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  1. Nice picture, and the container with my cash for this month clearly in foreground
  2. All out hearts and thoughts have been with those brave boys, that's for sure, and anyone with a healthy brain and heart is glad they made it.
  3. Landlubbbers often underestimate the dangers of the tricky sea. Neither did I, as an inlander, know anything about rip currents. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rip_current for how to get out of this...
  4. Uh, the Knowing-betters are waking up...
  5. Somewhat lonely? Transfer him to Bangkok Hilton. There is saying you'll get lots of company there, in very close distance...
  6. Sorry, I mean those so brave ones from Europe and the U.S.
  7. Thanks to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a lot of aspects of Saudi life are NOT moving into the 20th century. Wonder where all those feminists are, crying out for sanctions
  8. I'd prefer sending her to Bangkok. No visa hassle anymore for us farangs...
  9. It's not stupidity, it's a well orchestrated plan, going on for about 40 years: Islamisation of Europe, as the Christians are on retreat...
  10. because it could some easy minds get to the conclusion there are some parallels out there to their current situation. Just the same, but just some different colors in the state flag (and no, it's not Donald but Hillary)
  11. Seems this guy has never ever been in Indonesia. They sell this stuff on each corner. Lot's of Adolf fans there, and, for sure, they have not the foggiest idea what it was/is all about. Sad.
  12. no money neither and no money at all not a bit
  13. Soccer Championship is looming...
  14. I'm curious about the next airport power-outage in Germany...
  15. Holy [email protected]!t: http://www.dw.com/en/blackout-cripples-hamburg-airport/a-44060381