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  1. Renewal of Australian passport

    If you havwe a full valid passort you apply using the form online that you fill out and lodge. You print this out. You take this to the Embassy or outreach with the fee and your old passport and photos. They accept it and you collect it in a couple of weeks from the Embassy. If not in Bangkok you can get it mailed express post but that is at your risk. Once you have it take the cancelled old passport and the new one to immigration to transfer the stamps.
  2. Depends on which countries you are talking about, This is civil damage and a parent is only responsible for debts for essentials for children in Britain Australia and I believe Canada as well as most places based on Weestminster law principles.
  3. In the west children from the age of 3 months are sent to child care centres and then schools and after school care centres while the mothers work. https://www.princeton.edu/futureofchildren/publications/docs/11_01_02.pdf In Thailand traditionally the grandmothers raised the children of their children so that the mothers and fathers could continue working.
  4. When the leaders of the countries of the type mentioned and their cronies stop eating lunches and dinners which cost much more than 10 times the burgers I will consider donating to them and going without my burger.
  5. I am sure these Motorcycle clubs are completely law abiding. In the rules for membership they require a full motorcyle licence. More law abiding than most.
  6. Cost ofthe operation enormous.....they already knew that they would not be able to save a life.. They should do what the hospitals do here, present a bill for the operation which must be paid before the bodies are released. Seriously there is a time when you have to say 60 people and much risk against a wait of a few months and only a small team to revover the bodies is better.
  7. Police gather evidence to search Yingluck’s house

    A search of her premises could show evidence of her location and those who helped her....a US court would give a warrent for a search warrent when a fugitive broke a court order to stay in the country.
  8. he should have been given a plane ticket to Singapore with a couple of spray cans.
  9. Should have had to do the job himself. Five coats.. here is the right brush
  10. Though the child does not aparently fit in any of the categories listed so he may be safe from that.
  11. Glad and sad to hear.....keep well
  12. https://topsy.one/hashtag.php?q=%23ristr8to has a few more
  13. I buy my coffee to drink but this was a great win and I am sure he deserved it. Congratulations.
  14. Australian Family Law applies. No crime. You did not have exclusive custody....You could apply to the could but you will not get it, at best visit right which would be unenforceable. On divorce if here court takes little account of length of marriage. Nott sure if you can get out of need to pay child support as not the birth father but though possible may be hard. Has she applied for it?
  15. Government Motorbike Insurance.

    Yes the compulsory one is still needed