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  1. Can I call out BS on that one, because usufructs are registered at the land office. Property cannot be sold without removing the usufruct.
  2. manarak

    What happened to Mama brand pot noodles?

    also available at makro in packs of 6 ...
  3. it works differently in Asia, especially in Thailand, with Thai skippers and Thai bosses. Kreng Jai. The captain is an employee and will avoid to upset the bosses/owners. Yes he can refuse to leave port, then he just loses his job on the spot and won't find another job as a captain in that area.
  4. It is quite obvious that the only "alternative explanations" acceptable to you are such which do also incriminate Russia. And to come back to my former claim that UK government was also at the "forefront of telling bullshit", I just remembered what Boris Johnson said about the nerve agent originating from Russia, when in fact the lab was unable to identify the origin. I'm not rejecting the story pushed by mainstream media, I think it is quite plausible, although some details don't fit 100%. What I reject is considering it the only possible explanation! I don't understand why discussing possible alternate scenarios is automatically being pro-Russian. It's the kind of simplistic black-white rhetorics typically used when there is a political interest in "selling the story". But this is an internet forum, not "Voice of America", so expect people to comment, ask questions and post their own opinion.
  5. I never wrote that this was likely...
  6. I don't "push" anything, at least not on the forum. I'm just keeping an open mind for all possible scenarios. As someone else already pointed out, the whole thing doesn't look like a professional operation. I just offered another angle that may explain the amateurism. Regarding your counterarguments, they also present just an angle. No facilities or personnel would be needed to use a "leftover" from whatever past test or past operation or even destruction job of the substance. Someone involved could have logged that all was disposed of, when in fact he stashed it for later use. Op could have been initiated by dear friends of the betrayed. You also pointed out the difficulty of hiring people to do such a job, and that actually fits the scenario and could explain the mistakes made. For these kind of stories it's important to not jump to conclusions and keep all possibilities open until the known facts fit nicely together. I for one was surprised how quickly the UK affirmed Russia was responsible for the hit on Skripal. Maybe the UK has an intelligence source where the information came from. But was it true? Or is there some sinister game on? Other angles are possible too. Who benefits from a spat between UK and Russia? There is currently a lot going on with Brexit and NATO, Turkey... Russian hackers are said to have given Trump the presidency, and there are reports they infiltrate other countries' electoral systems and use social media to influence opinion. This can be perceived as an attack on the atlantist bloc. Does the Novichok story fit in somehow? Does morale need to be galvanized against a new-old enemy which shall serve as a "negative integrator"? It wouldn't be the first time such thing is done, there were many such ops in Europe during the cold war, carried out by atlantist covert organizations, similar in structure to the "stay behind" organizations. And again, I'm not saying the above is what's happening, and no, I don't want to defend Russia. I just refuse to be fed the mainstream story without asking questions, especially as there as some strange details about it.
  7. yeah, indeed, why would *the Russians*... but one or a small group of betrayed former Russian spies could have hired help.
  8. it's an explanation, but not proof that it happened that way.
  9. problem is, when intelligence agencies are involved, there is always a myriad of possibilities, scenarios and counter-scanarios, etc. one thing I wonder is - as both were in need of money - if it can be completely excluded that either Rowley or Sturgess or both were hired to carry out the hit on Skripal?
  10. not a bad word, more like slang meaning "cops". "poulet" is more slang-ish and also means cop
  11. this article was chosen by TV news team to be published here.
  12. arrest for what? what would be the charge?
  13. I would bet she already has.
  14. And to come back to the topic of the nerve agent, there might be other explanations than an attack carried out by Russian operatives or on Russian orders. what about all the people, moles, sleepers, double agents, industrial spies, etc. Skripal exposed? I'm sure many of them suffered grave consequences. Couldn't some of them have sought revenge and have access to this poison? They could have gone loose cannon to teach the traitor a lesson? Then the choice of that particular poison is rather strange, I'm not sure why Russia would want to attract even more bad press by using a signature such as this which is public knowledge. But for persons that were damaged by Skripal's indiscretions, of course it makes sense. "A message from mother Russia" would one be tempted to think. Also, the apparent lack of professionalism in carrying out the assassination of the Skripals (failed) and the subsequent poisoning of other persons seem to contradict a Russian op.
  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/vote_2005/issues/4481139.stm https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2004/jul/18/iraq.iraq1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mass_Appeal (I hope that counts as lying !!!) for the rest of your comment, it seems a little off, because: - I didn't say Russia is innocent, I just said that the UK might lie about the "proof" they have - I have no expectation of all details being made public, in fact I explicitly stated the exact opposite - I don't say Russia could not be involved in such things, in fact, I am quite sure they got their fingers in all kinds of sinister plots around the world