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  1. Thai I know have no hesitation in accepting or giving such a comment. Quite refreshing really. My very lightweight niece shows many photos on Facebook of lovely food she consumes, after seeing one gigantic ice cream portion I jokingly commented she would soon be 100kgs....the response....not me you fat I have come to accept I am 'big' in Thailand and yes a couple or 3kgs above an ideal weight!! However have avoided the 'pregnant' shape so far thankfully!!
  2. Some of you guys really need to find alternative methods to let off steam Thida could be right, she could be wrong And the military could care less either way
  3. Ah the thread might rest and fade away........the hand holding will go on forever
  4. Farang Attitudes and Results

    Indeed maybe it is Bill in those days when I first arrived I had just picked up a generous redundancy package due to my company relocating, and a addition payoff for being part of the relocation team, and some shares I sold and made a good profit. Being honest exchange rate was guesswork on my part and yes looks like a little out, but perhaps you could also check the price of beer maybe it just felt like 70 baht compared to the current days
  5. A very ill thought out post, most of the people categories you list are more likely to ignore issues consistently raised surrounding Thailand, they would according to your descriptions, not be in the Kingdom long enough to endure the adverse effects. Long term residents while happily ensconced in their 'land of dreams' do however exercise their right to highlight their 'experience' and 'knowledge' regarding inadequacies and short comings in their adopted country. Perhaps you should think of posters along the lines of a football supporter, who will support the team through thick and thin, but.....if the goal keeper is crap and this affects the performance of the team the supporter may well exercise the right to mention this. And actually your post is so full of overused clichés, I begin to wonder if it is a little 'Tongue in cheek'! given your phrase below "the wannabe who has never been to Thailand and repeats ad nauseum the urban myths they read on the forum"
  6. Well there were some TVisa 'experts' predicting PTP could lose the last completed election....and then Yingluck appeared So I guess there will be keen interest in the successor.........
  7. Farang Attitudes and Results

    30 years ago I experienced similar, however never ever spent time in Pataya or Patong!! there were of course the backpackers who could not understand why a beautiful Thai girl chose a 40+ year old over them (even when explained and as obvious as the nose on their face) there were some real characters at that time, and apart from the occasional sinking of a bar or two, no moaning about money or being 'fleeced'. However it was around 70 baht to the GBP in those days so real value for sure. Scandinavian involvement in many of the small bars and guest houses. A man was sure taken good care of.
  8. Farang Attitudes and Results

    On ‎8‎/‎6‎/‎2017 at 9:56 AM, jeab1980 said: Çurious ?? Was here in 72 1972 that is no looks of disbelief. No not all the time in Bangkok traveled up to E-sarn. And beyond people here like to belive they were among the first Farangs to step foot in Thailand! Reality check there was loads before you. Yep, I did R & R in Bkk, ci. 1964. Lots more before me as well. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Not pissed off just don't appreciate when other posters can't accept when you tell it the way you have seen it....like their 'reality' is the only 'reality' I enjoy Thailand and there have indeed been many farangs here before me, but not necessarily every place I have travelled, and I can assure you guys I carry experiences many others do not!! and many they do!!! I don't need to embelish or mislead, or need a reality check. Thank you. You don't need to tippy toe but it would probably be a first on Tvisa even though many have gone before
  9. Government gives more credit lines to farmers

    It is already happening like I said, but there are always those that will not see. It is different because the money paid out is A) a repayable loan B) is based on previous production and current market price
  10. Farang Attitudes and Results

    Sure guys, and kids in remote villages grow up everyday meeting farangs on a regular basis - of course they do silly me And those farangs that choose not to acknowledge fellow farangs when they meet, they stop and chat with said children.....sure they do...... And there are farangs regularly cycling on every dirt track, and back road in my area, of course there are, I've just been unlucky not to meet them, or maybe they are so afraid of having to speak to another farang they hide in the bushes until I pass How could I be so naive to think a farmer in the middle of nowhere has not met hundreds of farang passing his way before me, indeed he probably speaks English!
  11. Government gives more credit lines to farmers

    One calculation is basing the additional credit on the weight of rice sold to the BAAC last year. So say your credit was 6 baht a kg currently it could now be raised to say 8 baht a kg, so per ton 2000 baht additional credit. Not a fortune but enough to assist in the purchase of this years fertiliser. Do not know the exact figures but this is my understanding. Not sure if there is another option for those that did not sell to the Bank, Many farmers historically take a loan against next years crop.
  12. Government gives more credit lines to farmers

    You don't know how the additional credit is calculated do you?
  13. Honest Thais

    I would like to think that people get what they 'deserve' in this life but sadly your observation is offline with reality For me I believe every person will carry different values - it's known as the 'tipping point'
  14. Very sad for those inundated, the Thai are a very tolerant people and thankfully resourceful too. I only hope those in Bangkok who received aid and support during their flooding disaster, from the generous, thoughtful, rural northeastern Thai people, will eagerly embrace the opportunity reciprocate now the tables have turned.
  15. Government gives more credit lines to farmers

    As the rice price rises, allow credit to purchase, fertiliser, and spray insecticide to improve the quality of the rice and increase output, this way the whole supply chain benefits........ and the farmer can pay for it later