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  1. Yeah, seeing it from this angle, sure it is quite funny, and probably the one and only time that I ever have experienced that the ranking is a) falang thai........ in that order... 555555... Glegolo
  2. Thank you UJoe,,, great explanation, good to know.... Glegolo
  3. Ubonjoe, I will NOT question you or your info, but must ask you again, just to be clear in this.. You mean that when applying for an extension of stay based upon marriage it is like this: a - If I apply being married to a normal thai-lady, I must show 400.000 baht in one or another way!! b - If i apply married to a falng-lady who have gotten PR, all money-demands goes out the window... So by this you/Thailand means, that a falang getting a PR is higher ranked than a normal thai citizen then?? Or have I missunderstodd all this. Thanks Joe for your help.. Glegolo
  4. Hahaha have seen a couple of your own threads, and questions, and answers, and one might say that you yourself seems to be quite busy today!!!! Glegolo
  5. I heard from a man saying that "he have heard" that our great Bar in Chaiyaphum... is not open any more... This is complete nonsens,,, and this is being spread by a specific person out of mallice only.. I was there yesterday, had my usual australian steak, with mashed potatoes red wine and a great company of the guys there,,,,, so all good in "Sherwood forest"... Glegolo
  6. I think that thai immigration mixes up somewhat british people with american people, and treat you as being the very same when it comes to existing, or should I say non-existing verifiction of income.... Sorry to hear about your problems, for the rest of us, no problem no need to verify anything more than showing the in come-letter from our embassy . Glegolo
  7. i.e. tools.. Glegolo ps. didn´t you see the PM you got from me??
  8. You are entitled to import personal belongings into Thailand as being a thai national. But here is the "thing" with the customs here, and their so called laws and rules..... The keyword is personal belongings, and WHAT is considered to be personal belongings... They, the customs, have limited the items that they consider to be personal belongings extremy much, so many people get tricked and tries to impiort stuff that is NOT personal belongings... The list is extremely narrow, so try to check it up via your forwarder..... May I ask, from where are you coming from into Thailand...??? USA or Scandinavia??? Glegolo
  9. hahaha, I admit I dont even know why I ended my post by writing a stupid italian word... sorry about that!!! AND no I do not think at all you are stupid.. Glegolo
  10. YetAnother Why is permanent residency tied to a work permit or working at all? We pay way more than our share of taxes, Support families Etc The answer is that he is NOT saying at all what you claim... Not at all.. Read again and read correct.. Glegolo
  11. If your wife dies or marriage ends, you keep your extension of stay based on marriage until it expires, and than of course you cannot extend it anymore..... UNLESS you find another lady to marry of course.. Glegolo
  12. Thank you so much for sharing your life. I myself are swedish, and yes you are 100% right... Our taxagreement is that I have to pay taxes where the money was earned. So for me personally I am living in Thailand full time, and I have "signed out" of Sweden for good. We have something called SINK-tax, which now is 20% on all income.. But great to know how your norwegians have it.... I must say,,, 8 % is great really..... Good luck.. Glegolo
  13. I am VERY curious ..... Have you paid taxes on your pension to Thailand??? I hope you are NOT a swedish citizen.. Because you pay your taxes in Sweden on your pension nowhere else... OR is it different for you... Hope you do not mind me askng... Glegolo
  14. Do you really have a retirement-VISA OR are you in fact talking about an extension of stay based on retirement that expires..... May be a good idea to inform that in order to get correct information out of it... Glegolo
  15. Tnis is exactly what you have been told all along here in this thread... get proof of address in Chaiyaphum-area.... So check into a hotell, get a copy of the booking or receipt from that hotell, and go back to immigration, and you should be fine. Reason is that the immigration officies only deal with people that "belong" to their service-area... capice?? Glegolo