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  1. It starts with the individual behaviour on how to deal with garbage, carries on with how garbage is removed and ends with how garbage is finally disposed off. Thailand fails in all three categories; nothing to do with cats or snakes. Blame Khon Thai 8-)
  2. Sydebolle

    Pedophile Swiss expat arrested by Thai police

    Lock him up and throw the keys away - if unsure - shoot on sight!
  3. Must be fake news again. How could a fidel Saudi, during ramadan, rampage drunk ....... ?
  4. Good news - next Songkran, New Year, Loy Krathong etc. there will be no pick-ups and Jing-Jap-Tours (40 seaters full of drunk Khon Thai) as there is definitely no booze in any vehicle
  5. Well, in a country with 250 - 300 sunshine days it is obvious, that solar power is NOT an option. If they are serious about it then do away with the ridiculous import duties on solar panels while try to convince manufacturers to set-up a license operation in Thailand. But yeah, it takes more sunshine days - assume that according to the Ministry of Sunshine it is worthwile to study the situation once Thailand has 500+ sunshine days; per year that is. Pathetic subject!
  6. Well, another highlight for the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Ministry of Tourism. Wherever you go, crooks are at work and you want to tell me that the official Thailand knows nothing about it nor could do anything about it? What I know is more and more quality tourists are getting off planes outside Thailand as they had it with this mafia-kind of running anything and everything in this land. What is left of the "quality tourism" is this bunch of rude, spitting, loud and money-cheaping Chinese hordes, Indians getting on everyone's nerves with their behaviour or then the brethren of the fidel faith, a.k.a. the Arabs. Amazing Thailand - coined 30 years ago and nobody then would have expected such a down falling disaster while the official Thailand is dragging its feet and poke their nose....
  7. I've been living on the dark side for 10+ years; the nightly stench of burnt garbage around Mabtato is unbearable. I just wonder how all those dwellers handle the smog - nightly, as I said - living in those tin dumps next to construction sites or are they not allowed to breathe fresh air? Khon Thai and their ignorance at its very best :-( How sad!
  8. Sydebolle

    Thai Navy denies plan to sink ageing battleship

    Get Somchai to tow it to a bone yard (or is she there already) to be dismantled and sold off as scrap metal. The full story of the "battleship" can be read up here: https://uboat.net/allies/warships/ship/3836.html Explains the urgent need for three sub-marines; how otherwise would you know the difference between sinking and sub-merging
  9. The biggest problem in Thailand - are the Thais themselves. Such drivers need to be reprimanded at the full force of the law (is there a fine for using a mobile phone while driving?); the bus company should name the guy with picture and fire him on the spot. I take it that after a two weeks break in Nakorn Nowhere he will be back on the bus - no lesson learnt!
  10. A quality tourist again, observing his religious laws and only consuming during the night. His orange juice turned miraculously into something alcoholic and then the poor fellow got beaten with a cue. Also nice is the understanding of hospitality in certain establishments - a fine story! Next please, is there nothing more interesting to write about?
  11. Sydebolle

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    So the old dinosaur Chavalit is still around it seems. There was always a special relationship between the two; in February 1996 the IMF suggested to the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Thailand to let the Baht float against the USD which did not happen. The result was evident on July 1st, 1997, when Thailand had no other choice but the let their currency finally float which skyrocketed the forex rate from 22.90 to 56 at its very peak. The rest is mathematics and it is a mind-boggling guess at best to work out, how many staggering billions some people must have made by buying USD at 22.90 and selling them off at more than double the forex. And who was the man of the hour as Chief Giganotosaurus? The relay race started off with Banharn Silpa-archa who passed on the baton to Chavalit Yongchaiyuth - and no finger pointing was possible anymore ........ Possibly the last verbal rise of Chavalit; only once the country rids itself of such elements there is hope, that the light at the end of the tunnel is not the head lamp of a locomotive racing against Thailand - as so often happened in the past 86 years.
  12. I read this story on a German website in German language; guess how good that will go down on tourism. The license checking remains the duty of the company renting out the bikes as an EU license is valid in many non-European countries. A Thai license is valid in all ASEAN countries except Vietnam (for whatever reason), so it might be really easier for the bike rental to set the record straight. Anyhow, good news for tourism - again!
  13. Well, it must have been a boring day at the news desk if such stories make it across the planet to Thailand. While I do not advocate such behaviour rest assured, that this is local news of hardly any importance to Khon Thai
  14. Further up most likely not better which explains the total and utter failure of the education system in this country. I honestly wondered countless times, what kids during 15 years of school (primary, secondary, college) are being told and taught as, upon leaving, they cant even tie their shoe laces. I visited public schools in the North where Thais taught English. Trust me, I would never send any of my kids to such classes as basics like "how are you" were answered with "yes, how nice". The flip side of the coin is, that alien teachers were driven off the shore by the plane load and then you wonder, why Thais creep on the bottom of the educational ladder in Southeast Asia, ASEAN and the rest of the world. How sad, as these kids are born as smart or stupid like anybody else - the system ruins whatever is there on potential skills and gifts ...........
  15. Confiscate the car, auction it off and use the revenue for welfare while the driver can enjoy the auctioning on TV during the three months stay at Bangkok Finest. Should the patient die, its first degree murder as the flash lights (in all cases I've seen) were on. Go figure how long it takes Khon Thai to put the godforsaken selfishness aside - for once!