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  1. They are not concerned , they just want to get them extradited , that is all. Oh, and they want the media to stop talking about them like they do ....that is all. Oh and .....etc etc.
  2. There is a sad moral to this story since human beings can't rise above being human beings.
  3. That move had a really great soundtrack. Still got the LP saved back in the UK. Another similar film with a good soundtrack was ' vivre pour vivre ' or something like that. Both soundtracks really take me back.
  4. You would really have loved that bloke Thaksin then. He had similar ideas with his extra judicial killings that gave out free lead pellets to drug dealers.
  5. This administration can do nothing about the Shinawatras continuing popularity in any guise. Free and fair elections will result in another win for Phua Thai. That's why they are dragging their feet on an election they can't possibly win fairly. Therefore...seeing there is nothing they can do about this , despite all the power guns can buy, they would do a lot better trying to shore up their owni illegal position by at least dismissing Prawit from his placed position for not declaring his assets, thereby demonstrating their commitment to clean up Thai politics. But Prayuth cannot stab a friend in the back no matter how disgraceful his behavior so on the one hand they scold the press for mentioning Thaksin and Yingluk whilst they themselves are the best publicity Thaksin could want. The pathos is so thick you can't wade through it.
  6. Recent research says that picking your nose and eating the contents enhanced the immune system and is good for your health. Oh no it's snot.
  7. In that pie chart diagram , the section marked 'other' should have been marked ' bit of the other ' This would encompass not only sex with women but also with men and the ones who aren't quite sure. That little change would give the whole cart a bit more credibility.
  8. It's strange. You see those discarded spirit houses all over Thailand. Sometimes there will be lots of them all thrown away at the same spot. Most I ever counted was 31 in one place. No Thai I asked could explain why they were thrown away in the first place ( didn't provide winning lottery number ) or why in that particular spot. But if you were thinking of ' spiriting ' one away to decorate your garden.....Woe unto you. A big no no. Ok to throw them on the side of the road but you will get an awful hex on you if you try to recycle one in your garden rockery.
  9. You can almost set your watch by the regularity of these sort of posts. After reading them you could understandably think that Thai women were not attractive and had no appeal to westerners. Why ? Because hardly anyone wants to confess that the sexual connection was a consideration. And yet almost every poster is either shacked up with a Thai woman or else bedding one regularly. But....hey ho , it's always something else that is the main attraction. It's like the TAT claiming that the attraction of Pattaya is that it is a sporting hub.
  10. Cheated death again.

    Glad you lived to ride another day. Riding a bike here you have to be a lot more defensive minded than in the UK because the Thais spacial awareness is not their strong point. On the plus side, if ever back riding in the UK the defensive awareness you pick up here can stand you in good stead.
  11. Nothing wrong with Thailand's injustice system. Works imperfectly just as it is supposed to.
  12. Ah now this is news. I didn't realise it was his shack. I thought it belonged to a member of his girls family and that they were only staying there as they had nowhere else to go. So.....everyone has got it wrong. He has at some stage saved enough money to buy this shack for himself.
  13. The weight is negligible so cross that one off your list. It does obstruct the light but not too badly when there is nothing in it. It is very useful for chucking things in. With or without it you are never going to look like a Hells Angel.
  14. Wow ......you are lucky. Our ' fatty ' has an aversion to water that borders on rabies. He hates the stuff. He is supposed to be a white Labrador but he is brown from dirty. We have tried every which way to wash him but even with three of us and him with a steel choke chain he broke free. And this with all three of us saying ' good boy ' in the most begging of voices. Another time he dragged me twenty feet across the concrete drive getting my chest all scarred up in the process. Finally, on another day we decided to give it a last go. We hog tied him. Rear legs together and front legs together. However we did not want to hurt him so only used elastic material for this. As soon as he saw the water coming he wriggled free of everything in 10 seconds flat. So........the only thing I can sometimes do if he is sleeping is to throw a bucket of water over him which at least gets some of the surface grime off. Also, he is the only dog on the soi who sleeps in a bed. In winter we have to cover it with old towels to keep him warm otherwise he gives us dirty looks.