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  1. The Chong Chom crossing in Surin has secure parking as I recall. And taxis to Siem Reap. I can recall topics about it on the Isaan forum.
  2. There was a post about it in Danish in another topic so I found it in English on their website. No need to remove yours.
  3. A inflammatory off topic post has been removed.
  4. That is all entry points at airports, seaports and land border crossings. The 30 day visa exempt entries by air have have been unlimited since 2008. At land border crossings they have been limited to 2 per calendar year since January of 2017.
  5. Thanks After finding a version in English I have done a new topic about it.
  6. From embasssy website. http://thailand.um.dk/en/News/newsdisplaypage/?newsID=5FD2318C-7DE7-4241-9A60-990E671E1D3F Stopping pension letter services for one-year visas with immediate effect 14.11.2018 10:02 The Danish Embassy in Bangkok can no longer issue income certificates/pension letters as a supporting document for obtaining a one-year visa through the Thai authorities. This is due to the fact that the Embassy in Bangkok is legally unable to fulfil the Thai authorities’ requirements to guarantee the future level of pension/income for Danish Nationals. If this will affect you, we encourage you, to seek more information about alternative ways of applying for a visa on the Embassy of Thailand in Copenhagen’s web page: http://thaiembassy.dk/category/visa-application/ Affected residents can also seek information at the Thai Immigration Authorities about the current valid regulations. Here, you can find information about how to apply for a long-term visa: http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/en/base.php?page=procedure The following link give you information about needed documentation: http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/en/base.php?page=service# Please note, that applicants who have applied for the income certificate/pension letter already will get a fee refunded if the letter has not yet been issued by the embassy.
  7. None of these changes would be done at a immigration office. The free 15 day visa on arrival at would be done at airports and border crossings on entry to the country. The unlimited visa exempt entries would be at land border crossings. The tourist visas would be issued at embassies and consulates.
  8. You can get a re-entry permit to keep the remainder of the 90 day entry from the non-o visa valid when you enter the country using the re-entry permit.
  9. ubonjoe

    Boats being banned in Phoenix salvage zone

    They do have a big crane barge this time. Photo from immigration website. More pics here: https://www.immigration.go.th/read?content_id=5bec29fe124e49f49ba512e8
  10. You must be 65 years old or over and getting a state pension to get a non-o visa at the embassy in London. Proof of the state pension is the only financial proof required. If under 65 you can get a a OA long stay visa for retirement if 50 or over if you can show the equivalent 800k baht in a UK bank or proof of 65k baht income.
  11. You will be getting 30 day visa exempt entries not a 15 day visa on arrival. There should be no problem for you and your daughter to get another visa exempt entry when you return from Cambodia.
  12. ubonjoe

    Cancelling ED Visa

    If you go to immigration on the date that the letter states you have leave the country on that day or apply for an extension, pay the 1900 baht fee and be granted 7 days to leave the country after it is denied. Or you can go to immigration a few days before the date on the letter and immigration will post date the cancelation to that day. It will more than likely state you are longer attending classes on a full time basis. But it would not really matter since you can attend school with any type of visa or entry.