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  1. The fun starts at 20:00 https://www.pscp.tv/w/baf0ujFKUkVtWnFuZXFSUVB8MURYeHlYWGFxV05KTdCmWI-ZsJydRxJ7Aq2GscOHJxWvpOjzS5bKWGoC79HY?t=20m6s And... https://www.pscp.tv/w/baf2DTFKUkVtWnFuZXFSUVB8MW5BSkVSUnlnbUF4TEaMMasW11LGXRyzMmTrP3FtcrvVL1ckK-IxLfj-TCL6?t=47m40s Sent from a so called Smartphone using an App.
  2. Most likely stormy is a victim of corrupt politicians / layers. Does someone really believe it was her idea to start all this crap? She gets abused by powerful people. In this game she have to play a cheap pawn sacrifice. As soon her puppet masters losing their interest in her - that's what will happen very soon - they'll let her fall like a hot potato. Most likely she will end as a broken women who can be happy to find a job in a striptease club. But even for that she's to old I guess. Or she writes a book. I'm sure there are enough morons which read such crap. One again. I couldn't care less about stormy. But I feel sorry for her daughter. Sent from a so called Smartphone using an App.
  3. Seriously? I'm literally speechless. Please dear so called democrats. Take a deep breath and count to 10. I don't think it will help, but it's worth a try. It's for free anyway. I wish you a fantastic Thursday. I go to pickup my brother from the airport who arrives from NY [emoji3] That will definitly be my highlight of the week. Sent from a so called Smartphone using an App.
  4. Trump retweeted a funny tweet. ' Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, unveiled the sketch of a man she says threatened her to keep quiet about her claims she once had an affair with Trump. ' https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/04/18/donald-trump-mocks-stormy-daniels-sketch-tweet/527302002/ Left: Police sketch of the non-existent man allegedly threatened Stormy. Right: Her boyfriend lol. That's super stupid. But it's even more stupid that Dems give Stormy a higher credibility than Potus. Case closed :D
  5. 'News outlets, including Business Insider, routinely report on the progress of the investigation, often citing anonymous sources whose knowledge of the investigation is often unclear and extremely biased to readers.' We all know what that means. Mueller is about to wrap up. Now he prepares the Dems for the reality. There is no collusion. Democrats must be strong now. Edit: That's how they fabricate 'inaccurate' (others call it fake) news. One would think those 'news outlet' would do a better job - would act accountable. But I know, I asking too much. Nowadays they even earn the Purlitzer. So, it's up to us to exercise critical thinking. I see, that's hard to do for many. But the good news is, it's for free
  6. What will happen: the Mueller investigation very soon finds its end. Nothing will be find which can use against Trump. This will push Trump's approval rate. Some decent democrats will accept the outcome. The rest won't stop to blame others. Let'em cry... However, the chances that Trump will benefit from all this weird attempts to impeach or discredit him is very high. Sent from a so called Smartphone using an App.
  7. Please read my post again. It's not that complicated. He should have done his job. Like a professional. Easy as that. Apart from that, feel free to open a topic about conservative values.
  8. And, this guy finally failed badly. Emotionally overwhelmed. Then he wrote a book. For what reason? To revenge him self? Did he really nothing learned form Clinton and Bannon? He should have done rather his job instead to think about what's bad or good for presidential candidates. It wasn't his job to do politics. However, now he is exposing himself. People with some common sense will remember him just as a......clown.
  9. Seems to be a projection by Comey. Obviously Comey was definitily unfit for his job. Heavily biased. Obstructed justice. He still claims there might be a Russian collision. Proof? Nothing. McCabe lied several times under oath. A bunch of criminals. Drain the Swamp. Sent from a so called Smartphone using an App.
  10. Highest approval rating since he took office. The trend is clear. Sent from a so called Smartphone using an App.
  11. I asked you. Sent from a so called Smartphone using an App.
  12. I just red this article. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/apr/13/james-comey-book-hillary-clinton-email-investigation Comey actually only confirmed what Trump think and said about the FBI and Comey. With this book Comey didn't a favor to the FBI. Hard to imagine how such a guy became head if FBI. I didn't know it's that bad.
  13. And this is because of?
  14. Clinton, Bannon, Comey,... Who's next? Pelosi, Stormy? [emoji23] Comey made a huge mistake. It only proofs his desperation. They lost their moral compass. And now.... guess what will come up... [emoji38] Sent from a so called Smartphone using an App.
  15. Trump warns missiles 'will be coming' in Syria

    There's a leak somewhere. Trump plans to attack 8 targets in Syria. Don't want kill Russians....