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  1. What best car GPS Feb 2018

    google maps on the smart phone is arguably the most up to date GPS + maps and real time updates
  2. have fun with this one boys as I will not follow - to many interuptions
  3. the fly in my cocktail is that most if not all the condo's are residential (comes under the condo act) and so renting condo's out (comes under the Hotel act). Condos rented out are commercial and restricted to the ground floor - ie the shops, laundry, restaurants. Imagine if this law wasnt in place then you would have a laundry mat next to you on the 20th floor or a restaurant. Technically if a short term renter injures themselves then the building may pay as it is insured as far as the common area is concerned. Inside the condo is the Landlords business to insure the tenants and if they injure themselves can sue you. The insurance co can worm out of payment as you are renting like a hotel or guest house and different insurance is required. Can of worms me thinks
  4. I had Chin*** rent my condo and they trashed it. Over 300,000 baht plus in damages and only 50K bond. Always late in paying rent sometimes up to 2 months outstanding. Electricity was cut off several times and needed to be put back on. After getting it ready I sold it.
  5. lost \FOB for Toyota Yaris 2009

    I saw a video from USA where they were opening the door 2 times, key in ignition, turn around, do the hoky poky and ....................
  6. i had 2 remote FOB for the Yaris and one is now missing without going to Toyota is it possible to get another one and program it if so where and how thanks
  7. well that was quick
  8. what is the situation now with a bank safe deposit box- do they still require a bond? what is the wait? any other info
  9. I do this work professionally and the Will, Executor and Beneficiaries are not sanctioned until the court says so and the judge signs off on it. Example the first application for a grant of probate goes before the court to approve those involved, the Executor then has 15 days to resign as the Executor or accept the position. (understand that some people dont know their position until someone dies - they were simply nominated by the Testator. Then there is a period of 45 days in which to contest the people involved in the Will ie the Will is invalid, the Executor is incompetent, a Beneficiary is dead or incompetent or under age - a minor (then a controller of property is appointed). When all of these issues are approved then money can be withdrawn legally from the account.As the court is satisfied and issued a court order for the Executor to do the work. If some money is taken from the account before approval and if the courts reverse a decision then money was taken from the estate unlawfully. And the camera in the ATM can prove it. Just a small point.
  10. i would not follow this persons advise as its illegal - armchair lawyers on every bar stool on Patts
  11. WELL IF we're plugging law firms then check out thai888 law
  12. Well thai888 law have taken this a step further and make living and last wills, funerals and cremation, and probate. Everything from police, hospital, morgue, embassies, court probate, repatriation of funds (very difficult) from the one office. Managed by an Australian CEO so language is not a problem. Google thai888 for 5 star reviews
  13. Will Advice

    Arm chair lawyer dont know. all will must go to court to approve will and executor. period. If you cut corner s your assets suffer. Your beneficiary suffers. Spend 5k and get it done properly as you dont read anď write thai. Arm cair lawyer's çut corners and make problems. You must have a lawyer for probate otherwise nothing wiļl happen
  14. Will Advice

  15. Will Advice

    although the original post was from some years ago it reminds me of someone from one of the clubs that made it his mission to can Lawyers and have the Amphur looks after his Will. Well he is now dead and his Will was ruled invalid. There are 66 CCC of Thailand covering the Will and Probate. I dont know how a Lawyer can keep your assets if the is a Bona Fide Executor of your Will, as the Executor controls all things and is appointed by the courts. Arm chair lawyers and misinformation is a bad recipe. If you Google then you will see recommended companies that do write your Will and make probate for you as you cannot apply to the courts without a Lawyer.The original post is nonsense as the Will needs to be sanctioned by the Judge and then the Executor is questioned under oath by the Lawyer and the Judge. I dont understand why when there are millions of bahts in property and bank accounts that people wont spend 5000 baht on a proper Will- words fail me. PM me for more info