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  1. As you say Americans can own 100% of their business because of an antiquated law ( and the billions of dollars pumped into this countries infrastructure during the Vietnam conflict) but just go ahead and try and do that, unless you're coming in as a major economic force no one recognizes that law.
  2. “It must be done because it’s the law. It’s the law in many countries,” Col Kathathorn said What other countries?
  3. Did you have any issues with Kucoin, I registered and deposited BTC which initially showed up in the wallet but when I logged out and back in again it shows nothing. Seeing a lot of problems on Reddit with them and they have no support system.
  4. where is my deposit on Kucoin?

    I dont think there was any confirmation link to click. It initially showed up, but the confirmation area was buffering, then I logged out and logged back in and now there is nothing there. I'm seeing a lot of people on Reddit with big problems with deposit in Kucoin, just wondering if anyone here has experience and if it was just time or did they have to do something about it?
  5. I just transfered bitcoin from localbitcoins to Kucoin, the transaction registered but never confirmed after about a half hour I logged out and then in again and now there is nothing in the deposit section. Localbits shows the transaction? where did the coin go? Kucoin has a useless support bot so no help there. Any ideas out there?
  6. They are referring to the couple who were caught tagging on Silom, there is no mention of the nationality for the couple on Lanta, the Brits I suspect are either too drunk or hung over for any such strenuous activity.
  7. I waited for my registration on coins to be approved for a week before getting an email telling they would not approve it as I am still considered a resident of New York State based on banking records, so just a heads up to any other new yorkers out there, another exchange off limits.
  8. Hey I registered with localbitcoins but do they have an exchange with other alt currency? As far as I can tell you can buy and sell bitcoin but for any of the emerging ones you still need to register with another exchange?
  9. Its a good time to buy Ripple right now

    I have BTC in localbitcoin and want to buy ripple but can't use BX what other exchange can i use?
  10. May I ask what exchange you use? I want to buy some Ripple and a few other alt currencies, I can't really see how that is done from local bitcoin
  11. I went through with the transaction by simply making a deposit into the seller's account and he transferred the coin. Are you familiar with localbitcoin, I wonder what fees they charge for each transaction, I read a number but it doesn't calculate to what I just did.
  12. thats what I thought but so far localbitcoins haven't asked me to confirm anything.
  13. I cant use BX because Im American and I have been in the confirmation qeueu at coins for over a week. I am in contact with a seller on local bitcoin who wants me to send him a selfie with passport and a photo of my passbook.
  14. I just signed in to localbitcoins but it seems that sellers deal in whole coins at over 500k per, I want to start very small with an initial purchase of 10k B to try and understand how the system works. Is it possible with localbitcoins?
  15. Since starting to look at getting into the ALt currency market last week, finding out as an American that I was shut out of BX and looking at alternatives I went with coins. I have now been waiting for confirmation for over a week with 10k plus people still ahead of me. Now Looking for an alternative to coins, what's the next best move?