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  1. Send information to the Thai Experts at the cave.
  2. You write what you think Others write what they think And i write what I think.
  3. I had been not asked if, I wanted or not.
  4. Marry a Thai woman or father a Baby with a Thai and getting Non Immigrant O visa and extensions are easy possible
  5. I believe on some places not enough space to fit threw with such thing.
  6. Yes - Prayut is not an elected PM but he is better then at least some of other Thai PM before him. Yes - the coach was careless - only 25 himself - to young - to think good enough before go in near the raining season and rain before. He surely felt very miserable in the last 10 days about all already and is surely a different person now, whatever the outcome is. BUT - both to discuss later - unnecessary now! Be all happy they found them in time and we all should hope for a completely Happy Ending. I was there at the cave today - I passed by yesterday late afternoon also, on the other Myanmar border side and I hoped my visit will bring them luck. I was successful
  7. All was dry and they walked and crawled in.
  8. He for sure will feel miserable since 10 days already -
  9. The wrong throwing at this time - at least, under that administration many things work and so is that rescue operation until now.
  10. Getting a new card is easy but open a new bank account at another Bank or at another branch of the same bank is now with big hurdles - what I saw and got told where I tried.
  11. Because they put some hurdles in front of me to open a new account.
  12. lol - I thought I wrote it clear enough "I walked 800 km from my place in Nan province -in- a Bangkok Bank" I walked 800 km from my place, in Nan province -in- ....... I not walked -to- .........
  13. I have got a chip card with valid until 12/22 printed on it - so let us wait and see.