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  1. Yingluck is scheduled to give closing arguments on August 1st and to hear the court’s ruling on August 25th.
  2. So you U.K. did that all alone .....? All the others just watching it ..? besides they where close on your doorstep ain't it ....?
  3. Do you see many shit carriers here driving around this high populated city ..?.,unless the poo became to thick then they shall use them to remove ....? you know around Pattaya a sewage cleaning plant ? I don't . Maybe you can go take a bucket at the end from big pipe ,,an take a smell
  4. Face it like it is this Pattaya little fishing village has overgrown his capacity....,too many hotels condos bars , hotels and other things. They need urgent a COMPLETE building STOP, and giving priority to infrastructure and enforcing this to later starting build again. Forcing all builders to make reasonable sewage water solutions and for city council a sewage water cleaning plant .....Pattaya can not keep growing further like this , also need serious garbage plants .....or one day they gone have a very ..very serious problem. They only welcomed the money coming in , not or to little infrastructure planned before . Years past on a trip to koh larn I was wondering what those brown clouds where in the water whas .......seeing later those big pipes I knew that the Siam bay is only a big toilet .... I neber poot even a foot in the beach water .....shit swimmers can do ,not me
  5. Prevented to start singing....short message to some inmates from the bosses...and ....
  6. And all maid with selling ONLY Not more than 5 g sold per transaction and per person........and then the 25 million is only the missed tax bill ....... come on guy's are we we to believe that he did not sold other or more things......in that line / branche of bussines ..? Look here only 1 of his little Thai shack(s) in the sticks here .....
  7. That is why one of the accusations is Gang formation or leading a criminal organization ..
  8. The reason for his sentence in Thailand is money laundering ..&.etcetera......
  9. Shall not happen .... he would never return and fight a return to Thailand with all his money for lawyers on reason Thailand has still the Death penalty ..... money talks you know ..... Thailand shall let him go when they like ...
  10. Video link is in The Netherlands already applicated in some trials .....
  11. Would you not have such a darling as a live in .....? ...
  12. I would not ever risk it to make a ( fake ) company to own a house .....like the intention is with a just shares company no real trading ...., a "future cash cow " to become when the authority's go after the bypass for the so many " company houses ....".
  13. look here .... Legallities performing work in own home on a OA retirement visa.pdf
  14. they forgot maybe how many civil servants of all kind are appointed by ex P.M T before .....and still serving and in function & loyal....
  15. By not transfer it by bank ..... bringing in cash and not rapport it at customs example ......or using the wife Thai name name to bring it / transferring in ..... many possibility's