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  1. Oh well, a bounced Czech , something different today.
  2. If citizens of a country become concerned by what they feel is excessive immigration, does that automatically make them racist ? I have often observed that some of the most racist people are the very ones that like to throw the word in other peoples faces. For them , every argument on appropriate immigration is reduced to one of race. The Thais are currently cracking down on foreigners who are ignoring the visa rules. Is this racist or is it justified ?
  3. Denim

    Eva Air any good?

    Been flying with Eva non stop to London for many years with no complaints. However, in September I was tempted back to British Airways after a 20 year gap as their tickets cost 6000 baht cheaper than Eva saving me 12,000 baht. I originally stopped using BA as felt Eva was better. Thus, on my return to using them again I was surprised to find several improvements. First....a bit more leg room than Eva. Not much but an inch is better than nothing. Secondly ...more comfortable seats. Softer and less planky than Eva. Thirdly ....wine given in small screw stop bottles,not by the glass Lastly, arrived at Terminal 5 which is not quite as manic as Terminal 3 when going through immigration with wife. On the downside, the in flight entertainment was not as good as Eva's with poor movie choice and cheap screens that were not to clear.
  4. Send an average of 20 ordinary letters every week from several different post offices. Never asked for ID of any sort. As far as I know it depends on the size of the item posted.
  5. Of course you did. We all believe you. As for talking backsides, I defer to your self proclaimed authority on such things. Amazing what they can do when you think about it.
  6. You might be fooled be blokes dressed up as babes but most of us prefer the real thing...regardless of nationality.
  7. Important people in high places have read your post and are seriously concerned. A crackdown against this sort of thing is coming. Unfortunately there are so many crackdowns currently happening that it might take some considerable time before you notice an improvement, if indeed you are still here to notice and are not yourself the victim of a crackdown beforehand.
  8. Really not such a big deal unless you have a wife or other commitments here. For those that do ...... It will slowly get worse unless you have serious cash to put in a Thai bank ( when you find one that ignores the law and will open an account for you ) For the rest , unless you have been foolish enough to buy a property here ( using dubious partners to evade the law ) it is a great reason to leave ! If you are still in control of your life there are plenty of places to move to. Not necessarily much better but many offer a new and different experience to Thailand. As long as you don't make the silly mistake of wanting to put down roots in a silly lawless banana state then you are worrying about nothing. Heavens ......you have already quit the motherland, why limit yourself as to where you go ? You are not really wanted here. The little you spend here is peanuts to the cash earned from the Chinese hoards only recently escaped from surfdom. See the writing on the wall and be flexible. And for those that DO have family commitments here , ask yourself this....which is more difficult and expensive. Staying here and jumping over ever higher hurdles or taking your wife and children to live in the UK. where the hurdles are if anything, harder to get over than here.
  9. I have just returned from a couple of weeks of cruising the Isle of Wight. Here I am, still alive and kicking. What have I learnt from this adventure on the dark side of the UK ? Better weather than the mainland ( everyday sunny and fine ) and if you like Harley Davidson's then this is the place for you. Never seen so many Harleys in such a small space. Countless Harleys ridden by very old men living out their retirement dreams in this very sub tropical paradise. Even have their own denim colors !! Fantasy land at its best. Even saw a couple of biker babes on sportsters well into their '70s. I know because I just had my 61st birthday there and can say that I need less time on the ironing board than they to look the part. Wine at only 4 pounds a bottle and really nice beaches make this a real cool hangout for anyone struggling to survive in Pattaya
  10. Denim

    Im in the Mood for some Western Food...

    Yep, spaghetti is always a winner. So easy to make even the MIL can do it, although she uses pork mince to keep to keep the cost down. Calls it Khanom Jeen falang.
  11. Dear Charles Atlas, Have successfully completed your course. Now send me the muscles.
  12. Denim

    Stunned squirrel revived after driver gives CPR

    He's got tricks , up his sleeve, no bad guy would believe.
  13. Love and marriage Love and marriage They go together like a horse and carriage ....... Well.........sometimes. Always read the small print first though, especially in the UAE.
  14. I tried this once. It works well. However, it took ages to ease down the urethra and a whole tube of KY. By the time I had them in place the girl was long gone. Never did figure out what the rubber bands were for unless to keep gonads out of the way ?
  15. At the time of writing it is 10 pm and there is someone outside knocking on the door. I will post until dragged away screaming. The privacy of my home has been trampled and I fear false arrest ! ..... .... Panic over. Just the brother in law knocking to see if I have any Lao Khao left. Was very mildly worried for a few seconds there..