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  1. Singburi https://goo.gl/maps/mzGJnkAhvn72 2 ถนน บ้านพระนอนหมู่ที่ 2 สายที่ 1 ตำบล จักรสีห์ อำเภอเมืองสิงห์บุรี สิงห์บุรี 16000 2 Ban Phra Non Mu 2 Sai 1 Rd, Chak Si, Mueang Sing Buri District, Sing Buri 16000 Ph 036 510 960 [email protected] N14.8524534 E100.3881275
  2. We went to this office a couple of weeks ago or so. I found it by searching for the school, as my Garmin program would not accept the coordinates given. It is at N14.45853 E100.14579 Interestingly, I needed address confirmation and had a form from Singburi Immigration all filled in. They didn't want to know about this and produced their own form, to which they glued my photo. 700B and no receipt given... Also interesting the contrast between Singburi, where everybody wore uniforms to Suphanburi, where the uniform consists of yellow T-shirts with logo and jeans. It has 2 entries on Google Maps with the address shown as หมู่บ้านกลางเมือง พีพี 9 เลขที่ 99/328 ม.5 ท่าระหัด เมือง Chang Wat Suphan Buri 72000 which Google translates to The Village of Phi Phi 9 No. 99/328 Moo 5 Changwat Chang Wat Suphan Buri 72000