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  1. Obviously Highways Dept don't know one model from another or English operator said a Cruze went past at 1,123 kph so the form filler thought that's feasible hit the ticket button.
  2. Would not matter for 250/350kBaht you buy that value Merc on driving and using your eyes would it sell on later of course if it is dirt cheap i would say they are for life cars ideal for Tom
  3. Uber running Thailand oops
  4. So you know in future what to put in the book starting in centre of Thailand Chiang Mai or Hat Yai starting north or south Bangkok
  5. So the car owes the finance co 240k which is probably what it will make at Auction which is why the finance co loaned 200k what will it cost and how long to get it back in the OPs possession if everything goes smoothly. How many days between repossession and ability to sell for the FC.
  6. Did the cyclist crap himself?
  7. So the OP says the car is worth 500k(we don't know make model year as usual) how much was the loan and how much is outstanding after the payments maybe do a deal with the finance co to buy it back as they probably don't want to get involved in any litigation ,then decide wether it's cost efective to go after the woman legally.
  8. Fuel lines in the picture generally don't come off they are part of the fuel pump assembly
  9. Boogeyman nightmare for Thai's over Boogeywoman nightmare for Falang's is not
  10. CQ just do what i said last time buy one already converted if you really want a 405 then sell yours as is cost will be same with no hassle.
  11. Definite rebuild can be driven now providing rad not leaking
  12. Recon circa 30k plus fitting
  13. 2018 McLaren Honda Indy Car Team Alonso and another former team mate who will eventually end up racing in the US once they are bored with F1, the dream team
  14. But can be used how do you know how much filler they are going to sploge on