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  1. Yes you can come in into Thailand on a 30 day excempt. At the end of these 30 days you can go to your Immigration and ask for a Non immigrant O-VISA.. they allow that if your purpose/end goal is to obtain an extension of stay... If doing that you do not even have to go out of Thailand.... But in worst case scenario you can go to Vinentienne or Savannaketh in Laos and obtain a Non immigrant O there... Glegolo
  2. You do not have any income from England?? If you have, you can get a letter of confirmation of income from your embassy,, and as you are having 400k in the bank already,, you need another 400k (33.500 baht/month) in income to cover the whole extension of stay based on Retirement. So if you can´t present an own bank-account with 800.000K,, or you do not have any income,,, I guess you have to buy a new Non immigrfant O-VISA in England. Prepare a bank-account in Thailand in your name with 800.000 baht in it,,, and during the last 30 days of your entry in that Non Immigrant O-VISA,,, you go to immigration and apply for a new extension of stay... Glegolo
  3. You are screwed with the two names on that bankaccount, and the 400k will NOT satisfy a retirement extension of stay.. Glegolo...
  4. Roses for you Pocketjock to trying to explain to people, and roses for OP to ask about it... Talk abolut chaos some times, when people using these terms of "VISA" all over the place.. Glegolo
  5. Yes I did not mean to affend you Joe, not at all, just thought you missed the mark a bit. The guy needed info that it was OK to leave the country on the 13th, and there was time for him before that, to make and application for an extension of stay. That was my reason to complete your answer.. Sorry to barge in here. Glegolo
  6. U. Joe sorry to come onboard here. But the threadstarter did convert from T.VISA to a non O in order to get a extension of stay later on. I think that the answer he is looking for is the following: If you leave 13th of june no problem. You can come with your Non O 1 month ahead of time (in some cases even 45 days ahead of 25th june) and make this extension of stay.... So you have plenty of time before you leave on the 13th of june. Glegolo
  7. You have the correct information. You/wifey must go to Thailand and change in her Blue housebook (tabien Baan) first. And then it is open to change in the passport. This house-book is Thailands way of dealing with the public records... Old fashion sure, but this is the reason and that´s why you have to go to Thailand and change name.. Glegolo
  8. I think you will see loads of people here, that brings a lot more money than that into Thailand, for purpose of building or buying houses... Have not heard about any restrictions. But you will soon hear from more knowledgeable people.. Glegolo
  9. No it is not that bad, wait for a correct answer but I believe that it is something like 4.000 baht absolutely maximum.. Good luck....
  10. In my own practical experience with the immigration of Khon Kaen upon that specific time, they did use the link; use NOTES rates... Just now it is 33.97 for your dollar...... I am not sure that the other officies are using the very same method though... Good luck Glegolo
  11. What is the question related to???? What is it about?? hard to answer without knowing that.. Glegolo
  12. It is better to learn stuff than just being ignorant. Dont you see that there is a reason for using the corrects terms??? Glegolo
  13. again many thanks for your experiencies,, I do appreciate it guys.. Glegolo
  14. Birds of a feather, stick together!!! So true, so true... Glegolo
  15. YES you shall report your mothers stay... use a form called TM30 Glegolo