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  1. Oh, this link doesn't work. XML error.
  2. Someone knows a link to download the form Certification of Residence?
  3. Best way to sell mt Motorcycle?

    Thanks. Does someone have a working link to the "certification of residence"? DLT register signed? I only have the green book. Another option: A friend would love to buy my bike. He comes in November. He would transfer me the money and i deposit Key and papers to another friend of him. Is this doable?
  4. Hi I leave at that's 10th September Thailand. That's a Sunday. For that I need a certificate of residence. I'm not sure which form is the correct one. I'm In Pattaya and went to 3 shops. One told me I should come back at Thursday when the manager is in house. It's a Yamaha Nouvo SX with 16k KM. I bought it new and did every service. One shop told me, to late. They would need at least 3 Weeks for the paperwork (register on their name). The extension of stay ends at the 10th. They would offer me 13K Baht. The other Shop told me, I should come 3 days before (the 7th September) and I get 20K baht. My questions, is 20K a fair price? And will that work when i go there 3 Days before? I just want to be sure everything will be fine. I don't want leave the bike here.
  5. Deep vein Thrombosis

    I was in the same situation. You should have taken Clexane injections before the flight. Better you check your leg in a private hosiptal in Thailand.
  6. Your statement makes no sense. 23,000 Jihadists in Britain 15,000 Jihadists in France Only two examples. And daily new Muslims immigrate to Europe. Good night Europe. The lefties betray you.
  7. Islamophobic? Serious? Who did the attacks yesterday in Spain? Christians? Buddhists? Hindus? Islam IS a threat to this world. The ideology of Islam is a cancer and it spreads fast.
  8. Thank you. I will ask a travel office if they can offer me the same flight for a similar price. Then I pay in cash and I supported a local business. I like the travel agent 4 seasons at pattaya tai road. Close to the friendship supermarket. They were always nice and efficient. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  9. They say it starts at 3PM. This would be 5am in Thailand. No?
  10. When I book a flight online with a European credit card and the price is in Thai Baht. What rate will the credit card company use? Is it the same as if I would take Thai Baht cash to Europe and bring exchange it at a bank?
  11. There is only one God.
  12. That was a good one. [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk