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  1. As she says this happened when she was a high school student it cannot be true as she would have been under 21 and hence unable to drink. She would not break laws.
  2. harrry

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    Every McDonalds in Australia and many other stores are used for cash out without purchases from most cards or were 10 years ago when I left the last time. They had been since shortly after the introduction of ATMs into Australia.
  3. It should be made clear that product ( an inflatable stretcher) is not the rigid cylindrical metal tube he bought to Thailand.
  4. From the photos they are not the same product. The top one has 3 holes on the bottom the others 2
  5. harrry

    Divorce without husbands approval

    One other little known fact is some countries may not recognise uncontested divorces in Thai Registry offices. The UK is one of them. I hate to think how many people are commiting bigamy in the UK. It does have inheritance problems.
  6. harrry

    Divorce without husbands approval

    That is not true you are talking about a divorce at the registry office which can bee done for a few baht if both agree with no waiting period. If that is not posible a divorce is obtained through the courts and only for grounds, the easiest of which is that the parties have not lived together for 2 years, The court will insist on sending a letter to the other party, and may in fact do this a few times but they do not have to show and a divorce can still be given. Lawyer costs are from 10000 baht and court costs are minimal. If the other party is in thailand the court gets her address for service from the house registration that is linked to her ID card which is referenced from the Marriage Certificate record.
  7. merging is not supposed to be done at 1 mph. The idea of merging is that you accelerate to the same speed as the traffic you are joining and move into a gap. Poor driving.
  8. Even without a will if he is the lawul spouse he is entitled to 50% of the wife's property. Land cannot be owned but must be sold. Generally within a year.
  9. One probelm is that a licence requires a degree of literacy. The literacy of rural poor older farmers and labour is very poor, not through their own fault but the limited system that existed 30 years ago. It seems a little unfair not to take them into account. Literacy does not equate to safety.
  10. harrry

    UK pensions-life certificate

    should be no problem they say licensee of public house can sign so just see the local mamsan/
  11. civil offence unless in countries like Australia which specifically have a law covering Conversion in their Criminal Code as it is not theft. Of course if it could be shown that at the time of signing the contract you lied fraud may be possible.
  12. Yes unless they say he also used it for his benifit in Australian waters. Though extradition is posible this would depend on it being a criminal offence to convert goods in a similar manner in Thailand. It is not theft.
  13. Not quite. In Australian Laaws there is a Laaw convering "Unlawful Conversion" This applies in cases where goods are used in cases like this even though there is no intent to deprive the owner. In this law Intent is not a factor.
  14. Orang You know it is dangerous to start a post with : "I knew someone"