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  1. Life in the UK test

    You can't book a test unless you have registered an account . I started to register an account so I could have a look at the booking form, and on the second page (Personal details) of the registration form is What did you put here when you registered the account? Whatever it was, she must use that as her ID when she attends the centre for her test. I suggest you also have a good read of What to expect on the day of the test as well as Terms and conditions for booking and taking the Life in the UK test.
  2. moving back to uk

    Except, why should things change too much? I made my first trip to Paris in 1955 with school and I don't think a visa was needed then? There is a massive difference between visiting a country as a tourist and moving there to take up residence. The UK, for example, allows certain non EEA nationalities, Australian for example, to visit the UK for up to 6 months as a tourist without obtaining a visa in advance. But if they want to live, work or study here they need the appropriate visa first; the same as, for example, a Thai. Had you and your family wished to move to Paris to live in 1955, before the UK became a member of what was then the EEC, you would not have benefited from any freedom of movement treaty rights and so would have needed whatever visa the French at that time required. Of course, the position regarding freedom of movement between the UK and the EEA remains to be negotiated. But as EU immigration was a major reason for many voting Leave, do you really think the UK government will simply agree to keep things as they are now?
  3. Life in the UK test

    Your wife should use her valid BRP if she has one. If she doesn't, she can use her passport or one of the other acceptable forms of photo ID. The ID document she presents on the day of the test must be the same document she used to register and book her test. It is a Biometric Residence Permit. I recall the topic you mention, but not the details, so make sure your wife is aware of this. Addendum:- Found the topic to which you refer: The problem there was One of the requirements is to correctly state the ID document one is using. An ILR stamp is not the same as a BRP.
  4. moving back to uk

    At the moment, this is certainly a possibility, and a route used in the past by many who have been unable to meet the UK's financial requirement. It will be cheaper, too, as there will be no application fees! See Apply for an EEA family permit from outside the UK 6. Surinder Singh. But what the situation will be post Brexit is anyone's guess. I suspect that British nationals living in other EEA states will be able to remain, and vice versa, but seriously doubt that they would be able to use the Surinder Singh judgement to return to the UK with their non British family members. That judgement was, after all, a judgement of the ECJ and thus became part of the EU's freedom of movement regulations. When the UK is no longer a member of the EU, there is no reason to suppose it will still apply to British nationals.
  5. moving back to uk

    I'm afraid so; unless you can satisfy UKVI that an exception should be made in your wife's case; which is very difficult to do. You only have to meet the requirement for your wife; your son, being British, doesn't need a visa to live in the UK so is not included in the financial requirement. Like you, he does not need to pay the health surcharge either. The financial requirement has to be met when applying for her initial visa, again when applying for Further Leave to Remain after 30 months in the UK and again when she applies for Indefinite Leave to Remain 30 months after FLR. If using earned income, employed or self employed, then for the initial visa only your income can be used; but for both FLR and ILR your wife's earned income, if any, can be used instead of or in combination with yours. If using unearned income, such as property rental or investment income, or income from a pension or cash savings then these can be in your name, hers or you both jointly for each stage. Any income you have been receiving whilst living in Thailand can be used, providing it will continue once you have moved to the UK. However, if you or your child are in receipt of certain UK state benefits, for example DLA, then you can meet the financial requirement through adequate maintenance. This means there is no minimum income or savings required, but you will have to show you can support your wife without claiming any public funds other than those you or your son already receive, For full details, see the financial requirement appendix. See also the relevant to you parts of Family visas: apply, extend or switch Staying with your family should not be a problem; provided they can show that there is at least one room for the exclusive use of you and your wife and another for your son.
  6. Indeed; Gang who wore burkas during burglaries jailed for 87 years But I asked " Perhaps you can produce evidence of a similar crime wave carried out by people wearing burkas?" One gang using burkas to disguise themselves does not equate to the crime wave currently being carried out by muggers on mopeds wearing full face crash helmets. From the first article I linked to above If a country wants to ban burkas in public; up to that country. But unless all face coverings are banned, as in France with some exceptions, then a burka ban is motivated purely by prejudice; not a concern over public safety or crime prevention.
  7. Then also ban wearing bike helmets, hoodies etc in public places - Is a road "a public place" ? Yes. In the UK there is a growing problem of attacks by moped riders on pedestrians, snatching phones, handbags etc. and then speeding off; as well as attacks on shops. The moped menace: how the scooter became muggers’ vehicle of choice Robbers on mopeds ransack London jewellery store in broad daylight as people film on phones Notice that they are wearing full face helmets. Perhaps you can produce evidence of a similar crime wave carried out by people wearing burkas?
  8. I suppose she may just live out in then middles of nowhere and not have any internet access! Otherwise, why not email him a copy, or if she has no access to a scanner take a photo and send it via Skype, Line, WhatsApp or similar? Even if the OP has the refusal notice but doesn't have a scanner himself and so can't scan and attach it to a post here, he could always type it in by hand. Others have done so before when they were genuinely seeking advice. But some people don't want advice, they just want to complain about what barstewards the ECOs are, and then get the hump when people don't automatically agree with them but instead want to look at the whole picture and discover the real reasons for a refusal so that they can offer the best advice on how to proceed.
  9. People here are trying to help you; but you still refuse to give us the information we need in order to do so! As already said; ECOs do not contact sponsors; it is not your application. As already said, applicants need to meet the requirements of the immigration rules relevant to the visa they have applied for. All refusals quote the parts of those rules which have not been met. They also give the reason why the ECO believes they have not been met. Without knowing the ECOs reasons, we cannot comment. Yes, as ECOs are human, they do make mistakes. But applicants and sponsors are also human and they, too, make mistakes. Having spent over 15 years being involved in forums such as this and reading many refusal notices over that period, I can confidently say that there are three reasons for an application being refused. They are, with the most common first and descending: the applicant did not meet the requirements of the immigration rules for the visa applied for; the applicant did meet the requirements, but failed to show that they did; the applicant did meet the requirements but the ECO missed one or more pieces of evidence supplied by the applicant and so made a mistake. No one here is going to defend an ECO who has made a mistake; but without knowing the contents of the refusal notice, and preferably all the supporting documents supplied with the application, it is impossible to determine which of the above this refusal falls under. I simply cannot comprehend why you continue to refuse to provide that information; unless you have something to hide. That is, you cocked up but wont admit it; not even to yourself. I hope you prove me wrong by posting the refusal notice in full. Until and unless you do so, I see no point in responding to you further.
  10. Those are the particular paragraphs of the rules which the ECO believed were not met. You can read them at Immigration Rules Appendix V: visitor rules As theoldgit says, the refusal notice will give his/her reasons for believing that. A sponsor's letter and bank information is not evidence of contact between sponsor and applicant. Did you provide any evidence of contact at all? The visa section does sometimes contact an applicant's employer to confirm the contents of any letter, and also sometimes conduct a telephone interview with the applicant themselves. I have never known of a situation where a sponsor has been contacted; but this, of course, does not mean it never happens. ECOs can only judge an application on the evidence provided by the applicant. The onus is upon the applicant to ensure that evidence is complete and shows that they satisfy the requirements of the rules. Although ECOs, or visa section staff, may, as I say above, make telephone enquires to clarify or confirm information provided, they are under no obligation to do so. They will certainly never contact an applicant or sponsor to chase after missing evidence. I'm sorry, but the more you post the more it seems to me that this application was poorly prepared and that is why it was refused. That is, the fault is yours, not the ECO's. Of course, if you post the refusal notice in full together with a full list of all the supporting documents provided with the application, we will all be better able to judge and so advise on your next step.
  11. As a British citizen you are currently also an EEA national, which means you have treaty rights in all other EEA states, which includes the right to live and work there. If you are exercising a treaty right in another member state then your qualifying non EEA national family members have the right to live there with you. Unmarried partners are qualifying family members, but each member state has their own definition of unmarried partner. For example, the UK's definition is living together in a relationship akin to marriage for at least the past two years. I'm afraid I don't know Hungary's definition. Do you and your girlfriend live together? If so, how long have you done so and do you have evidence, such as letters, bills etc. addressed to each or both of you, covering the required period to show it? Of course, what the position of British citizens and their non EEA national family members in other EEA states will be post Brexit is anyone's guess. If your girlfriend does not qualify as your unmarried partner, then she will need to apply for and obtain Hungarian residence in her own right.
  12. From Visitor: supporting documents guide However, whilst pay slips may be useful, and are on the list of suggested documents, you do not really need them. Bank statements, yours and/or hers, which show you have sufficient funds available to cover her expenses are better.
  13. What is your nationality? Hungary is in the EU and a Schengen state, so if you are an EU national, but not Hungarian, it may make things easier; provided the Hungarian government considered her to be your unmarried partner. Have a look through the following from the Hungarian government: Useful information Welcome to our Consular Service site! Here you can find useful information on conditions of entry, visa agreements, consular fees, and legal regulations. ENTRY FOR LONG STAY (period exceeding 90 days) I've asked the mods to move this to the Visas and migration to other countries forum, where those more knowledgeable than I are more likely to see it and respond.
  14. Not going to make any excuses for this stupid woman's inexcusable behaviour; but to judge all Muslims by her actions is pure ignorance.
  15. Judaism is a religion, not a race; yet Anti Semitics are, rightly, labelled racist. Islamaphobes deserve that label, too. Muslims Aren’t A Race, So I Can’t Be Racist, Right? Wrong.