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  1. I got an SUV ..............I demand respect !!
  2. More jobs for the boys ......all on nice salaries. As corruption supposedly decreases, nepotism increases exponentially. Basic Thai physics.
  3. I knew a well known bloke who said he did not want to have any kind of relationship with a prostitute. He was going to bide his time until he found a ' decent ' girl with a good job. He succeed. It didn't take long before he met a nice office girl. A government employee no less. He told us all about it and what a bunch of losers we were going with ladies of the night. Unfortunately as soon as his relationship with his new amour moved to the next level ( on the 3rd date ) ......she gave him the clap.
  4. Xiaomi phones, frame bend at volume keys.

    I'm always surprised by the number of people I see with no protective wallet for their phones....expensive or otherwise. Something cheap ( 150 ) baht will save damaging your phone if you drop it :
  5. Best seat advice for my flights

    Note to self. Stop flying first class. It's a long shot but could end up in the same cabin as Steven.
  6. One cake box , eight cake boxes. What's the difference .
  7. In other news , Pisun Pirun has been promoted. His new post involves keeping the forecourt of the court spick and span with a brand new broom.
  8. Wouldn't fancy being that easy to recognise . Imagine.....no matter what you do or where you go , you can't be anonymous. Awful.
  9. An English Breakfast

    Can a little Singaporean girl put a monster breakfast away or has she bitten off more than she can chew ?
  10. Myanmar Tourism - The Moral Dilemma

    Next up : Thailand Tourism - The moral Dilema Where to start ?
  11. Nope. They have already guaranteed themselves immunity from anything they do therefore they are 100% irresponsible.
  12. Khao Yai by Car or 4wd ?

    4 wd not really necessary. Tarmac roads everywhere. You usually park up in the nearest car park and walk the last hundred meters to the falls. However some falls require a much longer trek and there is no vehicle access. Mind you....not been for 10 years so might be a McDonalds deep in the jungle somewhere by now.
  13. He looks a bit pissed . Um........shaky on his legs.
  14. With Bangkok slowly sinking and no visible improvement in water management it won't be long before buying property in flood prone areas will start looking like a risky investment.