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  1. Add misrepresentation and false promises and we have an accurate description of usual Brit behavior in business dealings. Of course there are exceptions.
  2. certainly it doesn't help that the media constantly show ugly ladyboys in the pictures.
  3. nope... for carrying 1 gram of hash, first offense... waiting on your "evidence".
  4. manarak

    Good tv series

    are you for real ? oops, lol... old post
  5. based on his perception of Thainess
  6. I really have to ask you to back up your claim with facts
  7. difficult to imagine a more hypocritical statement. the civilians there are so innocent that Idlib needs to be attacked by the army. meanwhile, the US greenlighted Turkey's attack on truly innocent Kurds allied with the US.
  8. from KPMG: https://home.kpmg.com/xx/en/home/insights/2011/12/thailand-income-tax.html another source: https://www.pkf.com/media/10028503/thailand-tax-guide-2016-17.pdf
  9. yes... the Sun spun the story to blame the Thai fish spa. this story qualifies for "fake news"
  10. according to your earlier post, you feel the cartoon is racist and sexist... now you say it's not offensive... ummmmmmmm...
  11. From wikipedia: " The word farang is from Persian word farang (فرنگ) or farangī (فرنگی), refers to Franks, the major German tribes ruling Western Europe. In Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia "Farang" refers to Europeans. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farang Maybe you should throw away your dictionary. It's rubbish. BTW, "foreigner" in Thai is "khon tangchart"
  12. So it's more a feeling that something you can rationally explain. But I think what you say about minorities is important: but I think that's not possible? how would you have drawn that cartoon? such a cartoon would be automatically racist and sexist because it would show a black woman?
  13. I would like to ask you - without any malice - if you could elaborate on why you think the cartoon is racist and sexist?
  14. I just had to lol at this very materialistic business sense of the restaurant owner.
  15. absolutely. but the Thai word "farang" is not about passport nationality.