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  1. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1042893-bus-from-pattaya-to-poipet/
  2. You mean ENTER BEFORE? 14 MAR 2018
  3. I am on an METV, my last stamp says admitted until April 11 and my flight home is on April 10. Before this, I am planning a trip to Vietnam out of Suvarnabhumi. My first thought was getting a re-entry permit before leaving, but couldn't I save the expense and just leave on March 19 and re-enter March 23 on a visa waiver? Hotel booking, ticket out of Thailand, 20 kB ready, of course. Thanks for advice.
  4. tchk


    Why not ask Pattaya immigration?
  5. That could mean an easy re-entry permit when going to Koh Kong
  6. You gave me the answer
  7. How do YOU know?
  8. Sihanoukville, Cambodia
  9. Has anyone experience with Jomtien, positive or negative?
  10. That sounds great. But I was under the impression that some IOs did not accept a hotel address, and rentals shorter than 1 month were illegal. Please clarify. Thanks.
  11. As I understand it - but having spent too much time on this forum I am not sure to understand anything at all - the advantage of the O - A seems to be that you don't have to register an address in Thailand. I like to stay in hotels that do the TM-30 stuff for me, but a hotel address is not accepted for an extension of stay. True?
  12. Didn't know that you can get re-entry permits at some border crossings. Does anyone know if Had Lek is one of them?
  13. Yes re-entry after the "enter before" date, that's what I meant. Thanks for clearing things up.
  14. "proof of address": required for an METV staying in a hotel? and what is the correct form? thanks ...