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  1. Acrimonious Divorce

    Everything in her name = belongs to her and you have no possibility to put your claim of 50% on it. The only difference would be, if you could PROVE, that you paid 50% or 100% of the purchase price; that does NOT apply to land though. Ensure all moveable assets and bank accounts are moved/depleted immediately, so you will be discussing only house and land; eventually cars/bikes. Against all that you can claim the education costs of her kids (unless you adopted them) as well as any other monetary transfer during your marriage, again only if you can prove your statements black-on-white. Then you take a crisp young Bangkok-lawyer, present the case and tell him that he gets 10% of whatever you get; can do wonders. He might talk your wife into reasoning as most of these birds are pretty uneducated and rely on information of relatives, the auntie back in Nakorn Nowhere or a sleazy lawyer who is in for the money, irrespective of source. Good luck!
  2. THAI blames outsourced worker for looting

    A reason more NOT to use Thai. Their inflight service is terrible and provided by all those hiso-girlies who realize too late that it is nothing but a waitress job on 30'000 feet. Their ground personnel's attitude is absolutely unacceptable, unless you're a VIP and their handling of third-airline baggage has always sucked. I had to identify my intact luggage prior to loading next to the aircraft and upon delivery on the conveyor belt in Bangkok I was told that this was the fault of the loading station; well, I could not prove this and walked away with the damage ...........
  3. Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel

    Likewise all Germans with Turkish passports are encouraged to vote against Erdogan ...... ahem ..... does not apply to anyone. Do not take this nutter for more serious than he deserves - next please!
  4. Unlike you I can read Swiss newspapers and, trust me, the subject was thoroughly discussed and written about ..... Unless the press in Switzerland is lying of course. I grew up in a Jewish quarter in Zurich as one of the few goyim (look it up if you don't know the expression) and the world can be grateful for all their contributions to science, medicine, literature etc. Likewise they always believed and still believe, that they are better than the rest - which makes them so popular. Give me a break; if you want to jump into a pool with the full regalia of your religiously dictated dress code then do that at home in your own pool. As said, the janitor's (look that up as well in Swiss newspapers, will you please?) wording was "unlucky" to keep it diplomatically; no hotel owner would resort to such vocabulary. But if you're so concerned about the followers of a faith (be it Islam, Jewish, Christian or anything else) then explain why a lot of service providers (restaurants, bars etc) on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan as well as Chiang Mai have clear messages that certain representatives of a certain faith are NOT welcome and NOT served - in a country where tourism counts?
  5. The next high season of quality tourists flushing the toilets into non-existing sewerage systems will ensure, that the beach cleaners will not get unemployed anytime soon - me stinks!
  6. Let's see if the affected small and medium sized enterprises - this time - will protest a level higher. We all know that the city hall is just in for the take; look at all those non-functioning traffic lights along the railway road and Nongprue; millions burnt for absolutely nothing. Siam Country Road died a slow death over the corruption in ripping open and never closing the road again - Terminal 21 will have an exit into North Pattaya road; combined with a traffic light - a deadly cocktail. Wondering what kind of super weed these boys at the city hall are smoking - seriously; but it is written in the Holy Bible already "Lord, forgive them for not knowing what they do". And if they know WHAT they do they certainly also know WHY they do it. Let's keep an eye on the car park of the city hall for some new super cars showing up with red plates anytime soon ...........
  7. Central Road to be dug up for (at least) 90 days

    Prior to sinking another dozens of millions of Baht I might suggest you get that godforsaken mess on Siam Country Road, remaining unfinished for more than two years, finalized. Meanwhile some citizens have planted banana trees into those heaps of earth; dozens of small enterprises went out of business and went bankrupt because of some seriously corrupt clowns down at the City hall keep on lining the pockets with ill-gotten funds by contractors who just pay them the money, keep part of the bounty and just walk away without finishing the job they were originally assigned to do. Nobody minds if those highway robberies are going on - but do the affected tax payers the favour and get those contractors - who line your pockets with millions of Baht you do not deserve in the first place - to FINISH the hopeless mess you guys have been ordering. There was no need to do anything on Siam Country Road in the first place.
  8. Well, maybe it is time to bury the "Nazi" hatch which is hovering over German-speaking Europe in general and over Germany and banks in particular ONCE and FOR ALL. The Christians are getting slaughtered in certain parts in the Middle East and in Indonesia by the fidels, the other fidels acting as crimmigrants spit, kick and rape infidel girls and teenagers, be it in the UK, Scandinavia, Germany or elsewhere. All this is getting swiped under the big rug tagged "political correctness" - what kind of b"*ç%"*ç%it is that! Once religion is balanced equally, not giving any particular belief preference, only then there is chance for peace. But if some believe being the "chosen people" with their "promised land" ...... while others, uneducated goat s"*ç%"*çers, run around in the name of their chief and slaughter, decapitate, stone and enjoy bigamy ......... The wording was non-diplomatic and put up by the janitor of the hotel; so take it for what it is worth and get on with life. And if any booking platform takes it off their choice then it shows, how narrow-minded those operators are.
  9. Well, Kobkarn - the minister of tourism (in real language "minister of funny entertainment") said it all along - people come to Thailand for its nature - go figure. The waste water treatment plant on the dark side of Sukhumvit, which I pass often, is NEVER in operation. Maybe the same engineers at the helm who are in charge of the underpass ........
  10. The only thing which could have been formulated better is leaving the jewish part aside; quite obviously - following the Swiss press - though only the jews did that. But yes, leave the religious, racist or nationalist definition out - that would have been a smarter way of getting the message across ;-)
  11. As a born and ethnic Swiss I am aware of former Sekuritas employee Meili and his "job" with the UBS. He was paid for and ultimately nicely dumped while in New York visiting those who paid him. To this day it is unknown, what documents got shredded - a normal procedure in any bigger corporation. The bank in question was the UBS, the biggest Swiss bank then and now and, as arrogant as this might sound, the amount in question is absolutely ridiculously small if you look at what figures those guys are juggling with on a hourly basis. Meili - a sleazy character - was in for the money and the money only and the sponsors for the headlines the whole story created - many, many moons ago! To this date not all of the money, initially CHF 1.2 billion, has been collected but thousands of fakies with all sorts of "semitic proof" tried to enrich themselves. Go figure!
  12. “Bikini party” host faces legal action 

    What actually happened to those Nonthaburi officials who flew to Mae Hong Son to be greeted with virgins and other "service girls"? Got sort of quiet about that story too .....
  13. Get the boys in brown to enforce the law, i.e. whoever is inside the roundabout has priority over whoever wants to enter. Do a proper roundabout - free of charge - and start writing juicy tickets. Good for the state's coffers at ZERO investment. But most likely someone inside the city hall has some traffic lights on offer, THB 6.9 million is not to be sneezed at - and if you see how all those lights work wonders on the dark side, along the entire railway roads or further up at the municipality administration - all traffic lights have one thing in common - they do NOT work! Go figure
  14. This is absolute bull........ The Swiss banks, even today, hand out whatever is claimed for - by the authorized and verified person. Study the subject before putting such rubbish onto the net; fact is, that there are regretfully still some funds unclaimed and, after 70 years, the Swiss banks are still keeping them for collection. Please be more reasonable and to the truth before spreading such nonsense; people like you are not a part of the solution but the problem!
  15. Wonder what would happen if I would keep a chilled pork chop in a fridge in a hotel in Israel. Likewise I wonder what would happen if I would jump into a hotel pool in Israel with my National costume on. Pathetic - those guys should stay at home or adjust to the hosts rules, at least that's what my parents told me!