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  1. He believes better training and better awareness will help meet the target of 4,500 road deaths through the period of the next ten years. Awareness of anything outside a three foot bubble is an attribute yet to manifest itself in this tropical paradise.
  2. Athiphak, 18 from Lam Lukka, Pathum Thani was clearly dead at the scene. Would be very surprised if he wasn't.
  3. And social media is the ace that trumps everything.
  4. Sorry to say that information is out of date. On my last visit there the rest area had been recently closed. The immigration officer who stamped me out told me to go with a Thai man hovering behind me. I was taken to a small but around the back where after paying the fee mentioned I was told to wait there on the Thai side whilst the ' agent ' took mine and several other peoples passports over to Burma to get the required in / out stamps. After 45 minutes when the guy had not returned I asked how much longer it would take. I was told the agent had already returned but must have forgotten about me. He was soon found and my passport returned after which I went to get my Thai re entry stamp. I do not like this set up at all since apart from being illegal , if your passport is lost you will be massively inconvenienced. I was thinking of going again this coming Monday but on account of this situation have decided Tak is a safer bet. If anyone has more recent information from the last couple of weeks I would be glad to hear it.
  5. Anybody been recently ? Will be going again on Monday and am wondering if it will still be like last time 3 months ago when only my passport made the crossing and I waited in Thailand for its return. Don't like this set up since if they lose your passport the inconvenience is truly huge . Any replies appreciated.
  6. This has happened so often that mere words and punishment will not suffice since neither address human negligence. Those wishing to operate a school service but should provide a purpose built song taew ( pick up truck with seats ) with a safety door on the rear step and a speed limiter.. Not a perfect solution but at least no more deaths from slow roasting suffocation. Mini vans should be banned from providing this service.
  7. Denim

    Badass Filipina Bride Gets Married as Typhoon Floods Church

    Why is she a bad ass ? Did she go on a killing spree or turn up on a Hardly Movingson ?
  8. Denim

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    Where to begin ........
  9. Denim

    Rebuilding air flow sensor: possible?

    Wow..what a result . Hope it results in a nice repair.
  10. Denim

    Rebuilding air flow sensor: possible?

    This is a long shot but might be worth a try. I would guess that the nest place for second hand Peugot parts would be at a breakers yard in France. Using Google translate you could try to locate one via the internet and enquire about the MAS and shipping fee. Also look in French motoring magazines. I also live in the boonies and had problems getting my rare car fixed. In the end it had to go and I replaced it with a cheap but clean Vios just to improve the spares availability problem.
  11. Denim

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    Try negotiating for a VVST. In theory you should be able to get a pretty hefty discount.
  12. Denim

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    When I was young and totally hot I not only gave it away for free I sometimes paid to give it away. Nowadays at 61 , I'm often totally hot but its from gardening rather than anything else.
  13. Denim

    Beef Dripping Fat

    Last time I was in Makro Petchabun they had plenty of minced beef with fat at the fresh meat counter at the back of the store. Always get plenty for burgers ,spaghetti chilli etc.
  14. In breaking news a man has been seen fleeing the scene in a traditional red dress.
  15. OK .......thanks Ubon. Would be disappointed if it was some new thing.