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  1. The result is already in so no need for outside nosy parkers. And the surprise winner is the man with the guns ! Well..... Who would have thought.....eh ? Amazing Thailand
  2. Not true at all. All you need is a phone.
  3. Red Light District hotel Typical Sun reporting. Is there a hotel in Bangkok that is not 30 minutes from a red light district of some sort ? I guess the police will have to make another ' Thailand is safe ' announcement .
  4. Denim

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    Me neither. We must be doing something wrong.
  5. Denim

    10 baht gold necklace price?

    Buying a single 10 baht chain is putting all your eggs in one basket. Better to buy 5 x 2 baht chains then if you lose one it's not such a big loss.
  6. I quit drinking every night .... .....when I reach my happy zone. No problem at all
  7. That's a him not a her. Off to Top Charoen with you.
  8. Denim

    Strongest style of gold chain, etc

    Not only here either. My x wife liked to wear hers in public. Back in the UK she was on a bus heading for home when as the doors opened for her stop a young teenager grabbed her 2 baht chain and legged it. Goodbye 1000 pounds and a lesson learnt the hard way. Get some fake gold to wear in public. Looks the same as the real stuff but only costs a few hundred baht.
  9. Taiwan was good for me too. Beautful island and unspoilt people. Not many westerners there compared to the other options. On my third night there I hooked up with a Taiwanese girl and moved in with her so no accommodation problem and she was a good cook too.
  10. Denim

    Recommended Honda Wave upgrades

    Smaller final drive sprocket for better cruising speed. Best done when you get a new chain which should be the best time to change both final drive sprockets. 34 teeth is the smallest recommended for a 100 wave. Not sure about the 125. Had a custom made two tone seat for mine when I got it recovered. Well worth the 250 baht I paid. Got the biggest tyres I could get for a softer ride. Cheaper than replacing the shocks and look better IMO. Thais go for super skinny rims and tyres for the speed and acceleration but not so good 8n the wet . If you really want speed get a bigger bike.
  11. Nope. It was built in a gothic style during the French occupation of Chantaburi in 1909. There is a really beautiful Buddhist temple complex all built in a Christian church style at Wat Niwet opposite Bang Pa Inn. It is built on an island overlooking the Chao Phrya river and you have to sit in a little cable car to cross to the island. Worth a day trip from Bangkok.
  12. Which lips do you mean ?
  13. For those who have not seen it yet :
  14. These days a woman is not required to change her maiden name when getting married. You have a choice. We married but my wife retained her maiden name as I could see the possible disadvantages you mention. Being married you can apply for a one year visa extension with less money in the bank than a retirement extension. Married or not , if you live with your partner several years it can be treated as a common law marriage and each side has certain rights with regard to shared collateral. I was told this by a Thai lawyer but have not checked the veracity of it.
  15. A picture of the bike would help. If you sell privately you will get more but it might take time. You could try this forums classified section or Kai Dee to advertise it. Might even be possible to take it with you to Vietnam. Worth looking into.