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  1. It's 40 baht for a chair. I understand that You don' live here...but I agree with Your post..
  2. A bucket of coins...

    Hi lonewolf I understand what You mean..I also understand that You think that 5000- 6000 baht is nothing..loose change right ? I also understand that You think that I used social media where to find a bank that could take care of the loose change. Which I did. I am sorry I upset You..take care..
  3. A bucket of coins...

    Thanks for the advice mate.
  4. A bucket of coins...

    Hi guys..I have a bucket of coins. Went to my bank in Pattaya tai. They did not have a machine. They told me to go to 7/11 a get this paper condoms and do it myself. That's going to take me weeks !!! Does anyone know where to go ??
  5. Please Mr Bean You have a blockbuster if You make a short movie on this subject. Imagine him at the airport...already laughing..
  6. Yes I know Agoda/Booking.com. I'm in the 3 star range and that's a very unsecure area while booking on the internet. The pictures and description of the hotels are not always that truthful. The reason I want to stay in this area is that my embassy is close by. I want to stay a week or so...was thinking maybe You guys can give me some piece of advice. I,m in around 1.500 baht range. Thanks.
  7. Who wants to pack a blanket, a pillow, and other stuff in a rucksack just to go to the beach ? And have a lot sand to take care of in the condo...Yes it's 40 baht..but sometimes I just take a walk and suddenly decide to sit on the beach with a cold drink.. I don't understand what the problem is..
  8. London Ale

    Nope mate..London Ale..they have had for a long time, but now gone..thanks anyway
  9. London Ale

    I have always bought my London Ale in Friendship Pattaya tai. For a long time now it is gone...spoke to the staff they don't know what I'm talking about..any of You guys know where i can find it? Thanks..
  10. His assets 3 houses a couple of fancy cars could have should cover his debt.. the widow must be a very rich lady..hmmm...
  11. Loads of footage from Pattaya in 1987

    Nice pictures Joathan..thanks
  12. Boarding without credit card

    I fly with Bangkok Airways once a month. They always want to see my credicard
  13. Where Can I watch NHL Hockey games

    NHL is included in Truevision Football package...
  14. Agree with ChrisY1. Flights to Europe works fine. It's decent.Not bad at all. Nice staff, free drinks etc
  15. What good books are you reading?

    Don't forget Mark Billingham as close to Ian Rankin You can get. Reading Bloodline now excellent..