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  1. Seizetheday

    Property Settlement

    Why? Have a look at my house in the house section posted about 2 or 3 years ago. Why don't you add your house if you aren't living in a 48 sqm condo??
  2. Seizetheday

    Property Settlement

    Thanks, you are a great help hotshot. If you couldn't help, why bother posting. I only added more information as some posters thought I was getting ripped off.
  3. Seizetheday

    Property Settlement

    Well not really. I live in a 20m Baht house in one of the nicer villages in Pattaya. Everything in life is relative, 10 years of marraige, many years of threesomes and one son, I'd say she has earnt her money.
  4. Seizetheday

    Property Settlement

    Getting divorced, one house is worth about 8M Baht and I borrowed approx 3M Baht in Australia to finance the purchase of the house. It's documented, although obviously not secured on the house. Is the 3M debt subtracted from the value of the house and the 5M then divided equally?
  5. Seizetheday

    Pattaya underpass expected to be ready end of May

    The tunnel itself won't flood, between Tai and Klang heading north it will.
  6. Seizetheday

    Single Entry Tourist Visa

    Thanks very much Ubon Joe
  7. Can all single entry tourist visas be extended for another 30 days, or does it depend which country you are from.
  8. Seizetheday

    Are the bars open tonight

    I believe today is Budda day, I was intending to go to Walking St, will I be disappointed
  9. Yes, that would certainly make Pattaya a safer place if all women driving by themselves carried guns.
  10. Seizetheday

    property purchase

    Are you married? If you aren't married you can have a valid lease, if married you cannot.
  11. Seizetheday

    Weekend Golf in Pattaya

    I've been thinking of taking the children ( both reasonable golfers ) for the occasional hit early on Sunday mornings, but the prospect of a 5 to 6 hour round of golf behind a 5 ball doesn't really appeal to me. Do any posters play regularly at the weekends, is it 5 hours for a round??
  12. Yes, it's obvious that the depreciation of the Aussie dollar, GBP, Euro and Rouble in the last 5 years has had absolutely no effect on the Thai property market. Any neutral will tell you that!!!
  13. Seizetheday

    What happened to low season ?

    Very true, a couple of weeks ago I played on a Friday, 1,250 Baht, including buggy and caddy fee.
  14. Seizetheday

    What happened to low season ?

    I think high season started later this year due to exceptional circumstances. Let's see how busy it is after Sonkran.
  15. I'm not sure if this is going to be of any help, but....I'm on the darkside and have True internet, my internet was crap, alwys dropping out etc, anyway, I had the x wife complain and they gave me a new modem and it has improved considerably.