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  1. where can I buy shorts/pants size 44 or 46 - any info most welcome
  2. Iam not quite sure you understood my message - do not understand about "a grudge" or to be a "girl" - I can tell that you have zero knowledge of food hygiene and food handling - I do not condone "street food" at all - anyhow whether decades ago or today, it is still very common to be caught with a "bug" and hopefully only mild - you would be surprised to know how often local people suffer from some gastro infection...
  3. all that is fine until one day - 30 years ago I contracted cholera from eating street food - even today still suffering and god forbid I eat anything that is not good - the results are instant - have seen many medical experts but the answer is always the same - will be with you for the rest of your life
  4. we were a party of 3 - sat inside - it is very pleasant and very nice décor - prices are steep but ok - they have an Italian Chef - food was good - great wine selection at affordable prices
  5. where can I rent a 6 wheeler truck for taking items to Surin.........regular pick up not big enough....
  6. Great to hear that they are able to help - yes they can be very busy at times but they handle it very well - it will take a little time and some more visits I would presume but for me it was well worth it...
  7. The Physiotherapy Clinic on Trepprasit Road is very good with very reasonable prices -
  8. Mata Hari Au Bon Coin Grill Room at the Royal Cliff Saturday Evening Buffet at the Royal Cliff Gian's Brunos Mags - new premises La Boca The View for Thai Food