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  1. 4 pieces of 2mm thick 35x35 mm x 100mm long angle iron cut one side down to just under 20mm 2 6mm holes in that side place in roof side of water channel 35mm side against centre (can position where factory holes in plastic strip are may be able to re-use) drill 8 6mm holes down through channel and roof lining (will have to remove all the upper plastic trim panels and lining to avoid) 8 button head bolts from the inside washers & nylok nuts in channel you then will have 4 100 mm stripes about 30mm high you can weld or bolt to,Bob's your uncle job done.
  2. Because they only want to communicate with Thai's (wife/Partner/agent) dealing with the actual alien about their Visa/Extension is a big headache
  3. Swansea would be straight onto it looking at Jail time in the UK
  4. They are saving your 'Face' how on earth could you show it if the neighbours were alerted to the broom & boards condition
  5. Are you still at the gas station?
  6. Looked on in panic
  7. Would think at end of model sales sticker quickly discontinued so not available for the yearly respray
  8. Kobota mated to a 9 speed Tiptronic 200kph 25,000kg
  9. No more right turns if you use
  10. But modding could sort out those pesky Fortuners
  11. Being Impounded across Bangkok right now
  12. Will the OP's Focus run on hot air?