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  1. bobobo

    Brits vs. Americans in Pattaya

    I'm from northern Europe. Been living here for 6 Years. Haven't have any problems with You brits or you Americans. The only thing I know generally speaking is that the Americans talk a lot lauder than other other guys..sober or drunk you speak with a higher tone than other people.A good friend from San Fran have noticed that himself. Now he's like the rest of us..:) Happy New Year..!
  2. It's 40 baht for a chair. I understand that You don' live here...but I agree with Your post..
  3. bobobo

    A bucket of coins...

    Hi lonewolf I understand what You mean..I also understand that You think that 5000- 6000 baht is nothing..loose change right ? I also understand that You think that I used social media where to find a bank that could take care of the loose change. Which I did. I am sorry I upset You..take care..
  4. bobobo

    A bucket of coins...

    Thanks for the advice mate.
  5. bobobo

    A bucket of coins...

    Hi guys..I have a bucket of coins. Went to my bank in Pattaya tai. They did not have a machine. They told me to go to 7/11 a get this paper condoms and do it myself. That's going to take me weeks !!! Does anyone know where to go ??
  6. Please Mr Bean You have a blockbuster if You make a short movie on this subject. Imagine him at the airport...already laughing..
  7. Yes I know Agoda/Booking.com. I'm in the 3 star range and that's a very unsecure area while booking on the internet. The pictures and description of the hotels are not always that truthful. The reason I want to stay in this area is that my embassy is close by. I want to stay a week or so...was thinking maybe You guys can give me some piece of advice. I,m in around 1.500 baht range. Thanks.
  8. Who wants to pack a blanket, a pillow, and other stuff in a rucksack just to go to the beach ? And have a lot sand to take care of in the condo...Yes it's 40 baht..but sometimes I just take a walk and suddenly decide to sit on the beach with a cold drink.. I don't understand what the problem is..
  9. bobobo

    London Ale

    Nope mate..London Ale..they have had for a long time, but now gone..thanks anyway
  10. bobobo

    London Ale

    I have always bought my London Ale in Friendship Pattaya tai. For a long time now it is gone...spoke to the staff they don't know what I'm talking about..any of You guys know where i can find it? Thanks..
  11. His assets 3 houses a couple of fancy cars could have should cover his debt.. the widow must be a very rich lady..hmmm...
  12. bobobo

    Loads of footage from Pattaya in 1987

    Nice pictures Joathan..thanks
  13. bobobo

    Boarding without credit card

    I fly with Bangkok Airways once a month. They always want to see my credicard
  14. bobobo

    Where Can I watch NHL Hockey games

    NHL is included in Truevision Football package...
  15. Agree with ChrisY1. Flights to Europe works fine. It's decent.Not bad at all. Nice staff, free drinks etc