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  1. You can change from tourist visa entry to a 90 day non immigrant visa (category O) entry based upon qualifying for an extension of stay based upon retirement at some immigration offices. You will need the 800k baht in a Thai bank on the date your apply. You can do the application for the visa up to the last 15 days of the 60 day entry from your tourist visa or the 30 day extension of it. Then during the last 30 days of the 90 day entry from the visa you can apply for a one year extension of stay (it is not visa) based upon retirement. The 800k baht will need to be in the bank for 60 days on the date your apply.
  2. For a single entry non-o it is 6 months. For a multiple entry non-o visa it is 18 months but some embassies and consulates will do it with one year of passport validity. From MFA website for non immigrant visas. http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/services/4908/15398-Issuance-of-Visa.html
  3. Been that way for over a year when the new overstay rules came into effect. New overstay rules.pdf
  4. A return on onward ticket is not required if a person has any valid visa tor entry.
  5. A drivers license does not replace needing your passport if asked for it by an authority. You could use it for ID to board a flight. It is up to the hotel whether they accept it. I would not suggest ever traveling far from home without your passport.
  6. Just checked the list and there is no passport office in Kanchanaburi. Not that far to Bangkok from there. There is more than one office in Bangkok but looking at the map the one at the Department of Consular Affairs is probebly the easiest one to get to from where you are.
  7. There are passport office located in all regions of the country. List of them I posted before is here in Thai. http://www.consular.go.th/main/th/organize/21037-หน่วยบริการหนังสือเดินทาง.html They do a digital photo at the passport office when the application is done. Application form is not available on line. The parents can grant consent to somebody to the application. This should be the form for that: http://www.consular.go.th/main/contents/files/services-20120630-195748-510034.pdf
  8. New upload. Fillable TM7 form.pdf Immigration website. http://www.immigration.go.th/nov2004/download/form_tm7.pdf Bangkok immigration website downloads does not work.
  9. The application can be done without a non-b visa. The work permit will not be issued until you have the non-b. Who is the officer you are writing about?
  10. 1. You can get a work permit and work with a multiple entry non-o visa based upon marriage. 2. You do not need to have an income to get the non-o visa. Savannakhet does not ask for financial proof. 3. To apply for a one year extension of stay (it is not a visa) based upon marriage at immigration it is 400k baht in the bank or 40k baht income. There is no combination option.
  11. You talked to the wrong people since immigration does not handle work permits. I may of mixed up the form numbers but the WP1 form can be done with your here in the country. Many people have been able to do the application, get the approval letter and apply for the non-b visa. It is a requirement that the work permit be applied for in order to change to a non immigrant visa. Number 6 on the list of the requirements is the approval letter but worded differently.
  12. Not sure if the embassy in Hanoi will want the police clearance or not. The info on their website seems to a the generic requirements from the MFA website. Other nearby embassies and consulate want one to get a non-b visa for teaching. They accept a police clearance certificate done here. You best option would be to contact the embassy to fine out if they want one or not.
  13. I assume you mean an extension of stay based upon marriage. You do not extend your non-o visa. You only need a income letter from your embassy to use foreign earned income to meet the 40k baht income requirement for the extension. Immigration will not accept a income statement from your employer. Here is my list of general requirements to apply for the extension. Marriage Extension Requirements.pdf
  14. Once you have permanent residency you don't need to apply annual extension of stay anymore. Also no need to do 90 day reports and etc. The only time you have go anything at immigration is if you want to leave the country. Unless you want to travel you do not even need to have a valid passport. There is this long ongoing topic about it.
  15. You can get a multiple entry non-o visa based upon marriage to a Thai in Savannakhet Laos with no financial proof. The visa allows unlimited 90 day entries for a year from the date it is issued. You need to leave the country every 90 day entries for a new entry.