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  1. prk888

    only 9 posts

    in one day in Pattaya. Interesting
  2. prk888

    Testosterone shop Pattaya Klang Rd

    suggest you pop in and collect that particular leaflet and all will be revealed
  3. prk888

    Testosterone shop Pattaya Klang Rd

    and i have been having their 15 test package at B500 annually for many years sp clearly i am satisfied
  4. prk888

    Pattaya 9 Karat Condo 138 Rooms For Auction

    and on a very pertinant note there should be the appropriate credits shown in the Condo accounts of course ...................... and B40K seemingly arbitrary fees for so many condos soon mounts up !
  5. prk888

    Pattaya 9 Karat Condo 138 Rooms For Auction

    Condo Committee decision only
  6. prk888

    Train station parking?

    Yes. In Weymouth UK there was a small car park at the statiion which was free,
  7. prk888

    Pattaya 9 Karat Condo 138 Rooms For Auction

    during my term as a condo Committee Chairman we supplied several Debt-free letters to co-owners, As far as we reseached there was no advice, instructions or other legalities that said we must charge a fee for such a letter. Our choice. So we did not.
  8. prk888

    ThaiVisa Newsletter

    oh yes and today we have 24 different multi coloured labels enticing us to 'must read', 'just in', 'content', 'Ad' , 'opinion' etc etc . Thought that was a 'no no' too.
  9. prk888

    ThaiVisa Newsletter

    I receive this daily by email Everything in the content is underlined Dont understand why This innovatiive marketing ploy simply makes it difficult to read/scan Thought this underlining was against some TV rules or other Who do i contact to ask this silly practise to stop?
  10. If anyone has details of condos being aucttioned for non-payment of annual fees can you let me know? thanks I have read the current thread about one specifc building but this thread is not related
  11. prk888

    Pattaya 9 Karat Condo 138 Rooms For Auction

    having read all the posts and reading between the lines can i ask Banana7 what your interest is ? Your glass seems over half full despite all the negatives in this thread so just wondering why..
  12. prk888


    why do writers in Pattaya and elsewhere feel they have to underline so much & so often and thus make it more difficult to read ?
  13. prk888

    U-Tapao Airport Parking

    wow - doubled in price since July last year.
  14. prk888

    Golf Pro. Instructor ?

    thanks to all. Found him and lessons booked. Job done.
  15. prk888

    Golf Pro. Instructor ?

    That was the point of my first question. Is there a National register of PGA golf pros I wonder? Not sure if he was professional but certainly gave good lessons