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  1. That sounds great.I sent him your words. I think he is still dubious because he has been under the wrong impression for a long time. I am working on him. 5555
  2. Yes, that's why I want him to look at it.
  3. What she meant was that the Republicans jumped on Obama when he wanted to negotiate w Kim but it is excellent when Trump wants to do it. What's so hard about that? Leave the poor girl alone.
  4. He sent me a photo of his visa and it is a non-b. He maintains he has a work visa and he can only stay for the 2 weeks of his work. So I hope to educate him and myself. If he can come early, he will be here while I am here which would be fun. I asked him to look at his Permission to Stay from a previous trip. That should show how long he is able to be here which would be 60 + 30, correct? Thanks for your expert information. Now I just need to convince him.
  5. They take photos of people at the airport. Does he mean they don't analyze these with biometrics? Wow!
  6. I forgot to ask if he could enter somehow, say 2 weeks, before his permission to work commences. Not sure if I am being clear. Can he be a tourist for a couple weeks before the permission to work? I guess I don't know enough to ask a clear question. I hope you understand.
  7. elgenon

    Will Edge condos sell?

    I have been reading on TV for a while now how there are many empty condos in Pattaya. Yet they are building the Edge condos at Second Rd and Soi 13. Seems a very good location. So will these sell easily? If you don't think so why do you think they are being built?
  8. My American friend is coming to Thailand on a 2 week work visa. If he wanted to stay longer, I guess on a visa exempt, would he have to leave the country to do that or could he simply go to immigration?
  9. elgenon

    Zoe Complex.

    The young farangs are great. Lots of energy and provide business for the bar. I personally go there to mellow out and enjoy the music. Not sure why you are critical of that. I guess I don't measure up to what you think I should be like. Oh well, we all have disappointments in life. Different strokes for different blokes.
  10. Don't think your account would be considered a public forum. Did you read that part?
  11. elgenon

    The Kiwi - what's going on?

    You forgot the Check Inn 99. Sad. Good place near my hotel for jazz. It has moved.
  12. I would suggest at least your airline membership number. Gives the airline help to reunite you w your bag while not giving away privacy.
  13. elgenon

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    I enjoy reading the business section of the Bangkok Post. Economy is always on a great upswing and exports are too. Then you read the technical stuff and not so true. Both in the same paper the same day.
  14. I think providing a safe and easy entrance to Walking Street from the North is much more important. The choice: squeezing between store fronts and a railing and avoiding a shawarma stand while facing hordes of Chinese tours coming at you or trying to avoid tour buses and other traffic while crossing over stinking vents from the poo poo processor in a very limited area full of bewildered cattle (tourists). Oh, and you have to avoid the motorsy taxi drivers. Not an inviting choice. The other night there was a very self-important tourist policeman with his arms crossed leaning against his motorbike which was parked sideways to provide the most difficulty in getting by. Sigh.