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  1. Nicknames for Various Nationalities

    In my opinion slang words should not be used on the forum. It can lead to a misunderstandings because not everybody would understand what is was about. From the Forum Rules
  2. Visa Service

    You need the head of household (aka house master) shown in the tabian bann permission to be registered in it. A person can be head of household without being the owner. Edit: If I recall correctly there is also a form that has to completed by head of household.
  3. For the extension of stay application (it is not a visa) at immigration it is normally up to 30 days early or 45 days at some offices. The work permit is 2 weeks early as far as I know.
  4. Visa Service

    The spelling of it is not that important. I normally write her registry in the Tabian Baan. I fully aware that it is for a house not an individual.
  5. Citizen id number

    Did they tell you to use this site? https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn24online/ Immigration has to give you a registration number to use the site. There is a page on the site to submit the application for registration but I don't a space for the ID number on it. URL for registration page. https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn24online/FilterNoLogonServlet?nodeId=24&programId=FNHOTELREG I have not read any reports of Phuket having their own website for them. Patong is not that friendly from reports I have seen. It might be best to go to the main office.
  6. Because some of the info on the form is red. It is just a preventive measure to insure they will accept the form.
  7. Visa Service

    A copy of his wife's tambien ban is required to apply for an extension of stay based upon marriage.
  8. Basicly the message means his record was not found. I often occurs because the required info was not correct. Or an entry prior to 2013 or a new passport since the last entry.
  9. I wrote he would have to leave when his extension ends. It ends when the job ends.
  10. Immigration will only accept a income affidavit done at the US embassy or the consulate in Chiang Mai. Info for affidavit is here. https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/notaries-public/income-affidavit/ You can complete it online and print it out. The fee is $50 or 1700 baht (as of today). You will need to make an appointment for notarial services.
  11. Visa Service

    As I wrote before all you need is copy of her tabien baan registry. If he will not give her a copy she can request a print out of if at an Amphoe.
  12. IMO if you can meet the 65k baht income requirement it is better than having the money in the bank. No need to worry about having the money in the bank 3 months before the date you do the application or the chance of something the balance below 800k baht. Also you can keep the funds in any type of account that may have a higher return. Even going to the embassy for the income letter is not that big a deal since it can be up to 6 months old on the date you apply for the extension. You can plan a holiday trip during the 6 months to get it if you want to.
  13. Nothing has changed since you got the green card other than when your return to the US as a resident instead of being a tourist. You will still get a visa exempt as a Canadian citizen.
  14. Visa Service

    That is not a problem. She only has to be registered at any address in a tambien ban. It does not have to be for where you are living. Only copies of page one and the page she is registered on in the tambien ban are needed to apply for the extension.
  15. Shower not heating

    That is a switch to prevent overheating of the unit. I had it open on one we had. Not sure why but suspect that the heater was left on and the water supply was not closed completely. Some are resettable by by pushing down the button in the center of it. Rule of the house is to always to turn to the heater off when finished now. I turn off the heater off before turning off the water to cool down the heating unit for a bit. Suspect that might help to prevent mineral build up on the heating element.