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  1. Thai man wins 5 million dollars from California lottery game. Then rushed out to get another 5 million dollars worth of tickets feeling he was on a roll
  2. What government ? Oh ..............................them you mean
  3. It's not a lot of use really but can be useful sometimes as proof of address. And who knows....in the future it might be more useful than now. Some ampers are difficult to deal with and getting one can be a hassle dealing with a lot of uncooperative officials. In other places, providing you come up with all the proper requirements it can be pretty easy. Got mine a couple of years back without a problem but so far it has never been any use to me. Time will tell.
  4. The purple line was probably busier than usual today because of the national holiday and people having free time wanted to be amongst the first to check out the new link. Very common occurrence. As soon as the holiday is over and the novelty has worn off things will get back to normal and the purple line will continue to make a loss and be relatively empty . Just because the link is open it does not follow that there are now thousands of more commuters living along the purple line or that new areas are now accessible by train. It will be a few years yet before the purple line makes a profit. Have to wait for a lot more moobahns along the line to be completed and occupied first. It will happen.......but not for a few years yet.
  5. Credit to the OP for one thing at least. He did not start his thread with : " A friend of mine ........bla bla bla " or " I know this bloke who has a problem , ......bla bla bla " Good luck with it . Kind of ironic that at a time when cannabis use is becoming more acceptable in many countries , you have fallen foul of Thai law. Might well be that in the future it won't be illegal in Thailand.
  6. I'm so rich I rustle when I walk . Not my fault if we can't open a bank account without a work permit.
  7. And in other news scientists have discovered the best color is yellow. After interviewing 3000 people from 100 different countries and extensive scientific research involving tin foil hats and other scientific instruments it is scientifically speculated that that the color yellow is the best possible colour followed in second and third places by orange and green. Red was the second most worst color next to black ( only a shade ) which is the worst.
  8. Perfectly normal for a holiday period. Nothing to see here......move along......albeit very slowly.
  9. Nokia Smartphone under 5000Bt

    Nokia 6 has better spec than the 3. www.gsmarena.com I currently have a Nokia 1320 with windows. Been pretty good but was thinking of getting an android back up. Saw an Asus Go with 5.5 inch screen in Tesco for 2990 baht (reduced from about 5000 ) which is a lot of smartphone for the money. Unfortunately sold out on the day but might snap one up if it comes at that price again.
  10. Nokia Smartphone under 5000Bt

    Which model ?
  11. If Thailand were ever to have a serious meaningful revolution it would require the participation of the masses from all over Thailand. The overthrow of the absolute monarchy by a few dissatisfied military and civilians in 1932 is hardly on the French scale and the lives of rural people were almost untouched. Likewise the 1973 popular uprising was a Bangkok affair led by students....not a nationwide revolution. As things stand now I repeat a popular revolution by the masses right now seems a long way away. Although it is something I would like to see if it would result in a Thailand where the rule of law applied to everyone equally. As for your statement before : ' Would anyone here actually NOT pay of the police to help their kid? ' I think a lot of people indeed would not pay the police to help their kid if their kid had just committed manslaughter. I would prefer a child of mine to be responsible for their actions.
  12. Advice you would be well advised to follow yourself considering your head in the sand viewpoint. I have probably read more Thai history books than you have heard of. Certainly know more of Thai history than the average Thai ( a very low benchmark ). I have lived all over Thailand during my 35 year stay here and was fluent in Thai , written and spoken , 30 years ago. Living in Issan for a long time means I can also speak a fair bit of the local dialect and have conversed with them about everything under the sun. If you go to Phatalung in the south there is a memorial there to the hundreds of Thai that were burnt alive in red oil drums by the military on trumped up charges of communism although many others suffered this treatment for no reason at all. Other suspects were thrown alive from helicopters into the jungle. There are even monuments to the excesses of the military right here in Bangkok if you would only get out more and open your eyes. The Boss case is just the typical scenario seen so often in Thailand where rich people use their cash and influence to evade justice. That you should make any comment trying to justify or mitigate it beggars belief.
  13. High time 500 baht fines were doubled to 1000 baht. That would work wouldn't it. If not, once the assailants are apprehended they should get a firm smack on the hand and told if they don't stop being naughty their mums will be told. Draconian by Thai standards but necessary.