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  1. Not a problem at an airport.
  2. You can get the stamps transferred after a 30 day extension on departure from the country. Only long stay extensions have to be done at the office that issued the extension.
  3. Immigration does not issue work permits. She should of called the labor ministry who are the ones that issue work permits. You can get a work permit and work with a multiple entry non-o visa.
  4. The consulate in Penang will issue one if you have 400k baht in the bank or proof of income.
  5. Many reports of getting it done by post in a week or less.
  6. Which consulate. The embassy in London will issue a multiple entry non-o visa but the honorary consulates in UK cannot issue them. You cannot change to a multiple entry non-o within the country. Not problem for the work permit since it is not tied to your visa's validity.
  7. Only a copy is needed. Never heard of Savannakhet wanting the original.
  8. It might not be accepted when you try to use it for something.
  9. KL's list of required documents are here. http://www.thaiembassy.org/kualalumpur/contents/files/services-20170329-105646-383024.pdf It mentions work permit you cannot get without the visa. I assume an approval letter would be accepted. It also shows a criminal record check from your home country. Vientiane' s list is here for you to compare it to. http://vientiane.thaiembassy.org/upload/pdf/Visa/Non-B teacher.pdf
  10. As I wrote that is not normal. I have never had a home visit for any of my 9 extension applications. Immigration had us get a letter from the local police chief for the first extension to take back to them after they accepted the application.
  11. I am not sure a director is exempt from needing the 2nd work location being shown in the work permit You can have your work permit amended to add the branch office to your work permit.
  12. That is not normal only a home visit is required for the first application at most offices. Which office is that?
  13. Correct but it might depend upon which embassy or consulate you go to. Some want the work permit application done first to get a application approval letter for teaching at a university to get the non-b visa.
  14. That is not correct. Work permits are no longer tied to a permit to stay (since 2008 in fact).. Many people have one year work permits with a multiple entry visa that requires them to leave and re-enter the country every 90 days.