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  1. We have one Buddhist country ethnically cleansing them (led and supported by monks and silently accepted by a noble peace prize winning leader?) and another turning them out to die at sea. Half a million people who don't stand a snowball's chance in hell.
  2. Siam declares war!

    They made a better show of it in WW1 than in WW2 for sure.
  3. Has anyone done a bore on the 250 cbr? My CBR is at about 85k kilometers and it needs engine attention. Haven't had the shims check in a while and actually not sure if when they were supposed to be checked they ever were, I had evidence to the contrary. Something needs to be done but I have not trust in my local mechanic to do it since he trashed my D tracker last year and the local Honda shop won't do it and as far as I know either will Big wing (500cc and up I believe) which leaves the 250 and 300 in the no maintenance gap. I was wondering about finding someone to do a bore kit to 300cc, I figure if I'm going to have someone tinker with what has been a bullet proof bike for 5 years I may as well go all the way, anyone tried it?
  4. If I was advising this young woman I would be much more concerned about rape and personal violence against her. I have talked to many young solo female travels over the years who have come close to rape situations when off the tourist track a bit, one had her door kicked in by staff at a meditation retreat in the Tong Pa Poon district of Kanchanaburi and only escaped because she had a big knife in her room.
  5. Driving license / yellow house book

    I'm in the same situation and was considering finally getting the yellow book and so went to the Amphur to see what it would entail. The elder woman who works there, the one that is always a pain in the ass when getting a letter of residence which has to be done at the Amphur not immigration anymore at least where I live, told me I have to bring my wife, and when I explained to her once again that I don't have a wife she told me I can't get a yellow book. Now I know that is not true but as long as she says that trying to get one will just be pissing in the wind. So another letter of residence just to re-new a drivers license in which I had to get a letter of residence for in the first place.
  6. Doesn't' surprise me to see Thai tourists going into restricted areas in Yellowstone knowing what they do in their own national parks. I have written often here about the way local tourists abuse the national parks in Thailand and watching it get worse and worse as it has become trendy to camp in once quiet, and clean parks around the country which are all becoming crowded, over built and covered with litter because local tourists in the me me me culture have no respect for nature. And oh yes I have been called racist here for writing such things as the truth many times.
  7. This means that every government school in the country employing foreign teachers is guilty of labor violations since none actually pay the minimum amount required by government regulations to qualify for a work permit.
  8. yes the compensation is not much, it is more then she would have gotten from the government in the US who probably wouldn't even have paid here medical bills, and those bills would have been huge. What does a normal Thai women get when she is raped? I know of many who have been rapes and what they normally get is disdain in the best case and insults and blame in the worst, and sometimes if they are young end up in a forced marriage to the raper, when its plum, you know the rape thats inspired by love on the mans part. This type of rape is almost never punished and is so prevalent in Thai media that it could very seriously be thought of an integral part of Thai culture. until the judicial system finally hands out real punishments for rape it will remain a serious problem in Thailand.
  9. The reference to these guys being tourists, or foreign thieves gives the totally wrong impression. These guys are not here traveling, or even 'visiting' they are professional even if low level thieves. Giving this story the headline Tourist Thieves is very misleading.
  10. Notice not one little beep of the horn!
  11. Bangkok driver causing mayhem in Kanchanaburi. I saw an accident near to this site last year that ended with 12 people dead. I was just behind the pick up that caused it, Bangkok registration, who flew through the unsigned intersection while I was thinking, how can they see around that corner. They couldn't, collided with a farm truck which totaled the pick up and turned over wiping out another car in the process. I was stopped maybe 50 meters away watching. Thousands of Bangkok residents come to Kanchanaburi every weekend and turn the roads into a nightmare. Local driving customs may not be 'right' but generally are somewhat safe, put the big faced, red plated, arrogant Bangkokians into the mix and that's when lives get taken.
  12. Those are private business. Do you know of any state or federal properties or recreations that charge 10x the amount for foreigners to enter?
  13. Actually if you have a B, O or proper visa, one year - reentry you can just go to Phu Nam Ron and get a border pass with no visa, you leave your passport at immigration, they print you a pass that's good for up to 30 days, but only for Dawei area. I've done this four times, makes it very easy if you want to go and return through Htee Kee, currently working on ironing out taking my own motorcycle across, probably need to work with a Burmese company.
  14. I was there on Sunday same as it has been for the past several years. In fact if you want to side step the Burmese travel guys and get your own lift over to Htee Kee the whole operation will cost you about 550 baht, as long you have a B, O or equivalent visa. There is nothing in Htee Kee, there really isnt even a Htee Kee for those who haven't been but if you go to Dawie it is a beautiful unspoiled place well worth the time and effort.
  15. 'The fee, although high, is not really the issue for me. The issue is that there are more " Rangers " running around collecting fee's, than people keeping the parks clean and in good order. They are going to control numbers? Ha! Has he ever been to Phi Phi Lie? There are more staff there, and housing for the staff, than any other place I have been to. 100 tourists on the beach before 07.30. I collect rubbish every morning I go there, from the southern lookout. All they do is sweep up leaves! ' I am an avid visitor to National Parks and even worked in one for three months many many years ago. They are all well overstaffed, as are most government agencies, and under serviced. I know very well from my time working in a park how the corruption worked there and what the rangers did, not much, and as that was little visited park that 90% of the rubbish came from the rangers and their families that livid in the park. There has been talk over the years of creating a membership card for foreigners but until the recent crackdown on letting foreigners with Thai ID's in for Thai prices it didn't matter much. I love going to national parks but I hate paying 400 baht to go to a place that should be free. It's really disappointing to read this article and not have the issue addressed at all, or even a reason given for it. Two Tier pricing exists all over Thailand and when the government does it here, and on the railway system, and the government bus system how can we expect shop owners etc... to do otherwise?