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  1. The legs aren't fake: Mr Holst, who suffers from macrodystrophia lipomatosa, a rare form of localised gigantism ..."
  2. Same person and the leg is real Elephantiasis - similar condition Incurable disease,
  3. Not many countries left which let him entry in South East Asia,
  4. He has a ticket home already - he came with a return ticket.
  5. TING TONG - leg is for real lol
  6. Google Elephantiasis - and can have other reasons - birth defect
  7. I wish you to be reborn as a really poor Thai and can go now where as you would only get a seat behind on a Pick Up, but that is not possible anymore. So buy some Lao Khao and get drunk, all the time. lol
  8. What? Cost of a new Pick up starts at up to 1.300.000 - Baht, You do not know facts. Also the Pick ups are mostly not new and the owners of the Pick up let other family members or friends or just paying passengers drive with them - for free or for some sum. The people sitting behind on the Pick up are usually not the OWNER lol, just others who cannot afford there own vehicle. Comedown from your high horse and start thinking before giving such a lame statement. Thai Rath - wrote it right - maybe read there first, then post!
  9. OP not drive on Songkhran days - no fun and dangerous. Can recommand all mentioned roads in that Link, special around Nan very good and deserted but good paved. Some roads under renovation or are widened. Over all = Super driving.
  10. Thank you for sharing. Drove some parts of your Thailand Route in August, October and Nov/Dec 2016 on my Honda CB 650 F, enjoyed it too. Maybe I write a short thread, ;-)
  11. Sure a Trump Fan 😉 I like him too = he makes politics colorful and interesting again. 😈😉
  12. Far fetched. So you think, Prajut will threaten his neighbours, annex then neighbour countries same Austria and Chechoslovakia and make war with neighbour Poland, France and Great Britain? That and on the end his war with the Soviet Union destroyed Germany from outside. Not much comparison with Thailands situation. 😈