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  1. Good luck with this idea it might well work as long as well insulated against the heat and cold. I once had the pleasure of staying for few weeks in the 'bungalow' at a cheap Earls court Hotel Was a garden shed, with double glass window doors. I had to shower in the hotel. It was ok and not uncomfortable, quiet and secluded, but as winter approached I decided to move into something a little more suitable to the colder climate!
  2. Maybe so, but any person taking pleasure from this story is a little sad
  3. Money found in restaurant

    Not too long back I found a wallet in the bottom of a trolley airside at Suvarnabhumi I took it along to the customer information counter, they logged the contents (cash in differing currencies about 500 usd) and gave me a receipt The wallet also contained credit cards and my hope was the guy would get it back before having to cancel them. I just gave my name for reference but did not expect any further communication, as was the case. I hope the guy got it back quickly is all, didn't feel I had done anything special as I would expect 99% of people would do the same.
  4. Money found in restaurant

    I don't agree with the above. In my teenage years a group of us often went to help out farmers in harvest time, our expectation was we would get fed at the end of the day/evening. The kindness we did was to ensure the crop was safely in the Barn the same day, also saving the farmer paying casual labour. If it was business we would have expected to get fed and also received monetary reward.
  5. Car sales report for Jan-Aug 2017

    It takes a while for people to realise that car/truck buying on low repayment terms is fast becoming long term rental with little to show for the outlay in the end. Luckily did not take long to convince my wife, land produces income and holds value, building a rural house is good because you live rent free, a truck you do not use regularly to save or make money is throwing money away. She has accomplished the first two (in the right order too), the third will not happen, at least unless the time comes where our offspring require a vehicle other than a motorsi. I think Thai people are catching on land prices appear to be rising.
  6. Facebook log-in

    Was showing as down for upgrades - has returned in the UK now
  7. Too Many Non-Alcoholics in AA

    Oh but according to this thread there is, they are not wanted, and are possibly refused support at AA once they are recategorised as a 'heavy drinker' "Too Many Non-Alcoholics in AA"
  8. Too Many Non-Alcoholics in AA

    Fine if the statement is protected by actions whereby as soon as somebody stops drinking without support and spiritual guidance they are immediately downgraded to 'heavy drinker'
  9. sometimes hard to explain

    Looks to me like you were doing a poor imitation of sex, no wonder they walked away laughing.
  10. Too Many Non-Alcoholics in AA

    AA members convenient definition of a 'heavy drinker' A person or persons who have proved to carry the ability to stop drinking without the aid of an external support 'programme' You guys are starting to sound more like the freemasons than a self help group!!
  11. Years ago my best friend and I had a scuffle, a girl that liked me over him and he was not best pleased, we were young lads best mates. We scuffled and as I fell down he kicked me once in the face. He was immediately apologetic, in tears as he helped me up. I was ok we chatted and joked as we continued homeward. Turned out later my nose was broken. My parents were angry. I wasn't bothered, my friend and I had been in a few scrapes together and looked out for each other. I easily let it go. Many times after that we helped each other out in our farming days. I met up with my childhood friend years later having gone away to work. We sat having a beer, discussing old times. He apologised for breaking my nose, I told him he was my friend, no problem, it fixed up ok, and, he had never let me down since. He replied, you know, you healed and could move on, I've lost count of the number the number of times my thoughts went back to that night, and I so regretted what I did. I reckon I've actually suffered more than you did. (a wry smile) I am absolutely sure he was correct.
  12. Well there are a couple of posters here who show compassion for the guys, yes indeed, it could well be a 'prank' that went too far, and yes there is room to give the boys the benefit of the doubt. I believe the mother would probably agree. But as a parent when your offspring inadvertently cause damage to another human being, then, you do all you possibly can to make amends, so I am in complete agreement with the push for compensation, and the fact that this has to happen is atrocious. The agreed compensation and medical bills should be paid or jail time for the parents, teach them a lesson, make an example of them, because they are the ones who demonstrate no remorse for the happening, by not honoring the agreement.
  13. Can you ever come first?

    You would be surprised how many of the world population has come through the disappointments you have experienced, although unfortunately you appear to perhaps had more than your fair share!! The thing being, when you experience the proverbial kick in the nuts, as I am sure we all have on occasion, family are usually the first to step in front of danger, or throw you a line, and provide support. This has been my experience through life. I believe my wife and children are confident, I am, and always will be there for them. To me this is the only way to the number one spot, if that is your requirement. For me I am happy to let the number one position rotate as and when required, I don't need to hold the position if others prove capable, and they do.
  14. Thaksin faces more agony

    Good concise appraisal, I have seen this attitude on Thai media sites. The inference being, if all governing options are equal in the eyes of the people, then choose the one that historically provided a thriving economy...to be fair the current government appears to be attempting positive actions for example the farmers, elderly, and poor have received handouts. But have the current government the ability to stimulate the economy and create revenue to consistently benefit the people at the lower end of the income scale.
  15. Avocado Trees available March 2018

    Ok thanks price looks fine to me, I asked because I had no idea at all. Understand distribution methods also thanks.