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  1. LPG filling stations in Ubon Ratchathani

    Thousands of LPG stations all over Thailand just use your eyes
  2. Ford fiesta transmission problems

    Take the car back to the Ford dealer just before they close and leave it tell them you will be back first thing in the morning (30 mins before they open so nobody can warm it up) to show them the problem.
  3. Self driving motorbikes maybe
  4. My first Vigo problem.

    Taxi man is your source of info.
  5. Auto Store / Parts / Floor Mats ???

    As your location is Bangkok go to Worachak everything will be there
  6. Electric Cars.

    No future for this one i'll stick to LPG
  7. Complainer needs some video instruction and told to chill out
  8. MG RV8

    Costello MGB V8 bonnet bulge, factory MGBGTV8 standard bonnet, MG RV8 different body panels
  9. Shackled Suspect Pushes Past Guards To Freedom

    Has been sorted out
  10. Should be more worried at being sent to Salisbury
  11. pretty number plates

    Legal and she will only be happy with 9999 nothing less
  12. Importing a car.

    The hurdles are fixed do not fall over when you hit them.
  13. Used car price guidebook

  14. Car charger

    Not sure of it's use , your Model T doesn't have a socket?