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  1. the Japanese are great pioneers ...first virtual sex and now virtual tourism
  2. Hidden Assets Investigation

    you should hire Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen
  3. hopefully he cleans up all trash when he returns to mainland
  4. service for tablet PC in Bangkok ?

    Thanks ..I have a tablet run on Android ...problem is ...I have no clue how to Access the Root..
  5. The Thai representation in Melbourne is a Honorary Consulate (it means unpaid and run by a volunteer) and this may explain that because of increasing need for supervision, the Thai Embassy in Canberra takes back competence to issue the Non Imm O As Australia is indeed not a small country this can be a problem
  6. I bought in Germany a tablet PC from an ALDI shop : now I am trying to find in Bangkok a shop which can help me to wipe out all data from this tablet PC. It seems there is a software Android Multitools v1.02b but all links for download are infected...
  7. may-be sent by a loan shark as a warning
  8. can somebody give a definition of "the people" ...also Lenin and Mao and Pol Pot and Ceausescu pretended to want power for the people
  9. Calcium CT Scan

    Watching news about the health of Donald Trump I learn about a Calcium CT Scan : I never heard about this before but as I am still older than Trump I believe it should be included in my yearly check-up in Bangkok. Does anybody know how much this costs in a Thai hospital (if they offer CT scans)
  10. So this could be a repetition of Sri Lanka's Hambantota Airport ...also financed by China... but now with a dozen passengers a day also the emptiest airport in the world...but who cares if the handsome commissions were paid.. http://www.businessinsider.com/india-and-china-are-fighting-for-control-in-sri-lanka-2017-12
  11. Assange is wanted by Swedish police ...I do not see how a change to Ecuadorian passport will change it...he cannot go out of the Embassy in London without facing arrest ....or do they plan also to provide him with a diplomatic passport?
  12. Best fruit wine available locally

    ...but Vineyard World Wines are still fruit wines...but they may be better than cardboard fruit wines
  13. ...I know that what I write is terrible but I cannot find one African country where the living conditions have improved for the general public after ending the rule of "the white man" (the worst case seems to be Zimbabwe)
  14. Also check the RAM memory on your old laptop : if you have only 4 Gb RAM you will have a very slow Win 10 operation in which case a Win 8.1 will be better