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  1. I've only seen an Ambulance take action to circumvent a red light about twice obviously an emergency rest of the time they just sit in the queue lights flashing waiting for the green.
  2. Using the vehicle to how root canal treatment is done.
  3. The Judge will believe him providing he can prove he sleep drove everywhere in the righthand lane.( that lots of Thaidrivers were there with him should not prejudice his case)
  4. Cloudy Lenses

    I use Brasso
  5. Car service in Thailand

    In the UK large fleets of main stream vehicles are purchased by Companies / Lease companies, any with service intervals of less than circa 20,000k would not make it onto the Fleet Managers can buy list. Having buying clout can alter things probably the same clout that may have changed the fact that the warranty is not affected when work is done by a VAT registered repairer using factory parts the Companies have their own workshops and the vehicles don't go near a Franchised Dealer.
  6. Poor seller i think they stopped producing them way before the NV went out of production, S/H shops/breakers for the few if any out there .
  7. 1999 Toyota Soluna

    New aftermarket CV joint approx 800 baht plus fitting total probably 1500 baht if you pay a little over the top on labour.
  8. SORN

    You notify the DLT the vehicle is not being used on the road and fill in their form for it on the form is a box stating Temporary/Permanently with the latter you hand back the N/plates with Temp i don't know haven't done it.
  9. Did the OP see undamaged screens being removed
  10. Car Scraping Plan.

    Time to implement a Thread scraping plan
  11. When my parts shop doesn't have what i enquire about and talk to their suppliers in Bangkok they speak Chinese so having that skill may help the OP crack the source of parts
  12. The toddler was pushed probably said this Almera's still <deleted> even with the wide gold wheels.
  13. 300,000b i'd want a lot more than 6 bags