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  1. Unlike the locals who always indicate of course. However, farang or Thai, people should indicate their intentions on every occasion, even if they think there's no other traffic about. Pedestrians also need to see what drivers intend to do before making a decision to cross a road. What does it take? A flick of the finger isn't going to nacker you.
  2. Don't often agree with you but on this you're 100% correct. Well said!
  3. Can't knock his toad impressions though.
  4. Thanks. There's no way that I could start trading at the moment, I'm just too green. If I tried, my money/coins would end up floating around in the ether, and I'm not talking about Ethereum. I've got my mobile wallet from Bx, but now I'm reading up on a cold storage solution, maybe a paper wallet. Is this a good thing or would it be best to save in a memory stick? I'm thinking of getting the offline wallet from Bitcoin.com. I'm assuming that I can put bitcoins bought through Bx into it (?) Looking ahead a bit, I guess I'm also right in thinking that I need a separate wallet for each coin type (?) One thing I've learned very quickly is that if you want to get into this crypto trading blx, you've won half the battle if you're some sort of computer genius. Fiat currency trading was a doddle in comparison. However, my appetite has been whetted so there's no turning back.
  5. Another complete crypto newbie here. So far I've registered with Bx.in.th and obtained a wallet from them. I haven't deposited any baht with them yet and I was starting to panic because of the upcoming bitcoin segwit. Now that it's been cancelled, it's taken some of the urgency away. I'm hoping that now I can get a shedload of studying in so that I feel more confident about the whole thing. I've already picked up quite a few pointers from this forum and am quite intrigued by the comments on Ethereum/OmiseGo. By the way, anyone know if there's a club or loose gathering of people interested in crypto investing in the Pattaya area? I have loads of queries on the subject which can't be answered just by reading up on the internet.
  6. SURVEY: Are men getting shafted?

    There're an awful lot of lefties out this way so I'm not surprised by the result. Many guys are just very friendly, tactile people, but from now on they'll have to be more stand-offish. Seems to me that some women want jam on both sides.
  7. Parties in limbo as NCPO ban persists

    Anyone even slightly shocked by this story? Thought not.
  8. It's a simple solution really, people with up to date documentary permission can stay, the rest clear off. Seems open and shut to me, but to the loony left, it's another excuse to criticise Mr Trump.
  9. A junta is a junta is a junta. There are always idiots who egg-on the bully boys. Remember, bullies prosper only because fanboys encourage them, and they are always loathed by the majority.
  10. Three things to stop the carnage and they are deterrent, deterrent, deterrent. They need to hit them v hard in the pocket and throw in some jail time and bans.
  11. .....even though he got the job illegally by pointing a load of massive great guns at the legal govt. Cheese and rice, the people some folk pick to hero-worship.
  12. No country outside of China and N Korea will return two former PMs ousted by the military to a country run by that same military.