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  1. Ramadan is flexibel for travelers ...but this does not include consuming alcohol
  2. Just in case this happens to OP too... I did so last month - I got re-entry permit - and I came back on 25 April two days before the last day of my Non Imm Visa (27 April) The Immigration officer at Suvarnabhumi was not familiar with having to stamp an entry for only two days and had to consult a superior but this person noticed immediately the stamp with the request to come to Immigration 30 days after my application for an extension (although this was on 5 May i.e. one week after my Non Imm O expired). Then everything was OK. I am not sure what Immigration will do if you return after the last day of your Non Imm visa (of course before the invitation to come June 8th)
  3. fvw53

    KLM jet makes precautionary landing in Phuket

    can this happen to any smartphone or only to some cheap imitation of better quality phones?
  4. fvw53

    What on earth happened to Nana Plaza?

    Funny that I heard the same complaint about the Suzy Wong bars when living in Hong Kong early 1970ies... Could it be that everything was funnier because we were young at that time?
  5. Consulting adults can do behind doors whatever they want ...but do not let them adopt children.. I cannot imagine to go to an open door day at school with my two fathers or two mothers...but of course I am old fashioned
  6. This is right candidate for a seat on the Supreme Court
  7. ...and no commercial interruptions while goals are made
  8. May-be they visited Thailand to improved their health... https://www.everydayhealth.com/sexual-health/seven-healthy-reasons-to-have-sex-right-now.aspx?xid=nl_EHNLhealthyliving_2018-04-21
  9. I applied for extension on 3 April and they put a stamp in my passport :"Application of stay is under consideration...applicant must contact this office again in person on 3 May"
  10. Everything depends on the quality of our health and if there is a problem if we can pay for it
  11. fvw53

    ceramic water filter

    thanks to Sheryl and Lopburi 3 We live in a condo in Pathum Thani city which takes water from the city and pumps it up to a tank on the 18th floor I think city water is Ok but I do not feel comfortable to drink water after it has been stored for a certain time on the top floor in the hot weather Therefore my wife buys from a local supplier RO water in plastic bottles of probably 20 liters...but regretfully with this water even the most expensive tea has no more taste For this reason I was thinking of using the tap water, boil and filter it like many years ago in India
  12. Many years ago I lived in India where the safest way to get drinking water was to boil water from the tap and then filter it in a very simple ceramic water filter (see attachment) Can this kind of ceramic water filter be bought in Thailand?
  13. If your dad is Australian you should have his nationality and not Thai nationality Or did you acquire Thai nationality? Then how did you enter Thailand..which of passport? Any way only Thai nationals can own land in Thailand