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  1. " it's was good to know and speak Dutch, German, French and English as most of my college's did. " the very well instructed policeman I never seen.
  2. As we could see on the picture, he's smiling...
  3. " Civilized people do not abuse their wives and/or children " where are they in Thailand?????
  4. No at all, he was denied because he carried some weapon in his nose.
  5. Why not, you start when you born (or at 5 yo) and stop when you die.
  6. The Chinese are they worse than the Thais
  7. eight, nine, ten, .........
  8. Thais people really have nothing to do....
  9. Borzandy

    Thailand Tells Black People Don’t Come Here

    In Europe too, we told black people don't come here....
  10. Seems easier visiting Koh Tao when you are a man.
  11. Yes for 3000 Baht, we can say victims. me think.
  12. Bad luck, if they were dogs, the drivers would have stopped.