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  1. His assets 3 houses a couple of fancy cars could have should cover his debt.. the widow must be a very rich lady..hmmm...
  2. Nice pictures Joathan..thanks
  3. I fly with Bangkok Airways once a month. They always want to see my credicard
  4. NHL is included in Truevision Football package...
  5. Agree with ChrisY1. Flights to Europe works fine. It's decent.Not bad at all. Nice staff, free drinks etc
  6. Don't forget Mark Billingham as close to Ian Rankin You can get. Reading Bloodline now excellent..
  7. Before in Jomtien only passport with the slip. then passort with the slip + personal info form. the 14th of Sep they also asked for a copy of the big issue. Wish all applications were as simple as this..;)
  8. Went to Chonburi today for my Yearly extension (no problem at all ) and did my 90day report at the same time. Had passport and the personal infoform filled in. Not enough. Had to go outside to copy my passport as well. No big deal. But I just want to save You some I suppose that it is three criteria for the 90day report nowadays. The staff very nice and friendly.. Have a nice evening..
  9. No I am going show enough money in the embassy letter..I have heard that You have to go another department to get the letter certified, before You go to immigration..well rumours..thanks ..
  10. Good day all I stay on Pattaya. I have retirement O based on money in the bank. Need to make an operation. Going to use some money in the bank. Going to use a letter from the embassy instead. Are there any obstacles with this ? Thank You..
  11. Alex is right..800 baht a week ago..pick You up at Your place and off You go...
  12. New requirements in Chonburi for extension ? I just want an update. Going for my Yearly extension of my retirement O visa soon.I have all demands fullfilled according to Pattaya expats site.Have letter from embassy and letter from the bank and copies, copies,photos..etc But I want to make an op at BHP so I need some money for that. So I,m going change my proof of income from bank certification to the embassy letter. Do I need waterbills, electricity bills,Truevision bills or someting else ? I just want an update I don,t want to go there empty handed. Everything change so much all the i just want to know is there something new that I should think about? Have a nice evening..
  13. To get the retirement visa transfered to the new I need some kind of paperwork with me except my passports ? Have a nice evening..
  14. Stay in Chunburi. Is 4 month accepted ?
  15. Good evening, I went today to Chonburi for my 90 - day report. The document don't look exactly the same as I was told to tamper with but with roughly the same questions. BUT they also wanted a photo and copies of the passport (4 pages). After that it went smoothly. Have a nice evening..