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  1. For clearing the throat maybe you could just cough?
  2. Baht Bus drivers asking for more than 10 baht

    I hate getting a fistful of 1B's as change. Happens all the time when the missus is in the passenger's seat
  3. Baht Bus drivers asking for more than 10 baht

    Where do people get all these 10B coins? Go shopping? Have a beer? Is there a place to get a whole roll of them? Difficult to get change from a driver paying with a 20B
  4. Great and helpful answer; thank you, Ubonjoe.
  5. Stupid question: At the end of an METV, having entered Thailand before the "enter before" date and received another 60 days, could I take one more trip abroad during this time by using a reentry permit? Applying the same rules as for an SETV it would not seem impossible, but does anyone know?