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  1. I can not see if you are eventuella married to a thai lady??? And that she has been living in Germany for all together one year?? In that case there is another way to get free taxation from the customs... glegolo
  2. Surpriced no one told you, but you can FORGET about getting a O-A in Thailand, not possible. What you can get is what you orginally stated... a Non Immigrant O-VISA meaning you convert you excempt tourist-VISA into a Non O at your local immigration-office inside Thailand,, and then after a WAIT for 2 months, you can aply for an extension of stay based on retirement here in Thailand.... glegolo
  3. For the two last posts be noted that there is a smoother way than what these private persons are suggesting to you OP. YES to both itemize of course, and to insure your shipment if you like to insure it... BUT use one packinglist for the insurance-company........ and one packinglist for the thai customs... Hold the value DOWN on the one you present to the customs..... nuff said.. glegolo
  4. In general you can bring in personal belongings to Thailand. But this is Thailand and what they do is that they decide that VERY few kind of items actually are personal effects and you have to pay some. Normally they will consider your packinglist and thereafter give you a "price" to get the stuff into the country. I can give you an exemple so you know at least in what ball park you will be "playing".. Let say for 2 pallets of your stuff (normal personal effcts) they usually ends up asking you for 5-8.000 baht in customs duty.... You will probably soon have a lot of different people mentioning that "this one said", and "he did tell my friend", and "everybody else got it for free"... But that is only hearsay and not interesting for you to read. The world of Thailand look like I told you... I am working in this business.. glegolo
  5. If you have an extension of stay based on retirement it says so in your passport NOT retirement-VISA,,,, If you have a VISA collected from another country than Thailand, than you have a VISA and what it says in your passport I dont know.... glegolo
  6. Passport info'

    Jomtien Immigration "understanding"? Yes maybe, but first after that they pushed you to get a fine of course....... THAT is how understanding they were.. Lets hope you got a receipt at least for your "overstay-payment"....... glegolo
  7. OMG what is this now?? Another 30 posts about this strange "VISA to stay"!! Where do you guys gets all your stuff from really, is it Pattaya again????? glegolo
  8. Rayong Immigration

    Oh I really wish that you tourist-guys didn´t pay up so freely and willingly these corrupt guys at immigration... You are not forced to do it. What happens is that you create a shit invironment for all others living here by this stupid spending..... glegolo
  9. Rayong Immigration

    So they do not do that at Rayong immigration? Please let us know your findings?? glegolo
  10. Rayong Immigration

    Great,,, congratulations you got your extension of stay based on retirement... glegolo
  11. Rayong Immigration

    Yes if they managed to extend a O-A VISA really hats off. You mean probably that you did the 90 day report nothing else.. glegolo
  12. Thank you so much, will tell him.. glegolo
  13. Guys, I wonder how to reply to my friend... he shall report his 90 days at the 28th of may... But he is also leaving the country at the 30th of may. Shall he report or is there any wiggle-rrom and obstain from reporting due to just 2 days.... OR do you think it ios best to do the report before he leaves.... Thanks for your input and help.. glegolo
  14. Great, thank you, I got a sence now at least. glegolo
  15. So may I kidnap this thread for a quick question.... For VISA and extension-holders in general is it NOT of any need to show these cash money (20.000 baht)?? Just for the tourist-VISA excempt ones??? Grateful for a confirmation.... glegolo