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  1. It's bad manners for sure. So is squatting with your feet on toilet seats, chairs and tables. Peeing, gobbing and picking the nose in public. At least it's only a few farang guilty of being offensive.
  2. Haven't been on here for a while but I see the usual creeps are still present. Stomach turning.
  3. Coins.co.th?

    I tried coins.co.th but they wouldn't accept my proof of address despite sending copies of blue house book, marriage cert, letter addressed to me from govt pensions Uk and bank statement. They also only deal in Bitcoin. I joined Bx.in.th without hitch 3 months back and their exchange and backup is first class. They also trade lots of different coins, not just BTC.
  4. I used to see far worse in other countries, my own included. I never feel under threat walking around Pattaya late at night and I've lived here for 11 years.
  5. Nonsense post. Could have been any city in the world who all have their bar fights. Just an opportunity for some jungle-dweller to jealously knock Pattaya.
  6. If it'd been Thais all his mates would've waded in with kicks too. C'mon, it's very rare you get a farang gang attack. Damned sunshiners.
  7. Supporter? He was a rabid fanatic!! They must've done something to upset him.
  8. Hardly surprising seeing it was part of the plan.
  9. Activists defy junta with pro-election assembly

    In jail if they if they stick their head out of the trench. Goes without saying.
  10. If you mean the democratic election of a govt by the people, can't see anything wrong with that.
  11. Taking a short cut is an urge Thais cannot resist.
  12. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    How're the fanboys going to explain this one? No doubt they'll think of something to justify the action of their idols. Don't blame the coppers either, the buck stops with the junta.
  13. I've said it before of the locals, many times.....hypocrites!
  14. Start with crypto now - Should or not?

    Cryptos are going through a correction because of their fast rise last year. Add to that the bad news (most of it blx) issuing from the media on a daily basis. I reckon it'll recover, but I think it still has someways to fall. I'm all in fiat at the moment but I'm thinking of re-entering at about 7,8k if it drops to there, which I think it will after this small rise. If you aren't sure, a good way is to buy in steps. Small buys over a period of time. I could be wrong.