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  1. Yes it is possible. Not free unless you are from a one of the 17 countries that qualifies for a 15 day visa on arrival.
  2. It cannot change unless they change the law or regulation that prohibits them for verifying anything. The Australian embassy did an about face and dropped the requirement after about a month.
  3. They did want proof for a short period of time earlier this year and then dropped the requirement. Topic posted in March about it and this is the first post of them not wanting it.
  4. Moved to here. It would be best if you got a single entry non-o visa for being 50 or over from one of the honorary consulates in the states instead of a tourist visa. They will issue one without financial proof. List of them is here. http://thaiembdc.org/royal-thai-honorary-consulates-general-in-the-u-s/ It can difficult to do a change of visa status for a tourist visa entry at Chiang Mai immigration to get a 90 day non immigrant visa (category O) entry. Then during the last 30 days of the 90 day entry from the visa you could apply for a one year extension of stay at immigration. To prove you SS income you will need to a income affidavit at the US consulate in Chiang Mai. That is the only thing immigration will accept. You will need no proof of income to do the affidavit. The money in a Thai bank portion will need to be in the bank for 60 days on the date you apply for the extension. After getting the extension you will need a re-entry permit for your trips out the country to keep it valid. The fee for a single re-entry permit is 1000 baht and multiple is 3800 baht.
  5. You could spend the night if you wanted to. If I recall correctly you allowed to stay for 3 days.
  6. The first step is to enroll in a language school that will provide the paperwork to apply for a single entry non-ed visa at an embassy or consulate. Near the end of the 90 day entry form the visa she would be able to apply for a 90 day extension at immigration. The total stay allowed is one year that includes the 90 day entry and 90 day extensions. After that year she would have to get a new non-ed visa and start over again. If she enrolled in a school before leaving for here she could get the non-ed visa in Manila. It would be best if she started with a single entry tourist visa rather than getting a 30 day visa exempt entry. That would give time to find a school, enroll and get the paperwork for the non-ed visa which can take a few weeks. Not sure about the availability of language schools in Chiang Rai. It might be good to do a post on the Chiang Rai Forum to ask about that.
  7. Extensions based upon marriage have to be approved by the division headquarters for the region where you apply is the reason for the 30 day under consideration period. Only those in the central region are sent to division 3 in Bangkok. For the first extension part of approval process it a home visa at most offices. Some offices want witnesses instead of doing the home visit.
  8. He is member @vongbali but he has not visited the forum for over a year now. You could try sending him a PM. Or check their twitter page @RTCatDPS where their email address is shown.
  9. The topic is about re-entry permits.
  10. It would help to know which consulate you are asking about.
  11. Dependent upon what you need to have notarized I would say you are out of luck until Tuesday when the ACS is open again Chiang Mai. You could try contacting them about getting it done sooner. Contact info is here: https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/
  12. There is really no special tourist visa process or availability for those from ASEAN countries. She could try to get a multiple entry tourist visa at the embassy in Manila. The visa would allow unlimited 60 day entries for 6 months from the date of issue. Each entry can be extended for 30 days at a immigration office, The visa can allow a total stay of almost 9 months by getting a new entry just before the visa expires and extending it for 30 days. If not she could get a single entry tourist visa. Then get another one at nearby embassy or consulate. If you were legally married she could get a extension of stay as your dependent after you get your extension based upon retirement.
  13. The 400k baht in the bank is not required to get the non-o visa. You only need in the bank for 2 months when you apply for the extension.
  14. That has been wrong since January 1st of this year when the 2 visa exempt entries at land border crossings per calendar year rule went into effect. The 15 day rule was rescinded then.
  15. You can spend the entire day if you want to with a border pass.