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  1. I am using 1703 and the settings for txt size is like I showed in the screenshot (up in the posting ..) Al works fine by my findings ,just check screenshot where to find the settings ...
  2. Like this in settings display ...Or in menu / command bar under view you can also change some txt sizes
  3. Only partly ........even on Bloomberg they gambled on the banks leaving problem or elections .....they where speculating much for a short time ......I hope I did not scaremongering you too much ......as soon I knew I put...... elections !
  4. Theresa May is to make an unscheduled statement in Downing Street at 11:15 BST after her Cabinet meets......? Devaluation of the Pound because banks leaving ..? Snap general election..? (to delaying or reversing Brexit ..? ) BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith says broadcasters usually know what is about to be announced, but on this occasion they do not. http://www.bbc.com/n...litics-39627690... Elections June 8 !! it is
  5. My country has a policy not to change existing pensions if the rules change for new pensioners entry's.... ,but as you say future is there to possible changes ...
  6. I thought that the original poster was looking for a windows 7 o.s. so just posted this site ....nothing more ..... but seems many people unhappy lately .....brexit ?....exchange rate maybe ?...I don't know just a thought .....must be the news that Thai baht is straightening even more ......
  7. some are never satisfied ......if really so aversing to Win 10 .(...also no good ....) this is the alternative as you do not find the old O.S. on Microsoft website , even the media tool creator you can only choose the o.s. system you have on pc already , , I tried it to choose the Win 10 pro ..... no way !! if you have good cleaners programs you can remove all nasty things if are there ....I did it with finspico km activator program , and after I put it in a double rar file .... very sweet program to make all Windows and Office genuine continuously ... But best thing is accept to live with Windows 10 as free delivery by uncle Gates .....but of course that shall also not be good ......oh my god ....people.....( sigh..) ! I am very happy satisfied with the latest Win 10 creator update as also with the one before too, only win 8 and 8.1... I hated it , win 7 I liked before very much too but that is past thing .
  8. For all who like to go back in time to the stone age windows O.S.download what you like ....but no serials?keys ...up to yourself for that ,http://webforpc.com/software/operating-systems/
  9. In my country (Belgium ) A single pensioner who married officially get 25% augmentation ,so finally receiving a family pension (on condition the wife does not work ..(this for a workers pension , civil servants have not a family pension ,but they receive approx. 70% from last salary by a referring years period .) We also are not cut because living abroad ,and gain full access to health care when EVEN for short triphome country or re patriating ... no waiting list. WAW if Thai woman knows this... we and the French and others EU.would be hunted by the older Thai lady's ... PS: GF also get nothing in pension system , but not get cut short for a living togheter as in the Netherlands /Dutch system , they get punished if living with /eating a green leaf...
  10. Does your country not keep paying the widow...? my country does if a genuine marriage is done and brought to their knowledge ....? May only not marry again ,and she shall become a widow pension equal to the single person pension for life .., no" freezing" like in old generous brexit country ...( +2 % in steps likewise living costs ...)
  11. Check this out , all new things in the update ........even for the Win haters option to....Put off Windows Update for a year..!! Before be cry baby' check the settings in the manual .....just like you did with your first car ....before complaining always ....nobody forces ou to use Windows .. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3184891/windows/inside-the-windows-10-creators-update-the-17-best-hidden-features.html#slide3
  12. https://www.kasikornbank.com/en/rate/Pages/Foreign-Exchange.aspx
  13. If you are tempted already .....what about this computerized dream ....never saw Na jomtien Area like a Florida kind one...
  14. just on the money transfer document is sufficient for those ones...
  15. So moved for the money ?....so you can easely afford the expensive Imported fresh pineapple .... ! BTW . I do same for other Thai fruit except banana .....buy ready made sweet syruped canned Thai fruits ...as an exception I buy the fresh .....if only you know the amounts of chemicals Thai spray for the profit ....