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  1. No. Only the 6 and 12 month ordinary (business) visa are multiple entry. You need a new visa
  2. Good idea. The name of the Cambodian border post at Hat Lek near Koh Kong is Cham Yeam
  3. Thank you for this interesting story which shows me that my initial worries were not completely unfounded. I am not Vietnamese, but I think the personal preferences of an immigration officer can hit just anyone. I'll carry a return ticket and enough money so I'm probably safe, but I am still curious to see what happens.
  4. I am going to Cambodia for 6 months on an ordinary visa. During that time I may want to visit Thailand 2-3 times for about a week each time, for shopping or medical services. Can I do this on a visa waiver or do I have to expect trouble from the 2nd time on?
  5. <script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script> A person cannot just go to Pattaya to apply. It requires an address there and proof of that address. If the OP can afford to stay one night in Pattaya that's enough for proof of address
  6. Go to Pattaya; that's close for you. I was in the same situation a few years ago. I was there on a visa waiver and they first put me on visa, forgot what kind, for 3 months, and then a retirement visa, all at once. They even sent me to a branch of Kasikorn down the street that would write out the necessary bank letter. You give them the name of the hotel you are staying. Very friendly, very efficient. Can't imagine they have drastically changed their attitude. Good luck! P.S. just refer to this post concerning what I said about the Pattaya/Jomtien office:
  7. There is NO Citibank ATM in the basement of Terminal 21. There are some Citibank ATMs across the street on the ground floor of the office tower there, which houses Citibank's main Bangkok branch. Do you know what bank's ATMs you actually used or even where you were? So why don't you use the ones you found?
  8. Same here. A few days ago I withdrew 20k at Citibank in the basement of Terminal 21 with a VISA card of No fee.