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  1. I called them for information once before Chang International Circuit Buriram444/5 Moo 15 I-SAN MUANG BURIRAM 31000THAILANDtel:093-838-3331,044-604-200 http://www.bric.co.th/bric_v1.0.5/frontend/web/index.php?r=contact
  2. Video: Find driver who killed my dad, says son

    2 had been on motorbike
  3. Video: Find driver who killed my dad, says son

    Had been 2 on bike
  4. Video: Find driver who killed my dad, says son

    I see the motorbike driver was overtaking the car and same time the car drove to the right without care. Car in the wrong! Where you see that there is any indication on the road surface with arrows that one lane is reserved to turn right? I know only one thing for sure you are a 4 wheel driver and hate motobike drivers anyway -.
  5. Until now no problem - but, have some new paper clipped in my Passport from Udon Immigration after we asked for permission to register motorbike in my name. Whatever - as long as they not hurt me with high fines I not care.
  6. Very well - I have the same attitude And I drive also still with my Home countries and International driving license since 1990 in Thailand. No problems at all and I had accidents with police reports and insurance payments. I have no idea to go for such a Thai Driving License! Does not make me a better driver and only to please the authorities lol no. And until now did work well like that.
  7. Well I will not and make nothing until heavy fines change my mind.
  8. I will not do anything until they not come to me with heavy fine - I not a puppet.
  9. https://www.thephuketnews.com/better-if-you-do-phuket-immigration-chief-urges-foreigners-to-re-register-addresses-even-if-staying-off-island-just-one-night-65744.php#b1OOuaD8jGCbIIRJ.97 A Austrian Expat writes that it is necessary to re register every time at Immigration after you sleep away from home - even for one night - and gives above Link from talking of Phuket Immigration official. So multiple - more visits to Immigration if you slept just a night somewhere? Also a law for me in Udon Thani? Confused - thank you.
  10. Motorbike accident advice...please help

    That is normal ;-) You found a shop then who insures bikes also against damage and even 1st class damage in Chiang Mai? Which one does that? And how much higher in price then? I know POPS Motorbikes for rent in Chiang Mai, I think biggest Company there, 800 Baht a day for new Yamaha 300+ cc believe they have no 1st class insurance - not sure with normal damage insurance for second party.
  11. The track has a very positive side, you can see the whole track from every seat! That is not usual on race tracks. I was there and I liked it, the drivers opinions are not mine. For rooms - yes not enough by far in Buriram city and surroundings, but the SEPANG Kuala Lumpur circuit is also, 70 km from the city - I was many times there, slept more times in city Kuala Lumpur and had to shuttle by Bus or Taxi and slept around SEPANG and near circuit, but, more fun in the city, then sleeping nearby in that time very expensive Top Hotels or also not cheap shabby Hotels around SEPANG. So you have to get rooms in Surin or Nakhon Ratchasima, no big deal to do that and drive from there, around 70 - 100 km, on big High Way - all the way nearly to the Circuit Buriram.
  12. yes, entry 1.000 Baht for 3 days from 16.2 - 18.2. some rooms at www.tripadvisor.com still available
  13. Every Bank decides different, even only a different branch - go and try what they want and need and if to much try other Bank or and Branch.
  14. You had also in other thread a special -nasty- humor, I wish you be reborn with such a handicap and have then the special possibility, to write -funny-? jokes about yourself!