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  1. So the last owner resisting can drive his price up.....? ........Or fall of his balcony/ eager jump....?
  2. So now the self paid guns can be sold ........so many for sale private i may think.....
  3. Buying new condo

    I think however only the sum of the sale can be transfered out of Thailand if the sum is lower than the F.E.T.total
  4. Buying new condo

    Shared registration costs..50/50 or each half of that to pay
  5. Buying new condo

    Try not to give deposit....but give certity of your id..show you have the money...in last resort freeze the asked deposit on your account....as once given it is hard to get it back as example land department can not inscribe for ANY reason from fault seller......as they know courtcase can cost you more than the deposit....Pay only at land office and by preference with certified bank cheque.....AL this of course if you can pay quick ......(read in example 1 or 2 week) as no seller shall walk away from a conclude quick sale in this low sales times...
  6. That is why i have 2 cards ,from different bank accounts numbers.... 1 with big load who stays inside safe , never comes out ,not connected by mobile banking .... and the second card always with me , and limited feeding by the biggy one only on online banking PC not by mobile , for my needs , so i can be frauded only limited ..... Until i get a card with pin on KK bank
  7. And when & where you drink bar/ gogo/golfing times...?😆
  8. With Skrill.com mastercard you can witdraw to Thai bank after verified as your account...as i did in past times loading skrill prepaid mastercard by my E.U. bank and witdraw to Kk..but transfer costs & exchange fees..can see/check on their website..skrill.com
  9. Snakes

    But alive ting tongs ...
  10. Snakes

    https://www.thailandsnakes.com/ online link with many pictures and descriptions ...
  11. Bank forbids me from sending money home

    Correct for printing and distributing ....... but keeping value ...... https://www.ecb.europa.eu/press/pr/date/2016/html/pr160504.en.html first part down "The €500 banknote, like the other denominations of euro banknotes, will always retain its value and can be exchanged at the national central banks of the Eurosystem for an unlimited period of time......" And because becoming so more rare..... they shall be given a higher value on the black market and still be used between the .............!.
  12. Bank forbids me from sending money home

    This travels lighter......
  13. Bank forbids me from sending money home

    Double posted (removed 1..)
  14. That is exactly what happened with the referendum .....never was truly explained what would happen .... remember ..... getting country back.... " 350 millions a week for NHS.... stopping immigration ....." I do not read NHS is happy now ...!
  15. "As it stands "..... you shall leave indeed .... but whiteout a trade deal I guess .....leaving is leaving not taking a part of the house with .... (my thoughts is that by now the E.U. does not really want a deal anymore as the know and see that they attract many opportunities from U.K. already ... just playing the game on ...)