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  1. TM8 form with a 4 X 6 photo attached. Besides what you wrote. visa, entry stamp and TM6 departure card.
  2. They only want a copy of the house book registry. That would be page one and the page she is listed on. I think they immigration officer was concerned about your child's welfare when they asked those questions. All that is not required according to the rules.
  3. A troll post and the replies to it has been removed.
  4. Form the online reporting site.
  5. You can get a re-entry permit that will keep the remainder of the 90 days valid when you re-enter the county. The re-entry permit will remain valid in your old passport. Just show both passports on entry to use the re-entry permit in the old one.
  6. You will only need what I wrote about before. The financial proof is not asked for.
  7. I am sure they do if you are a legal resident of Hong Kong. Tryed to confirm on their website but it is down at this time. http://www.thai-consulate.org.hk/web/3015.php?s=4049
  8. Normal confusion caused by people calling an extension of stay based upon retirement a OA visa. He can apply for a extension of stay based upon retirement during the last 30 days of the 90 day entry from the non-o visa. Or perhaps he has a extension of stay based upon marriage and wants to change the reason for it to retirement. That can be done shortly before his current extension ends.
  9. Give it a few more day to be approved. Two days is not a lot of time.
  10. You income does not have to be from a pension. You can use the interest earned to meet the 65k baht requirement. Info about getting the income letter by mail is here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-obtain-a-pensionincome-letter-for-thai-immigration
  11. That depends upon when they start the 30 days. Some offices start it from the the date you apply while others start it from when your current permit to stay ends. Their is no guarantee it will the approval will be done by the end of those 30 days.
  12. A copy of her house book and ID card will suffice.
  13. Are you 65 or over and getting a state pension? If not you will not get a non-o visa in the UK unless married to a Thai. It will be considered your first extension since it will be for the 90 day entry from a non-o visa. The money will only need to be in the bank for 60 days.
  14. As said it would be best to get it at immigration when you get your extension stamp. But you can get the re-entry permit 24 hours a day at Suv according to this post.