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  1. Cut the lad a bit of slack, he's just staving off boredom, there's beggar-all else to do in Chiang Mai. Actually, what he's getting all orgasmic about, is perfectly normal at Pattaya immigration.
  2. In the Banglamung area, 7 days from the due date they come and take away your meter if you don't pay. It's happened to me twice. No second or final warning here.
  3. jesimps

    SURVEY: Trump -- Will his presidency end soon?

    Seems like Thailand is the hub of US Democrats Abroad judging by a lot of the replies. I personally think that it's because there are a lot of US minorities here and they are normally very far to the left. Why anyone living in paradise would want to involve themselves in US politics, even going as far as to join clubs and committees is beyond me. Very very sad people, but there again, most lefties are.
  4. 4. Roads 5. Boats. These may have already been added, but I can't be arsed to wade through 6 pages of posts.
  5. Thai immigration never did accept verification letters from Thai banks, it's stated in immigration regs that the verification letter from the embassy is needed (backed up by documentary proof if asked for).
  6. As far as I know, no one so far has managed to get a one year visa extension without the embassy letter. If you know different, please tell us the details because myself and many more on here are anxious to know.
  7. I'd bet the farm on it. Yesterday the repsort that I read said that the attacker was taking part in a robbery at the market. I took it with a pinch of salt of course.
  8. I'd prefer a nice slow kill actually but I know that's just wishful thinking.
  9. Crikey! There was me thinking that I should dislike people who go around murdering total strangers for no reason other than being a member of a different belief to them.
  10. Shouln't be long on a Thursday if you give the early morning rush time to settle down.