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  1. Yes you can do that no problem.Immigration will give you an extension of stay for the remainder of the time in your passport. And when you have a new passport, you just go to Immigreation and make another extension , paying once again 1.900 baht.. Glegolo
  2. bbbb1952

    NO you will, if you have a valid Re Entry Permit, keep the extension of stay in your passport. Without Re Entry Permit, you will lose all of it and have to start all over again, with new Non Imm O and so forth..... Glegolo
  3. bbbb1952

    Once again, confusion due to the "never ever ending story" of terminology of these VISAS and extenstions. Because there seems to be an endless line of people using the wrong wording, the possibility of helping straight away, is close to none without needing to ask follow up questions. and they are; a - Are you really having a retirement-VISA? b - What kind of VISA do you have? b - Or are you just having an extension of stay based on..... (in this case retirement) If you guys could be more careful, and learn the difference, it would be so much eaiser for everybody who wishes to help out..... Glegolo
  4. I was up to the Chaiyaphum Immigration office last wednesday, and did my extension of stay based on retirement. All went OK, and got as usual a very nice, and fast service by the people working there. Thjey actually seems to like the falangs showing up there. Reason for me posting here now, is that I did ask them about the "move" down to city center of Chaiyaphum, from the present location at Ratchabath University.. It has been well known since a couple of months back, that they are going to move down, they even showed me personally a photo of the house in Chaiyaphum where they were suppose to move in into last time I was there...... I asked them now again, thinking it must be quite soon now!!! I got a look, a look more saying that "falang must be crasy" kind of look!!! NO,, they said in chorus both guys... - "NO move stay university"..... So me personally, I havent got a clou anymore. I do not know.. Nothing never ever seems to be like it seems, for us westerners.. So for me, I will just do not care a bit about it, if they move good, if they do not move, good as well.. I dont care a bit any more... This was todays report from a rainy and sunny Chaiyaphum.. Glegolo
  5. Chaiyaphum, new center in Isaan, finally a bar!

    Was at Bar number 1 - Bens Bar in Chaiyaphum, and had a fantastic good beef-steak with fried potatoes sallad and a glas of red wine. Thanks for being there for us guys missing falangfood and real alcohol otherwise.... Glegolo
  6. Dont know, but it is definitely NOT the wild west in the USA... Your advise of using violence seems to me to be extremely stupid.. Much smarter to make the room aware of the problem going on.....
  7. Just a bad advise....... I think you did god actually, except that you should have screamed or something, to make the situation known amongst everybody in the room. If falang use violence, you are completely screwed in this country. And the minute you use violence, you make the thai guy innocent, and you will just be deported probably... So keep your cool as much as possible... Glegolo
  8. I think you didn´t really understand what Ubonjoe stated in his post. Upon arrivel when clearing the immigration, you will receive a stamp saying that you are allowed into Thailand on a VISA EXCEMPT ENTRY valid for 30 days.. THIS IS NOT A VISA.... You can later if you wish, extend this period of stay (excempt VISA) with another 30 days as well.. Good luck.. Glegolo
  9. "Retirement" visa

    I am working with Thailand as a forwarder on a daily basis, and I have so far during all my years NEVER ever heard such a stunt such as that from that english agent.... Goods can and shall be shipped of course. If Thailand consider your VISA to be in good order, they will grant you a free pass, without any customs duties for all goods that are considerated to be personal effects.... IF you have nothing VISA-wise that gives you a clear pass, then you have to pay a "fee" to the immigration via the customs clearence agent.... If you find yourself to be in a limbo, then PM me, and I can put you in contact with my partner here in Thailand, and your guys in England can talk to my guys, and EASILY sort this out for you..... Good luck Glegolo
  10. "Retirement" visa

    Plse do not have too high hopes with "free" import of personal effects... You will most certainly pay a fee for this import, whatever status you may have. So just ship the goods, and smile during the process.. Glegolo
  11. Like we say in the army.... "tough love is the only love...." Learn from other peoples input, start to plan and organize yourself, and learn about the process BEFORE you go out on these roadtrips that leads to absolutely nowhere most often... Glegolo
  12. I think this was the worst performance I have ever read here on ThaiVISA.. Suggest that you organize and plan like when you served in younger days... Half of all this crap you experienced was your own fault, completely your own fault.. Glegolo
  13. the urge of repeat earlier posts maybe..? Glegolo
  14. NO you shall out of the country every 90 day.... It is only for extensions of stay and O-A VISA that reports to Thailands local immigration-officies every 90 days Glegolo