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  1. Will never happen, the Chinese will not allow it. Their performance in Northern Laos, arguably a much more challenging territory, shows that they can manage and, trust me on that, failure is not an option. If Khon Thai cannot handle it, then the Thai leadership will be invited to tea in Beijing, will get the message straight from the horse's mouth, come back, trigger off Article 44++ and get the job done. Alternatively the Chinese will do the job because they proved that they can do it. I'm not a fan of Chinese neocolonialism but too many incompetent, incapable, unable and corrupt Somchais are in the race and the Chinese are not taking anything of that. It's wake-up time now!
  2. What's the average amount being overdue per capita? And what's the average credit ceiling per capita?
  3. There is no prostitution in Thailand - why don't you get it! If the police probe deemed the three Pak Chong politicians were guilty, they would get disciplinary punishments = inactive posts for a while followed by re-instatement and compensation for fringe benefits derived from. One of the arrested men was a Tambon Administrative Organisation president = his inactive posting could be early retirement = full pension without working again. He said a fact-finding panel was set to look into the allegations against the politicians = let's see who sits and who runs the panel. Pathetic
  4. Wondering if a civilian like me could trigger off Article 44 too - this sleazy behaviour, farang-style of course, must stop here and now. We cannot allow this to hit head-on with the cultural values and virtues of Khon Thai, can we!
  5. They all do jobs for which the Thais think they are too good. Have you ever tried to get a pink card for an "alien" if running a business not in Bangkok nor along the Thai border? A law apparently says that only if you are in Bangkok or along the Thai border you my hire - legally that is - aliens. Cholburi is neither so the normal work permit procedure applies = nobody really cares. Our company lawyer suggested to move the head office of our (Pattaya-based) business to a letterbox in Bangkok and use the (operational) business here as a "branch" which would circumvent this regulation.
  6. Well, the nurses must be missing him and his epic way of verbally commenting what others think ;-)
  7. Well, according to Kobkran (the hog running the tourism ministry) the visitors are here for the nature - define nature
  8. Too funny, are they serious about it? The government is breathing down the neck of millions of Thais by threatening to eradicate the Land from its sleazy sex trade without offering alternatives. What are all those birds and cocks in frocks doing if they ransack all those Pattaya Sois (from six upwards), walking street and those "gentlemen's clubs"? And then the come and ask some political questions hardly any one understands and those few who would understand are not there for the political quiz in the first place
  9. Pathetic. If they are serious then issue an international arrest warrant, get Thaksin back, put both through court proceedings, lock 'em up and throw away the keys. Everything else, except doing absolutely nothing and keeping quiet about it, makes Thailand look .... the way it looks at the moment!
  10. Thais testing and certifying Chinese railway engineers? Just made not only my day or week but it made my month - thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  11. Business must be very slow if they resort to selling their "coffee" against mileage points of a credit card. Honestly wondering how the manage behind the scene with getting ultimately some cash moved to Starbucks. Still mind boggling to see at upcountry petrol stations three coffee shop operators, namely Amazon (PTT), independent Black Canyon and the Starbucks. 90% of customers are divided between Amazon and Black Canyon; latter possibly because the sell some (crappy) food - the big loser out everywhere is completely overpriced Starbucks. Wondering who picks up the losses there ........
  12. Nothing wrong with them blowing each other up; just carry on the good work!
  13. It's stamped on the form. Said form is actually used for temporary IMPORTS INTO THAILAND, i.e. if you don't export your car within a given time limit (usually one month = 30 and not 31 days) then you pay THB 1'000/day but max. THB 10'000. For absolutely unknown reasons the very same form is used for exports - which does not make sense at all but that's the way it is. And yes, if you do not return back to Thailand within a month, then your Thai registered, Thai taxed and Thai insured car is being fined as per the above key. If, and I mean IF you have the following stamp in your ITP (international transport permit) then you can insist that the customs on arrival back to Thailand must have lost the form, otherwise they would not have stamped the ITP in the first place. The stamp is marked with a green little indication hand in the enclosed example of my ITP. Good luck; if you don't have this stamp then you have to bite the bullet and be more attentive next time.
  14. Before making all sorts of accusations and assumptions you might want to do an autopsy to find out, what really was wrong with the fellow. Certainly detention in North Korea did not add to his health - applies to most prisons around the globe. One of only three aircraft on the planet which can handle highly contagious diseases (like Ebola), was dispatched because someone floated "botulism" as the reason of ill health. Yet on landing he got carried out of the plane without any protective gear for him or for the medics. The entire story does not tally; an university graduate - pre briefed prior to entering North Korea on short notice (apparently he decided to go there while visiting Beijing) - usually does not have the financial means to do such things on an impulse and he must have been understanding perfectly well the "dos and donts" in North Korea. All tour agents brief their clients properly and professionally on that issue. Get to the root of the issue, also for the sake of his family which must be devastated and obviously need someone to blame. Last not least it might be a good idea for all Americans to stay out of North Korea; I am not aware of any other inmates in the Land of the Kids.