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  1. p_brownstone

    Health/supplement stores in BKK

    You might try the large Pharmacy between Sukumvit Soi 2 and 4 - right next door to Bully's Pub, they have a very large variety of medicines and may have what you are looking for. Patrick
  2. You are TOTALLY incorrect on every point! NOWHERE in the Thai Nationality Act does it state that at the age of 18 a Dual Citizen must choose between their Thai and their Foreign Citizenship and relinquish one or the other. In fact the Thai Nationality Act NEVER even mentions the age of "18 " . The Act simply states that a Dual National MAY, in the year after becoming 20 years old (the legal age of maturity in Thailand) decide to relinquish his / her Thai Nationality upon application to the relevant Thai Ministry of the Interior. (As an aside comment - good luck with that!!). There is no penalty for not doing so and therefore the vast majority of Thais holding Dual (or even multiple) Nationalities do nothing and continue to use their Foreign and Thai Passports as necessary for convenience. Thousands of Thais hold Dual or even multiples Nationalities. Please don't Post on subjects you know nothing about! (Please tread my earlier Post too). Patrick
  3. If one has Permanent Resident status in Thailand then in many cases just showing a Passport - any Nationality - can cause more confusion than anything else. I have had PR for many years and a few years ago had to once again renew my (British) Passport, since when I have never left Thailand so there are absolutely no Stamps of any sort in that Passport. Often, when travelling up-country and checking into Hotels (for example) I am asked for I.D. and present my Thai Certificate of Residence (a white book); at a guess in more than 75% of instances the Check-in Staff have never seen this Document before and reject it - demanding to see my Passport. I then reluctantly hand over my totally virgin British Passport and am immediately viewed with immense suspicion when the staff see there are no Visa entries or in / out Stamps etc.. Patrick
  4. Exactly. "Nulla poena sine lege" Latin for "no penalty with out a law" is a legal principle, requiring that one cannot be punished for doing something that is not prohibited by a law. This principle is accepted and codified in modern democratic states as a basic requirement of the rule of law. (I have no doubt that someone or other will snigger at the thought of describing Thailand as "a modern democratic state" of course but go ahead!). Patrick
  5. p_brownstone

    Customer Service Jobs

    I'm sorry but based on your Post you have zero chance of finding employment in your field here in Thailand. "32 years of work experience" would indicate that you are at least 50 years old - a virtually insurmountable barrier for a first time worker in Thailand. "Please note I do not speak Thai" ( ! ) then how on earth do you expect to communicate with Thai staff or Thai Clients here - much less make any contribution to "floor walking duties where help is given to agents who have a query they are unsure of answer to or don’t understand". Seriously, there is literally no chance of a job like that for a Farang here in Thailand. Patrick
  6. p_brownstone

    Thai puns needed

    What Province in Thailand are elephants afraid of? พังงา Patrick
  7. p_brownstone

    Holiday trip to the USA

    He did not forget - you never mentioned it! Patrick
  8. p_brownstone

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    You can now but refined Beef Dripping (which I assume is what you need) online for home delivery: https://www.passiondelivery.com/products/sloanes-beef-dripping Patrick
  9. What on earth is the point in sending new recruits from the North of Thailand - who probably speak Kham Muang and, maybe, Central Thai - to the deep South of Thailand where the language and vocabulary are totally different? Hearts and minds - I think not! Patrick
  10. And the silly woman appears to be wearing Earbuds - listening to her iPod or whatever - whilst being questioned. That's not going to earn her points for respect towards the Official nor show remorse for the offense. Patrick
  11. p_brownstone

    US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    An ENTIRELY different situation - surely you must realise that? Firefighters going into the Twin Towers were dealing with an ongoing, real-time incident - trying to rescue still living people possibly trapped in the Towers; that's brave. As regards the two Students in California the situation is totally different. Sorry to be blunt but they are long dead, and therefore there is absolutely no reason for the Recovery Teams to risk their lives until the waters and weather improve, simply to retrieve bodies - or what's left of them after being flensed by rapidly flowing water for 2 or 3 weeks. To attempt recovery before that is not brave - it's dumb, as the local Authorities obviously understand Patrick
  12. p_brownstone

    Two killed as oil tanker overturns and explodes

    VERY few Diesel / Petroleum Tank Trucks worldwide are "double skinned" - it's simply too expensive to 1) Construct such a Tank and 2) Bear the fuel expense of carrying such extra weight in the Truck when the Truck Owner /Operator is trying to reduce Costs and increase profit. Overall it's cheaper and far more effective to install proper Safety Equipment on a standard, single wall Bottom Loading Tank Truck. That said you will commonly find "double skinned" Tanks used in Europe and the U.S. in Underground Storage situations (for example in Service Station installations etc.). With properly installed equipment these will provide a defence / warning about developing leaks from / into the underground tank to prevent pollution, product or soil contamination etc.. However sadly these are not yet at all common in Thailand! Patrick
  13. p_brownstone

    Two killed as oil tanker overturns and explodes

    No I mean the majority. Yes, Companies like Shell and PTT have some properly equipped Trucks of their own but not many - they use local Transport Companies extensively - these are the Trucks that are ill-equipped in the case of an accident. Certainly there are some Transport Contractors who have properly equipped Trucks too, but again, not many. In addition many Retail Petrol stations are individually owned and the owner often has his own locally assembled Truck to collect Product from the nearest Terminal as and when he runs low on Stock, buying or retro-fitting a Bottom Loading Truck is expensive so they try to avoid the expense. Finally most Loading Terminals outside Bangkok and the 5 surrounding Provinces are still Top Loading Product, not Bottom Loading and you cannot realistically install the required Safety Equipment on a Top Loading Truck, nor can a Bottom Loading Truck be Loaded at most Terminals outside Bangkok and the 5 Provinces simply because the Terminal itself is not equipped to Bottom Load Trucks. Patrick
  14. p_brownstone

    Best way to get a work permit

    The Baht 2 million is for Registered Capital only, it does not all need to be Paid Up Capital, and you can use Assets - Office Furniture, Company Car, Computer equipment etc. etc.. You will need a minimum of 2 Shareholders and upon Registering the Company they will be required to show proof that they have Funds available to purchase thier allotted Shares. Patrick
  15. p_brownstone

    Two killed as oil tanker overturns and explodes

    The vast majority of Tank Trucks in Thailand have no equipment installed to prevent a massive fuel leak if the Truck rolls over, they are simply 20 - 30,000 liter capacity tanks bolted onto a truck chassis (with maybe several separate Compartments each containing 4 - 5,000 liters of mixed Product - Diesel, various grades of Petroleum etc.). Usually they have locally made hatch covers which simply pop open under the stress of a crash or rollover. Patrick