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  1. I think this thread has degenerated into Are Expat's Opinions of each other Influenced by how much money they have? Already mentioned the lifestyle that suits one guy is not the footprint for all Whatever makes you happy keep doing it
  2. Setting a great example, bright clothing, lights, and, helmet, let us hope his lead is copied by Thai people
  3. Ah maybe elsewhere, but the 'ownership' rules in Thailand surely thwart and diminish the aspirations of the insecure trinket collectors - maybe this is part of the reason they return to their natural habitat
  4. Life is what you make of it. I offer no advice, all are welcome to their opinions, usually based on experience. I have never really planned ahead. At 20 I lost two very good friends, I figured I would probably not make it past 30! Yet here I am, had a great life, one divorce, I deserved for being too much of a drunken prat, so no recriminations on that one. One house left with a Thai girlfriend, we had fun times but again I was not faithful husband material. Now I have found the love of my life, we have a home, children, I no longer drink, and life is good. Am I well funded, no not really, I've lived life hard and fast, but I was a little fortunate in that I worked for a company or two that insisted I put into a personal pension fund. We will see how it works out, at the moment all is good, I still work 'away' in the UK for a few more years then I think I can enjoy the release from the treadmill called life in the west.
  5. 473geo

    Container home in Thailand

    I'm struggling to see the reason for the container, as opposed to a simple breeze block room. Apart from probably a little cheaper, but surely not much.
  6. Love it when I see guys use the phrase "playing the long game" rather than admit, while an older guy may no longer be a bronzed adonis, he still carries the charm, charisma, and ability to make a lady feel special.
  7. 473geo

    Prawit Plays Down Republican Threat

    or predictable due to a little over use already
  8. My Thai wife is also my best friend, we do most things together time mostly occupied with farm, children and family. I used to have many Thai male acquaintances due to my drinking, partying, and, paying, likewise Thai ladies. No real deep 'friendships' and since I married, almost cut out drinking, having found more interesting things to do, most of the Thai guys are reduced to nodding acquaintances now. They still come over and speak at local functions, usually well into party mode, carrying the confidence to speak English. This is how I like it, no beers in the fridge, no fair weather friends just me and my family. I don't need 'advice' from farang 'friends' and no further need of an excuse to go drinking, so no friendships in that area too. It is the quiet peaceful days on the farm I enjoy and always a little something to do.
  9. POTY good example - once a vibrant topic, now no more the vehicle to Tvisa immortalization it once was - the stampede to be nominated has declined into a trickle of reluctant nominations
  10. Accepted to an extent, moaners who moan for the sake of a moan, will moan regardless of financial status, in which case their criticisms/opinions are not valid in the discussion Most retirees I know out in the rural areas have built a home, so they are not too concerned about ownership
  11. 473geo


    Through the history of POTY I don't think a MOD has ever stepped down in order to contest for the coveted honour of POTY
  12. Interesting thread, in my opinion, apart from the concerns raised about money in the bank vs monthly revenue, the criticism/opinions of Thailand would not appear to be the lesser funded retiree. The regular complaints of Farang cannot own land, own a house, surely do not come from those who would not afford such if offered the opportunity? The constant moaning about traffic, driving, surely comes those who can afford a 600k ute? The complaints of 'my Thai wife cost me a fortune' surely come from those who were monied at the time? The complaints on the rise in the price of wine....... Seems to me the opinions on Thailand are down to expectation........and the monied expect......the lesser funded retiree is more likely to appreciate the everyday joys Thailand bestows
  13. Are you joking? Actually, much of the Thai populace has to take at least some blame for the ugly political mess Thailand is stuck in. And if you think they've figured out what a problem they've enabled - a majority of voters in Chiang Mai appear to be set to exacerbate Thailand's problems. It looks as though they'll vote in another Shinawatre there soon. You know the expression, "You've made your bed, now you've got to sleep in it." How long will it take until they realize their folly? I don't know, but in the meantime, they deserve all the grunge that comes down the pipes. How can the Thai people continue to get it so wrong for so many years? indeed many foreigners who have chosen to leave their own fantastic countries to reside in Thailand just cannot understand why Thailand isn't more like 'home'
  14. You'd have to instruct me on that. Second thoughts, you'd have to get yours out of Thaksin's.