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  1. OP there are a lot of "open hands" here in Thailand among the "takers" who is thai people... So I think you get a better idea about the "reality", if you stick to PM;s and private talks outside this forum. Glegolo
  2. I thought that the 6 month Tourist.VISA (METV) only availible in our own home-country.. Glegolo
  3. Get married and use the marriage extension alternative instead, just half of retirement option... 400.000 baht in bank OR 40.000 baht a month in income.... Get married tomorrow and you have your new option in place... Glegolo
  4. Great job, being 27 years old and staying here, and have a family. Really good. I know that you have a lot of collegues frequenting Bens Bar (Number 1 bar) downtown Chaiyaphum, and they are around your own age.... So maybe we have seen eachother without even know it, hahahaha.... I do hope that we bump into eachother sometime, you seems to be a very nice guy... me myself I am 66 years old, married and living with family here in Nong Nasaeng. If you feel like it, and have time you are more than welcome to meet up with me... If you do, we can talk via PM. Otherwiose if not, have a great time, and again, good job.. Glegolo
  5. You dont know any falangs?? How can you avoid them?? They/we are everywhere?? But up to you if you dont want to socialize.... I agree with you, maybe I should also think it is a good idea with progress here in Chaiyaphum, and with enough progress, even we two maybe meet at Big C or Tesco Lotus, and can nod at eachother.... And by that you can say that you know 1 falang in Chaiyaphum.. Glegolo
  6. For me, I am NOT at all impressed by Khon Kaen and Khorat, and I am not at all certain that I would like Chaiyaphum to be like these two places, inhabited by the most dull falangs I have ever seen in my life. Cant even look at you when meet, look up, look down, and look sideways, doing all they can not to be civil at all... No sir, that is not for me... We have a great bunch of falangs here, adapted well, and very very nice people, so all good for me at least. I came here in july 2008, and seen Chaiyaphum grow rather quickly, and it is a huge difference between then and now, I dare to say. Today it will be Bens Bar (Bar number 1) in Chaiyaphum and a great australian steak with fried potatoes and a good salad. Glegolo
  7. Yeah and before that I heard from the beginning that Robinson had bought the propherty just beside HomePro...... Your village does not come up on google earth, sorry neither on google maps, maybe you misspelled it??? But if your village is close to the lake we talked about, than we have just some 5 km in between us. Glegolo
  8. The town hero here, yes now I remember, some guys calls this lake also for "papa lae lake".. Papa Lae is the guy who stands statue down town in the roundabout there... Robinson, I heard about that for a long time now like you say, even before HomePro and Global House came here. And as you say, it started again these romours and it seems now that Robinson will come within short... But truthfully, we do not even know what piece of property they have bought, or if they even bought something yet. So for me I am completely in the dark.... Glegolo
  9. OK got it, I know exactly what you mean now. I just didn´t know the name Hero Lake... I more refer to it as the lake with "the big fish" or "the lake neighbouring the chines tempel".... Thanks for the information,. myself I live in the village of Nong Nasaeng.. Glegolo
  10. Where is this "Hero Lake" Plse? Glegolo
  11. Nop,, nothing from USA goes here inside Thailand. So you have to use your embassy for sure... Glegolo
  12. OK got it,,, 1 1/4...... you just misswrote it 11/4 Glegolo
  13. OK that is between you two guys, but Black arab, what is the thought behind this 11/4 you write?? Glegolo
  14. You just creating a lot of worry for yourself. First of all if you like it; you can report 15 days ahead of the stamped date back in your passport up to 7 days late of the very same date.... But just read the stamp back there... AND by the way take notice when you are out of the country, than the clock resets for your 90 day report and when you enter Thailand again, it is being day 1 on your report... Glegolo
  15. Worry or not worry, just turn to one of the last pages in your passport, look at the 90 days-slip and follow what is stamped there. So why even ask..... Glegolo