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  1. Drive along any road in Pattaya, at any time of the the day and you'll see several motorbikes doing the same. They know they're doing wrong, it's just laziness, they can't be bother to ride a few hundred yards to do a u-turn. Even on the proper side of the road, if they can find a small gap in the central reservation, they'll use that instead of the official u-turn. They're beggars for short cuts, they'll risk getting covered in mud and smeg rather than go the long way round. I don't like to see any young person getting killed, but this guy was playing Russian roulette. His family and the car driver are the ones I feel for mostly.
  2. "........the snakes are completely harmless........." Not if you're a rat
  3. Get a grip man. Have you seen the Thai soaps. Only someone (Thai policeman and you) with a severe sense of humour failure would object or be influenced by this couple larking about.
  4. There speaks the number one Thai apologist. No matter the subject, the locals can do no wrong. Just track him for a while and see what I mean. I think he only does it to annoy people, he certainly succeeds with me.
  5. Plus he has absolute power, and if that isn't enough, article 44.
  6. Suradit69 will love you. I must've led a sheltered life because the buffets I've attended in the west have been very civilised. Maybe you should remove the rosie specs.
  7. At least Thaksin was an elected crook.
  8. I don't know though, in the last village where I lived, people used to take the money, say "Kawpkun krap" and then vote whichever way they always vote. I honestly can't see a local voting for the money-giver, unless they are forced to the polling booth at the point of a gun. Now there's a thought Uncle Tu......
  9. Problem is that it never normally is a full life sentence. How do you feel about convicted murderers who killed again after release, sometimes more than once? The poor victims would still be walking around if the killers hadn't been released. I must say that a full life term in Thailand is probably worse than death. In UK, it's like life in Butlins.
  10. What the <deleted> has the US President got to do with this thread? You liberals don't miss an opportunity.
  11. Brilliant! One of the world's biggest gob.hites has been struck dumb. Thank you god.
  12. jesimps

    Dog severely injured by arrow in Suphan Buri

    I quite like dogs and have owned several myself throughout my long life and don't condone what what done to this dog. Saying that, there are twenty odd dogs in my community of seven houses. Myself and next door don't have any. These animals make the most god-awful noise, morning, noon and night. These aren't pet dogs even though they all have collars, they're dogs that hang around certain houses who the owners give a daily feed to, then have the cheek to call them their pets. None are kept indoors and most aren't even kept behind a gated fence. Four of the five houses with dogs are farang owner occupied. As I say, I don't condone what was done to this particular animal, but almost daily, I'm tempted to do something similar. It's only the fact that I realise that it's the owners, not the dogs fault, that holds me back.
  13. But but Thaksin...... You must have dredged the archives to find that one. Anyway, can't see how you can compare a war on drugs by an elected PM, with what the junta's doing with article 44.