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  1. A baiting post has been removed. Time to end the off topic bickering.
  2. The site was changed about a year and half ago. The download page is in Thai for some unknown reason. The TM47 form has not changed. The TM7 and TM8 forms were changed early last year. Some other forms not normally used by individuals were changed. You can find the forms in this topic.
  3. I think that was the article where the head of the Phuket office was interviewed. What I consider office is a document from the Labor Ministry detailing the requirements.
  4. ubonjoe

    Seven Seas - Warin Chamrab

    I wonder if it could be a Seven Seas vitamin store. Here is their logo.
  5. Not sure what might be needed now since the work permit rules were changed. There article in news saying if you have a work permit you can use it to work anywhere now but I have not seen anything official about it. Before (or now?) you would of needed to apply for a work permit in the province where you other employer is located. I suggest you check with the local work permit office to find out more about what is needed. Yes you would have to pay taxes on your other job. One option might be to setup the job as a contractor from you own company. That way it could be put in you existing work permit as a 2nd location for your current employment.
  6. Immigration will not normally accept a combination of income from working here and foreign earned income proven by a income document from an embassy but there is no written rule that say it cannot be done. You could check with you local immigration office to find out if it would be accepted. You might be able to include your income from outside the country when you complete your tax return (PND 90 or 91) to reach an annual income of at least 480k baht. You would need proof you are bringing the funds into the country by showing your bank book. If you decided to try paying taxes on your income from outside the country you could apply for a 60 day extension of your current entry and then the one year extension. There is no rule that says you cannot continue to use the multiple entry non-o visa to stay here.
  7. ubonjoe

    Thai citizenship

    That was an extreme measure to take since there is more than one way to avoid being drafted. If living outside Thailand and attending school a waiver can be a applied for at a Thai embassy or official consulate.
  8. A condo owner can a have a blue house book and then obtain a yellow house book based upon the blue one so that they have proof of residence if needed. And a pink ID card as well.
  9. Info is here for doing a affirmation of residency. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/notarial-and-documentary-services-guide-for-thailand#affirmation-of-residency
  10. Not familiar with Chaeng Wattana immigration but it would be done where you applied for your extension of stay.
  11. To get anything more than single or multiple entry non-o visas at a embassy or consulate you would have to be the legal father of your child by way of marriage or legitimization of your parenthood. Being the legal father is what immigration requires for you to apply for an extension of stay at immigration based upon being the parent of a Thai. You also need 400k baht in a Thai bank or proof of 40k baht income. Info for legalizing your parenthood is here.
  12. That is probably another one of those Phuket only things. I have never heard of that being done at any immigration office.
  13. It has to be a standard savings or fixed deposit account. It has to allow withdrawal of the funds without delay or penalties other than loss of interest.
  14. ubonjoe

    In which country should I get married?

    Several inflammatory off topic posts and replies to them have been removed.
  15. Your extension will start from the 29th not the day you do the application. Many people have applied for a 90 day non immigrant visa (category O) entry at Jomtien. You not be applying for a change of visa status since you do not have a visa entry. You will need at least 15 days remaining on the 30 day entry or the 30 day extension of it. General requirements are here but you will need to confirm what Jomtien will want. https://www.immigration.go.th/content/service_80