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  1. A show of hands please. LOL/555

    Once - a poor excuse for a topic it was The true reason being, I wanted to try the process just in case I felt the need to start a serious topic. I occasionally throw a half relevant question into a thread if I have the attention of the people I think can offer a valuable response. I enjoy input/responding but seldom feel the need to reach out beyond the topics and advice already available No problem with new, or even repeat topics, especially those submitted for entertainment, easy to identify before you participate
  2. When Farangs Go Native

    While eating it
  3. When Farangs Go Native

    Yep That is me - love creating a great retirement hobby for when the time arrives Roller coaster of life I have enjoyed every thrill, and spill, and I ain't getting off yet Gives me great pleasure to provide for my wife and family, extremely pleased to be in a position to do so Thank you for the reminder MrPatrick, I occasionally overlook what a great life I have, and a wonderful future to look forward to with my loved ones, life is good
  4. Finding a genuine Thai woman could well be the easy part Unless you already carry sufficient financial resource to comfortably implement your plan, that is where your greatest challenge will arise
  5. When Farangs Go Native

    My wife speaks English well, she does not slouch, she is confident, but shy with strangers, this is why I say she would probably prefer you did not speak directly. Unlike the Thai speakers who are commenting on this thread she appears to have no need to advertise her language skills. Although I am personally proud of her intelligence. My wife will always be the most important person in room to me, hence my comments.I do not wish for my wife to feel uncomfortable in any situation. To be honest, reading this thread I get the impression Thai speaking Farang are best avoided.
  6. If these guys had been left with product they could not shift, then the condemnation on the thread would be acceptable However to pay for a product and not receive it, is rather different from parting with money for a questionable 'investment'
  7. I think you have worked it out...more fun to be had with a new friend, you need to making the moves and having fun, she will put potential 'girlfriends' on the back foot and cramp your style.
  8. When Farangs Go Native

    I would not be threatened by any person speaking Thai to my wife, I understand how proud you guys must be, and no problem with you putting your Thai language skills on display. However my wife would probably be embarrassed by the fact that I may not understand what was being said, and, prefer to conduct a conversation in English. Preferably also not directly to her. That's your lack of people skills showing, I mentioned earlier.
  9. Yes go for it, any girl who sends nude photos can't be all bad, obviously of generous disposition.
  10. When Farangs Go Native

    My experience in the UK is that many elderly men only go home when the pub is closed But then I am from the north, a little more community and people orientated up there!!
  11. When Farangs Go Native

    Good point well made, the 'resentment', perhaps, is not due to the ability to learn Thai and become a Thai citizen, the effort is certainly commendable. The resentment, I suggest is fueled by the attitude of Thai language experts towards those who neither had the long term exposure to Thai speakers, or do not possess the ability and skills, indeed the will to learn Thai. Ref my post above, I believe people skills can prove to be as important to general everyday acceptance as language skills.
  12. I am working on the reasoning that when my wife rises to the level of fully 'self sufficient' we will achieve the status of being happy with a little to spare, leaving plenty of room for continuous improvement Right now I would put us as happy, enjoying gently improving our lot. Life is good.
  13. When Farangs Go Native

    Well on occasion I have been told by Thai people that I am more Thai than Thai and I don't speak conversational Thai or understand it I guess the phrase "actions speak louder than words" springs to mind
  14. When Farangs Go Native

    Occasionally, to show we can go native, we play a little, rather than be too serious