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  1. You can keep the account open if you want to. You will be charged fees for transaction at the bank on your ATM card done outside of Khon Kaen. Moved to here.
  2. ubonjoe

    Re-Entry permit

    No need for a re-entry permit unless you want to keep the remainder of your 60 day entry valid when you enter the using it (it adds no days to the 60 days) You could get the visa on arrival when you enter the country.
  3. You can ask immigration to pull it from the file they have for the visa application.
  4. ubonjoe

    Income Letter from Bank

    The want a letter certifying letter your account is valid. See the topic I posted a link to.
  5. It is enough to prove the income side of the combination option is possible.
  6. ubonjoe

    Income Letter from Bank

    You might want to look at this topic posted a little while ago. He used a standard bank letter verifying his account statement to get his extension of today. The difference though is that his statements from Bangkok bank showed them as international transfers (FTT in their bank books).
  7. That is good news. Just the letter from the bank confirming your account is valid and a statement or bank books are what I have been predicting is all they will want.
  8. ubonjoe

    Income Letter from Bank

    You cannot apply for a OA visa at immigration since they are only issued at a embassy. You would be applying for a one year extension of stay based upon retirement. It is not clear yet what will be on the letter. It may only be a letter confirming you account is valid with a statement or stamped/signed copies of you bank book showing the transfers into the country attached to it.
  9. ubonjoe

    Income Letter from Bank

    A bank will not do an income letter. The will do one certifying your account and perhaps show your transfers on it or a bank statement showing the funds coming into the country. I would say at this time most banks will not know what they can do under the new rules.
  10. Confirmed by many posts on this forum about it.
  11. The will want a TM30 form or a hotel receipt to check in their database that they reported you.
  12. ubonjoe

    kanchanaburi Visa run

    You need nothing more than your passport and 960 baht to pay for transport across no mans land that includes the 500 baht fee for a Myanmar border pass.
  13. They stopped allowing them years ago on that basis alone. Now you need to be working with a work permit with a minimum salary of 50k baht for 3 years if married to a Thai.
  14. ubonjoe

    Visa Expiry Date

    Not for a 60 day extension to visit them. It is only needed to apply for a one year extension.
  15. For a 30 day extension of a 60 day entry from a tourist visa? I would say 2 weeks at most offices is the earliest it can be done.