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  1. When the door,windows and gates are left half closed.(or half open)
  2. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Been a bit quiet on here with some around here still sugar cane harvesting and some finishing cassava. We had 5mm of rain in a thunder storm yesterday to freshen things up I had well made plans to bale some grass but that got stymied when the contractor with baler here died and his wife doesn't have anyone to operate it.(this was the day after i cut it)They don't have a rake to row it either which i needed as some come out a bit clumpy using the slasher to cut.My local machinery dealer wants 40,000 baht for a 4 wheel 3pl rake with 45 day delivery so must be of Chinese decent. Thats all come and gone and on the backburner now Have been thinking about what KS said a long time ago about what your soil type can grow by what weeds are around. So with my undulating field growing rice weeds i have the Missus on the lookout for some Upland rice varieties and will trial that this year. A couple of pics of the farm this morning.
  3. Start a mixed farm in Isaan

    Maybe a new thread should be started for the cow manure debate and let Mr Kie get on getting on.
  4. I'm no techie but android(google)doesn't allow flashplayer. To get it to work on my samsung phone i had to find an early model compatible flashplayer and download/upload? onto phone in order to watch it. I don't think i could remember how to do again. Windows with flashplayer will work fine as long as your stream is good. I have out in the boonies fibre optic at 30 mbps.Thailand has progressed well in the last 10 years.
  5. The key to using it is having Flashplayer,on pc is fine. It was a pain to set up on an Android phone. I guess the Dees making the 8 will depend on how many times they play the Kangaroos
  6. I still do it the Bookman way and have had no troubles for the last 2 years. Not having a CC makes it to difficult to subscribe to others. I do have a 10 ft dish here from Australia network days but don't know if i can convert it to Australia plus.
  7. Tractor Advice

    https://1582-th.all.biz/ These guys have been doing business here for decades. I think their website is under going changes.
  8. Chanote

    It's a messy situation in the boonies. Our land comes under Forestry land not Land office. So basically the way our set up functions is we hold the 4 title papers in original owners name. We pay the land rates for one paper in the wife's name and the other 3 we give a copy of the title and money for them to pay the rates(yearly at Tambon). Although our land is all joined together in one parcel and same Tambon,1 title belongs to one sub village and the other 3 to another. Also every few years we are required to give the original document back to the previous owner(for a day) to take to the government and say the land is still being used for agricultural purposes. Our area has been upgraded now to a new village in the Tambon about 3 years ago. Surveyors have been here twice to map our house land but haven't heard anything since. No doubt it's done differently in different Amphurs depending on how the Village head at the time interprets it. There is land in our Amphur's Tambons(9 villages in our Tambon) that have chanote status closer to the Amphur,ours is basically the furtherest away. Clear as mud.
  9. Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    Way out west here in the old days if you employed someone to walk your cows,they received every second baby. There is not many roaming cows left here now due to the increase in sugar cane area and the National park being stricter.The big herds would go into the park during rice season and come back after. Ticks become a problem with the roaming method. If you have money to buy cows this would be my preferred option(just forget about them but keep the numbers managerable for those looking after them ) Out here even trying to run a cut n carry system from your own land,it does not rain for 4-5 months a year so you would be buying feed in or spending on irrigation. My apologies for not getting to the local market yet for some prices,to cold here for me to be up that early this time of year.
  10. Solar Hot Water Systems

    I am also in the market for one. I've used the search functions and most of the talk was based around Chang Mai. My local Global House and other similar shops don't have in stock west of Khon Kaen. A local solar business can make but would prefer a tank mounted to panel set up.
  11. Hope the treatment works well mate.
  12. 14 families x 50,000(1 share) = 700K
  13. Gonna be a a great party for 700K. I would think the 50 is enough unless Hiso.
  14. Correct name

    Hi , Didn't want to post it in the plants,pets section as it was caught by Fil this morning in his rat traps on the farm around a water hole. Does it belong to the ferret family?
  15. Cost of School fees per month for local thai children

    If your children have to travel to school each day the bus fares can be the most expensive part.