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  1. Which consulate. The embassy in London will issue a multiple entry non-o visa but the honorary consulates in UK cannot issue them. You cannot change to a multiple entry non-o within the country. Not problem for the work permit since it is not tied to your visa's validity.
  2. Only a copy is needed. Never heard of Savannakhet wanting the original.
  3. It might not be accepted when you try to use it for something.
  4. KL's list of required documents are here. http://www.thaiembassy.org/kualalumpur/contents/files/services-20170329-105646-383024.pdf It mentions work permit you cannot get without the visa. I assume an approval letter would be accepted. It also shows a criminal record check from your home country. Vientiane' s list is here for you to compare it to. http://vientiane.thaiembassy.org/upload/pdf/Visa/Non-B teacher.pdf
  5. As I wrote that is not normal. I have never had a home visit for any of my 9 extension applications. Immigration had us get a letter from the local police chief for the first extension to take back to them after they accepted the application.
  6. I am not sure a director is exempt from needing the 2nd work location being shown in the work permit You can have your work permit amended to add the branch office to your work permit.
  7. That is not normal only a home visit is required for the first application at most offices. Which office is that?
  8. Correct but it might depend upon which embassy or consulate you go to. Some want the work permit application done first to get a application approval letter for teaching at a university to get the non-b visa.
  9. That is not correct. Work permits are no longer tied to a permit to stay (since 2008 in fact).. Many people have one year work permits with a multiple entry visa that requires them to leave and re-enter the country every 90 days.
  10. You get a low cost one way ticket from any airport in Thailand to any nearby country. I just checked Air Asia and found one from Hat Yai to KL on the 25th of August for 890 baht.
  11. This topic has run its course since the OP has gotten some info. This topic is now.
  12. Unfortunately the info you were told is correct. The police order does not state you child must be present or be in the country but immigration will insist they be with you when you apply. Most offices also want photos showing you and your child together in your home. Your best option may be to get a multiple entry non-o visa that would require you to leave the country every 90 days. You could try for the extension or even ask it be taken to a higher lever to get approval. Having the multiple entry visa would be a fallback in case you could not get the extension.
  13. It should not be a problem by air.
  14. I was just informing you of the risk. No greater risk flying within the country.
  15. Unless you get caught before leaving the country just paying the overstay fine is all there would be at the airport. If caught it could be a stay in detention, deportation and a ban from entering the country for 5 years.