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  1. It's wherever expats gather, I live in Dubai and this place is also full of ex-SAS and SEALS and Special Forces, ex-football players and players that had trials with top clubs as well as successful businessmen! Other places I have been to, same stories. It amuses me but it's a tad sad but there are sooooo many people doing it. I do wonder if those people consider everything that regular people tell them is half lies too?
  2. I have been drinking Singha Light, still 3.5%, few different shops in different areas. Yet to see a 4.5% one tbh and I check cause of this thread
  3. I have never had a problem with the rail link tbh, I don't expect it to fly at light speed, it's get into the city reasonably quickly and cheaply, that's about all I ask of such a service
  4. Is that the most ridiculous thing ever? Did they consult people when launching a light beer too? I mean, the idea is you provide a lower alcohol content beer for customers that want that. The people that say 'it's too low' ... well, drink the regular Singha then! Crazy. What has been going on with the beer in Thailand recently, Singha with the 'large' bottles being a bit smaller, is that still the case? Chang reduced their (frankly too high for me) alcohol volume too. I was under the impression it was all related to taxes on booze or something?
  5. Green Bus no.365 Schedule

    No idea but try here maybe http://www.transitbangkok.com/
  6. What's the deal-io? Transport companies run minibuses, etc from Khao Lak to places or basically get back into Surat Thani and go from there? I am wondering about a direct route from Khao Lak to Koh Lanta. Will probably take that route. I don't mind to get to Surat and then get to Krabi and stay overnight before Lanta early morning but if there's a minibus type trip that does direct to Lanta that could be a good option. Does this even count as 'south'? Didn't feel it belonged in Islands forum or Krabi obviously
  7. Any chance of it slowing down anytime soon??
  8. Wow, I feel this is more a September/October thing, I mean, I know it rains a lot in rainy season but I don't expect this in June, as much. What's the feeling on this clearing up soon? i.e. are there more storms on the way above the usual rainy reason rain?
  9. Thailand railways....

    I love the train in Thailand but they stopped drinking on the train now? This is not an 'OMG a typical farang wants to get wasted on the train, oh no' but that late afternoon/early evening, train starts a movin', get some food when the guy comes around or from the stalls before you get on and a couple of cans of beer as I watch the scenary roll past. What's wrong with that? Last year I only took a short train journey in the South or a few hours but saw many signs about no alcohol. Very sad, I enjoyed a few beers with my food but the night kicked in, was a huge part of my love of the trains. Even in 2nd class sleeper, before they made up the beds, you got a nice big seat there, a huge window next to you. Toilets are there too, zillion times preferable to an overnight bus, for starters. Just like a couple of beers :/
  10. Gullivers on Khao San Road closed??

    KSR is nowhere near the same now as 20+ years ago when I arrived on my first trip. Very few people are doing the backpack/travelling thing these days, it's more 'extended trips' or 'gap years' so they have more cash to play with (or Daddy's credit card) than I first went and people were on budgets until they picked up work somewhere in Asia. As above, I do remember it being a pretty cool place to meet local women, girls from the Uni and generally curious Thais hanging out amongst the 'bohemian' farang vibe or something like that. Met a fair few women in there and was pretty cool for a few years. This is probably more than 10 years back though, maybe more. Fast forward a few years after that and there was a hell of a lot of hookers hanging out in there and it had become a lot more sukhumvit-y. So many bars opened down KSR these days. I can do a couple of days on a trip there but the youngsters seem to get stupider every year and they annoy me. If not them the cheap teachers wanting to expound their views on all things Thai after their 8 month stint living in Banglumphoo ... It can be fun though, drinks pretty cheap but I think Rambuttri probably a better place to eat and drink these days or for a long time now. I think that film The Beach really really made a huge difference in bringing these gap year kids and people being supported by their parents in coming over and certainly changed KSR a lot. I always marvel at that street side bar 'very strong drinks, we don't check ID' as the police stroll up and down without a care in the world You see some young Thais hanging out in those street places cause maybe they can't get in the nearby bars or late night clubs
  11. River Kwai day trip

    Just get the bus, early morning, arrive early, rent a motorcycle or something when there
  12. Koh Phangan & Koh Tao

    Places like Haad Rin you can't get great cheap food options but into Thong Sala I don't think the prices of Thai food are bad at all, pretty decent, imo
  13. When there's a holiday the police come down Khao San and move tables from the street or tell places to close. Sometimes even with no holiday they seem to do this. It's just one of those things. There's plenty of times where drinking, etc is still going on past 3am there. I certainly wouldn't listen to anything a taxi driver told me either
  14. Where's the best/favourite breakfast in Bangkok?

    I used to go to Old Dutch, I always appreciated the 3 eggs instead of 2 and 2 cups of coffee (if there's no refills in BKK). Might check out the buffets, I also like a big breakfast from time to time