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  1. I really think consideration should be applied to the fact that giving 1mill baht for the girlfriend is not exactly a fortune, and should not really be 'cleaning anybody out'. Working guys can easily recover and move on, as with any relationship anywhere. Pensioners...well would take a little longer to recover, so perhaps a little more care with savings needs to applied. Other than that enjoy your selves guys
  2. There is certainly a great deal of over thinking going on. I like to just see where things go, I am a relaxed person, nothing will happen that I can't take care of. The Norwegian must move on. I have had fun all my life with this approach. Seriously I couldn't even think about meeting or making some of the rules you guys come up with! You may think I Iive life on the edge - so be it - it's fun! What's more I have a lovely wife and family it doesn't get better than this.
  3. I think the last sentence confirms the fact you have never had children
  4. Good to see you have picked up the Thai relaxed approach to others through your 10 year stay
  5. Jesus Ron a woman doesn't have to say no just go quietly for a monthly injection!
  6. Well I guess in this day and age the woman also has a choice to bring a child into this world, and perhaps the guys just go along with this? Your story is incomplete, how long after his death did she lose the house? Were there other contributory factors? You seem rather eager to place the blame on the dead Husband because he was an older man who had a child.
  7. And it doesn't cross your mind that she has not managed the situation well?
  8. I hate to point out the obvious to the Captain, but the pervading criticism throughout the thread appears to be the 'renting' of a wife by the older man!!
  9. Certainly Ken, "Feels good to give" without fanfare and publicity, just everyday people doing everyday what feels good.
  10. Internet has now made a considerable difference entertainment wise
  11. I enjoy these threads, they highlight just how different people are and how our lives are often built by experience rather than advice! Let us say the Norwegian had invested in the stockmarket and lost 3 mill baht I doubt the thread would have made 2 pages!!
  12. Enjoy your grandchildren, be careful you don't feed them dog food by mistake!!
  13. Great attempt at justifying your ability to find a partner who is only 10 years younger, doesn't want children, and your irrational fear of an early death! Still if it worked for you - good on yer, pleased you are one of the happy ones