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  1. why does my certificate expire after 10 years...is this a new type of vaccine?
  2. I am more than 70 and still in good health and I hope it will legal if ever I have a cancer and need pain killers
  3. it is a the human version ofcock fighting
  4. fvw53

    Affordable Smartphone Recomendations

    Is this also changing your mind about Xiaomi Redmi 6A which I plan to buy as soon as it is available at Lazada?
  5. Please what I write is no disrespect for a singer who seems to have dominated music and is only 2 years older than me. I spent since 1969 (age of 25) my whole life in India, China and Sout East Asia (now Thailand) : now I am stunned to see during hours and hours on CNN and BBC a change of programs dedicated to Aretha Franklin whose name I heard this morning for the first time. Did I live on the moon and am I the only TV Forum member to experience this?
  6. I call this the human version of cock fighting
  7. Why would Johnson be a "racist"? I did not know there was a race based on religion... Shlomo Sand, prof history Tel Aviv University describes the problems about this issue in the first 100 pages of his book "The Invention of the Jewish People"
  8. it has to be stressed that NATO is a defensive alliance ...art 5 stipulates that it comes only into action when one of the member states is attacked...as we could notice during the (in)famous UN Security Council meeting during which US Secretary of State Gen. Collin Powell tried to convince the Council that a "preventive" war against Iraq was necessary...Countries like Germany and France disagreed and did NOT join the US coalition because art 5 of NATO was not applicable on a "preventive war"
  9. how do the "low income" farangs get long term visas without showing bank records when applying at Thai Embassy for such visa... and eventually later on for an extension at local immigration office.
  10. My experience : - the airline wants only to be sure the passenger can enter the country of destination, so show the (not expired) Danish passport at the check-in desk - at Suvarnabhimi the immigration desk for leaving Thai people will only check the Thai passport, indeed they are not supposed to know about the double nationality of the passenger
  11. fvw53

    Dizziness and nausea !

    My goodness they can be so many causes ...I would go to a second doctor Did you check your pulse rate ...one of the many things causing dizziness is bradycardia
  12. when I lived in Hong Kong I had a car with a number plate containing three times 4 ...which seems to mean "death"....sometimes after parking people tried to warn me about this number plate ....crazy superstition !!!
  13. I have a passport of a EU country and I got visa upon arrival https://www.gettingstamped.com/egypt-visa-on-arrival/
  14. Yes if you own 100.000 Baht to the bank you have problem....if you own 1 billion baht to the bank...the bank has a problem