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  1. Index Living Mall Kitchens in Chiang Mai

    Check out IPM SAMUI - with a new office & showroom in Chiang Mai. IPMSAMUI.COM contact info for cnx on the website. Not affiliated, just a very happy customer in Samui and considering updating the kitchen in cnx. They offer appliances etc... installed and warranted.
  2. IKEA Samuii

    Good quality sheets, duvets, pillows, mattresses.... carpets... kitchenware... lamps... Stuff that is hard to find elsewhere at a fraction of the price. >>whats so great about ikea….i find the furniture to be crap that falls apart in a couple of years….kitchen stuff, crockery, cutlery etc is ok.<<
  3. IKEA Samuii

    If you can shop at Ikea Bangkok, their delivery service will deliver to Samui. You need to do this in person, not online, They will pack everything for you right there. You can pay for delivery by meter squared or pay for a full truck. I believe a full truck is 15,000 baht. 1/4 truckload is 3,500b if I remember correctly. But if only using a portion of the truck you may have to wait a couple weeks for delivery as they would like to send a full truck. I filled a truck last time I was there and they beat me back to Samui. They basically took my order and loaded the truck and started driving immediately. The Ikea outfit on Samui will pick up your order from Ikea and deliver to Samui for a 25% (or is it 30%) mark up. Perhaps not horrible if you do the math on your order and weigh it against flying to Bangkok and paying for Ikea delivery. The Samui outfit is trustworthy. They only arrange deliveries once a month usually in the last week of the month. There is also an independent guy - I will find out his contact info and post later - who you message your order to and he will buy the order at Ikea and have it delivered to Samui by an inexpensive shipping company. He charges a fee for his services. Still cheaper than flying to Bangkok and back and finding a company to ship to Samui. And lastly, depending on what you are buying, you can fly into Bangkok, shop at Ikea and box your order right there and bring it back to Samui as luggage. Done that too...
  4. I'm no expert... but I find the bedding from IKEA Bangkok to be of great quality. Lot's to choose from including hypoallergenic duvets and pillows. Same prices as back home.
  5. Not to mention filing a new TM30 every time you exit and re-enter the country...
  6. Uber Eats

    Food Panda
  7. Thanks everyone. Found the building - yes it's new - and had my IDP within 20 minutes. Cheers!
  8. >>BTW: have you asked in Samui? It seems true that not all offices issue the IDP directly, but usually you can apply and they will mail this to a central office. You can then pickup or receive it by postal mail.<< Thank you! Time crunch... leave in a week. Left it too late ) Cheers!
  9. Thank you all. I did google and the map came up with 3 locations, spread quite far apart. The one mentioned above had a tag that said "permanently closed". Therefore my confusion!
  10. Does anyone know the location of the land transport office in Surat Thani? I have a 5 year Thai drivers license and am traveling to Europe in a week where I will need an IDP. And yes, I will need the IDP. Italy. I understand they can't issue IDP's at the office here in Samui. I got my license in Chiang Mai and my residence certificate is for Chiang Mai as well.... hopefully I don't run into some kind of regional issue but that would be par for the course :) Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Yes, another vote for this shop in KSK. The shop owner builds his own high end speakers and has a lot of high end tube amps in the shop.
  12. Dolphin Swimming Pool Robots

    I bought an S-100 Dolphin Robot from them. Great product. I would suggest you go to their website and email them directly for info and pricing and delivery options.
  13. Suitcase repair

    Fairly close to Samui Airport arrivals gate, on Sanambin road going towards Bangrak from the arrivals gate, on left hand side - I recently noticed a "Luggage repair" shop with sign. Fairly big shop set a bit in from the road. I believe it is called: Nattakorn Samui Baggage Repair Service Shop
  14. I have flown Ching Mai to Los Angeles with Korean Airlines. Very nice airline. Very good service and fairly new aircraft. Business class is very good as well. The business lounge in Seoul has always been quite crowded and not extremely comfortable but they do have shower rooms, bar and ok food. Tip: Check out seatguru.com to check the particular flight's aircraft and layout.
  15. Swimming Pool Noodles

    Central kids section