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  1. Sorry guys, maybe my english is that bad so you cant understand what I mean, in that case me bad of course. I was in my original posting trying to mention only that after your first extension, in case you are on extension of stay the two namely extension of stay and 90 day reporting are not always at the very same date.. They can be way apart and as I said they are living their own life.... Sorry if you two guys were upset over me mentioning this. glegolo ps.and thank you for being such a nice guy...
  2. I just wanted to point out to you Piloman, as that I said 90 day report and extensions living their own separate life datum-wise. This is for future referencies in your case, just so you know...... I guess you just didn´t know. Let is go now, you have your answers.. glegolo
  3. Asch, dont be sorry, it is not for everyone to understand. Do you mean that I write it in a bad explanatory way??? Or do you not understand the process?? glegolo
  4. The extension of stay AND your 90 day reporting is living their own separate life you know. So IF the date of your extension of stay is the very same as the 90 days reporting report date then YES it is the same date OTHERWISE NOT... glegolo
  5. glegolo

    Getting married

    OMG these rumours... glegolo
  6. I am not an expert, but I think that using the falang-passport maybe you have better chances to be able to leave this country with the kid. glegolo
  7. AND thinking that you yourself not came up with it before, was not too much thinking either or what? glegolo
  8. I can, therefore I do, some can not, and therefore do NOT.... glegolo
  9. Just for your information. "VI" means in roman numbers = "6"......... Maybe the guy have had 5 previous Tourist-VISAS???? And this one was number VI = 6.....??? glegolo
  10. glegolo

    Chaiyaphum - Number 1 Bar - WORLD CUP

    Thanks for correcting it to english glegolo
  11. Bens Bar will be open during World Cup of course. We expect good football, good friends, good food and good beer during World cup.... Ben will have food-specialities during this time, so welcome all of you guys that like to watch football and that wishes to have a good time. Here comes the schedule for you guys, but it is in Swedish, maybe you can figure it out anyway.. I mean the dates and times and names of the countries are there for you..... Round 1 Thursday 14 June at 22.00, Russia-Saudi Arabia, Friday June 15 at 19.00, Egypt-Uruguay, Friday, June 15th at 22:00, Morocco Iran . Saturday June 16 at 1 am, Portugal-Spain, Saturday 16 June at 17.00, France-Australia, Saturday June 16 at 21.00, Argentina-Iceland, Saturday June 16 at 23.00, Peru-Denmark, Sunday 17 June at 02.00, Croatia-Nigeria, Sunday, 17 June at 19.00, Costa Rica-Serbia, Sunday 17 June at 22.00, Germany-Mexico, Monday 18 June at 1:00 AM, Brazil-Switzerland, Monday, 18 June at 19.00, Sweden -Sydkorea, Monday 18 June at 22.00, Belgium-Panama, Tuesday 19 June at 01.00, Tunisia-England, Tuesday 19 June at 19.00, Colombia-Japan, Tuesday 19 June at 22.00, Poland-Senegal, Round 2 Wednesday, 20 June at 1 am, Russia-Egypt, Wednesday 20 June at 19.00, Portugal-Morocco, Wednesday 20 June at 22.00, Uruguay-Saudi Arabia, Tuesday 21 June at 01.00, Iran-Spain, Thursday 21 June at 19.00, Denmark-Australia, Thursday 21 June at 22.00, France-Peru, Friday, June 22 at 01.00, Argentina-Croatia, Friday, June 22, 19.00, Brazil-Costa Rica, Friday 22 June at 22.00, Nigeria-Iceland, Saturday 23 June at 01.00, Serbia-Switzerland, Saturday 23 June at 19.00, Belgium-Tunisia, Saturday 23 June at 22.00, South Korea-Mexico, Sunday, 24 June at 1 am, Germany- Sweden , Sunday, June 24, 19:00, England-Panama, Sunday, June 24 at 22.00, Japan-Senegal, Monday 25 June at 01.00, Poland-Colombia, Round 3 Monday 25 June at 21.00, Uruguay-Russia, Monday, 25 June at 21.00, Saudi Arabia-Egypt, Tuesday 26 June at 1:00 am, Iran-Portugal, Tuesday 26 June at 01.00, Spain-Morocco, Tuesday 26 June at 21.00, Denmark-France, Tuesday 26 June at 21.00, Australia-Peru, Wednesday 27 June at 1:00 AM, Nigeria-Argentina, Wednesday 27 June at 01.00, Iceland-Croatia, Wednesday 27 June at 21.00, South Korea-Germany, Wednesday 27 June at 21.00, Mexico- Sweden , Thursday 28 June at 01.00, Serbia-Brazil, Thursday 28 June at 01.00, Switzerland-Costa Rica, Thursday 28 June at 21.00, Japan-Poland, Thursday 28 June at 21.00, Senegal-Colombia, Friday 29 June at 01.00, England-Belgium, Friday June 29 at 01.00, Panama-Tunisia, TV World Cup final 2018-16th finals (Date, time, opponent based on group and TV channel location) Saturday 30 June at 21:00, 1C-2D, (match 49) Sunday 1 July at 1:00 AM, 1A-2B, (Match 50) Monday 2 July at 21:00, 1B-2A, (match 51) Monday, July 2nd at 01:00, 1D-2C, (match 52) Monday 2 July at 21:00, 1E-2F, (match 53) Tuesday 3 July at 01:00, 1G-2H, (match 54) Tuesday 3 July at 21:00, 1F-2E, (match 55) Wednesday July 4th at 1:00, 1H-2G, (match 56) TV World Cup Final 2018 - quarterfinals (Date, time, opponent based on match number in the eighth finals and TV channel) Friday July 6 at 21.00, winner match 49-winner match 57, (quarter final 1). Saturday July 7 at 1:00, winner match 53-wager match 58, (quarter final 2). Saturday July 7 at 21.00, winner match 55-winner match 56, (quarter final 3) Sunday July 8 at 1:00, winner match 51-wager match 59, (quarter final 4). TV World Cup Final 2018 - Semifinal Wednesday July 11 at 01.00, winner quarter final 1-winner quarter final 2, (semi 1). Thursday July 12 at 01.00, winner quarter final 3-winner quarter final 4, (semi 2). TV World Cup Final 2018 - Final and Bronze Match Saturday July 14 at 21.00, BRONSMATCH , Sunday July 15 at 22:00, FINAL , WELCOME SAYS BEN glegolo
  12. Yes you mostly may find these guys basing it on financial reason. But I as well, have friends here that newbies as they are, many of them thought that marriage extension for people married to thailady and reirement-extension for people who just retired..... I was trying to make you understand that there are somtimes reasons why they NOT wish to have tons of documents for marriage extensions when the moiney is OK and the expat doesn´t understand a shit what is going on.. glegolo
  13. Mee too, I tought 3 months for the first time extension and thereafter 2 months... glegolo
  14. I like to defend these IO;s just in this case. I dont know how familiar you are overall. But for me that have heard really many people thinking and believing that "I am married to a thai lady, so I must get a marriage extension of stay..." Many people really think this, yes people are that stupid. The IO:s sees this happening mayby every day, so dont judge them too hard... glegolo
  15. 1 hour ago, Jingthing said: just as it includes Slovenian specific issues. Yes I am swedish, and the point was also that, if I have problem with my swedish embassy,,,, THEN I do not try to change Thailand or change thre laws here in Thailand just for the prupose to have it easier at my embassy. I go to my embassy and try to make THEM to change to make life easier... I do not b other the rest of the world with my own problem... glegolo