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  1. Big storm in Wichien Buri today. 5 house had part of their roofs blown away. Saw several trees badly damaged and debris everywhere. In our own back garden our metal framed vegetable patch awning completely demolished. Will have to rebuild the frame tomorrow. Power was out from about 3.30 until 7.30.
  2. Yea......scuba divers looking for new coral reefs.
  3. Pretty soon article 44 will demand it. North Korea shift comes Thailand.
  4. If the day ever dawns that I can beat your 60% I reckon I I'll be about ready to meet my maker. Get out more or stay in more......whatever helps. I'll pray for you tonight........first time since my goldfish died 50 years ago.
  5. No offence but a rooster has about as much chance of laying an egg as you do...........unless of course you are the most amazing computer literate chicken in the world.
  6. Not really. This is exactly the glib statement you would expect from the armies pet politician. Expect very little from Abhisit and you won't be disappointed.
  7. Get her to ask on the Thai social network, for example. Will get plenty of advice there.
  8. Yes.....must do something about that nasty middle income trap. Let's get things back as they should be , the haves and the have not's , the few living off the backs of the many.
  9. Only half naked. Big mistake. Would have got full kudos for a full monty but wasn't willing to go the extra shorts.
  10. Agreed. The truly offensive thing about the theft of the original marker is not in the brazen attempt to eradicate established history but in the naive idea to replace it with something totally irrelevant to Thai cultural inheritance. If there is nothing and nobody guilty of this shameless theft then by the very excuses currently being fobbed of on the Thai people there can be nothing wrong and nobody guilty of removing this insulting replacement. But we all know that any attempt to remove the new marker will not meet with the same indifference currently shown by the police and army. Oh no......go ahead and try and you will soon find out just how unimportant it all is. For shame on all those posters who think this regime is better than the last. Naivety has it's price and now it will be paid out in full.
  11. The motive is to get street vendors off the streets and into controlled markets and malls owned by the wealthy who will be able to collect rents and save their dwindling fortunes from bad investments in fancy air conditioned shopping malls. Hardly rocket science. Just good business acumen backed up by gun power.
  12. Well, he"s not the only one in Thailand guilty of that . Even the current incumbents whilst talking reform and tackling corruption are very quick to criticize politicians whilst being just as bad themselves. Talk about monkey see monkey do.
  13. If no official will admit to authorizing the change then the police should act upon the fact that the original marker has been stolen in which case the replacement is occupying a crime scene and should be removed and kept as evidence until the case comes to court. But of course......this is Thailand where the rule of law exists only on paper.
  14. Corruption must be stamped out but nepotism and back handers problem.
  15. What a complete toe rag. Just get a pin or lighter under those feet. Would shift them pretty quick then.