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  1. Borzandy

    Thai Footballer Accused of Rape Loses Police Job

    Sure, he will miss at the police force.
  2. In Thailand, Thais don't need dogs, they have excavator. They dig deeper.....
  3. Is someone ever heard an Iranian recognises something?
  4. Borzandy

    Storm dumps 20 tons of garbage on Pattaya Beach

    These damn storms again....
  5. I thought Myanmar girls couldn't take Thai jobs.
  6. Borzandy

    Army borrows Thaksin slogan to promote Prayuth

    We know now why Prawit owns so many luxury watches.
  7. Borzandy

    The cost of corruption: Bt100 billion

    100 billion, I don't believe: 12 plus 8 equals 4
  8. They could get some brown envelop.
  9. In Thailand between 18 to 35 you are a teenager.
  10. But you.....the best handsome man..
  11. Brainless as Thai, he s sure not American.
  12. Fortunately the hit didn't cause the train derailment