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  1. well, I think any foreigner should be protected from these abject laws.
  2. the USual US BS. ummm... aren't the officers guilty of fraud?
  3. Ordering from Lazada

    this proves you understand nothing at all about Lazada. they are not responsible for the quality of the products, they are just a sales platform .
  4. hmm. I was tempted to comment that the american was a nutcase, but in the video you see the Thai put his fist on the american's chest, looks like he is trying to teach the guy a lesson. difficult to say if this attack was provoked or not.
  5. I'm in awe when I try to reckon that their brain has enough cerebral power to maintain vital functions of the body.
  6. name is Yohann Michel Tounga Mbouka yes, he is a policeman, the results of the exam are public, and he's on the list: https://www.interieur.gouv.fr/content/download/89293/693666/file/2015-admissibilité-interne-idf-gpx.pdf http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/2018/04/09/frenchman-accused-of-raping-briton-on-koh-tao/ I would really like to know what proof the police could possibly have of the crime ?
  7. I'm not sure the claim of "most dangerous place" can be sustained within Thailand, much less in a comparison with our home countries' crime statistics.
  8. at the moment there is strictly zero proof that anything illegal happened at all.
  9. makes one wonder if there has been a chemical attack at all ?
  10. annoyance with electric hot plate temp

    it's built-in into the kitchen counter top, so no throwing away.
  11. annoyance with electric hot plate temp

    that could work... will try.
  12. annoyance with electric hot plate temp

    of course there is a knob, with 6 levels of heating. I don't want to cook the food, I want to pan-fry it. heating level 3 is not hot enough to fry, level 4 is too hot. so the question is, does anyone know a way to tweak the temperature on such a hot plate ?
  13. Hello, besides gas I also have very simple hot plates of brand Mex. The problem is when pan-frying something (like sausage), step 3 will boil the food it and step 4 will burn the food. is there any way to adjust temperature? Ideally I would like to bring step 4's temperature down.