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  1. dictater

    More cocaine being discovered in Patong

    Cocaine is a poor choice of drug to abuse in Thailand, the quality is abysmal and the price for a bindle that's been trodden beneath every foot between LOS and Colombia is ridiculous.
  2. To all, I am a contributing editor with newsgroup called International Living and am interested in profiling anyone currently working and or retired and living in Myanmar. All this would entail from your side is answering about ten question from a set that I would send you. These will be about living conditions, cost to salary, comparisons with your life there and back in Aus, social life etc. If you have your own business there great. If you are married to a citizen great as well. I can not pay you for taking part in this as there is no budget, but you may feel compensated by knowing your experiences will go forward to help those considering the move. Please contact me here at first and then we move on to direct emails or whatever makes sense.
  3. dictater

    Top 10 scams in Thailand

    #1 scam in Thailand, by number one I mean the one that effects the most people, is the governments own two tier pricing in national parks and some other "tourist attractions" including religious sites.
  4. There aren't hundreds of old white guys sitting around Nana anymore, the almost self satirical opening of a hooters on the soi was the death knell to any fun to be had there.
  5. To all I am researching the cost of starting a small cattle ranch either in Laos or Issan. I know nothing about raising cattle and have no intention of doing so, only doing some reasearch for a much larger piece of writing. I am hoping some one can give me some broad figures on what it would take investment wise to buy, build and maintain a small ranch of 50 head of cattle. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. dictater

    Thai Wagyu Beef in Kap Choeng/Surin.

    I wasn't asking about profit, Im trying to get a handle on how much investment it would take to start a cattle farm of around 50 head. How much land would cost, building barns, getting special feed, what it might cost per month to maintain that herd. If like Kwaibah you dont want to help me for whatever reason just say so.
  7. dictater

    Thai Wagyu Beef in Kap Choeng/Surin.

    I did read it, I wasnt asking how much your feed or the cattle cost, I was asking how much it cost to set up, what did you pay for the land, to build a barn, for the well etc. I wasnt asking you what you paid out of pocket but just for some round figures to guide me. I assume you must have some idea of what the numbers of are - were but if you dont want to help just say so.
  8. dictater

    Thai Wagyu Beef in Kap Choeng/Surin.

    Hey All I am doing some research on raising cattle in Laos for an article I'm writing and wonder if anybody can help me out with giving me some figures on the size of your operation, the cost of setting it up and the monthly bill for running it. I understand Laos will be different but these are ball park figures and don't need to be exact. Thanks for any and all help.
  9. I had my motorcycle stolen from there while I was in Myanmar for the 30 minutes it took to do my visa, the whole place is dodgy avoid if possible.
  10. Many years ago a Thai friend of mine was raped by an employee of a small resort on Koh Mok, the man fled in the middle of the night as she had bit into his tongue. I picked her up from the hospital and took her to her uncle's house in Chon Buri who was a high ranking police official at the time. Weeks later I asked if she had ever reported it to the police. She hadn't but her uncle had the hospitals and clinics scoured for a man that had come in that night for stitches in his tongue and according to her, they found him. No charges, no arrest, no trial. He was taken out to sea and put to rest. Case closed. That is the Thai way to deal with rapists.
  11. There is no answer to this except perhaps time. As I write this there are two loudspeaker systems at two parties within earshot though both over a kilometer away. When those parties are closer there is no sleeping in the morning nor ability to get work done in the afternoon, and this includes coming from the temple close by. No one I know likes, my land lord and family are just as annoyed as I but societial convention keep him from doing anything but grin and bear along with it. The late King actually told people years ago that they need to keep the music down if not for their own health than for the peace of their nieghbors. This was reflected where I live at the time with huge banners showing the king and a warning saying that public music must be under 70 decibles (that is from memory, could be a bit off), I remember so clearly because the banner hung above a school that was having sports day events and the music from the stadium size system they put together was punishing from half a kilometer away. This is not the first case of a person killing someone over loud music and whenever it happens there is bound to be applause because so many of us have been reduced to that kind of callous thinking by the total disregard of our nieghbors. TIT
  12. So the cop was stopped by an obviously drunk or high (OK maybe just crazy) man carrying around a cleaver, who attacked his truck with it and in order not to shoot him drove off? Didn't arrest him, didn't have his underlings arrest him. He just drove off and left the rest of the public to deal with a now enraged moron with a cleaver standing in the road. BIB, I salute you, no other police force in the world is as hands-off as you.
  13. That's a much more accurate figure according to the many young (and not so young) Thai people I know. One young woman I know who graduated from Univ. with a degree in chemical engineering earns 16,000 per month and almost every satang goes into the brand new Honda Accord she bought. Lives with her family (at 26) and never - never goes out. I personally can live very easily with no privation on less than 25k a month (single - small city life) and so do most of the poeple I know here.
  14. If you recognize the name of the person who 'gave' back what was most likely purchased in river city or some other market in Bangkok She certainly doesn't need a card to remind her she is elite.
  15. Despite the normal TV forum / Thai Expat bitter old men who deride any other foreigner in the country doing anything besides bellying up to the beer bar in order to bitch about soi dogs or their wives or the driving, some come here when they are still young and interested in life. I know it's hard, but I didn't read anything negative comments about the recent volunteers who came here to save the cave boys. But that was two weeks ago and this is Thailand and what have you done for me lately?