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  1. Thanks for update......straight from a reliable source , man on the spot. Now is that new rumor true that balding falangs will in future be required to wear a wig in order to qualify for the multi non O ? Hope does our dog.
  2. Moral is ...... If you ring the wrong number you could get cut off.
  3. PAD. .......Plebes Against Democracy. Medical certificates from three hospitals. Poor bloke he was so ill he was sick all over the place.
  4. O.K....... doesn't look good. But still not set in stone. I would like to see some reports from people who have just come back ( within a day or so ) confirming this is indeed the fact. Seems strange that bank account only needs to show 200,000 baht? Why not the full monty for a non o based on marriage....400,000 baht ( or thereabouts ). If big time....but only to be expected. Easy visas from British consulates were killed off by an excess of publicity on expat forums. It seems we do the work for immigration. The more we brag on line with multiple threads on why Suvannakhet is an easy touch...the quicker it ends in a tightening up of regulations. If it's true then we are re the ones to blame. All the bragging has finally produced the inevitable result. I feel sorry for the guys who won't be able to get over the bar. Gonna be tough on a lot of people if true.
  5. Might help if the op could clarify what exactly he means by ' party '.
  6. So you can open a bank account without a work permit now ? Money talks.
  7. Depends what the OP means.If you just want to buy small things to sell online......say eBay for example........then its possible to do if your operation remains a one man band and the cash involved is not much. is riding a motorcycle without a crash helmet......but in reality if you are sensible it is doable. I used to make about 50,000 baht a month but believe get that it was like working a full time job. Started on the computer at 8.30 am and after buying , packing and posting was not done until about 5.00 pm. This was because I carried virtually no stock so had to go out to buy my daily orders. Now , I live three hours from Bangkok such a business is totally impossible since obviously I am cut off from the easy supply market of Bangkok . Into something different now. You do have to be a bit careful selling online because of copyright or money laundering laws outside of Thailand but unfortunately these are things you have to learn in the school of hard knocks because anyone who knows is not going to tell you on an expat forum. I used to know a Khao Man Gai seller and he was so protective of his business he wouldn't even tell me how many portions he could get out of one chicken ! ( of course.....I know now and can make it myself no problem but the fact is if you want to succeed in anything here it is best to put in some thorough research first because on an expat forum you are not going to get much useful help .) Good luck with it anyway ......
  8. Paradise. The older I get the less I can suffer fools. Not saying I'm especially wise it's just that todays' fools are setting the bar so low that it's better to be content with a quiet family life than to seek out a stranger merely to converse in my native tongue.
  9. You should get out more. Plenty of foreigners speak as well as or better than this. They just don't make complete plonkers out of themselves on Youtube.
  10. If you only had a single entry non O , then each time you leave you need to get another and that has to be from a consulate or embassy. If on the other hand you have a multiple entry Non O then there should be no problem doing an in out visa run. There are several companies in Pattaya offering this service and a typical all in cost will be around 2000 baht.
  11. I'll go with Rossi on this one and won't be racing my Honda wave on Newins circuit any time soon. Frankly, if it were all just very tight corners and no straights at all we might be able to compete with the Ducatis etc.
  12. Bloody hell.......reading the news and all these posts.....seems the UK is more polarized than Thailand !! Glad I did my own Brexit 15 years ago when the pound was not yet bog paper . Poor old can only get worse. Still....on the good least when it hits rock bottom immigration will cease to be an issue.
  13. Take some solace from this Thai road safety advert :