programs in their field are also good bridging courses as they have facilities for ESL. These also help to point out the differences in learning patterns in Australia where students need to be proactive and ask questions. Many do not though here. In regard to Thai Universities they are often criticied here3 for not failing. True but of the student in my nieces courseonly half are still there in the final year, almost all of the leavers were quietly told that there would be no degree staying there and helped to transfer to an easier University. One however in the final year was just told she failed her research project and hence the course as she had not atended any of the meetings with the students. My niece said all her friends fully agreed with that and wished they were in his class as he provided lots of time and help but made his students work.
  10. I just made a direct payment from my AUstralian Bank to a fims account in Australia. 4 days later not credited, they told me it can take a week I had forgotten our slow banks. Every month I make a few online transfers here with my Thai bank (Bangkok Bank) , straight through and available the minute I press enter.
  11. From what I have heard and what is on the medicare site, if ylou return with the intention of living permamently you take a stat dec and a list of documents to the nearest medicare office with an addtress. You will leave with a temporary card and your card is sent later to that address. They say others can do it on your behalf if unable to attend but I think this would give problems and possible delays. I am sure if I returned I would be transferred straight to an ambulance and hospital as I need oxygen and this would have to be prescribed by a respiratory physician, I think the hospital would liase with medicare, if not they have no hope of getting paid I cannot afford it.
  12. Doi Inthanon - Office Hours?

    May have more to worry about than the 400baht if they apply that ban of Big Bikes in parks that was just in the news.
  13. Well one thing his refusal to come out when asked led to is that this photo oportunity occured. It now will be impossible to sweep under the counter with a few quick cups of tea.
  14. The advice people have given to go to Laos or Cambodia can be dangerous/ If you travel there via Bankok you will almost certainly pass through immigration to transfer, if you do you will be detained by Immigration and posibly returned directly to the place you boarded the plane. If you do make sure you transfer through another country eg Singapore that goes direct from there.
  15. Good to see things are working out for you. I hope the visa business runs smoothly, we would not like to see wife number 7 or is it already that:) I am joking....I said when you wrote about her a long time ago when you were sick that you had a keeper...and you have. All the best for the future.