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  1. We actually got an sms as soon as we got back to Petchabun that evening to say that our application had been successfully forwarded. Not expecting another one until the result of the application is known which they said would currently take about 15 days .
  2. You don't have to take one of the premium packages if you don't want to but I agree the bronze is reasonable. On the other hand , we decided to only pay for the SMS updates ( 85 baht ) and the registered mail return ( 280 baht ). They are going to sift through your documents anyway.
  3. Denim

    We are doing so much cocaine that eels in our rivers are totally wired

    Cocaine is widely found in rivers, with particularly high concentrations near London’s Houses of Parliament, I have a mental image of politicians in said building sneaking into the toilets to snort a line before coming out to prattle on about Brexit.
  4. Before going I looked everywhere on the website for a separate appointment letter to download but could not find one so went without. However , our appointment date was printed on several other forms and were accepted. We were ' on the list ' On arrival we were told that everything was running late because of confusion over the ' new ' system so we were told to wait an extra 15 minutes downstairs. Upstairs, it was made clear that all documents submitted must not be in any folder whatsoever but carried in loose. The woman in front of us dropped all her paperwork on the floor and had to go to one side to collate it in the right order again. Wife went in and submitted our application. However, despite using the new bar code dividers , they took everything to pieces and reassembled it to their own satisfaction before copying the copies and electronically forwarding them. It seems that it will be a little while before everything is running smooth. Wife says they did not look at her application form even though we had copied it for our own reference. In total....the process took 1 hour. .....twice as long as last time.
  5. Yep.....was there on June 20th and not required. However we did download it and had it for future reference so that next time we apply filling in the application will be easier since we can use it as a reference.
  6. Keep your Sophia. I'm waiting for Cherry 2000. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6KJtFZoflc
  7. Denim

    Can a foreigner become a monk in Thailand ?

    Sri Lanka probably a better place to become a sincere Buddhist monk.
  8. I think red cock is a rum made from sugar cane. You are thinking of black clock. Hmm let me rephrase that , you are referring to black clock made from rice. It's a sign of the desperate times where us wine drinkers are looking for something else to drink other than beer, which I don't get on with. I've now tried everything looking for an alternative tipple but it looks like the only sensible option is to go tea total.
  9. Understandable. Best pack some things in an emergency escape bag and invest in a rope ladder of suitable length. You are clearly ' on the list '
  10. Relay switch might be broken or else a bulb is out somewhere. Pretty simple fix for any Toyota dealership.
  11. I noticed that even Laughing Bird has gone up to 460 baht or thereabouts. For a while it had only gone up about 10 or 15 baht and was a better deal than a box. Tried some Thai pineapple wine the other day but as the wife says , looks like piss , smells like piss and if I ever drink piss I bet that's what it will taste like.
  12. Oh yes....and a whole lot more. I recommend it. In fact you should try it sometime . Should be easy as falling off a log in Pattaya .
  13. The iceman had a meltdown and finished on the rocks.