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  1. I'm pretty sure I met the actor John Wood. I knew him from the movie Wargames. I asked him, if he is the actor. He did neither confirm it nor deny it. I met him on the darkside.
  2. Thailand has issued an arrest warrant for Vorayuth Yoovidhaya, an heir to the Red Bull fortune.
  3. I'm sure, nowadays even Bots can do this. I'm shocked when I learned what bots can do.
  4. I would use the official cabs several time a week. But it's no fun to negotiating a price where you know you will pay too much anyway...
  5. Well, if Uber is illegal here, then good to see police take action. Furthermore I would love to see enforcement of using the Taxi Meter of regular cabs.
  6. Then, why torrent and other file-sharing sites are illegal? Facebook would gain sympathy from me if they decide to take down that live feature till they found a way to prevent such things. But as always, money speaks...
  7. And, the SCB online Banking Site is screwed up. First it looked normal, but then some buttons disappeared and no way to log out. Hope there is no security leak.
  8. Nice, send some rainy clouds to Pattaya.
  9. That's hypocritical. The media like Thaivisa loves to publish such news to get attention which is money for them. Then to criticize their users for their comments is lame.
  10. Actually I never tried apps like ccleaner, ram boost or whatever. My phone is lagging and has random restarts. I wanted to do a factory reset, but I hate to install everything.... Now i red about the app SD Maid. I gave it a try and my phone runs like it's new. If this remains, this app helped a lot.
  11. I like the way how it is now, since I don't have to fill any forms. I use a visa run company.
  12. I wonder how many of deaf people did learn to read lips. May be this depends also from country to country. I tried once to say something to a deaf women. But she wasn't able to read my lips.
  13. Not everyone is willing to accept random terror attacks.