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  1. Perhaps showing your old passport and providing copies of it would overcome the problem.
  2. It is a firm requirement to have a minimum salary to get an extension at immigration based upon working. There is none to get a work permit. Some people that cannot meet the salary requirement for the extension use multiple entry non-b visas to stay in the country. They have to leave and re-enter the country every 90 days for a new entry. But getting the multiple entry non-b visa is difficult since many embassies and consulate will not issue them for working.
  3. That list is not correct. Not sure where you actually found it since you did not post a link to it.
  4. There is no minimum salary to apply for and have a work permit issued. To apply for an extension of stay based upon working there is a minimum salary based upon nationality. From police order 327/2557.
  5. Either one will issue you another tourist visa. Vientiane might be best since they do not ask for tickets out and financial proof.
  6. As said visas are not transferred. If on a multiple entry non-o visa the only thing that will be transferred is your last entry stamp. Many offices will not do it a and tell you to do on it on departure from the country. If on an extension of stay issued by immigration you have to have the stamps transferred at the office that where it is issued.
  7. You can ship them but you will need to be on a one year extension of stay and/or have a work permit to get the duty free clearance. Source: http://en.customs.go.th/content.php?ini_content=individuals_151007_02&lang=en&left_menu=menu_individuals_151007_02
  8. Can not connect through app.

    For android this is the latest app and as far I know the only one that works now. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quoord.tapatalkthaivisaa.activity
  9. Are you going to be responsible if somebody is denied an extension because they used a joint account based upon your advice. There have been people denied because they had a joint account.
  10. That is not correct. You can apply for the extension at any time during the last 30 days of your current permit to stay.
  11. Ranong Visa Run

    I have not seen any report about that. There is certainly no written rule to support it.
  12. It needs to be updated. A up to date print out of it can be obtained at any Amphoe for a fee of 20 baht. What do you mean. Never heard of a TOR certificate.
  13. If it is done by the bank and stamped by them it will be accepted.
  14. Where does it say on the web web page that it has to go out via Vietnam. You can take up to 20k USD out without declaring it or any amount by declaring it.
  15. Yes you can. See http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/PersonalBanking/DailyBanking/TransferingFunds/TransferringOutOfThailand/Pages/TransferringoutofThailand.aspx