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  1. It's not the RIP's fault. You cannot substitute brain with police force, as Gen. Prayut erroneously presumes.
  2. Instant Karma strikes again...
  3. You are reading my mind! Just wondering what they mean: "sauna-cum" in an fitness club or "cum-fitness" in a sauna
  4. Please help me with my weak math: My son in law is a skilled worker and earns about THB200,000 per year. Why should someone pay a THB280,000 bribe to get a less payed office job? But maybe math is not the problem here...
  5. Weapons cache intercepted on way to Saraburi

    NO water-guns this time?
  6. No one with a 3-digit IQ uses Facebook...
  7. No, it is not. My tax bill is up to date.
  8. Just one hour back from my extension of WP, no kidding: "No Sir, not possible two year only one year." "But two years ago, I got a two-years extension, as I did four years ago." (Not to forget this stupid Syphilis check, a HIV-check would make sense at least, but TIT.) New regulation, Sir, new boss in office, Sir, blablabla." Nice significant progresses every year here. At least we will never get bored (maybe screwed now and again). Every encounter with authorities involves a sort of adventure.
  9. Guess we will see lots more of "celebrities" showing up in the "Quality Media" who dream Donald touched their knees in the olden days in high school
  10. Communist party denied registration by EC

    It's the pot calling the kettle black, easy... By the way, I wasn't aware Prathet Thai got a Communist Party, as of yet.
  11. Opps, no Thai bashers on this occasion? Well, maybe they are busy in the Florida forum.
  12. Buddha Issara Reunites With Suthep At Court

    Aren't we the monk, who meddles in politics, and the democrat, who appreciates democracy only in the case of certain election outcomes?
  13. Wrong, but not yet Wi-Fi-enabled:
  14. Shift in priorities? Guess Rolex will not like that piece of business news...