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  1. Despite the fact Khao Phansa lent will not end before Oct/25?
  2. Shouldn't this read "200,000 months in jail and fines of two baht"?
  3. What sign do you mean? That one with the arrow pointing down?
  4. Ralf61

    Activists give thumbs up to tobacco tax move

    Where are all those activists who give thumbs up to a limitation of working hours to, let's say, 5 hours per day and 4 days per week?
  5. Ralf61

    Thailand prepares to chair ASEAN

    I am still waiting for the affordable Bear Lao since the abolition of tariffs for beverages in 2010.
  6. Uh, FIVE HUNDRED bucks! Who is the very victim in this case? Maybe Cody should stick with 3D printing his objects of desire.
  7. No reason for it. There are no adults anymore...
  8. 4,355 years in prison plus a Bt20,000 I always love that one...
  9. I'd like to attend, but unfortunately, I cannot find my walking stick and my hearing aid, and I run out of Beta-blockers, too...?
  10. Ralf61

    Bangkok police address student brawl

    How much is killing one in a dark alley?
  11. I completely agree, but, unfortunately, most people do not listen to their thumbs...
  12. The whole Thai power grid remains a mystery, at least to me.?
  13. No smoking on the beach. Khao San like a boring small-town suburb. Sinking tour boats. Walking Street like an army camp. Well, I can do with less tourists and a weaker THB...