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  1. OK, thanks all. I'll go Vientiane as I like it there! P
  2. Hi, Am here on a tourist visa which expires in 2 weeks. I am enrolling into Bangkok University but the process will take more like 3 weeks. I have already done the 30 day extension on the tourist visa. So I plan to take a break and spend maybe sometime away in Laos, which is where my tourist visa was issued. Does anybody know if issuing another tourist visa in Vientiane would be a problem? Or should I go to sakanhavett for the visa? As mentioned I have only one tourist visa in my passport. Many thanks for your help Paulinho
  3. I suggest you call someone I know. P.M if you want details. I won't post here. Good luck. It's a damn horror story.... So sorry for you.... P
  4. OK. I thought as much. Appreciated. P
  5. Hi, My tourist visa expires June 23, Saturday. My error but am moving apartment tomorrow. Thought it was valid until 25th June as arrived in from Laos on April 25. So, I want to get the 30 day extension. It was issued for 60 days. So I can get the 30 day extension as I believe. Is there anyway to do this online? Or any other way in central Bangkok that I could get to quickly, or any service that will do it or do I have to go to chang wattana which is going to take most of the day and with moving not sure I can make it? If I go monday 25 I presume they won't extend the visa as it will be 2 days after visa expires? Thanks, Paulinho.
  6. Love it. You are all in denial this country is upside down. And just like as has been said accept or ferufe. Of you refuse then you just a no point sitting at computer typing your emotion Motion is key.... Burkowski.
  7. Hi all, Just update. Was no issue. Got this on departure stamp can't read what it says? https://ibb.co/hJup3c Thanks for advice. P
  8. Thanks. I meant to say makes NO sense re. On way to airport with no passport. Thanks for your advice.
  9. Thanks. I don't want a stamp of overstay. Departed not more than 24 hours OK as a stamp. And re. a police check saying passport is in hotel when you are in a taxi to airport would make sense!
  10. Hi, My visa expires tomorrow (Saturday). However I have a few necessary things to do tomorrow and also since embassy opens Monday don't want to spend an extra day before getting visa especially given I have lots on tomorrow including doctors. I know 1 day overstay is permitted. I'd rather not but will be helpful. UK passport. Will there be a fine or stamp? Will it affect getting visa? I heard some reports that immigration are being tighter at swampy and even had issues with people on two days. Am I OK or should I be concerned and fly tomorrow? Gracias.
  11. Paulinho

    Visa Saigon?

    Thanks. But am asking bout a Thai visa.
  12. Paulinho

    Visa Saigon?

    Thanks Joe
  13. Paulinho

    Visa Saigon?

    I guess this part from the Consulate site: Additional document required : Three passport-sized photo (4x6 cm) taken within 6 months, size 4x6 cm. Confirmation letter from the company where the applicant is working. Work Permit AND Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam with validity not less than 6 months. Confirmed round-trip ticket or confirmed ticket showing a transit in Thailand. Confirmed booking hotel (with name of applicant and the date matching with the travelling ticket above) Evidence of adequate finance (equivalent to 20,000 Baht per person and 40,000 Baht per family member From: 8. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS Nationals of certain countries are required to apply for a visa only at the Thai Embassy or Consulate-General in their home/residence country or at the designated Thai Embassy. Therefore, travellers are adivised to contact the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate-General to find out where they may apply for a visa to Thailand Doesn't apply as I have British passport? Thanks
  14. Paulinho

    Visa Saigon?

    OK thanks. Will check the docs and requirements. Suppose proof of address and bank info? Appreciated Gracias.
  15. Hi, I was due to go to Laos and get a new visa this week. Songkran through my plans and some lovely tourist threw water over me and my bag. Laptop dead. Thanks... Anyway been waiting for people get back to work. I also thought since my visa expires 21st that I might go Vietnam for a break and get the visa there. Questions/point: . Only had two tourists visas in several years. Both from Vientiane. . No tourist visa ever from Saigon . No tourist visa in current passport (have been studying so was on Ed visa) ... Anyone been Saigon recently and are they still simple regarding getting a TVisa? Also need a break and haven't been to Vietnam for almost 20years. So would like to have a holiday there and travel around. Don't want to have to then go off to an other thai embassy elsewhere if Saigon has become strict on issuing tourist visas Thanks