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  1. Perhaps a copy of her house book registry. Requirement here in Thai: http://www.consular.go.th/main/contents/images/text_editor/files/Manual PP/20up -update 13-6-60.pdf
  2. You can apply for a work permit with a 30 visa exempt entry (visas on arrival are only for 15 days) but it will not be issued until you get a non-b visa. There may be some work permit offices that will say no.
  3. You can use a valid visa for entry that is in a canceled passport by showing both passports. They will then stamp you into the country in the new one.
  4. Immigration would not let you pay the fine unless applied for an extension and paid 1900 baht for a denied extension and be given 7 days to leave the country. IMO it is best to pay the fine at at an airport on departure from the country.
  5. I think this topic belongs on the pub instead of the visa forum. Moved to there.
  6. Others have gotten visas after a much longer overstay than you have. Embassies and consulate don't seem to worry about them. A little late but you could of gotten an extension for medical treatment instead of going onto a overstay.
  7. It would not be used at immigration. Only at 2 Thai consulates would it be needed. Just the embassy stamp on it is enough for them. Others have used a sworn statement.
  8. I was not writing about a income affidavit. Just a sworn statement you are retired.
  9. Strange it has been on Windows 10 since the first upgrade to it. When I started typing Internet Explorer it popped up before I even before I finished typing Internet.
  10. Children under 15 do not pay overstay fines but do get a overstay stamp. Not being fined for overstay does not mean they do not need visas. Being on an overstay at his age would not be problem for him to re-enter the country and get a 30 day visa exempt entry (not a 15 day visa on arrival). If your son is attending school he can get extensions of stay for attending school. He would need to get a non-ed visa to apply for the extension.
  11. Emergency USA passport

    You have to prove that your passport is lost or stolen. Or that you don't have enough validity on it to enter another country. The will also issue one if you show them that you have a need to travel before you could get a new passport. Info here for getting one is here. https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/passports/replace-lost-stolen-adult-passport/ A visa would be lost with a passport. If passport was lost or stolen immigration will reinstate your entry/permit to stay stamps or if you get a emergency passport for other reasons.
  12. Before it was on the alphabetical list of apps. Try doing a search for it using cortana.
  13. You can use the gross income.
  14. Tapatalk isn't working again

    None of the apps are working at this time. They have been disabled due to problems with the forum software. See the pinned tapatalk topic.
  15. After approved you print it out by going back on the online reporting site. Some office send an email when it is approved but you still have to back on the site to print it out.