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  1. I would make the wild guess that you could have entered using your driving license.
  2. manarak

    Thai Navy Recon Trainee Killed By Fish

    I'm what you could call the opposite of "overly sensitive", but seeing people here post cartoons in this thread about a fatal accident that killed an innocent who did nothing wrong feels unsettling.
  3. very unlikely, CCTV has been widely publicized already, the cop defends against another case where he shot a man 6 years ago, immediately got sacked by his chief and he's got no officer rank inspite being in his late 40ies.
  4. the newspaper that can't be linked to reports that the cop and the victim knew each other for over a year, that the victim's girlfriend was talking to the cop, and that the cop was already fighting a court case because he already shot someone 6 years ago... probably a triangular relationship turned sour. Thai police at its finest.
  5. you have not lived in Thailand for long... anyone can enter any building. if carrying a police ID the guy could have carried a heavy machine gun inside with no problems.
  6. one only wonders how someone can reach the rank of senior sergeant major with so little self-control.
  7. agreed. tonboy's post should rather read "more respect for everybody"
  8. yeah - the perp fits the official definition of "local", which just means born & living in Strasbourg. In Thailand, he would still be considered a tourist or a guest. apparently, a Thai tourist has died https://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/societe/fait-divers/fusillade-de-strasbourg-qui-sont-les-victimes_2052995.html
  9. actually no. "CFO" does not bestow a special legal status different from other administrator/director/board members with according powers of attorney. liability arises from their signature on documents or their actions, not from their title of CFO.
  10. horrible story. I heard many stories of Thais seeking doctors on facebook (!!!) and of things subsequently going wrong.
  11. an impressive number of very serious matters have been screwed up at the highest levels already, sometimes intentionally. anyway, not giving a reason for an arrest is not compatible with a constitutional democracy.
  12. this may surprise you because I guess you don't work in the legal field, but I have seen more than a few requests for arrest and requests for extradition that were dishonest, deliberately misrepresenting charges and just trying to get their way by impressing the other country. in the country I lived in, Switzerland, there luckily is a working legal process that throws out all the excentic claims made. in other countries, these claims may well be taken at face value! to give you an example, a swiss gentleman had arranged a lady from Germany to visit him at his home in France to perform certain services of private nature. he paid for her plane ticket. the deed done, the swiss gentleman went back to switzerland and the lady back to germany. somehow the matter landed in the hands of French police who probably had some sort of axe to grind, they wanted to make the gentleman's life miserable. Switzerland received an extradition request on the following grounds: - human trafficking: because by paying the plane ticket the guy had organized the border crossing of the lady. - pimping: as the lady had met another cliebnt durign her stay in Paris, the gentleman was also, in the eyes of whatever idiots they have in Paris police, reponsible for procuring the lady because he organized her visit to paris. now, "human trfficking" and "pimping" sound like quite serious charges, people would imagine an organized prostitution ring, possibly forced, possibly with organized crime involvement, wehn all the poor guy did was to tell an escort know to him that he would like to spend a night with her in Paris !! of course the request only got laughter from my colleagues who wasted their time working on that dishonest extradition request, because French legal services for police know perfectly well that neither of the alleged "crimes" are illegal in Switzerland. -------------------------------------------------------- so that's the reason why I believe requests made by other contries must be taken with a grain of salt. documents transmitted in order to gain an extradition can be full of lies and deceit, even if they come from countries supposedly run under a constitutional democracy. the absence, in this case , of a clear reason for arrest might simply indicate that they are still looking for a reason. I would be there are now 2 or 3 departments of the Canadian ministry of justice plus maybe a task force running in circles to find in Canadian laws a valid reason for the arrestation.
  13. manarak

    World of Tanks - Any players in Pattaya?

    hey... anyone still playing? did a Pattaya clan emerge? I'm interested
  14. quoting from "The sun": but anyway that doesn't apply outside of NZ thedailymail named the man, but later corrected their content - but google cache still has it. thetelegraph didn't pull their article with name and photo of the alleged perp.
  15. it doesn't justify it, however responsibility must always be understood as a continuum. claiming the victim never bears any responsibility for what happened is simply wrong. same as when I forgot my phone on my bike. the thief is fully responsible for being a thief, but I was also - to a much lesser degree - responsible for creating the opportunity. we need a realistic and balanced view, not idealistic ideology denying reality.