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  1. Do you have any chance of trying to get a yellow housebook, are you lliving here really and having a firm address? If so ask your thaiwife to help you with the yellow house bok (tabien baan) THAT is a address-confirmation in fact and that is what the BKK bank here in Chaiyaphum demands in order to open up a bankaccount.. glegolo
  2. Bangkok Bank always shows my transfer Sweden-Thailand as "International transfer" glegolo
  3. Yes I have, and they only show the middayrate each day, but what regards SWIFT we customers always gets the highest rate on the spotmarket... https://bank.nordea.se/webapp-pages/valutakurser.html glegolo
  4. There is no way it is cheaper in the UK to send baht rather than pounds. You will always get a better exchange rate if you send pounds. OK,,,, I believe not all banks in the world are as good as the swedish ones then.. OR maybe you are mistaken.. glegolo
  5. I know that without doing a pretend transfer. I know that my bank charges a fixed £25 for a swift transfer. I don't send Baht to Thailand, I send pounds and have it converted in Thailand which is cheaper. I thought everyone knew that. Then I go to my Thai bank and check the latest TT rate. Then I have the answer. But the problem with that is that by the time my bank sends the pounds to Thailand the exchange rate will have changed and that is out of my control. With Transferwise of course you get the guaranteed mid rate at the time you make the transaction. So you dare to be sure about the rates??? The swedish banks have BETTER rates than the thai ones.... How about that???? Maybe the british banks also have better rates than the thai aones???? You are sure I guess??? glegolo glegolo
  6. Yeah for some unknowlingly swedes too.. I do not know how things are in UK. But check up and see and compare, surpricing for me too when we discovered it here... glegolo
  7. Not as good as my suggestion to just do a pretend-transfer via SWIFT in your bank without actually press ther go-buttom, and see the rate of exchange there... Then you will have WITHOUT any doubts the banks costs and can compare properly... glegolo
  8. Depends on the difference in exchange rate also. Worth comparing both on a day and see the impact. Of course the UK bank will settle later so won't be accurate For us in Sweden, there is no doubt when it comes to SWIFT transfers.. We buy thaibaht and send that from our swedish banks... Better rate then the thaibanks offers. So by that, We know before we press the "go"-buttom" what the rate of exchange will be, and can compare easily to Transferwise.... And you are correct,,, the rate of exchange is that much better then the banks so it many times eats up the higher fees for higher amounts that goes with Transferwise.. So easy to compary SWIFT and Transferwise from case to case before transfering your money .. glegolo
  9. Rat, it is just a "say"... meaning more the population of humans, than the animals... Not my understanding just relaying to you.... glegolo
  10. OKmy wife refers the RED BANK to Farmers bank. I dont know actually, But I meant the red bank whe saying farmers bank. glegolo
  11. Khrung thai bank; 123, Nai Mueang, Mueang Chaiyaphum, Chaiyaphum, 36000, --------------------- 183 ก., Yuttithum Road, Nai Mueang, Mueang Chaiyaphum, Chaiyaphum, 36000, --------------------- 379/156-158, Haruethai Road, Nai Mueang, Mueang Chaiyaphum, Chaiyaphum, 36000, I checked quickly the google function, and found that I was wrong. There were NOT 2 Khrung thai bank officies, there were in fact 3 different branch officies. And I checked only the amphue Muang area... I do not want to go through the rest of the areas, but Chaiyaphum is not that small that people may think. In fact I think that with the surrounding areas that there might be up to 15 different branch officies of Khrung Thai bank here glegolo
  12. What ever that meant (your mileage may vary??) But you are welcome. glegolo
  13. Overwhelming for you yes, but for us living here, it is being a normal "thing"..... The population is hard to estimate exactly as many of them (us) are living part time here, and part time in their resp. country. But I think it is fair to estimate the number round here in the surrounding area, to be about 1-2.000 falangs... To educate you, I can mention that BKK Bank have 3 offrices here, Khrung Thai have 2 officies here, we have SCB bank, Khrungs Ri bank, Farmer bank and Kasikorn bank, hopefully I have not forgotten any of them. I suggest that you read up on Chaiyaphum... glegolo
  14. Sorry to hear this about Pattaya banks, But guess that this is the price to pay for living in that rat-hole. Here in Chaiyaphum the banks (BKK Bank included) are all only asking for either yellow house book or thai ID-card......... glegolo
  15. I think you just do not get it my friend. Wait for Ubonjoe to sort it out for you... glegolo