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  1. Did the OP see undamaged screens being removed
  2. Car Scraping Plan.

    Time to implement a Thread scraping plan
  3. When my parts shop doesn't have what i enquire about and talk to their suppliers in Bangkok they speak Chinese so having that skill may help the OP crack the source of parts
  4. The toddler was pushed probably said this Almera's still <deleted> even with the wide gold wheels.
  5. 300,000b i'd want a lot more than 6 bags
  6. Ford service plan....

    somebody else with sense
  7. Extradition of Vorayuth moves a slow step forward

    Apparently his new favorite singer is Rod Stewart
  8. No Submarines so won't be interested
  9. Last couple of internal Thai Lion Air flights i used had Falang Pilot or at least Co Pilot
  10. New Honda Civic 5 door hatchback

    4 is better than 2 just the owners don't realise they get the same laugh
  11. Central to revamp department stores

    Pride of all Thai's
  12. Thai aircraft fleet that good?
  13. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7e8_1499735818
  14. Lowered Taxiwide wheelsmaybe Chinese Tyres