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  1. Sad news, Phil was a good guy, he will be missed.
  2. Sorry the new fruit many are changing to is passion fruit,good luck to them.
  3. No its not,Ok i did not tell the whole story,the parents have given up on the pineapples too,trying their luck with,cows,pigs,fish ponds and are now growing rice on a large part of the land,also occasional work when they can.many farmers in the village are also changing to another fruit()very recently and are hoping for a better return,look believe me their is no on in my Fairly famous PINEAPPLE village getting rich from these lovely tasting fruits,one well known local character(farang)had 20 rai of pineapples,he told me he had to stop as he was not making profit,he also changed changed to growing something else.look i could so much more about this subject but i think i have made quite clear,its not a good idea-good luck to people if they feel like giving it a go,but they will lose out!
  4. Haha,i have 7 rai in Nanglae ,we grew pineapples on 6 rai of the land for 3 years,believe me its not easy work and many many hours are put into tending the plants,my wife and her family have grown pineapples for 30 years plus,so they know what the are doing and i have learned a a thing or 2 from them,it was some of hardest labour i have ever done, if its not the sun draining your energy,its the rain,making all the grass and many weeds come back nearly as quick as they are they are cut,if you hire labour to work the land-bang goes any profit you might have had.All the pineapple farmers in my village struggle to make a living and have to work other jobs make ends meet.So i do have first hand knowledge on this matter,so advice! Sap-bpa-rot-forget it as there is no profit.