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  1. "Most Hated German in Thailand" ties the knot in the Gambia!

    I surprised how many have interest in the life of complete strangers. 😁 By the way - a storm in the glass - Benjamin is already with his Gambian wife together again. 😉
  2. They have -poles- for young men and Lady boys in Thailand too! lol
  3. True Visions lack of customer care!

    Received in the countryside threw a SIM card ? Free True Visions? What package? Then give me some more Details please. - I see never ever a offer at that price.
  4. True Visions lack of customer care!

    Works fine and fast enough for family and me - Children Gaming some Amazon Show looking - The Grand Tour - 😉 So you have True Internet with SIM card and unrestricted Volume and fast - full possible speed all time - costs - how much? Thank you 😈😀
  5. True Visions lack of customer care!

    AROUND 1.700 Baht for gold package, including receiver fee and 550 Baht per month for Unlimited 6 Mb fast Internet - I use with True Pocket WIFI in the house.
  6. Well written - I come here to TH since 1990 and stay here since 1998 - can say, the Thais are easy to take animals, but they do -mostly- not care them! I live in such a family - all their animals, but all my doing - they would not give 1 Baht for food! Not even provide fresh water!!!
  7. Moral indignation consists in most cases out off 2% morality. 48% inhibitions and 50% envy.
  8. -JACKPOT- Why not, Muslims can do it since 1000 years?
  9. NO! I learned - STOP - before you drive from a secondary road or a parking lot or your home on a main road, same it happened here! Thais drive out and onto roads without any hindsight!
  10. True Visions lack of customer care!

    Can I have that with SIM card and a WIFI in my home deep in countryside? What Internet speed is enough?
  11. You can change the day by day limit with a phone call to the system to your needs, starts with 5.000 Baht and then up and up. Max I think 50.000 or 100.000 Baht.
  12. Just ate Som Tam 2 days ago not spicy - in a small makeshift Restaurant next to the car wash in Sawang Den Ding - Sakhon Nakhon as my usually ordered grilled chicken there, had been not more available - was good but I am sick in stomach and have Montezumas - sickness since then and still! Never again! If again then in a Restaurant with some or at least 1 * 😈😉😀
  13. Carinthia - Kaernten - South Austria was - Right wing as they had a Right wing shooting star -Joerg Haider- there, who died in a traffic accident some years ago. I not up to date for now. No idea from Italy South West Austria and Bavaria is Conservative - would not say -Right - or far right-
  14. You not UP TO DATE lol The People Party's Sebastian Kurz will be the new chancellor. The Freedom Party's Heinz-Christian Strache will be his deputy. Kurz, 31, will be Europe's youngest leader. Two Austrian political parties formed a government coalition with a far-right presence. The conservative Austria's People's Party and the far-right Freedom Party forged the alliance, Austrian public broadcaster ORF reported on Friday. The People Party's Sebastian Kurz will be the new chancellor. The Freedom Party's Heinz-Christian Stache will be his deputy. Kurz, 31, will be Europe's youngest leader. Austria's next chancellor a 31-year-old conservative, early results show This development comes after elections in October. It would make Austria the only country in Western Europe to have a far-right party in government. It is the first time the far right is in an Austrian government coalition in more than 10 years. Austria was governed by a coalition led by Chancellor Christian Kern's Social Democrats and Kurz's People's Party, but that partnership collapsed in May, prompting a snap vote. The People's Party won the election but needed to form a coalition because it didn't win a majority of the votes. The Freedom Party has a long history in Austria's Parliament and was part of a coalition government between 2000 and 2005. Sebastian Kurz: Austria's answer to Macron and Trudeau? There has been a rise across Europe of populist far-right parties, many of which have campaigned on anti-immigration platforms. Immigration has dominated the campaign. Kurz has taken a hard line, calling for limits on the number of refugees entering Europe and benefits cuts for EU migrants living in Austria. In 2016, Kurz spearheaded a border crackdown across the Balkans designed to stem the flow of migrants, and this year he proposed plans to seal off the Mediterranean route to Europe. https://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/15/europe/austria-government-coalition/index.html
  15. Next time check first here https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g190454-Vienna-Hotels.html