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  1. I was many times in SEPANG Kuala Lumpur similar to Buriram only more long and more long straights - you can maximum see 50 % of the circuit -but I enjoyed it always. I will enjoy also Buriram! 😈😀😉
  2. I doubt the 3 times more spectators - as the last WSBK event was nearly sold out or was sold out. As far as I know is it possible that more Tribunes will be built to extend capacity. If it is sold out - good. 😈😉
  3. WSBK is boring on any track since long - nothing with Buriram to do - WSS usually better. The new 300 class is even better similar to Moto 3. The drivers make the race entertaining not the track - for years I did not see interesting WSBK races or F 1 races on any track. Usually any Moto 3 race and KTM Red Bull Rookies Cup race is good - whatever track - so let them drive and we see and talk again. 😈
  4. But Rossi did that with his sentences about Buriram and he is not wrong - with that - I live here in TH since 1998 and come here since 1990 - Buriram has by far a less active nightlife then Khon Kaen and Udon Thani and these cities cannot show much.😊 Buriram has its Football team and the Circuit but that are mostly Thai frequented Spectacels - only a small Falang scene - so why should Buriram have a better Falang Oriented Nightlife anyway. If you need a special Guide to find things - its already a assurance that there is only a small bit to find. 😉 My guide and connection in Buriram is the Number 1 and leading Restaurant, regarding to TRIPADVISOR in Buriram the - Austrian - Schnitzelwirtin Restaurant Roman - he knows - the place and I know it too now. Checked the few places out they had. Not enough!☺
  5. Buriram survived WSBK races - will handle MotoGp too. 😈😉
  6. You misunderstood here something -bamukloy- wrote "My point, (and what thais will probably say): the old guy is obviously been doing this for years. everyone else there probably putters around at 30ks an hour so they easy avoid him. Along come a farang screaming around at xxx kmph. Someone sure to get collected." I just answered that - if the old Thai did that presumable for years - crossing there - he must be used to fast traffic - as that kind of road is surely most times not used with 30 km/h slow vehicles as -bamukloy- thought could be a possibility. On such a 2,5 Lane - in one direction - Highway road the traffic is not driving 30! So I know very well the dangerous sides of driving motorbike in Th but - you cannot avoid all problems. 😈 You surely understood my writing wrong - so I will overlook your statement - "If you are a bike rider and you do not understand this, then that is worrying both for you and others." 😀
  7. I did not write I can avoid in self driving all accidents - but I avoid the accidents which the Bus or Van driver possibly makes and I feel much better in that way. 😈 😉😀
  8. Its possibly the best to look at from a spectators point of view - you see the whole circuit from nearly all seats. 😀
  9. Buriram has Airbus 321 and Boeing 737 landing - not ok? 😈
  10. No quarantine if you make all vaccine in order - should not be a problem 😉 I imported a Dogue de Bordeaux 2002 myself from Austria without any problem.
  11. I was three times there to look races and cannot second that.Lol😁 In comparison to Touristic places same Pattaya Phuket Bangkok Koh Samui Chiang Mai its less then Khon Kaen Udon Thani ect - its nearly no Night Life there, but surely has enough Restaurants. Special in 2 big mostly deserted from customers shopping centers. 😊 Hotels and rooms are limited and the Superbike WSB Championships filled them already! Posdibly not enough rooms for Moto Gp 😈
  12. No problem to bring a dog in and out - but I believe a English Bulldog will not prefer very hot conditions same in Buriram or Kuala Lumpur. 😥😈😀😉
  13. Its old and outdated in all ways. 😉😈
  14. He not said that its not suitable! Its boring for him - thats all. Last time he had not to race so he had time and - yes there is not much in Buriram for Night Life and such. But this time he is racing and anyway no time for fooling around.😉 Sepang in Malaysia is also, a good hour+ from everything = Kuala Lumpur - Buriram is 4 hours - he shall fly in and out with a plane and have fun in Bangkok if he needs that. 😁 From a spectators perspective it is SUPER - you see the whole circuit from all seats.👍 Only - there will be a massive shortage in rooms in and around Buriram. Not many Hotels there and mostly smaller ones.
  15. I looked long around what to buy, drove nearly all reasonable possibilities? Drove the Ducati 821 twice in Phuket, 50 min? and Udon Thani 25 min has a thread here from me about that discussion. Nearly bought the Ducati. Ended to buy a nearly new second hand Honda CB650F with some Goodies already attached I found here on Thai Visa. 😉 Ducati - Image, Power was not enough - against the Honda price, sitting position over all and more easy feet resting position - in racing style position of the Honda. Thailand where you should not drive so fast regarding the dangerous possibilities here. 😈