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  1. Worth a try, but knowing what it's like trying to get my Thai wife and stepdaughter to do anything, she's wasting her time.
  2. Dunno where you've been but I never once saw a biker using a cellphone in UK or France. Probably because those countries have strict enforcement and severe deterrents. Also their people are born with the common sense gene.
  3. The deterrent question doesn't bother me and in my opinion, shouldn't be a factor. Take a life, forfeit your own, the choice is ours. Now that's as plain as day, deterrent or not. People also mention the danger of being wrongly convicted. How about the innocents killed by re-offenders who could be walking around now if the death penalty had been applied? According to the BBC News website, between 2000 and 2010, 29 released murderers murdered again. Another six committed manslaughter. Also, something the bleeding-hearts won't like, is the revenge aspect. Human nature needs revenge for closure. If someone murdered one of my family and carried on using oxygen, that would not bring closure to me. I repeat what I said in my first para, the choice is ours.
  4. jesimps

    Family not notified of man's execution

    No tears from me for this vile killer. Hope he burns in hell.
  5. Just something (hanky panky without the boat) that goes on in in practically every large village and town in Thailand in the karaoke joints that spring up from nowhere when it gets dark. Why the Thai powers-that-be don't just acknowledge that this is the sex capital of the world and has been for many years, is beyond me. The rosey specs brigade on here will deny it of course.
  6. Stupid comment. A saying comes to mind "Do me a favour? Don't do me no favours". This wasn't just a small slip of the mind, she actually went to the house, picked up the girl, put her in the car and drove her to school. She then spent the whole day in school without once thinking of the child. By supporting her, I'd put you in the same bracket as the teacher. It makes me livid to see the way these people gamble with the lives of their kids.
  7. But far more likely to happen here when the people have no common sense to begin with. It does occasionally happen in other countries, but since I've been here, I've read about countless instances of it. Also, this was a teacher, who personally picked up the child and somehow forgot about her for about eight hours. How is that possible? Take off those rosey specs and pass a sensible comment. The Suradit effect seems to be spreading on here.
  8. I'll repeat what I've said many times, Thais are born minus common sense. Nothing will ever change my opinion.
  9. Shame it doesn't happen more often. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
  10. Ignore him, he's probably a commie. Either that, or he has a very naive view of the world.
  11. jesimps

    Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    Whether she's guilty or not (I think not), nothing compares to the overthrow of a legitimate government by the military who are sworn to serve the electorate ie the government, in a democratic society. That's the reason no country will extradite her. Nobody likes backstabbers.
  12. Brexit'd be done and dusted by now if the remainers of all parties hadn't started their treacherous activities.
  13. No pedestrian should get killed there seeing there's a footbridge just down the road.