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  1. Norwegian man’s arm pierced by iron grill

    yes, so what... I even wonder that this makes the news. must be slow news day
  2. most probably not infringement, I cannot see "John Lennon" being a registered trademark for alcoholic drinks in Poland. but usage of "John Lemon" may be illicit as unfair competition under commercial code as parasitic usage of a well known trademark, but just using a similar name without similar visuals is usually not sufficient to be found guilty. this sounds more like sufficient grounds for a lawsuit.
  3. wow, the "John Lennon" trademark is registered for alcoholic beverages ? I fear the article is spreading bullshit.
  4. I guess you don't have much experience with traveling ?
  5. The unhealthy side of salad

    hmmm... I was ready to take on myself the public humiliation of ordering a salad, and now I am denied the small consolation of having adequate bacon, cheese and oils in it to be able to enjoy it? oh my life is hard
  6. let's wait for the inflation of requested punishments until death penalty or being locked up with paedophiles and being raped daily... all for making a baby dance and posting the video and nobody got hurt... people, get real, an administrative disciplinary sanction, demotion and reassignment in a much less comfortable job is adequate and will serve as a sufficient deterrent for any other wannabe baby choreographs.
  7. it would be more interesting to know which precise "cultural difficulties" were encountered.
  8. another thread where stupid people discuss correlations and causalities after an OP written by captain obvious...
  9. I think either way works, in the name of gender equality. The (Western) idea that only the men are responsible is disturbing. It takes 2 to tango.
  10. Incident reported on London Tube train

    it's you who is not thinking straight. many ways to dress are not meant to convey political meaning. some ways are meant to. and it's not about judging or prejudice. people who live in a free Western country and still habitually dress that way, or have members of their family dress that way, want to actively display to the world their extremist beliefs. please try to explain how I am wrong, how people who habitually dress like that do not have fundamentalistic / extremist views and how dressing in such a way is not a deliberate statement?
  11. Incident reported on London Tube train

    I'm unable to come up with figures - my point is just that it's wrong to minimize the extent of the problem to a "tiny" group of violent deranged terrorists. a family where the father is a beard wearer and the mother a burka wearer is openly supporting extremist islamists. people always like to mix up the clothing issue with religion - but nothing in the Quran says that women need to be covered from head to toe. it's purely an extremist bigot thing, and there lies the largest visible outer limit of islamist support. it's not unlike neonazis wearing a swastika armband.
  12. Incident reported on London Tube train

    certainly, but their non-violent supporters (financers, preachers, recruiters...) and other islamist sympathizers (those who would prefer living under Sharia law) have to be included among the group of "problem persons". potential jihadists are like the visible tip of an iceberg.
  13. a nice military parade isn't a bad thing. it brings people closer to their soldiers and is also a great occasion to some of those who have shown great valor.
  14. I'm sorry, but the thesaurus doesn't care much about what you would call it... "if Syria was truly democratic" ... wow, nice justification. Ah, if the Rohingya were Buddhists... from the article you linked: I guess ISIS is only a minor nuisance then. who can believe such figures anyway ? Could it be that some people have an interest in blowing up Russian collateral damage ? For comparison purposes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_Iraq_War