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  1. Bodies found in the car - http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30323203
  2. But - still easy to find and she is a sexy (wild) one https://web.facebook.com/laurakarinab?lst=100000849040003%3A1293474525%3A1503283599
  3. How did they find the attacking women in the crowded streets - she was still wandering around or her friends in Mc Donalds had been questioned? Anyway - good something had be done - if these aggressive behavior has no consequences - it will happen more likely again and again and possibly more violently too! Good work! Her name is out - the Facebook Community and her friends and people who know her see it too and she can be ashamed! https://web.facebook.com/laurakarinab?lst=100000849040003%3A1293474525%3A1503283599
  4. The only reason I got to know the Isaan region was, because I fell in love with a woman from Isaan, otherwise - I would never have come there and after now nearly 20 years in Isaan, I have to say - would have nothing missed, if I had not come and lived here now, except some beautiful temples and the Mekong South of Bangkok has its beaches East and West North has beautiful hills and mountains - I like very much, in all directions from Chiang Mai and the Mekong too The West and North-West of Bangkok has nice landscape until Myanmar- Burma North East - Isaan - mostly flat lands - except of some view parts -
  5. New Tops supermarket opens in Udon Thani

    Yes, the Thais - are interested - it has a BIG Tops Market - with many items - you have to go to Udon to get same selection in a BIG C or Big LOTUS, but, mostly at TOPS prices which are slightly higher then these of Big C and Lotus Markets and anyway, the parking space is much to small! And as I saw on advertising, they sold or still sale some items to rock bottom prices - for the opening days. = Washing machine - 950 Baht? Do not know if still available Also its a Super Store with a lot smaller shops - bigger than Lotus Sawang Den Din and a Kfc but - more pricey and the biggest problem - nothing, nearly nothing what a Falang Expat wishes in such a Market - special Falang food and bread.
  6. New Tops supermarket opens in Udon Thani

    -KhunBENQ- - Kadilo- Bigger yes, but - nearly nothing there for a FALANG EXPAT, no bread, nearly no cheese, nearly no or no Falang style sausage ham products, can by far not compare to Udon Thani city TOPS, not worth a visit, everything a bit more pricey than the small LOTUS next to it. Parking space to small for the big building! Still the employees seem to struggle with the Cash machines, at least at the Bakery - bought only 2 items there, one was pay one, - get one free - 1st - waiting with some others - problem or introduction to cash machine 2nd - Cashier charged me the free item also 3rd - she gave me again wrong amount back - a nearby Supervisor came to me, to ask what the problem was - as I started to mocking them - after the young cashier tipped 100 B. - 44 B. in her Calculator -bberrythailand- Think, I saw some CARREFOUR products, one I asked the price for 550 Gramms of deep frozen fish and chips - for 285.- B. no "I am so happy to find so many stupid people in this world, I wish they remain as they are." Serious - lol - you started the enlightening process lol
  7. I do not know if the Visa extension is possible at the begin of your 90 day Visa period, I think you have to wait at least 30 days or even 60 days before you can apply, logical, as your circumstances could change in these 90 days - but others will know more. Usually Tabian Baan copy has to be signed from mother of child and also her ID card copy, you cannot provide that, so good possibility the Immigration would like to contact the mother if your story is right and a confirmation from her. I think also you have to proof where you are living - together with your daughter during the extension and bring a confirmation from that place. Maybe send your questions directly to UBONJOE or make him aware of your questions in PM
  8. New Tops supermarket opens in Udon Thani

    lol you right I come to the conclusion you are -unreasonable- therefore I keep that sentence in mind. Never argue with unreasonable people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!
  9. Extension of stay 60 days for staying with children and providing for them you get at Immigration inside TH, a Non Immigrant O Visa for same reason for 90 days - you have to leave the country and apply at a Thai Consulate office.
  10. New Tops supermarket opens in Udon Thani

    LOL, I did not do that another Thai Visa member did that possibly - Google or the Internet is only the confirmation of your knowledge to people who think in a different direction or come to a other conclusion still you did not answer - how you proof your opponent that you are right and him wrong in older times without a Smartphone and Internet and Google in it? Carry a Encyclopedia - 20+ books - upgraded every year with you around? lol Remembering things? - does not help you - when in a discussion your opponent believes he is right and you are wrong! We say "Expertise on the subject of the discussion is the last thing you need in a discussion - you have to discuss and argue so well, until the opponent acknowledges your point of view as the right one!" lol
  11. Visa on arrival same most EU countries - they could have looked in Google,
  12. "someone traveling on a Kenyan passport may be different than those required of a guy from a country where parents would name their kid Philip Culbertson." NO, they are not different - 30 days Visa on Arrival - same most EU Schengen Countries lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_Kenyan_citizens
  13. New Tops supermarket opens in Udon Thani

    A misunderstanding - I know a lot - but how you proof your opponent that you are right and him wrong in older times without a Smartphone and Internet and Google in it? Carry a Encyclopedia - 20+ books - upgraded every year with you around? lol
  14. New Tops supermarket opens in Udon Thani

    Yes it is - a good help against all kinds of people who know everything already - to advice them what is really going on or happened long ago.
  15. Right you know well I was only -teasing- you about that -mine-