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  1. so in this article we have positive proof of the police providing detained suspects with prohibited "war weapons".
  2. huh? coins on a rail are totally harmless. can't understand what gets people so worked up... when you consider very senior police and the supreme boss of railways organized big meetings over this... they should have completely ignored him, now he is very famous. if they wanted him out, they should have sent an immigration sargeant to nab him for working illegally, deportation, case closed...
  3. a shocking story. this bit is particularly unbelievable: with all the horrible news, it certainly looks like police in the US is not under control anymore. time for a massive change.
  4. how stupid and hot-blooded these criminals are...
  5. so... what was written on the ticket?
  6. I believe there are ATMs before immigration.
  7. i got some bigger stuff to repair on my nissan nv year 2001, namely brake disks and cardan joints, possibly radiator. who can please recommend a good mechanic shop with reasonable prices?
  8. Ong Bak ... and there are many movies that have been shot in Thailand. mainly Thai movies though, a lot of comedies and a fair share of totally brain dead ones, but the occasional odd interesting one such as "meatgrinder".
  9. IQ < 60. difficulties to find enough brainpower to maintain vital functions such as breathing. have... to... drive.. and to... show... off...
  10. sorry for the misunderstanding! I too always supposed the Fitzgerald was returning to base at Yokosuka, but then he wrote : so I supposed he meant the Fitzgerald was heading out...
  11. Where did you get the info that the Fitzgerald was going S/SW ? I searched everywhere, but I couldn't find any information on the Fitzgerald's heading or where it came from or where it was going.
  12. I'm hoping the arrested scum will have to pay high damages and do some real time in prison, especially those who specially travelled there to make trouble.
  13. what transport woes? my main worry are traffic jams on Pattaya Tai, Thepprasit, Pattaya Klang and Sukhumvit. These a tram cannot solve.
  14. nope it is 100% true. if you have proof, please quote the Law.