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  1. Help me with advise, scooter accident!

    OP, my best advice would be to contact the rental company if it still exists and cover any damages they have suffered by your fault. Once this is done, they might contact the police to drop their complaint about you. Once this is done, you can use a Thai lawyer to check the immigration database about your status. If you can't contact the rental company, a lawyer will also be the best person to contact to help you clear your status.
  2. Help me with advise, scooter accident!

    stupid, yes. criminal, no.
  3. I'm not sure I can follow, would you please point out to me where he said anything that was even remotely sexual in this speech? As I'm not a native English speaker there might have been some sexual double-entendres I have missed.
  4. please explain where he did so and how.
  5. it's PC gone mad... sadly theres more and more of these epidodes.
  6. can you elaborate on that... ? wasn't Polanco's status clear, did he still have an outstanding court sentence?
  7. functioning meter taxis would be such a good thing in Pattaya !
  8. then better reporting is needed, so the readers get the full picture. if only regular prostitution took place, paid for by customers' private funds, I don't think an issue should be raised at all. abuse, forced prostitution and underage sex are completely different of course and should be dealt with appropriately.
  9. until more is known about how these babies ended up dead and in the trash, any comment is totally unfounded.
  10. the article in the OP is very vague. what is exactly the alleged "sexual misconduct" ? certainly it can't be just the private hire of prostitutes, especially not if paid for privately ? or is Oxfam some kind of strict religious christian organization? or do they deny their personnel the right to hire prostitutes?
  11. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    how can they enforce a regulation that doesn't exist yet ??? who is the "mastermind" that thinks up this kind of nonsensical regulations and raids? I would say they "lost the plot", but from previous evidence it's pretty clear that the plot was lost a long time ago and is far from being recovered! it's DARTS... will bars soon have to have licenses for offering bar stools too ? what is wrong with these people?
  12. agreed! but to be completely fair, doctors in Europe often slam any cosmetic treatment/surgery except in extreme cases, often completely dismissing a person's right over their own body.
  13. evidently the policeman has had no training in first aid or properly securing an accident site
  14. Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    the numbers make up for it.
  15. a very racist point of view.