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  1. Yes living himself off his thai wife, and judging others, this guy must be one of the characters out of Emmerdale farm or something..555555555555555555555555 glegolo
  2. A man can not be called stupid, but his opinions can!! So having a fair and good pension going for the rest of your life, that can not qualify you to stay here? glegolo
  3. Of course, 55555555555555555 Reminds me of that say "pitbulls and bargirls... but mine is different"!!!! Really...... glegolo Ps. NO not saying that you have a bargirl mind you...
  4. Goldbuggy, I am with you here what regards lazy..... My strong opinion is that the thai-ladies really have to work hard in their daily life, while too many of the men are bums in my eyes, and Lao Khao-drinkers to an absurd level. Well the experience of this guy MaeJoMTB may come from the reason that he probably is "fishing" in another "pond" here in Thailand, maybe "Pattaya".??? glegolo
  5. No never, Immigration demand your embassy´s confirmation on their own letterhead... glegolo
  6. I think that you guys should remember that mother Earth consists of more than british citizens, I think that the most of the rest of us, do NOT have the option to have it mailed to us in any shape or form.... So distance to our embassy is a valid one..... glegolo
  7. One thing is not especially harder than the other. It depends on how far away from your embassy you lives... That is one factor.. But many people believe that having money in the bank, go there and get a bankconfrmation and go to the immigration is the easist... Of course the people that do NOT have the 800.000 bahten in the bank, is more likely to find the embassy option better.... In other words - UP TO YOU glegolo
  8. Goldbuggy! THAT was a beutiful post done by you.. congrats to that!!!! Yes looking at it from another point of view or angle, is probably always a good thing.... glegolo
  9. I am sure you have in fact a VISA FREE stay in thailand via a Tourist VISA excempt... which is absolutely NOT a VISA. This can be extended in that area where you are located now. In Isaan or whereever... This is nothing special so no need to go to Bangkok for this. glegolo
  10. Non O A expiration

    Yes you are correct Joe.. should be february of course... glegolo
  11. Non O A expiration

    When you leave Thailand AFTER the exp.date of 23rd febr 2018, you need to buy a RE ENTRY PERMIT otherwise when you exit you kill this Non Immigrant O-A that you have.... Buy that RE ENTRY PERMIT before you exit, and you will be just fine until august sometime 2019..... Good luck... glegolo
  12. You have edited your post now I can see.... But to answer you Non Immigrant O and you calls it "for others".. I do not have that wording in my countries thai embassy homepage but it is called "spouse/family"..... So Crossy what does this poster really mean then?? Can you explain to a poster that do NOT understand.... is he meaning what I thought he meant? glegolo
  13. May I ask.... Is this just another example of wrong WORDING again? Cause I have NEVER seen a VISA called dependent before. I guess there are no VISA called dependent at all.... I guess that what the thread-starter talks about in some way, is that his friends needs a Non Immigrant O VISA that his friends later, inside Thailand, can convert into an EXTENSION OF STAY BASED ON DEPENDENT.... which is NOT a VISA.... Cant understand why none of the earlier posters answering, have pointed this out. glegolo
  14. Maybe you are now considered to be an honest american man after this... glegolo
  15. Thanks all you guys for your help, I take it than, that swedes can cross free and get 15 days for Laos, and for Kambodja there is nothing Free????? glegolo