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  1. Maybe I am completely wrong but this border post has been open and there for years; so is it an „opening repetition“ or a „rehearsal“ for bigger things to come in the future?
  2. I made my license before videos were known. Theoretical memorizing of street signs, the mathematics on distance to the vehicle in front of you (the speed on your odometer being the distance) etc. The practical training included changing a wheel, checking the distilled water level in the car battery, oil and coolant liquid check, hook up a tow rope apart from parking in sideways and driving up a ramp - in reverse. 20 hours were mandatory minimum behind the wheel with a driving instructor and some 20% usually failed the first attempt. Welcome to Central Europe where - in all honesty - people really can drive and manouvre cars professionally - most of the time that is .....
  3. Lon Nol coup marked

    For those who are interested in the real fact may want to do some heavy reading and resort to William Shawcross‘ book „Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia“. Somebody described this book most accurately as „an investigative account of the Secret War in Cambodia during the Vietnam War and the (mis-)use of power by (President) Nixon and (State Secretary) Kissinger in Indo-Chinese foreign policy. Arguably the Vietnam war was triggered off by the North Vietnamese at the time with their „Ho Chi Minh Trail“ by completely ignoring the neutrality of the (Kingdom of) Laos and the (Kingdom of) Cambodia. The South Vietnamese cried for help and the US was more than ready to put its nose into yet another war. Prince Sihanouk always stood on the sunny side of politics until 1970, when the US operationally installed Lon Nol. The US lost the war - ironically not on the battlefield but back home after 58‘000+ body bags came back across the Pacific. Like thieves they sneaked away in 1975 from South Vietnam and Cambodia. The South Vietnamese had lost the war, the North Vietnamese declared the „liberation of the country“ and they were both talking about the same historical incident. Cambodia was left in a power vacuum after Lon Nol got airlifted out of Phnom Penh, initially to Indonesia, then to Hawaii and finally settled down in California. Lon Nol was an American puppet left in the rain, yet still better than all those Cambodians who faced the brute genocide by the Khmer Rouge during the following four years until 1979 the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and cleaned up the American mess. Ever since Hun Sen is blowing whistles, a former Khmer Rouge who jumped sides in 1977 and was and still is an excellent political sailor who knows exactly when to turn the sail into the best possible wind. It remains a fact, that a war is not about winning or losing, it is about keeping it running to ensure that the „defense“ industry keeps making these billions of dollars yearly (the US „defense“ budget 2018 is a mere USD 723 billions - not millions; quite some loose change for a country‘s defense plans considering the fact, that the US has not seen a war along its borders for centuries). The real problem is the US, being at war for 225 years of its 241 years of existence and presently involved in 80 armed conflicts all over the world - not one of them at their doorstep (border). Go figure what will happen in the future; as far as I am concerned absolutely nothing has been learnt from history while the US „defense“ industry is minting solid gold for decades ...............
  4. Rarely read more rubbish. In 1998 the Swiss TV produced, by Dr. Moser, a movie in Bangkok about stray dogs and cats. Among others he went to see and film the good work of Dr. Henry Wild, a Canadian veterinarian on the Red Cross' facilities on Henry Dunant Road. Dr. Wild then already said that Thailand had, 20 years ago, an estimated 10 million stray animals and the number would only increase "for cultural reasons". Unless the government goes to clean up the act ...... Thailand will be overrun but all these stray animals which live a miserable life. And they can start at the door stop of almost every 7/11 which is the preferred resting and chilling place.
  5. How tiring and boring; Sanit Promwong needs to know that the problem is simply in the law enforcement. Drunk driving, which accounts for 50%, 60%, 75% or more percent of all those accidents, is a No No everywhere - except in Thailand. When caught in Thailand the Thais bribe the police with THB 500 - THB 5'000; the aliens cough up THB 20'000 - simple as that. Thais need to learn (eventually the hard way round) that laws are written to be enforced and apply to everybody (yeah, except Premchai's camping in National Parks with self-destructing black panthers or grandsons of business tycoons murdering police sergeants on duty by overrunning them in grey Ferraris). Stop the efforts, Sanit Promwong, it is a waste of time. Unless laws are enforced and mandatory driving lessons (I mean lessons, not attendance confirmations to students who dont even know where the driving school is) are implemented - nothing will change. Look at central Europe, arguably the planet's best drivers. Are they smarter than Thais? No, the strict law is enforced and everybody knows how to change a tire, to check battery acid and washer water levels and must physically sit into a driving school. A certain percentage fails the test and if caught without a license then the full brunt of the legal heat breathes down on the culprits neck - I clue ya!
  6. There are only two steps to take: - follow the Swiss model of vaccinating wild foxes. They inserted the vaccine into chicken heads left form slaughter houses and distributed those all over the forest; within a short period of time rabies disappeared completely from the wildlife scene in Switzerland; many decades ago. Taking the Thai poultry industry it would be more than an adequate and cheap solution for the future - the present endemic requires culling as well as educating all those nicely dressed office girls feeding stray dogs and pussy cats from all those noodle carts and street side kitchens. These girls are doing those animals NO favour and it can be witnessed, for decades as well, anywhere. We've had resident flock of stray animals around the corner near the bus stop for this very reason. If this is not happening then Thailand will be the mother-of-all-rabies-countries and I have the strange feeling that, unless article 44 is pulled, this is the way the realm is heading
  7. Lending money to anyone in Thailand is a bad idea

    It is a great idea if you sit on a fool proof collateral though 8-)
  8. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    Digital Economy and Society Minister Pichet Durongkaveroj seems to have a toasted brain. Does he seriously think that this extremely stupid idea will ever materialize? I am sure that Pichet must have travelled in the past and I wonder how he would look, if in the country of aliens, kaeks, checks or elsewhere they would mandatorily force him to put on a wristband. Nothing learnt - the present government in general as well as (former minister) Kobkarn or (still sitting) Pichet in particular are not aware of social media. The tourism media outside Thailand will have a field day on this glorious proof of idiocy. It will never realize but the damage is done; either Thailand is so unsafe that everyone needs to be tagged "for their own security" or fights with North Korea over the most Stalinist state on the planet. Either way - well done, Pichet, you made my day.
  9. PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings

    May I suggest to the leaders of this wonderful country to go back in time a few hundred thousand years more; we then would not have to move downtown to the non-existing watering holes of Pattaya's walking street or Bangkok's Patpong to see the beauties of the land in their natural birth outfits. But yes, now after the wristwatch case is fizzling away, the Red Bull dick dropped off the red alert list of interpol (as per some statements), the black leopard must have cooked their own tails in a soup and the submarines are ordered, we can go back in time to enjoy ourselves ..........
  10. I assume that the Thai monkey went free while the alien tourist was detained by the tourist police rushing onto the site for a local re-enactment which resulted in throwing the girl into the slammer until a bail of THB 2 mio. will be suggested by the special committee created to handle this difficult case of indecency. I - seriously - sometimes wonder, what makes the news and what not ..........
  11. Like most other things in this wonderful land, do not expect any real changes anytime soon. My customer protection interest happens physically in the premises of the service providers by insisting, that they should keep up with their promise of the product in line with my payment for the product. Always nice and well received is lately the indication of social media. Also of help is swinging big names. If in trouble with "customer service desk" then do your homework and drop names of the service providers company (board members etc.). In my case Bangkok Air cancelled a midday flight from Bangkok to Udon and wanted me to fly on their 6+ am flight or, alternatively 9+pm flight. Coming from Pattaya and heading for Nong Khai it would have meant an expensive taxi at either side or an overnight. "Sorry, nothing we can do about this" until I asked to be connected to Dr. Praserth (the CEO and owner) who "is a good friend of mine" - who I never met. Put on hold for less than a minute and the clerk came back online and advised "with pleasure" the flight being rebooked on Thai Airways' midday departure. Bought a new Camry some years ago and paid a booking fee; delivery in five weeks in grey with beige leather interior. After four weeks the dealership called and advised that metallic grey is not possible but dark green is in stock; interior though would be fabric and not leather. I told them that I would call back as I would need to talk to Mr. Yakizumi at Toyota head office to find out, if they could assist as I had a written contract and a booking fee paid. Long story short = the car got delivered in time as per specifications. I - for one - shall keep this system of "authoritarian fear from the top" and apply some white lies in between. Others will continue to ransack the offices or destroy-bejond-repair a faulty product they bought new (Japanese cars spring to mind) or co-incidentially tilt a iced latte over the paperwork of an aggressive, impolite or rude customer service agent's desk. They want your money - you want the promised, announced or contracted product. Simple as that!
  12. Who joins me on a pilgrimage to Rome, to the Vatican to be precise? Miracles happen in Thailand‘s National Parks it seems - how otherwise can one explain the black leopards hide with holes, neatly trimmed and nobody fired a shot. In addition the leopard cooked his own tail to the lucky Premchai who apparently was strolling along the leopard‘s way, at the same time in the middle of the night. Or is Lourdes a better place?
  13. The longer the more this place develops a „Stasi“-Charakter; latter was the secret people‘s police in the German Democratic Republic, where everybody was spying on everybody. Unlike Thailand the GDR was neither known as a chosen player in exports and tourism. Looking forward to the first reports on the encounters between the Chinese quality tourists and the volunteering helpers knocking eachother‘s brains out
  14. And - honestly - who cares?
  15. Difference today from ten years ago is only that some drivers these days have dash cameras. I‘ve seen such absolutely avoidable accidents for the last 30+ years driving in Thailand. I just hope the car driver gets his share of fame as it remains the responsibility of each driver to be able to bring the vehicle to a complete stop under „normal“ circumstances - and no, please don’t google „normal“ and „Thailand“ in the same browser session.