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  1. p1p

    Grace International School

    No updates as yet. As I wrote above, they have been offered the chance to negotiate a compromise solution and are refusing to do so. They are, instead, taking full advantage of the situation to raise huge amounts of money from gullible individuals in the USA. "Your $ are Needed to Help Grace Academy fight the good fight against the heathen forces trying to destroy them in Chiang Mai. Send your donations to........" My contacts in the US tell me they have breached $5M already, although I have no way to confirm this. In any case, it is "Heaven Sent" for them to use as a fleecing method to give them bulging coffers. The longer they can drag it on, the more they can make out of it.
  2. p1p

    Grace International School

    Some fair few years ago I ordained as a Buddhist monk. At that time my girlfriend, and the person to whom I entrusted my life, my home, my business and everything was a fairly strict Catholic. (She was Thai.) She came to see me to tam boon with food etc. almost every day I was in the temple, bringing my children when they were out of school. Not all Thai Christians are totally blinkered. (I am happy to relate that she is now happily married to a fellow Catholic and they have a successful business back in the UK. Our relationship was destroyed by a Buddhist, supposed friend, which is a story I only relate to good friends when I am in my cups.)
  3. p1p

    Grace International School

    The school have repeatedly been offered compromise solutions by the management of the World Club, but have never responded, let alone entered serious negotiation. There is method in their supposed madness. They have charity agents back in the Good Ole midwest Yoo Ess of Ay busily milking their flock of gullible Christians of every last cent available to help their magnificent Grace Academy continue to Fight The Good Fight on behalf of Jesus in the land of Heathens. They will continue to milk the situation for all it is worth until they find another, better reason. The whole Grace entity looks to be a money making venture. It is funded with donations from the US. A normal school's biggest expense, the staff, are unpaid by Grace, they have to get their home congregation to pay them. The school pays no rent but they still charge fees equivalent to other international schools in Chiang Mai. Interesting to know where all their money goes to????
  4. Sorry - I need to close this topic. I fear it falls foul of ThaiVisa rules and regs:
  5. p1p

    Grace International School

    This is hearsay and I am unsure of its veracity, although the people who told me have every reason to know the facts of the case. I am told that Grace are being refused a license to open a new school. If this is true, they may have to move out of Thailand.
  6. p1p

    Jail Term

    He disappeared.
  7. p1p

    Jail Term

    To the best of my knowledge she had no prior convictions. Her boyfriend was a user with a prior and passed the caps to her when their bike was stopped at a check point.
  8. p1p

    Jail Term

    A few years back one of my (female) chefs was sentenced to ten years for possession of two methamphetamine tablets. Your friend's daughter may well have got off lightly.
  9. p1p

    Indian Food

    Pleeeease let it be the old Royal India. I dearly miss their Thali lunches!
  10. p1p

    Paralyzed Dog

    Removed trolling post and followups that add nothing but a taste of bitterness to the thread. Please keep on topic and leave out the attacks on others.
  11. p1p

    School fees for young children

    My children were at Kiddy Bear and were very happy there.
  12. p1p

    Lost Friend

    I am sorry, but TV policy does not permit "Missing Persons" threads. I am now closing
  13. Jerusalem Felafel certainly makes Hummus and I have seen it for sake in Central Airport, with pitta bread and other mid-eastern delicacies. Rimping and Tesco Lotus both stock chickpeas.
  14. Hmmmmmmmmm Skuse me while I stop spinning - Don't you just love this country!
  15. p1p

    International Schools In Cm

    The following is pinned at the beginning of the Chiang Mai forum under the heading "Introduction to Chiang Mai, and how to search the Chiang Mai forum.": Having made the above point, I have done some of your research for you. Please have a look at the following link: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?ac...#092;&st=0: