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  1. 50k Reward for a Lost Dog

    Really - so you did not read that. =“CARLOS” ANDRES KISHIMOTO CAGEJAMA and his wife, MALIWAN FUNTEY, contacted me on Monday, October 2nd, to let me know they have my dog said they found him in Ko Pha Ngan and didn’t think he had an owner. They became aware of my search. Maliwan was going to bring Willie back to Koh Phangan, but then they had a change of heart and cut communication with me. They haven’t answered their phone once since October 3rd.=
  2. Did you look the Video - a sickness and you make a bad joke? Poor ?
  3. Setting up internet...

    FYI True Internet has the same 4 MB for approximatelly 600 Baht I use that in my rural Village in Udon Thani province with 4G Pocket house WIFI station, reliable enough and fast enough and they have also a non restricted fast Internet for I think is 1.500 Baht in the month. I tried that data plan with 1 MB for 300 Baht from True, but is to slow for me. ?
  4. Would have that prevented the child from braking a rib? ?
  5. Seeing the photo I think - Plastic surgery yo make them look better I presume lol - OMG - when this is now better? How bad did that poor people looked beforehand lol. ??
  6. Lol you to serious - ?? We talk again how your brain deals with the problem, after you reborn to a poor family with no support from there and his symptoms and walked in his - on one side open cut - shoes, to fit the enourmous foot and let you go and try to find women who accept you - poor and handicapped for everybody recognicable.
  7. Lol ha ha Moral indignation consists in most cases out off 2% morality. 48% inhibitions and 50% envy. ?
  8. Stolen overstay passport

    I have had some short time overstays, when I found it more convenient to use that possibility (1 - some days) and never had on any border any problem with these stamps in Passport.
  9. From begging - business, as he calls it.
  10. I believe and as far as I can remember, someone else, posted that and not him! To be fair,
  11. Banned in TH and many other Asian countries! The Thai flight which did not let him Transit in Bangkok to Vientiane was the cracking point of that trip and the house of cards fell!
  12. On top of the price, make a insurance in the Post office too, when you send it, maybe 15% up on the price - they are careless! Its worth the 15% ? more, I got that TIP here on Thaivisa com from a poster whose BIG BIKE arrived damaged. I made that insurance choice and guess what - my Honda CBR 400 sent from Patong Phuket to Udon Thani city arrived damaged too, the tank and race cover, wind shield broken! BUT the Post office officer, had been very generous when discussing the damage and rewarded me well!
  13. He had a colorful life and 7 wives, one was special beautiful and young 16, Vikki - which was a Playboy Playmate with 51! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jake_LaMotta https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vikki_LaMotta http://img2.bdbphotos.com/images/orig/l/0/l0fn9wgrxaronfwo.jpg?si78bvc2
  14. LOL, also, the numbers are not 100% accurate But - NO! Most Thais have not the money for a (much more difficult to be bought) gun! Guns per 100 Residents 1 United States 112.6 38 Thailand 15.6 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estimated_number_of_guns_per_capita_by_country