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  1. Ivanka Trump is achieving all you can as the modern woman. She’s an entrepreneur, wife, and mother, yet the liberal feminists absolutely hate her.
  2. “Global expenditures to ‘stop global warming’ already exceeded $1.5 trillion a year in 2015, or approximately $4 billion a day,” says Joe Bast, president, and CEO of the Heartland Institute. And the “progressives” who are leading the global warming alarmist campaign and promoting the climate hysteria, he charges, are doing so “not to protect the environment, but to wage war on capitalism.”
  3. "Most academic economists, along with the Treasury, the Bank of England, the IMF and the OECD, forecast an immediate downturn as a result of a Leave vote. In the event, all these organizations have since been scrabbling to revise their predictions upwards, and you can see why. Britain grew more strongly in the six months after the vote than in the six months before it and ended 2016 as the world’s most successful major economy. Employment, investment, share prices, retail activity, manufacturing output, and exports are all rising."
  4. Bernie Sanders compared the Democratic Party in 2017 to the ill-fated Titanic in a recent interview, adding that corrupt and self-interested Democrat leaders want to maintain the “status quo” and sink with the ship so long as they can keep their “first-class seats.“
  5. Obama's Clean Power Plan was implemented to put coal power plants out of business through impossible emission compliance regulations.
  6. It's an historic time for the United Kingdom. In 1975 a Trade Bloc was established. In 1992 that Trade Bloc became a Superstate. In 2016 the people of Britain were asked whether they wanted to remain in that Supserstate. The people of Britain, in a very British way, said "no, thank you anyway"
  7. Israeli civilians have been terrorized for years by speeding car and knife attacks by Palestinians who are inspired by the same jihadist ideology as the London, Brussels, Paris, Munich and Nice attackers. While ISIS followers receive some funding and help from local supporters, the Palestinian terrorists are encouraged to launch such attacks by the Palestinian Authority and are guaranteed a national hero status, large financial rewards and special benefits to their families.
  8. EU worried migrants will shop around for best return deal The amount of financial incentive offered by EU countries varies considerably. Financial incentive. Reward for good behavior. Gift. Bribe. Call it what you like, but payments to migrants to encourage them to return to their countries of origin are now key to Europe’s migration policy. They are also creating a problem.
  9. We Are Winning Again:
  10. EPA chief: Trump to undo Obama plan to curb global warming. "So we've penalized ourselves through lost jobs while China and India didn't take steps to address the issue internationally. So Paris was just a bad deal, in my estimation," he said.
  11. It looks like the Democrats are trying to do an American Reset. The crushing defeat handed to them by Donald Trump leaves them no choice. With no frontrunner or clear leadership, they have decided to start over. Embattled DNC Asks All Staffers For Resignation Letters
  12. The coal miners are going back to work, throughout his campaign, President Trump promised the American people that he would roll back Obama era regulations that KILLED the coal mining industry. Those regulations left millions of Americans jobless and hopeless; they felt they had no place to turn.
  13. Our intelligence agencies are keeping terror at bay.
  14. The UK's entrepreneurs may be holding their breath ahead of the triggering of Article 50 on Wednesday, but James Dyson has said he is "enormously optimistic" about it. In an interview with the BBC today, Dyson, who was one of the business world's most prominent Brexiteers, said it won't be a disaster if the UK ends negotiations without a trade deal with the EU. "We pay the WTO tariff going into Europe because we manufacture in the Far East," he said.
  15. The patent, written in 2015 and published this month, shows how a phone could fold and be used in different ways.