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  1. Are caffeine pills illegal in Thailand?

    Well, there are sugar-free energy drinks. Though never looked for them in Thailand. Not sure sugar substitutes are a good idea.
  2. Are caffeine pills illegal in Thailand?

    All true. Was just throwing out ideas. Good luck!
  3. Are caffeine pills illegal in Thailand?

    Why not drink an energy drink that has caffeine or eat coffee beans? You could coat them in chocolate. Or just eat with chocolate. I agree not the same as pills. You could brew tea with many, many tea bags. Then freeze it and pop it like a pill. Just some thoughts.
  4. Thai English Translator App

    I looked everywhere. Is there a "search" function I don't see?
  5. Thai English Translator App

    Where is the translator? I couldn't find it.
  6. So he thinks this is better than affecting her human rights by keeping her under surveillance? Someone is severely missing a great many synapses. God help the army if this is how effective they are.
  7. Gosh, so sorry to have offended you. I was just saying different strokes for different blokes.
  8. Thai English Translator App

    I have LIne. If you have time could you PM me with directions on how to find it and use the translator? Cheers.
  9. I finally got around to reading "Watership Down". Hard to put down.
  10. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    Would this quiet a barking dog inside the neighbor's house?
  11. First Trip to Pattaya - Have I missed Something?

    Oversleeping? Undersleeping?
  12. FYI There are flip flops that are shower shoes. They have a sole that works well on wet tile. The average flip flops do not have such soles and can be slippery. The average house price is $2 million at the beach cities of LA. Everyone wears flip flops everywhere. Even expensive restaurants and when flying. Residents include most of the sports team members of LA, models, actors, entertainers, and a lot of CEOs. You should tell them you do not approve. Shape them up. Glad to see you are the repository of the TRUTH.
  13. Cigarettes, alcoholic drinks to cost more

    Well how much are go-go drinks increasing? 50 baht?
  14. Ladies in Thailand.

    Where did you find the Gneerak or teerak forum? I couldn't find it.