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  1. Or does big chemical company baht exclude them? It does, everywhere.
  2. no link to the doco and no info on pbs site, ?????
  3. I wrote a list of the crap that washed up on to diamond beach on Kao Tao when I was staying there after a storm came through one night, the beach was littered with all manner of trash, plenty of it from fishing boats but much of it island borne as well, oh and that was in 2000.
  4. Just rent a bike and ride there, it's 60 k's from town, if your willing to wait around a bit once you've stamped out you can get a moto for a 100 baht round trip and ten bucks to immigration on the Burmese side. I do it in about an hour every three months.
  5. He should have shaved his head and donned an orange robe then all is accessible.
  6. dictater

    Drowning Still No. 1 Killer Of Thai Kids

    that cannot be more children than die on motorbikes, no way.
  7. why the F would they stop at that red light? Knowing the J - off in the truck has already pointed a gun at them. I had a gun pointed at me when I passed a car one time, you know cause of gran jai and all that, and I made sure I never saw that ignorant lump of feces in my rear view again.
  8. I have an IMCA ALST log bog that I got when I completed the ALST qualification course. I never got any work out of it and hence the log book is completely blank with the exception of my photograph being glued in it. Just wondering if it is any use to anyone - cost me about 8 thousand dollars!!!
  9. i dont know about getting cash for them but where I live the post office has a box to donate old phones, amazing how many iphones are in it!
  10. Hurry up cause I needs my chronic
  11. The beauties of Thailand are long gone for the most part as far as I can see. In the village, there are the two hundred pound eating machines in their long t-shirts and boxer shorts dragging their feet through the dirt with an equally fat baby under one arm and in the city these white skinned fake nose mutants that seem to belong to no nationality or race. Add to that the arrogance, ignorance, and nationalism that is just par for the course here and I say, No thanks to all.
  12. It's getting so hard to tell recently, that was a male? Sounded like a female. Does this confusion have anything to do with the light winking action the reporter references? I ordered that in one of those Japanese soupy massages one time and it was totally different than what was shown here.
  13. Nonsense on so many levels. Tourists cleaning up garbage is ridiculous. Expats saying Thais don't litter anymore or less than anyone else is complete bullsh-t that can be disproven by going anywhere there is a party, or gathering of any size. Saying that plastic and fast food wrappers originate in the west and therefore westerners are somehow complacent in the litter is the worse kind of culture apologizing. Thais as a whole, in this modern iteration of their culture, do not respect nature. I could sight endless examples of chronic disregard for keeping natural spots natural but it would be a waste of time as those with their eyes open agree already and those who are going to try and draw equivalence will do so no matter the facts. Suffice it to say the national railway workers sweep the garbage that the 99% Thai customers throw on the floor out the open doors as the trains move across the country.