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  1. In 4 Years we will get a new report with data based on 2017. Wait and see!!!!!!!!!
  2. Who is this guy? Their Thai Boss?
  3. But, this report is based on data from the meanwhile safety on thai roads have massively improved. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  4. So true. The Democrats and Trump-haters are like headless chickens. Only whining and blaming. 555
  5. Hello? Zero Support here?
  6. Disgusting. And now she gets free advertisement.
  7. Since yesterday I have to login again and again. I using firefox. I deleted cookies and also the cache. Someone else faces this issue?
  8. The true liberals (not the zombie fake leftists), alt-right (not the fake extreme right nazis) and moderate muslims should march together. This is the majority. But by now, either you are a leftist or a nazi. Nothing between anymore. That's the narrative by our gov and media which not allows an open fair debate.
  9. This shit become a daily event. When the people wake up?
  10. That's all very confuse. We don't know what really happened. There must be something more behind the curtain. 'The second chamber had asked several times to bring Van Laarhoven back tot the Netherlands, but the Department of Justice has refused' Strange. Isn't it?
  11. Poor guy. May be Trump should introduce a travel ban for US citizens like he did for Cuba.
  12. I want move from Tapatalk to Thaivisa App. Can't see this disgusting ads on Tappatalk anymore. 1. Even I enabled notifications for example for 'quoting me', I don't get any notification. 2. Now I can't open the app anyway. It just crashes.