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  1. There is no answer to this except perhaps time. As I write this there are two loudspeaker systems at two parties within earshot though both over a kilometer away. When those parties are closer there is no sleeping in the morning nor ability to get work done in the afternoon, and this includes coming from the temple close by. No one I know likes, my land lord and family are just as annoyed as I but societial convention keep him from doing anything but grin and bear along with it. The late King actually told people years ago that they need to keep the music down if not for their own health than for the peace of their nieghbors. This was reflected where I live at the time with huge banners showing the king and a warning saying that public music must be under 70 decibles (that is from memory, could be a bit off), I remember so clearly because the banner hung above a school that was having sports day events and the music from the stadium size system they put together was punishing from half a kilometer away. This is not the first case of a person killing someone over loud music and whenever it happens there is bound to be applause because so many of us have been reduced to that kind of callous thinking by the total disregard of our nieghbors. TIT
  2. So the cop was stopped by an obviously drunk or high (OK maybe just crazy) man carrying around a cleaver, who attacked his truck with it and in order not to shoot him drove off? Didn't arrest him, didn't have his underlings arrest him. He just drove off and left the rest of the public to deal with a now enraged moron with a cleaver standing in the road. BIB, I salute you, no other police force in the world is as hands-off as you.
  3. That's a much more accurate figure according to the many young (and not so young) Thai people I know. One young woman I know who graduated from Univ. with a degree in chemical engineering earns 16,000 per month and almost every satang goes into the brand new Honda Accord she bought. Lives with her family (at 26) and never - never goes out. I personally can live very easily with no privation on less than 25k a month (single - small city life) and so do most of the poeple I know here.
  4. If you recognize the name of the person who 'gave' back what was most likely purchased in river city or some other market in Bangkok She certainly doesn't need a card to remind her she is elite.
  5. Despite the normal TV forum / Thai Expat bitter old men who deride any other foreigner in the country doing anything besides bellying up to the beer bar in order to bitch about soi dogs or their wives or the driving, some come here when they are still young and interested in life. I know it's hard, but I didn't read anything negative comments about the recent volunteers who came here to save the cave boys. But that was two weeks ago and this is Thailand and what have you done for me lately?
  6. One of the biggest mistakes foreigners make living here is listening to their Thai wives as if because they are Thai they somehow know all and everything about Thailand. I listen to my friends' wives who don't know either the basic laws of the country or even the local geography.
  7. It's good to see all the filler material about the wild pigs has finally settled down so we can get back to the real news again.
  8. The story rings ironic to me as when a biologist friend who has comes to Thailand yearly to conduct research last year had all of his camera traps stolen by the park rangers.
  9. dictater

    Removing an old spirit house

    there are tons of sighs where people dump old spirit houses, normally around a Bodhi tree. Like many Thai customs, you might get a lot of backlash if you cart it off but Thai's will dump them off the back of their pickup trucks like any other piece of garbage.
  10. But in Thailand they are not under the bed, they are in the hands of morons and lunatics who use them pretty damn freely. Reminds me of being back in the good ole US of A.
  11. So good bye to any of the pristine natural spots still left in national parks that aren't already restricted to VIP and tour companies with <deleted> loads of money to bribe rangers and officials. All caves to be lit up like birthday cakes, every mountain will have metal stairs, all waterfalls shall be paved so BKK pretty people don't get their feet soiled as they attempt to take selfies.
  12. Dog threated to bite him, he went home got his gear. When it happens to me the first time dog gets some of my special chili infused water up the snout second time it gets it's last tasty treat. Soi dogs can be a menace and do cause injury.
  13. Makes me wonder if any professional or advanced hobbyist spelunker has been contacted. Hey Cave Man get up there.
  14. Now ladies the locals here do not understand the, bikini. To them it is a green light so while your being gang-raped remember as your Prime Minister Prayuth once said "if they wear bikinis in Thailand, will they be safe? Only if they are not beautiful," and hope they don't bash your head when they have finished.
  15. I assume that the commenter and everyone else here also drives and has also encountered situations like this, most of us on a regular basis, and so, therefore, has some experience to base his comment on. The accident shows all aspects of the self-centered driving that has made Thailand the world's leader in vehicular deaths.