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  1. Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill envoy after outrage

    Maybe the WHO job is too demanding; so put the man back where he belongs and where he can achieve something. Once QE2 knew what Mugabe was all about she de-knighted him without further delay. So the WHO chief either clearly did not do his homework or was paying back a non-monetary debt. Such a person is definitely NOT fit to run the WHO - me thinks ..........
  2. Well, at least the Germans are happy - another Benz in circulation. Never understood that not a single Thai ever publicly asked why a civil servant drives (or is driven in) a car, well knowing that the same civil servant could not even cough up the cash for petrol and highway tolls ........
  3. Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill envoy after outrage

    If you are in the REMOVAL mode then please add WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also to the list of those to be honored by such treatment. This fellow is a disgrace to the UN in general, the WHO in particular and should be fired on the spot.
  4. Excellent news - fully supported. And, if you're at it, please also make it standard procedure for Thais; by percentage as well as in absolute numbers the alien crime share is nowhere close to the number of misbehaving Khon Thai, will you?
  5. Maybe "Mum" will understand that for a fraction of the money she could have gotten some board games (i.e. Toys 'r us) and spent some quality time to play with her son. I am absolutely appalled over the mental take-over of Thais by the mobile phones, iPads and all the rest of those electronic gizmos. Convenient, handy, fantastic - in the right hands; costly, damaging in the wrong hands. The best I saw sofar is a family, whose mother had a list of chores written on a note which hung at the fridge door with a magnet saying "for today's password you need to do X, Y and Z". Once achieved (home work, clean up your room etc.) the password was given out with a kitchen alarm clock wound for 30 minutes; after which the WiFi was switched off - see you again for tomorrows chores.
  6. Give the man a medal, please, will you? Agriculture and Cooperative Minister General Chatichai Sarikulya enlightened the specialists by revealing that floods will ease if rain ceases. Nothing learnt from 2011 - 2013 then - it seems
  7. Salary deductions to begin for student loans

    But in Switzerland and, I think, also in Germany ........
  8. Silicone factory ablaze in Rayong

    Now you can even smell boobs .........
  9. Salary deductions to begin for student loans

    How good is that? Borrowing hundred thousands of Baht to go through an educational programme which will result in an 11K-13K/month job because the education gained is absolute crap and totally useless. The 69 billion Baht would be better spent on the purchase of submarines, destroyers, helicopters or other big-boy-toys. Only once education is free for all and available to the more gifted youth of a country you can expect changes. But then again, those in charge of changing and improving are the very same benefitting of an uneducated electorate. A newsletter of Bangkok Air Catering referred to a senior Thai executive crying over the fact, that more than 80% of the work force in the Kingdom is "unskilled" and ill prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. The bottle neck is on top of the bottle - go figure!
  10. I remember, 20+ years ago, that local newspapers reported assets of MPs when they started their good work with the government and how much the same MPs had when they left. With very, very few exceptions all others had massive increases, in millions of Baht, during their tenure for the better of the country. At the same time their spouses had declared their assets on the way in/out as well. I clue you, those spouses were then already the richest of 'em all on the planet and nobody, I mean literally NOBODY, cared what was printed in the papers. A staggering personal wealth in crease by the billions and nobody cared. Then, and as I said it happened 20+ years ago, I knew that this country is, democratically and politically, doomed. While the political ice at that time was thing and had little impact on business today, decades later, the political ice is all but gone and the situation of business could be witnessed yesterday again at the BIG fair at BITEC, a most beautiful trade fair with fantastic booths and exhibits - missing only trade visitors as the aisles were completely empty the whole day. It seems that the chicken came home to roost - after all!
  11. Am I the only one who considers reports like quote From the two-day inspection of the Cha-am beach in Phetburi province, cigarette butts could still be found on the beach, but dropped by 0.62 butt in a square metre of space. unquote not only hilariously funny but utterly ridiculous under the consideration, that this can be read worldwide and that, among the least of Thailand's problems, cigarette buds might be ranking? This, matched with the sunbathing tourist between piles of garbage on Jomtien, is both considered Thailand and Hua Hin featured tons of dead fish stenching during the day at the "pristine" beaches. Just saying .........
  12. Schultz and his five Thai fellow conmen; "Police are hunting for the five alleged accomplices." Well, good luck Mr Schultz, you've been creamed nicely, the culprit is in the slammer and if the hunting is successful it's the B500 slap on the back of the rist of the rest of the flock! Question remains what the real name of that website was, as said website was never registered indeed!
  13. Libya became the loose cogwheel on the North African coast after the US took Ghaddafi and his clan out. Ghadaffi said more than once that Libya would be the cork on the African bottle. Algeria and Tunisia had to follow; no wonders there ......... So I suggest the Americans with their 7th fleet or so pick all those poor asylum chancers up from the stormy shores of North Africa and take care of them; I, for one, never understood why the official US put its nose into this far away case. Then the EU could put some stops in by stopping the problem at the roots, be it the hunting of smugglers, be it their step in the right direction to stop the exploitation of Africa. This would allow the 1st world to take care and assist 3rd world real refugees - yeah, just day dreaming I know!
  14. Well, now only I understand the smoking ban at the beach! No chairs, no umbrellas, no beer and no smoking - go figure. This time round you cannot, honestly, blame the tourists or the aliens - it Thai garbage for which Thais are solely responsible.
  15. Khao Yai by Car or 4wd ?

    The only thing you have to be aware of is possibly a submarine who delivered an admiral to his weekend retreat ......... No, on a more serious base any normal 4-wheeler will do!