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  1. Pdavies99

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    Possibly you are getting hotter here in Thailand, sweating more, and then you get some water and throw it down your throat? Far better to take small amounts at a time, also gulping down water might cause acid reflux issues?
  2. Pdavies99

    Cycling and Health

    You are quite right, a badly set up saddle can cause issues, unfortunately unless you go to a knowledgeable bike shop or look it up on the web then you will not get it right, Things to note; Bike size and suspension Saddle suitability Saddle cushioning (latex cushion can assist) Saddle height Saddle angle Saddle too much forward or back Handlebars height Skin sweating and chafing Once you these issues set correctly you will have absolutely no problems, enjoy!
  3. Pdavies99

    McAfee Anti Virus

    The problem in Thailand is that internet providers do not ensure at all that the downloads are mainly virus free etc, unlike in the UK, where Virgin, Sky etc block downloads from problem sites. So in effect all and any viruses etc will be sent to your computer in Thailand. Free anti virus programmes do a reasonable job but you will get problems. (That's why they are free!) The other problem with McAfee and other big name anti virus programmes are that they can be a damm nuisance all the time. The choice is yours, I would suggest you see what is available online or in computer shops etc and read the reviews before buying!!
  4. Pdavies99

    Pattaya Burial?

    Well you did not say that, but 80k is about right for a burial plot, but like I said the Thai Bishop responsible for Chonburi region, explicitly states no foreigners, I worked for the Catholic Church here in Pattaya a few years ago, I was ill and asked about this and was told as an exception I could have a burial plot paying in advance but only in Rayong or further away. Like as previously mentioned, go and speak to the Bishop or Fathers at St Nicholas Church. Best wishes.
  5. Pdavies99

    Pattaya Burial?

    You are quite right, but unfortunately the Thai Bishop responsible for the Chonburi area will not allow non ordained to be buried in the Chonburi cemeteries. I was offered a place though in Rayong, if I paid whilst alive. I note others have suggested prices etc, but that is for cremations. I suggest as I said to go and see the Father or the Bishop at the Father Ray Orphanage who also are part of the St Nicholas Church.
  6. Pdavies99

    Diarrhea for over 6 months

    Correct diagnosis and sometimes correct antibiotics is a necessity, not just quack remedies and guesses, I'm surprised how many people rely on carrots etc! Eventually you can get ulcers and / cancer issues! See a Doctor!
  7. Pdavies99

    Diarrhea for over 6 months

    Possibly Helicobacter pylori, easy to resolve https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helicobacter_pylori
  8. Pdavies99

    Good Restaurants

    As already stated it depends on which chef is working etc, hit and miss