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  1. How in this instance is he denying a Thai person work/income or profit? I know that is not the regulations on which the work permit is given but it is the basis on which the labor law was created.
  2. Doesn't it look as if the cop ran into the road with truncheon or flashlight held out in order to clothesline the driver? Isn't that attempted murder? I had something very similar happen to me except I wasn't drunk nor on the wrong side of the road and it was in broad daylight when Thai policemen rushed into the road as I was riding by at about 85 and tried to knock me off my bike with something, perhaps a flashlight or truncheon. There was checkpoint set up and I didn't see him until the very last moment. Those kids are idiots, of course, but that cop is to blame for his and their injuries.
  3. She wasn't exactly thin nor were most people on the ground there. The days of fat Farang to thin Thais are long gone.
  4. Pick Manoeuvre, Thai style.
  5. I have mostly found taxi drivers in BKK to be good. Change for big bills is always a problem, but that stands true for any small business in Thailand. In central BKK you have to vet the good from the bad before you get in. I often check out the car, if it's full of cheap mods, if the driver is young, or just generally looks like a prick I wave them on. Still compared to my hometown of New York the cabs are cheap, clean and the drivers pretty damn friendly considering the conditions. I also know that Asians can have a harder time (esp. if they are not Thai, a lot of anti-Chinese sentiment going on right now) then westerners. Some single female friends of mine will not take a cab alone day or night because of harassment and the possibility of actual assault and even abduction.
  6. CBR 250 draining coolent

    That's good to get some confirmation but why does it just drain out when it's not running? I filled it with water this morning and it poured out of the overflow as fast as I put it in?
  7. CBR 250 draining coolent

    Definitely not leaking from the line to the rad, leaking from the overflow tube.
  8. Hey all I noticed a couple weeks ago a slow coolant leak from the overflow tube on my CBR 250. It got worse, I filled the reservoir and within a few days it was empty again I just filled it with water and it just pissed it out dry, the bike is cold, haven't ridden since yesterday. My mechanic said he thought it was a blown head gasket but why would that affect the coolant from the reservoir, on a cold nonrunning bike. Obviously, I am ignorant of the cooling system but does anyone have any opinions on this before I let him operate? Also, the bike is not running hot when I ride it and the coolant level in the radiator remains full.
  9. BREAKING: 7-Elevens nationwide to close on afternoon of Oct. 26

    such reverence.
  10. That will teach them to attack a Thai, beat on a foreigner, it's so much cheaper!
  11. Yes, the 5,000 baht fine in Bangkok about 15 years ago? A cop tried to hit me up with that one time on Soi Ari where I lived, I hadn't been smoking, had no cigarettes with me, was surrounded by Thai's smoking, there was a cop smoking nearby and yet still they were pointing to the cold butt on the ground and insisting I pay. Luckily his superiours Mia Noi was my neighbor and so I was able to make a call. This will go so wrong.
  12. We have one Buddhist country ethnically cleansing them (led and supported by monks and silently accepted by a noble peace prize winning leader?) and another turning them out to die at sea. Half a million people who don't stand a snowball's chance in hell.
  13. Siam declares war!

    They made a better show of it in WW1 than in WW2 for sure.
  14. Has anyone done a bore on the 250 cbr? My CBR is at about 85k kilometers and it needs engine attention. Haven't had the shims check in a while and actually not sure if when they were supposed to be checked they ever were, I had evidence to the contrary. Something needs to be done but I have not trust in my local mechanic to do it since he trashed my D tracker last year and the local Honda shop won't do it and as far as I know either will Big wing (500cc and up I believe) which leaves the 250 and 300 in the no maintenance gap. I was wondering about finding someone to do a bore kit to 300cc, I figure if I'm going to have someone tinker with what has been a bullet proof bike for 5 years I may as well go all the way, anyone tried it?
  15. If I was advising this young woman I would be much more concerned about rape and personal violence against her. I have talked to many young solo female travels over the years who have come close to rape situations when off the tourist track a bit, one had her door kicked in by staff at a meditation retreat in the Tong Pa Poon district of Kanchanaburi and only escaped because she had a big knife in her room.