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  1. The 2 million baht registered capital is required to get a work permit. It does not matter if it is partnership or company.
  2. ubonjoe

    SURVEY: Tariffs -- Good or Bad?

    A off topic inflammatory post and a reply to it have been removed.
  3. You will probably need proof the TM30 report has been done as well.
  4. The registered capital is on paper but may need to proved after registration for other reasons. It can be assets, furniture and equipment for the company.
  5. That is correct but the OP only wants a single entry non-b visa.
  6. If it you created a company with your girlfriend with a registered capital of 2 million baht and had 4 Thai employees you might be able to get a work permit.
  7. A inflammatory incorrect post has been removed (read the topic again).
  8. Not a problem to apply for another visa.
  9. Prior to about this time last year only certain offices could do them. If your home office did not do them you could do it in Bangkok. Now all offices are all offices are authorized to do them. Unless living in Bangkok now they will turn you away now.
  10. ubonjoe

    ITIN number renewal for Thai spouse

    I was only looking at the identification requirements. I don't think his wife needs to proves she has residency in the US.
  11. I think you had a extension of stay you applied for at immigration not a visa. Yout original visa used for entry would of been used already unless it was a multiple entry non-b visa. If you had an extension it ended on the date you left the country.
  12. I apparently missed that when I looked at it the first time. Try the embassy in Bern and see what they say. But I think what they show is for a non-oa long stay that allows a one year entries not a non-o visa. If not get a tourist visa and do the change of visa status at immigration.
  13. ubonjoe

    'Claymore' topics

    Have you ever tried to use the daily Thailand Live topic instead of the topic list on the the news forums. That is what I do.
  14. You should do a TM28 change of address form to formally change your address at immigration so that you can do 90 day reports. The TM30 form done by your landlord alone would not be enough.
  15. Perhaps a mix up between a registered sole proprietor business and a partnership or company. The requirements are not the same.