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  1. Hello members, I know this is a Chaing mai thread and all, but maybe someone knows about this. A guy in Bangkok sent me this pic about buying Salami some time ago, but it seems his account is inactive now for some reason. If you are him or know of him from this pic please PM me. thanks
  2. I must admit, the Aussie bogan element think they have a god given right to take the piss out of anyone, even when its not warranted or called for. Add alcohol and it gets even worse. The prime minister is no different and shows the standard Aussie reaction here: When caught out, heaps of back-pedalling and cries "it was only a joke". Its kind of why i giggle here when reading the reports about Aussies getting the <deleted> kicked out of them by motorcai dudes
  3. ozzieovaseas

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    I must say that looks pretty damn good. Where did you buy this?
  4. Steady up there fella! Most of us are pretty happy so long as we have a beer in our hand and a meat pie on the table
  5. ozzieovaseas

    Isaan or Islands to meet Thai Women ?

    Many a shark to be found in Thailand and you dont have to be on the islands to find them. I cant help but think, if you are the sort of person that has to ask the question on Thaivisa, then you really will be shark bait no matter where you go!!
  6. ozzieovaseas

    Drunk old men

    In defense of these old guys i can think of a few points - They CAN afford to do what they do.(drink and play with Thai fillys) - They dont have to worry about being an English teacher and go through all the kow-towing that envolves. - They are actually INVITED to this country with a legit visa classification..dont have to worry about being a perpetual tourist, illegal worker, poor English teacher, border runner. Oh, and a lot of them i see are actually in better bodily shape than the younger ones
  7. Sorry if this has been done in a previous thread (couldn't find anything via search). I was recently reading about the new 3 year visa Cambodia is soon to offer. In one way, it seems to good to be true, but then again what is the place actually like to live in compared to Thailand? More specifically, do you think one could easily adapt to Cambodian lifestyle after being in Thailand a decade or so? Considering the negative proposals/announcements from Thai immigration that keep coming with regularity, and with the hurdles forever getting higher would you be tempted to make the move? Or maybe even consider a six month (or so) change of scenery. Any feedback or thoughts?
  8. Lovely sentiment .... not Fact is that many nationalities holiday or live here on a roller coaster of heavy drinking and high romantic/emotional expectations. A very very bad mixture ... Indeed. I was reminded of that when a family member contacted me after seeing the Huahin Welsh couples story splashed all over the news in Australia. My reaction was that with the use of a little bit of the ol' grey matter, many of these kinds of misadventures can usually be avoided. As far as romantic/emotional expectations, For a logical person its very hard to take such a relationship seriously where: - Effective communication, at best is limited...at worst, non existant. - The education of the partners, the belief systems, and the morals they have grown up with are seriously different and often in conflict. Added that the whole thing is usually built on co-dependencys of some sort. Bound to end up in tears, or worse.
  9. A more telling statistic might be how many Aussies die from accidental balcony falls in Australia? Ive been alive over 50 years now and although im sure it probably has happened more than a few times, i certainly cant recall any that i have read/heard of. No, sorry, but the "facts" as reported in this story stink to high heaven. I would go as far as to say it is one big sh!te sandwich....And by that i mean the whole story is about as easy to swallow as a piece of soi dog turd nestled inbetween two very mouldly slices of bread.
  10. ozzieovaseas

    Cooking oils and health ... I'm still confused

    Hard to know who to believe….the experts had us believing fat was bad and sugar was ok way back when business interests paid them to say so. True. And that's my point. As I expected I'm still confused about these choices and didn't really expect any resolution from this thread because in the real world these are still very hot issues. I would assume, BTW, that by now the American Heart Assn. is not opposed to healthy fats (such as nuts and avocados) and is on board now with seeing the link of sugar with obesity. There is a website from a farming family in the US that is starting a cottage type industry with pork products. In regards to the pork fat issue, she has studied the history of the processed oil industries and unearths some very interesting claims. It seems the processed oil industry was originated from cotton growers that huge backlogs of cottonseed they could not market or sell. Along came a clever bunch of chappies that found a way of processing the seed to make oil. They did very little real research into the health benefits, but poured cash into a very vocal campaign against the use of saturated oils, butter, and animal fats, just to push their product. It kind of fits with the M.O of cotton industry considering what they did to hemp, so i can believe the claims. One of the other interesting claims is that pasture animals obviously get a lot of sunlight, and the vitamin they get from that (is it D?) is stored in the fat, which is another reason why animal fat can be healthy.
  11. ozzieovaseas

    Cooking oils and health ... I'm still confused

    At least with lard you can do it yourself and you know what your getting. Its surprising how much you can render down from a reasonable sized piece of pork belly. It burns way longer than any of the others mentioned, so you don't use as much and you cant compare the taste.
  12. the doorman or the toiletmen ,,,,,,, I can't wait until the day these lowlife doormen/bouncers/toilet cleaner (or whatever they call themselves) take on an active duty U.S. Navy Seal or a U.S. Marine Special Forces. I hope it's caught on video - would love to see that one. What does an active duty U.S. Navy Seal or a U.S. Marine Special Forces do when several attackers are coming at him from all directions? Pull out a few Stevan Seagal mooves eh? I would like to see the video also...the look on the loudmouths face when cracked on the back of the head with a piece of bamboo would be priceless
  13. ozzieovaseas

    Cooking oils and health ... I'm still confused

    From mine, the mainstream recommended ones such as vegetable,canola etc. burn/evaporate so quick you have to use three times as much, even if just frying off onions. That makes it a lot more expensive and probably means you are digesting a lot more fat and a lot of the nasties as well. Considering the fumes they give off when overheated, akin to plastic bags burning, cannot be so good for you.
  14. ozzieovaseas

    Top 10 poorest bus service routes in Bangkok

    This is a drop in the ocean compared to the complaints they will get when the free red buses stop. I think i read they will be discontinuing them at the end of this year, if memory serves.
  15. ozzieovaseas

    METV.possible solution.wanted 4 Australians

    First i should point out, i am not looking at buying. Been there done that, and it amounts to big losses if you plan to also rent while out of the country. So its rental im looking for. Secondly, from what i hear, it can be quite hard to actually get any rental appartment in some Aussie areas. There can be a long list of people applying, hence many to choose from, and the real estate agents and property managers can be real p****s. Six month leases are few and far between and most owners prefer 12 months minimum, with option to continue on the lease without changing contract. In this case it would be a 3 year plan and would convenient to have a place already secured to drop into 3 months per year, instead of the hassle of having to find a new place every year, having to pay for storage of furniture and on and on. Obviously the biggest factor would be trust, and being able to rely on the other partners paying up and doing the right thing. I was going to do a costing of what it would cost 4 people to share an appartment for 1 year (each party having the place to themselves for 3 months) but since theres been little interest shown, ill presume the trust issues involved make it a non starter!