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  1. 2 weeks ago the local police came and checked me,1st time in 14 years. Thought it was because i have always been on a married visa(leave every 3 months) but after my check they were off to see a mate down the road on retirement visa,so it was a check on all farangs in the area.
  2. farmerjo

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    I'm no scientist but i think every variety of seed succumbs to some form of disease over time and depending on the season.Most can be controlled if monitered.A lot depends on plant density,spacings,rainfall,weather etc. What do you look for in a seed variety? High yield,strong stem,rust resilient,no leaf disease. You vary rarely get all you want in one. Just my opinion.
  3. I missed Smith on the 1st boat but picked him up this week so will make money on him as he needs two games for his average.Also did the same with Redmond from the Bombers and finally got rid of English and put Abbott from the Cats in as a smokey. Don't leave your trades for to late in the year,a couple of injuries and things go pear shaped pretty quickly. I will be out of cash pretty much after byes so then it will be tweaking for the remainder of the year. Good luck. Yes will be jet setting to Laos on the Chiropyum to Nong Khai express coach,easier and less stressful than driving to Khon Kaen then milk run flights to Bangers then Ventiene. Will be up near Vang Vieng but the party days of old have been deserted there for years so no potential of any recruits for the Kangarooettes. Need to find a way to claw back GS in the tipping,thought i'd pulled a couple of sneakies the last couple of weeks only to view tips to see he had the same. The games this week could be really good or really bad.
  4. Fantasy wrap for round 12 that had some close games. Delightful Dees 1668 rolled along against Numbnuts 653 FJ 1571 knocked off Chooks boys 1510 And the upset of the round with Rip 1475 getting over the line of ladder leader GA's 1406. A couple of normally consistent players(Brayshaw,Beams etc) had dockers,i mean shockers. The games continue on through the bye rounds with this week starting thursday FJ v GA's, apologies Grant i will only have about 13 on the field as taking cash grabs this week. CCS's take on the Delightful less Dees with Alex committing to drop poor performers from the red and blue. And Rip to make it two in a row over Numbnuts. I'm off to Laos this week and internet might not be good so feel free to post the scores for the next few weeks.
  5. farmerjo

    Maize and Rotational Crops

    Been preparing rice fields but now have to duck off and do some work. So FIL will get the small cowneo plot in while i'm away,rest can wait or he can do Thai style. Still haven't finished my seeder,has been tested and proven just needs final installation of seed hoppers and chain drive assembly. The rotovator i have is designed for ploughing field then flooding then come in and water puddle level with it. As i wanted to direct drilling the seed i've just been trying to rotovate the top 2" but having a horrible time with blockages in the blades with the heavy clay areas that high density weeds.I might have to try a different angled blade if i can get them or remove some. Or even just disconnect the pto shaft and run over so it turns at a slower speed,my crawler has downward pressure hydraulics to keep in the ground.Anybody tried this? I mowed my back field about two weeks ago and has come back quickly,to quickly and will require another mow before spraying out for cropping later on.
  6. farmerjo

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    I used to have a bit to do with export oaten hay out of Australia that was sent to asian countries. Farmers baled it in 8x4x4 bales then it was sent to the exporter where it was unbaled then put into huge presses to compress it into a couple of blocks to fill a shipping container. Oaten hay is about 7 percent protein so i guess it had to be packed tighter for transport compared to small bales of alalfa at 15 percent.Still in a country where margins are minimal you would think there was a more viable option to get the alalfa here cheaper unless it is coming in bulk then being rebaled here.
  7. These days i doubt the PEA will let you have a meter over that distance without their poles and cable. Over 10 years ago we ran power 800 metres,to get the meter connected we borrowed some land close to the last pole,built a sala with light,switchboard and ground rod.They came and inspected and connected.Then we ran poles 33 metres apart 1 metre off the side of road to home(25sq cable).Things were a little more relaxed back then as original house was already built and inhabitated and we were given a house meter(15/45).Power varies from 150 volts to 230 but in general besides trying to start things like a deep bore pump(which we bought a variac for) it's been ok.The fridge from start rattles a bit but had no real appliance failures. Hot water system is the weakest point. As time has gone bye we have removed 200 metres of poles and put meter closer as demand in area has grown. As it stands now its opening up a can of worms as neighbours between me and last pole have been offered temporary only meters that come at a higher running cost unless the PEA does the work.They can apply for government grants for power which they are doing. On the poles,i have locally made concrete reinforced 5"x5" 7 metres tall,1 metre cemented in the ground(1500 baht each).Minimum required height was 5.5 metres above ground. Hope this helps.
  8. I've had power 14 years own poles,own cable 800 metres then as village grew 600 metres to home. I have a couple of neighbours in between with shacks that have a toilet and have been given blue books and are now applying for power. I have no problem as the closer its gets to my place the cable run will be shorter for me but probably offset by more end users with no bigger transformer.Also less chance of liability with less of my own poles on public road. The funny part is there applying not through the pui yai ban with a list of names but to PEA direct and say the government has funds for village houses with temporary or no power for the amount of 75,000 per household or 5 power poles at 40 metres apart. Anybody else heard of this?
  9. I'd like to think Brown would stay at a working class club,McGovern would be welcome to you or us but it doesn't matter how much money we throw.40,000 supporters isn't enough to get the big names yet. I can't see him leaving the west. The good thing this week is all about Neil Daniher,one of your better coaches over time. I don't get caught up with all this day to to day mental illness Aussies say they have these days but my Nana did die from MND and it was very painful for our family the last 12 months knowing there was nothing we could do. So looking forward to see the coaches going down the slide. Then a red hot contest between the Dees and the Pies to round the week out. With Norths improvement,it's only Wednesday and i can't wait for the footy this week.
  10. If the Dees do the Magpies by 6 goals this week i would call them nearly the real deal. The other test would be how they respond to a loss.(if they have another one) I see Chris Judd has been down to Norths train station,seen it was popular this year and jumped on to view North as a top 4 contender now. Not sure i would go that far but like you,Ozzy and Will i'm enjoying the rise and looking forward to the Cats on Saturday.
  11. There is a football god with Simpkins decision being overturned. Free to take on the Cats.
  12. What's the word on Joel Smith Alex. Will he break into the side and make me a few bucks. Speaking of bucks,i suppose Lever will be off to Monaco for rehab with all the Dee's money.
  13. farmerjo

    Clay soil

    Is there a global house near by.
  14. farmerjo

    Sour taste in sugar-cane province

    Some hard evidence would be nice to connect the two and even i would stop using it. I thought you got it from standing to long in a stagnate rice field with bare feet. But the old Thai's who tell me that could be wrong.
  15. By the lightest guy on North's list,ringing wet at 75kg. In the fantasy it was a week for early injuries. FJ knocking off Rip 2011-1868 Chooks had the better of Numbnuts 1897-851 And Grant's boys held on over the Delightful Dees 2064-2018 Good to see the scores starting to improve with 3 over 2000 this week. Maybe Rip and Chooks have been waiting for the bye rounds to start to bolster their sides. For me it's time to cash out on the juniors and mids hoping the new juniors coming in will get a game before seasons end,crystal ball stuff. This week FJ v CCS Rip v GA's And DD's V NN's Happy trading.