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  1. Indeed. The reactions and support from all members of the community, regardless of their ethnic origins or religion, shown to the victims of the recent tragic events in London and Manchester has shown that the majority of the British people are in total disagreement with the views posted by many of the expat members of this board. But we only live in the UK, so obviously those expats know more about life here than we do (sarcasm)!
  2. Indeed, until each flat has been thoroughly searched and all the bodies counted, the final toll will not be known. Obviously, this cannot be rushed, not only to avoid missing something but also due to the safety of those conducting the search. We cannot assume that someone is dead simply because they are missing. As the report in the OP says
  3. RBKC is Conservative controlled, and has been for many years. Maybe you are thinking of the Lakanal House fire in 2009? This happened in Southwark, which although controlled by a Lib/Dem coalition at the time of the fire was under it's historically usual Labour control when the refurbishment work was agreed and begun. Refurbishment which included the installation of external cladding, very similar to that used at Grenfell Tower, and was later condemned by the inquest into the six deaths as 'botched!' It seems that some people are very keen to play politics with this disaster and the deaths of so many; but a little bit of research will show that no matter which party is in control, there are councils all over the country as culpable as Southwark were and it appears RBKC are when it comes to quick fixes which put residents' lives at risk.
  4. It will take 'years' because all the factors need thorough investigation. jumping to conclusions will be of no help or benefit to anyone. But in the mean time the fire safety of all blocks in the UK needs reassessing, with the appropriate changes made as a matter of urgency.
  5. What courts would that be, then? Beth Din? They have existed in the UK for over 100 years and are subject to much the same criticism as Sharia courts; especially over women's rights. Both Beth Din and Sharia courts are voluntary, they come under the Arbitration Act, can only resolve civil disputes and their decisions are not legally enforceable. But this has been discussed many times before, and is not relevant to this topic.
  6. Unfortunately it has been in UK cities since the 1970s, thanks to first the IRA and now ISIS. Hopefully one day the scourge of terrorism will be expunged completely, but until that day we Brits, of all races and faiths, remain united in our determination that the terrorists and hate mongers will not win. I'm not saying victory will be easy; it wont be. But the more those who attempt to sow division are listened to, whether they be Islamic extremists or the EDL and their ilk, the longer that victory will take. Although things look bleak at the moment, I believe these latest attacks show desperation on the part of the extremists. They know they are losing; it reminds me of the V1 and V2 attacks launched against us by Hitler in the death throes of the Third Reich.
  7. Myself and others have been posting links to the many times they have in the past; links such as London attack: 500 imams condemn terrorists and refuse to perform funeral prayer for 'vile murderers' The police and security services say they have foiled 13 potential attacks in the last four years; not only foiled, but those responsible for planning them have been arrested, put on trial, found guilty and imprisoned. To do this the police rely on information from the local, Muslim community.
  8. If she got ILR in 2014; yes, she would have needed to have passed the LitUK test and could use that same pass for citizenship. But...... When she got her ILR, this part of KoLL could be satisfied either by passing the LitUK test or an ESOL with citizenship course. This was changed w.e.f 28th October 2013, after Mrs. Malct obtained her ILR and since then only a LitUK test pass will satisfy this part of KoLL for both ILR and citizenship. Not strictly true. Standard applicants must have held ILR, or the equivalent, for at least 12 months before they can apply. But spouses and civil partners of British citizens do not; they merely have to hold it, how long for doesn't matter. So, provided they meet the other requirements, such as at least three years residence, they can apply as soon as they have ILR.
  9. Usual cop out from those who make remarks they cannot substantiate. You made the accusation; you should back it up. I edited my post to add a link to a report, one of many in all UK media, saying that he did raise the alarm; if you have evidence that these reports are false; produce it. Asylum seekers cannot work. At least cannot work legally. Do you have evidence that his employers were breaking the law by employing him, or are you again making unsubstantiated assumptions based upon your prejudices?
  10. Enlighten me, then. All the reports I have seen say that he did raise the alarm. Reports like this one: ‘Haunted’ cabbie whose faulty fridge ‘started Grenfell fire’ blames himself for tragedy Asylum seeker? Well, he was originally from Ethiopia, so it's possible. But if so, he must have been granted leave to remain otherwise he would not have been ab le to work. Not that it's relevant.
  11. Phoning the emergency services upon discovering the fire in his kitchen. Warning his neighbours of the fire. Strange? In what way?
  12. <deleted>? I thought Pakistan were in with a chance, but, apart from Pandya's 76, they totally demolished India! Champions Trophy: Inspired Pakistan thrash India by 180 runs Pakistan 338-4 (50 overs): Fakhar 114, Azhar 59, Hafeez 57* India 158 all out (30.3 overs): Pandya 76, Amir 3-16, Hasan 3-19 Pakistan won by 180 runs
  13. I don't live in Chelsea, but do live in what is considered to be an affluent town in North West Surrey with an average house prices ranging from over £300K for a two bed flat up. I am British born and have worked all my life, but cannot afford to buy. I live in a housing association flat. Many of my neighbours are the same. My late brother lived in a housing association house, his widow still does. Your comment is rubbish and only proves your ignorance.
  14. The authorities are 'drip feeding' information because they deal in facts, not speculation. Until a full search of the building has been completed, no one will know for sure the total number who perished in this fire. All the reports from the police and LFB have emphasised that they expect the death toll to rise as more bodies are found. Until a thorough investigation has been completed, no one will know for sure how the fire started and why it spread so quickly. Such investigations, and subsequent action, take time. Although I agree with the mayor that a preliminary report needs to be produced ASAP. In the mean time, similar blocks must be investigated by the local fire brigade's fire prevention and safety officers and recommended improvements carried out as a matter of urgency.
  15. What a ridiculous statement! So far, only one of the identified dead was an asylum seeker. Grenfell Tower fire: Full details of all the missing people Do you really think that if there were no asylum seekers in the UK this block would have been standing empty? Using this tragedy to peddle your politics; you should hang your head in shame!