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  1. Perhaps you could provide us all with a link to the independent information you have seen which convinces you a convicted fraudster and known liar is to be believed over numerous media outlets from all parts of the political spectrum; left and right wing, Remain and Brexit. Even the ultra pro Brexit, anti May Sun only puts attendees at Yaxley-Lennon's demonstration in the thousands rather than the tens of thousands he claims!
  2. That doesn't surprise one bit. I don't trust him either, neither would I vote for him. He and Yaxley-Lennon are both chancers, except Blair has the intelligence to be better at it.
  3. In order to identify her husband, assuming she did enter the UK as a spouse, the authorities first have to identify her. These days with all UK visa applicants having to enrol their biometrics, this could be done via her fingerprints. But 14 years ago there was no biometric enrolment.
  4. Yaxley-Lennon, with his convictions for violence and fraud, and his gauleiters are well known for vastly inflating the numbers who attend their rallies and using carefully choreographed and edited videos to support their lying figures. Anyone who thinks this thug represents the majority of Brexiteers is seriously deluded. Even Farage and Nuttall have disowned UKIP now Batten has accepted Yaxley-Lennon and his cohorts.
  5. Deliberately misinterpreting what I posted in some pathetic attempt to score cheap debating points it is, then.
  6. Thus speaks someone who claims to have an intimate knowledge of how the UK Parliament works!
  7. So you believe tebee to be both anti British and anti democratic? Otherwise you remarks about him are totally unjustified and you should withdraw them and apologise.
  8. MPs are used to being told what to do and how to vote in the Lobbies. That's what the Whips are for! May's problem is that she does not have a majority so even if all her own party obeyed the Whips, she would still lose unless the DUP voted with her. That is her own fault of course for calling an election when she didn't have to.
  9. Go back and read what I actually said. I said that Norway plus would mean maintaining freedom of movement, which would upset those who voted leave to stop immigration from the EU. I DID NOT SAY all leavers. I DID NOT SAY those leavers who want controlled immigration from the EU. Are you deliberately misinterpreting what I posted in some pathetic attempt to score cheap debating points, or are you too stupid to know the difference between what I said and what you claim I said? BTW, I don't think that you are stupid.
  10. Pissed off the DUP mainly. But that does not get away from the fact that, as The Independent said, This contempt vote has made the Opposition parties, the DUP and the Tory rebels feel important; but has in fact achieved nothing except set a dangerous precedent.
  11. That is not what I said. to repeat What is it that you fail to understand about that? Or are you deliberately misinterpreting what I said? It must be one or the other, otherwise the rest of your post makes zero sense!
  12. My wife and step daughter both naturalised as British as soon as they were able. Does this mean that, in your view, they have no allegiance to Thailand anymore; even though they kept their Thai nationality and are dual nationals? I assume that your wife has not become British and has no intention of ever so doing; or do your principles of allegiance and accusations of selfish interest only apply to others?
  13. There's the rub; if there were sufficient British people willing and able to do those jobs, then they would not be there for EU migrants! A few years ago I was talking to the highways manger of a London borough. I asked him why all his street cleaners were east European. He replied that Brits considered such work to be beneath them. No Brits applied unless sent by the Job Centre and even then they made sure they weren't offered the job by their poor behaviour at the interview. Of course, it is not just low paid jobs that are done by EU migrants. EU immigrants are also doing skilled jobs; especially in the building trade, bricklayers, carpenters, electricians etc. But there is a skills shortage amongst British people in these areas. For much of the last 25 to 30 years the attitude of British schools has been that apprenticeships are bad and somehow demeaning, people should instead go to university; and if they couldn't get a proper degree there were subjects like media studies for them.
  14. 7by7

    SURVEY: EU -- Will it survive?

    Junker is the head of the EU commission; the EU's civil service. He holds a similar position in the EU with similar powers to that of the Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service in the UK, currently Sir Mark Sedwell. They are both appointees and subject to the whims and control of their political masters; in Junker's case the Council of Ministers and the EU Parliament. I'm sorry that you can't see the difference between an official who, although he can advise, has to obey his political masters and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland!
  15. What will upset many of those who voted leave in 2016 will be this continually repeated lie trotted out ad nauseam. Listen to me very carefully now. "Controlled immigration". Give it a few seconds for those words to sink in. Now compare with your words: "stop immigration". Can you distinguish a difference? There IS one you know. I appreciate though, if you want to paint people as being small-minded and bigoted, your phrase works much better. Who cares about accuracy? Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app If you had actually paid attention to what people in the UK were actually saying in the run up to the referendum, you would know that many people voted Leave to stop EU immigration. Not to control it, but to stop it. The reasoning being that EU immigrants are taking jobs away from British people and keeping wages down. Reasoning I've seen repeated in various topics here. A minority of Leave voters, I grant you; but a significant one nonetheless.