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  1. There must be a motivation behind any action. Look through the most ridiculous import tariff on the planet, if not the galaxy and then it is clear why everybody tries to cheat. Those duties and excise fees are completely off the scale. I travelled a lot and in my humble opinion the best system I ever saw was in Switzerland. Duties and excises are bearable; nobody in his right or wrong mind would smuggle cars or "bags or several kilograms of supplements" because the duties are a fraction of the value of the merchandise. The assessment is not based on commercial value but on weight. Puzzled, I asked a customs officer who said, paperwork can be tampered with, weight is weight. So, importing a car is based on the weight of the car and the size of the engine and, guess what - nobody cheats. Winners all along. But then, there is no will to change anything at the second most corrupt governmental organization in the land for what would you do with all those crooks if they could not steal money at all those customs offices?
  2. Well, it has all to do with the driving skills and the vehicle understanding of some drivers. See those pretties in their SUVs not knowing what to do with all those switches and knobs explains, why certain lanes, albeit under water, could easily be passed when driving through the puddles of Bangkok slowly.
  3. Next we hear from Kobkarn and the TAT experts is that the figures went even up. The media should keep such people off the record; it HAS an impact on tourism, be it domestic or overseas. How, do you think, do I feel boarding a BTS, Airport Link or enter a shopping centre and some people insist looking into my bag? I feel that my privacy is compromised - yet of course agree as it is also in my interest. But Kobkarn has either no handbag or is circumvented by all those security men with angry looks; also not a fun moment in life
  4. For once you might keep the Muslims out of the equation; given the location and the "auspicious" day/date! Wonder how well this goes down with the general Thai population; after all it is a hospital for crying out loud!
  5. Well, the hundred thousands of border runners are missing and then the Thai tourism product is in free fall down the drain. Why would I wing in for a beach holiday if I am getting fined for using (or even bringing along my own) beach chair? The dual pricing indicates clearly a two-tier society and nobody likes being taken (officially) for a ride. Vacationers work hard for their holidays; they do not want to be told to retire at 11pm or 1am for the night; they are old enough to decide that on their own. Seeing the tourist sites can be a sad affair, garbage everywhere, touts verbally ripping you off and if you don't fall for them then they insult you. Result is, the quality tourists go elsewhere (Burma is not knowing where to go with the USD 100+/day tourists) and that space is taken up by "quality" tourists from China, India and yes, from the UK as well; the cheapies move in and not all of them qualify being citizen a country could be proud of. In closing, here the UK is presented; I'd assume that similar figures apply to the rest of the "Alien" and "Farang" world. In Vietnam they call us guests, here we're from outer space - get it?
  6. Check with the DBP directly; apart from standard fees (registration of name, documentation issuances etc.) the fees vary depending on the capital you register. A THB 2 million company hovers around THB 15'000, all in, of which approx. THB 6'000 are the stamp fees for the registered capital per THB 1 million. But, as said, for binding information get in touch with the DBP via mail or call them. Good luck!
  7. Read my answer and then click on the link - will be sufficient for Alibaba, trust me ;-)
  8. The Ministry of Commerce operates the "Department of Business Development" or DBD. There you register the name you want as well as two alternative substitutes. They check if the name is registered or not, if not then you can have it and must register it officially within 45 days - otherwise the name will be freed again. The whole thing goes at a nominal fee and can be done by yourself. This is about registering a name and not the business (Co., Ltd. or Limited Partnership); that procedure is different and also costs fees according to the registered capital of the business. If you're in Pattaya, the office is at GPS: 12.99747 100.92824, take ID along and some patience. More information on phone 1570 - or browse through their website at:
  9. This will fizzle away like the rest ........ just wait. Depending on what "underage" really means in years they would be locked up for good in other countries and the keys thrown away too. "As the scandal has unfolded, nine policemen have been dismissed from civil service and seven civilians have been taken into custody." In other words, the policemen are inactivated, on payroll, while the civilian pigs are in custody. I was told that everyone is equal in front of the law or did I, again, miss something here?
  10. I understand that the Dept of Motor Vehicles in Ayuthya and Sisaket are not too busy these days then ............
  11. What a story. The officers have problems to get to work, some 100 kilometres away from the provincial capital? Nobody ever thought about their "customers" living on the other side of Ubol Ratchathani? Same disaster in Korat (Nakorn Ratchasima); try to get there by using public transport = Mission Impossible in the making again !
  12. Lock em up and throw away the key - somebody has to get this corrupt place under control. Pattaya's taxi mafia, protected by literally everybody, fight against their Bangkok brethren, Grab and Uber who all provide a MUCH better service (i.e. running the fare meter to start with) and a fraction of the costs. Thailand - quo vadis?
  13. Nothing to do with IQ or number of hours - as long as the establishment needs uneducated voters then nothing will change. Not only is the Thai education system possibly among the worst on the planet (considering the hours wasted by the kids) but everyone who can afford (i.e. THB 300'000 for an international kindergarten) will put their kiddies anywhere but a government school.
  14. Lets all move to Kilometer 13 of Klong 5 then ..........