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  1. Help me decide about long stay location

    Nice new gym (Thai gym) in Rama 9 area.
  2. This time I went a week ahead at Jomtien. Because they were so busy they told me to return the day before it expired. Because it was raining and flooding that day I wasn't sure I (and the baht buses) would make it. Two agents each had me make a copy of something I never needed before. Things are variable.
  3. Sorry, you are corectomundo! The difference with what I get grew in my head to a crazy number.
  4. 5 countries, eg Brazil, get 6 months on arrival
  5. Wow! Where was that photo taken? That looks so first world. I want to see it. I hope no one has asked this. I can't read all the pages because my computer is freaking out.
  6. Yes, I would copy a winning shop in the building next door to it. Rarely would some one sell a winner. Someone is more likely to sell 49% than 50%. Why would a knowledgeable person sell 50% to a newbie? Asking for trouble. After my favorite restaurant closed and a massage parlour opened I observed that there are lots of massage and ink parlours. I think you should open an ink joint that gives you a massage as you are getting the tat. Or vice versa. This is amazing idea for free. So what if the tat is a little blurry?
  7. Line EN <->TH translator

    I hope this is the right forum. My Thai friend sent me the Line TH-EN translator in a Line chat. I allowed it, so it was added to my contacts list, but I don't know how it works. It doesn't do anything. I read it translates as you type. Did I actually download it and how can I get it to work? Or is it only supposed to work when she types in Thai? I thought it does both EN to TH and TH to EN. How do I properly download the app ( if I haven't) and how do I get it to work? I went to the Line website and there is no Help section and no way to contact Line. Thanks.
  8. Where then?

    Wow! Are you a real person?
  9. Never thought it would come to this

    I was invited to a New Year party by the women at the salon where I have my hair cut. They and their husbands/boyfriends/ parents/siblings made sure I was included in all aspects and had a good time. Your experience depends on the company you keep and how you interact. The Thais that work out at my gym are very nice and also helpful.
  10. Best bang for buck

    To a red light or through a red light? 8 ^)
  11. I don't know why they caught him. He looks Danish to me.
  12. I got mild food poisoning from samtom. Very be careful!!! Yikes!