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  1. This Thai Law Office writes that for extension based on marriage one needs money in the bank 3 months before application http://www.thailawonline.com/en/others/immigration-law/extension-based-on-marriage.html
  2. Indeed ...the letter has to be translated and legalised at the Thai Foreign Ministry and here the official has only copies of the signatures of the consuls stationed in Thailand
  3. to be precise : money must be in the bank 2 months before day of application to obtain FIRST extension...for later extensions the money must be in the bank 3 months in advance (correct?)
  4. Thanks a lot for above clarifications 1/ our unit is in the name of my Thai wife only 2/ the option that I may be elected first as Committee member and then be appointed by the same Committee as JPM and then I delegate this job to my wife..... : it seems if Manager is a foreigner he must have a work permit ….and I am retired and staying in Thailand on this basis since 10 years. 3/ the reason my wife wanted me to be a Committee member if she can become Manager was only block seats on the Committee away from a few idiots who have done already 5 times 2 years because lack of candidates. So she will have to combine "Committee member" with "JPM"
  5. As TVF has a few people understanding Thai Condo Law better than me...I want to ask a question In our condo we have a big mess created by the manager of the Juristic Person (15 million Baht arrears in collecting common fees) An AGM of Co-Owners is called for a meeting very soon but the quorum is never achieved so that within 10 days there will be another AGM which can vote without the need for a quorum (correct?) Usually less than 20 pct of total co-owners show up. My Thai wife is now requested by a group of co-owners to get appointed as the new manager of the Juristic Person : - she asks me to become a member of the Committee and I am sure I can get the votes (I am a foreigner) - she will of course not use her right to vote because we own only one unit - there are now two opinions about the possibility that my wife becomes manager of the Juristic Person : one opinion says that after the AGM the new Committee can elect her as new manager with a majority within the Committee / the other opinion says she can only become manager if she obtained first 25 pct of the total vote of all co-owners (present in the AGM or not) which can never happen as less than 20 pct will show up. So what is correct? I do not find in the Amendement to Condo Act 2551 (2008) a reply to my question on ways to elect a manager
  6. I had severe esophagus inflammation - which can become cancer - and since then I take omeprazole now available in Thailand at reasonable price
  7. I cannot imagine why the Danish Embassy did not give enough advance notice. My Danish neighbour had permission (Non Imm O based on marriage ) to stay until 23 December and therefore had to apply end of November for an extention ...Now he cannot get a certified letter about this income from the Danish Embassy while it is for him too late to put in his bank account 400.000 Baht. He has no clue what to do.
  8. So neurosurgeon Dr Sanjay Gupta is stupid....and you are a "stable genius"?
  9. ...if Donald Trump got away with nepotism why not him?
  10. There is a japanese company opening restaurant where one can eat in his private boot without any communication / I do not see this happen quickly in Bangkok https://ny.eater.com/2018/2/5/16973658/ichiran-nyc-midtown-location
  11. The most important factor is "necessity" ....before settling in Thailand I worked and lived in Pakistan, China, Sweden, Germany and Vietnam : in everyone of those countries I learned to speak the local language fluently...but here I got retired and married to a Thai wife and she is doing the communications in Thai for me. Also I cannot pick up a language from street talks and I need to go to school...but the nearest Thai language school is 2 hours drive from my house.
  12. ...and shouldn't we get worried that this guy got in Helsinki a face to face meeting of 2 hours - without any other presence - with Donald Trump
  13. The Embassies changing their involvement should give notice at least 3 months in advance... better still 6 months
  14. ...beware of confusion when instructions are only in Chinese... For instance Viagra has to be swallowed and not to be sniffed
  15. I agree that the EU bureaucracy has by all means to be reduced in size but they are not having the final say on any important decision such as accepting or rejecting a Brexit deal : even the smallest member state can issue a veto and they have parliaments a little closer to the people. On the other side returning to the nationalist 1930ies is also not a solution.