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  1. The junta gets overthrown - now that's a new one for a change. Explains the submarines, the destroyer and the other army toys - now I get it!
  2. Next nail in the coffin; the salaries were tampered with by the government all the time. The only thing the government forgot was to adjust the education provided at the same time. I have not the slightest clue, what Thai kids are taught throughout those twelve years at school but it was very bad a generation ago and I, for one, cannot see any improvement whatsoever. Bottomline is, the same unskilled lot of useless workers are now getting more expensive. Thai bigwigs resort to illegal alien employers; the alien crowd tries the very best within the legal framework or - as in my case - folded up and moved away. How sad, it's the people who will suffer in the future as money still needs to be earned and not awarded by government laws.
  3. Prawit: I will quit if NACC finds me guilty

    A serious liability to the government, the army, the Thai people and Thailand - a disgrace!
  4. Massage parlour raid hits human trafficking

    97 girls from neighboring countries in ONE massage parlour and everyone is surprised. Well, if this is so, then clean up the entire act - which will affect the lining of certain pockets of the BiBs. Legalize the trade, tax them, ensure legal age limits are observed and everybody is happy. The trade is too old and not even Thailand could rid the planet of it (i.e. even if they wanted) so go forward; so done in many European countries; no crime, no underage problem.
  5. Theft at night! Most likely cheaper than theft at daylight as more people could witness the "miracle" of the hand-out-of-control. Is there anyone with common sense; I mean, the whole world will have a good laugh on the stupidity of the authorities.
  6. Quite obviously he has very nice friends borrowing him all those time pieces - good on the man!
  7. The day is not far, believe me, when the situation at the center of a controversy will be explained to the district officials and arrogant corrupt hotel owners and operators. We visitors, customers, tourists, alien - whatever they want to call us - have the choice. Legally no beach nor river rim can be sold as they are all crown property - apparently. I had a similar experience years ago on Koh Samui; after having had a (good) Thai lunch with soft drinks for THB 1'400 (for two) we wanted to spend half an hour on one of the empty beach chairs between the coffee shop terrace of the hotel and the sea before leaving back to the main land. We were told in no unclear, rude, terms (you make go away!) that this is only for hotel guests who stay overnight; got the duty manager over who confirmed, that THB 1'400 for a local Thai lunch was not good enough to qualify for one of those empty chairs (was June 2015). We complained to the hotel chain's head office in Paris which sent us a voucher for four nights free stay - yet never went back again. Keep your beaches, prohibit sun shade and deck chairs, put smokers into (ridiculous) smoking cabins along the beach, forbid an alcoholic late afternoon drink while sunset while keeping jet skys and other scammers plying their trade. There are more beaches outside Thailand than along Thailand's shores.
  8. In other words, whitening your willie just became more expensive - for those in need - please note!
  9. Never got this endless discussion. Take the Swiss system = they charge you a flat fee for a sticker, presently just below THB 1'500 - flat, per calendar year. Obtainable at any kiosque, post office, petrol stations. The client puts this sticker onto the wind screen (cannot be taken off without ripping it apart), the vendor keeps a commission and transfers the money back to the state's coffers at the end of the month/quarter. This results in a juicy profit, not thousands of toll gate operators, funny Easypass/M-pass tags which dont work half the time nor include the entire grid (Din Daeng-Don Meouang is all cash still) and no endless traffic gridlocks because Somchai has an empty toll tag, no small change or no money at all. Go figure = inefficiency at its very best! The THB 105 are a a cheap sneeze, if it would be a motorway without those dredge tollgates. Another example is Japan with tag readers across the highway while you race underneath at 80-100kmh. It's all about money so, for Christ's sake, try to make money and dont screw the paying customers further ......
  10. Find Yingluck and bring her to justice, PM orders

    Maybe I am all wrong but stirring up the story again will create opposition in Red Shirt Country which in turn would affect the so important, proclaimed, security of the land and its democracy which results in - no, no elections possible for security reasons = more subs, more high speed trains to Nakorn Nowhere etc. They had three-plus years to nail her in and hoped she would disappear into thin air before that. After all, innocent = no reason for the coup; guilty = martyr created resulting in civil unrest. She did not until either the last whistleblow from the dunes of the Middle East or "got fled" with a little help. If they revoked all her passports (amazing, you can have an unlimited number of passports knowing the right people, it seems) then she is either illegally in another country, had (at least one) other nationality acquired or is being processed as a (political?) refugee. Bottomline could be = the "deja-vu" smoke screen? We will see, stay tuned for more from Thailand's political stage. The smoke screen certainly helps some members at the helm having difficulties in naming the lovely friends borrowing them luxury watches and other temporary decorations ;-)
  11. Well, I'm 59 and made my license with 18 - my wife is a year younger and no, she does not need to go for re-testing. The health check after 70 is more than OK though ........ anything else?
  12. Sit into the cab and if they then refuse the fare then leave the cab again - and do NOT close the door. They'll hate you for that as everyone else can see that you are not the happiest of passengers and everybody knows why. You dont drive me there where I want - I do not close the door!
  13. ....... to embarrass the police at a sensitive time! Just made my day; you have not understood but all the time is a sensitive time to embarrass anything official in Thailand - hence just go ahead; irrespective of old or new; an official is not doing the job he/she swore to perform with full diligence infront of pictures and flags of this country! Go figure the "sensitive time" element again!
  14. I've been sitting on a local driving license (based on an European license I obtained 30+ years ago) for more than 20 years and am not granted a pink lifelong driving license. My wife made her license a year later and was granted a lifelong license. Keeps me doing the tedious extension every five years to the DLT as now these licenses are limited to five years. I would go a long way for a lifelong license as these reruns at the DLT are the most idiotic stupidity time wasters.
  15. You can explain it, draw it, translate it, re-explain it ........ but you cannot understand it for them. ...... as long as the police is not strictly enforcing the law .... ...... as long as the punishment/fines are not really stiff .... ...... as long as nobody else cares .... you will see hundreds of unnecessary deaths. Not included are those wounded in accidents plus the tens of thousands directly and indirectly affected by this such as fathers, brothers, sons, aunties, grannies, working colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Sheer stupidity of the first order - how sad!