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  1. Well... As I invested a nice 150,000 THB into completely new electrical installation, including earth/RCDs, just to see to get all the safety systems spoiled by just a pincer's cut this idiot did, it needs no electric shock to trigger a ventricular fibrillation...
  2. A mere 30 millions? Have presently 2 Thai "craftsmen in my house. One of them just simply cut the protective-earth pin off a jack, as the jack would "more easy fit". I will definitely skip this skywalk attraction.
  3. On schedule for the high season, great planning...
  4. Exactly my question. Are there some engineering guys out there who could explain the process?
  5. Nice to hear this country has no more severe problems...
  6. Indeed some impressive views, maybe not worth a hundreds miles/km ride, but a nice occasion to get my revue-dancer body off the sofa. The tour of the farm on a tractor-trailer was somewhat thrilling. Have some small money with you, as they are usually not prepared to change a 1000-er for just a can or coffee
  7. I have been trying for nearly a decade to find out the Thai words for "compensation" and "repayment".
  8. A M16 is on the Minimum Equipment List for Pattaya beach road, isn't it?
  9. Right, they get fiver out of you for a small can of beer. In Hanoi it's 5 nickels...
  10. Blessedly there is no cold weather in Thailand, there is no such thing here...
  11. 25 years and nine months in prison over a murder in Phayathai district in 2004. They are talking about the Buddha-year 2004...
  12. Well, maybe for you, but please remember: Thermodynamics is a science and might, as such, be somewhat over some TV 's audiences heads...
  13. Red-light districts in Thailand? Never heard of that one...