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    Udon Thani Walkable?

    I would not come to Udon city for Night Life I mean. To small. I - same most come here because my Gf is from that province.
  2. That is just normal - yes - and if they drive with "Public School Transport" some Private contracter of the village - they are often sitting on the roof of the PickUps and Buses because no other place. So just normal - yes
  3. If I check out and I am at Reception and leave money in the room - it is usually the TIP. Normally not so much But if I forget money to take or hide during my stay - it is not a TIP! So the Maid excuse is lame - but she is young

    Udon Thani Walkable?

    I live since many years, 67 km away and am therefore often there, my nearest bigger town, but - I would not choose Udon Thani for that "interested in eating, walking, and going to bars."

    Border run from CM.

    If not a lot rain no problem - or, drive a different route along the Myanmar border from Chiang Rai. For motorbike - these roads are slippery without concrete. Take your time - one day up - sleep in nice Hotel - next day border run - drive around - near the famous cave with the - 13 boys Football Team inside and it has a small coffee company - high in the mountains above Mae Sai next to Myanmar on the border road, above the cave, selling white Chocolate coated coffee beans also and one more night - third day back. My style. It has good, cheap - Chocolate - parfumed Myanmar cigars after the border at the market.
  6. Oh never heard of that. I hope, he thought of such a accident possibility and left a last will and made it not to difficult for his young children to get their right to. At least to qualify easy for getting a Orphans Pension from the Austrian Pension Fund.
  7. You both completely right - thank you for friendly answer. In his case - he was generous with his money and his love and affection to women - so it is unfortunatelly more than one family and some children who he cared all well, who will suffer.
  8. Oh yes - lol just a Peccadillo ☺
  9. Rent a house - and the 800.000 a year Thai Immigration like you present for 1 year visa is not so wrong. So that is my experience - even with family and monthly car loan payments. In the Isaan. But no Bar - and Barfines and changing women all time. So around 20 years is ok.
  10. Who can pay their fees, can pay a Nanny full time to take care the Baby and all.
  11. Werner Karasek, Ex Austrian Basketball National Team Player for a long time and Pioneer-Entrepreneur in Patongs Hotel - (K-Hotel) and Restaurant scene (K-Restaurant) since 1985 on Rattuthit Road near Soi Bangla - towering with 2+ Meters over the crowds on his Soi Bangla rounds - died end of June in a tragic accident much to early with 62, during a visit in his home country - he fell out of a second floor window in his home. He was visiting Austria to get a ankle prosthesis - so a bit shaky on his legs and was with his youngest children there and his young wife. I knew him well since 1990 and it was always a pleasure to have nice and fun conversations with him with good food in his Restaurant. One of the last photos from him at Airport https://m.noen.at/baden/fenstersturz-in-baden-tragischer-tod-eines-badener-hoteliers-werner-karasek-voeslauer-strasse-fenstersturz-102246122
  12. 62 young - he - as far as I know fell by accident, out of a second or first floor window in his home - after a Party in Austria.
  13. No 62 and he - as far as I know fell by accident, out of a second or first floor window in his home - after a Party in Austria.
  14. Adoption? I was adopted myself with 2,5 years young, as my mother died in a traffic accident when I was with her. My Father and Grandfather where Alcoholics and lived on small money from agriculture. They decided to go the easy way and to give me for adoption to a uncle second or third degree from my mothers side and his childless wife 30 kilometers away. That uncle was better off and had a good business concept starting, but he had also a son 2 years older with another woman - no good basis. Tensions in the air - my now adopted father same bloodline, hit me in the years following, with a whip, piece of wood, smacked me, locked me up in oil cellar with 5 - for small shortcomings or a word my stepmother told me to say, or just because I did not rock-swing high enough in a swing. He died from cancer when I was 8,5. My adoptive mother was good, but a city woman in a small rural village - never connected with my adoptive father family. The contact with my real father - stopped also. In a bad mood my new mother would for centuries lament - she should not have taken me. After the death of my adoptive mother, about 37 years later, I met my father again and we had some time together - to short as he died also after only 3 years contact, I was his only child and he had never married again. My resume - as also the business went backwards, just when I was a Teenager, the times got harder and the innovations from my adoptive father were missed and I also had problems with my adoptive mother new man - the to a other woman married Partner of my adoptive father, now my business partner - also a steady fighting between them - the two women and him. I think - over all - more money ran threw my hands and I had sure more experiences and have seen much - but I lost all my family connections and have no roots. Today I am completely orphained from all family ties I had. I think - would I have stayed small in my village with my father and grandfather - my life would have been with more feeling and love.