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  1. Of course what the president does and his policies have an effect. But there are other factors too. Anyone or anything that causes uncertainty has a negative effect.
  2. Hot weather , humidity & salt intake

    I googled a comparison of the benefits of a sports drink with coconut water.The coconut won.
  3. Have seen flower sellers on Walking Street who run when see the police.
  4. I recognize flower sellers on Soi 4 off Suk who started selling very young, now teens.
  5. Dual pane glass is sealed with either a vacuum or a gas in between. Reduces noise and heat because the vacuum or gas does not transmit either well.
  6. Mystery Emails

    You have probably been hacked. Try simply changing your password. Worked for me.
  7. I bought my iPhone at iStudio and the staff was good. A little difficulty w English but answered all my questions including why difficulty in moving things to new phone. They ended up moving everything but they had to do extra steps to get it done for me.
  8. Amazon is not on your list. Are they here?
  9. Good to hear that wasn't normal. Terrible thing to do.
  10. Foodland wi-fi

    Does the new Foodland on Beach Road in Pattaya have free wi-fi? Do you know the password? Thanks
  11. I did a Bell bus from Swamp to Pattaya once. They had stacked bags in front of the toilet. I barely made it. Never again
  12. I've taken a taxi from Don Muang to Pattaya. No problem with traffic.
  13. wi-fi in Pattaya Foodland

    Does the new Foodland on beach Road have free wi-fi? Do you know the password? Thanks
  14. Now I AM confused. I read a post the other day that said there was no Google translate for Thai to English. Is there or isn't there?