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  1. Well partly the truth. They throttle bandwidth (I have the Inter option) between 6 - midnight. Torrents start at full speed (25Mbs) but after a while slow down to about 2Mbs where it remains. But during outside these hours I get full speed. Streaming has seemingly improved since I got the Inter option. Btw the upgrade is 200 baht + 7% - THb 214.
  2. COD is a better option, but it's not a guarantee your order is tiptop as you're not allowed to open the package before payment.
  3. Chaeng Wattana ... I think that Chamchuri is only for certain visa types.
  4. Yes. Just go to a 3bb Counter and add it ... it is added within 24 hours.
  5. I have the Inter option on my 3bb 200/50Mbs package. It is added without renewing your account. I already had good speeds before taking this addon. To be honest, I have no idea if it helps or not. But it seems my streaming has gotten better, but cannot confirm it.
  6. If you get caught after your visa has expired, you will be in trouble. But the chance is quite small ... take your pick.
  7. Not the safest way, but most 'profitable' .... take cash money (Usd/Euro) and exchange at one of the popular exchanges like Superrich or Siam Exchange.
  8. You have to buy a Windows app called Audials. Then rip the tracks from Apple Music (or Spotify/Tidal) to your hard disk and upload them to your Ipod with Audials , ITunes or third party application. Btw Apple Music is meant to be streamed.
  9. I have 3bb fiber 200/50 for almost a year and the only throttling I notice is between 8pm and midnight with a maximum of 2MBs. The rest of the day is full speed.
  10. I bought my LG 65 inch OLED at Av Value in 2016. The cheapest price I found elsewhere was 139,000 baht, AV Value charged 129,000 baht. I dealt directly with the owner (cant recall his name). Delivery was done in 2 hours by an experienced staff and setup was excellent. A good buy. I also bought several other things with them, among them a expensive Sony headphone. Also here no problems. AV Value has been there for years and used to be an exclusive Sony dealer but since a couple of years they started also to sell other brands.
  11. You can buy modded xbox 360 devices in both Bangkok and Pattaya. You can buy additionally hard drives with 100's of games foR 2500 to 3000 baht. I have both Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4 consoles. But honestly I prefer PC gaming.
  12. 120 dollars per year is not exactly almost free. My 100TB Google Drive (it is actually unlimited) is a one time 15 dollars. If you backup movies, 100GB is not a lot. I currently use 625 GB. Furthermore by buying IT stuff you get usually free space, my Seagate Backup drive came with an extra 100Gb (in addition to the free 50 I already had) on OneDrive. I sync automatically with the desktop app that came with my Seagate Backup drive. Before I used bSync which was 99 cents per month. Both work really well.
  13. mrwebb8825 ... are you kidding us? That's just an ad to get you to sign up for a VPN ....
  14. Actually my travel agency who does my 90 day reports, says immigration opens on the 20th not on the 18th.
  15. Yeah, craigslist. Be careful for dads who wants to buy them for their daughter in Nigeria.