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  1. You got it on the backfoot so to speak The term that you shall use when doing the marriage-thing is EXTENSION OF STAY BASED ON MARRIAGE and that is NOT a VISA... Furthermore you are NOT extending your VISA,,, you are extending your permission to stay, or period of stay in Thailand.. The form is, as for all extensions TM 7, and the costs is the same for all of them 1.900 baht. Good luck glegolo
  2. You can never extend the same thing twice.... glegolo
  3. OMG - is it even possible to drag this thread out any longer. I thought that matter was clear and done with after 10 posts about... glegolo
  4. If you have the funds, you both buy each a non immigrant O-VISA, lets say single entry.,,, Husband go to immigration in Thailand during the last 30 days of that VISA validityperiod and applies for an extension of stay that is if you are over 50 years of age. When husband have his extension for a year, his wife apply also for an extension based on being dependent, and by that she do not have to show any funds. More details will surely be informed by Ubon Joe. Good luck.. glegolo
  5. No you are wrong completely wrong You cannot prolong your 30 days VISA excempt with other than 30 days (hope I am not wrong here) But as you have read over and over again there is NO freaking 7 days extension. THAT is WHERE you shoot yourself in the foot. glegolo
  6. So Just enter Thailand on US passport, go and get a new thai passport, and if needed buy a cheap in and out ticket to i.e. Laos, and use the new thai passport on the return. Case closed. Glegolo
  7. Yes I did know about that.. But was unsure about the Non Imm O.... Glegolo
  8. So may I ask you guys in order to learn; If you have a Non immigrant O you can not get any extension of stay 30 days? It is only when you have a Tourist-VISA of some kind, right??? Glegolo
  9. While waiting for ubonjoe, to me it seems that you have not fullfilled what uis needed to get an proper extension. 7 days is what you usually get to get out of the country.. and NO, you should be able to get 30 days extension..... but that is in normal cases... Glegolo
  10. Chaiyaphum, new center in Isaan, finally a bar!

    Yes and no.... Ben is definately an englishman, and yes he was the guy that had that bar in Chum Phae.. and Yes loss for you, and gain for us in Chaiyaphum. Great place.... We will be 15 scandinavian/english/german/canadian families, meeting and celebrating christmas att christmas eve followed surley by some 60-80 guys who celebrate wrongly the 25th.... Glegolo
  11. I must say that for all lifes that ends here in Thailand, I am sorry of course, but for the most of us, we are in our last 3rd of our lifes, and we, probably all of us, like to enjoy this last third... The wording "a true expat" in my eyes, seems to be a pile of "s:t".. What kind of word is that in this situation. Mr Hill was as I understand it, a great guy, a good friend, and a respected acquaintance. So he was no more or no less than any other guy, of the very same qualities of course.... I must say that it feels a bit akward, reading this thread, so I stop now, I mean looking for biography and looking for the grave..... Glegolo
  12. you shall NOT talk about medical cert. so categoricly. I have had 9 extensions now in a row, and NEVER had to show any med.cert.... Never... Glegolo
  13. Yes, and with the money in homecountry hurray, and a Non Imm O-A you have to go home every other year at least, at a cost of at least about 30-40.000 baht.... I guess you need a hell of a bank-interest in falangland, to cover that extra expense, in comparizon to an extension of stay in Thailand... Glegolo
  14. Just to further clarify.... even if you go this O-A route, you must understand that also with that route, you have to show the very same amount of thaibath.. i.e. 800.000 baht or 65.000 baht/month.. so no difference there between O-A and an extension of stay based on retirement. Glegolo
  15. As ubonjoe says, and to put all bullshit aside. If you OR the agent is being catched with your trousers down, i.e. finding out that you have a fraudulent extension based in lies. Then you and that agent are in DEEP SHIP, so called bullshit.. It doesn´t matter what the guys here, who often uses this lying service is writing here, you will face big problem. Think twice before acting on it.. and if you are able think three times... Glegolo