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  1. Hi KS, I got my harvester out yesterday and gave it a run to clear all the creatures out of it. Cause i used it previously to harvest sunn hemp i have a few mods to do for corn. Change the rotor spikes(corn are shorter and thicker),adjust the broad elevator drum up 2 notches to allow for more bulk material and change screen to the corn one. My crop is horrible but will try to salvage something of it.Out of the 10 rai left,4 might be ok and the rest just couldn't handle the amount of rain we've had for that heavy clay soil. In the same boat,when will the weather clear to get a crack at it. On a brighter note the 5 rai of corn i harrowed back into the ground and planted to jasmine rice is going well.
  2. When is tanking,not tanking. If the Kangas aren't after the number one draft pick,i'm not sure what there after.
  3. Geez,i watched the Eagles warm up in the rooms and out of 12 15 metre kicks only 4 hit the target. So i changed my tip to the Dockers only to see in the game they couldn't hit a barn door.
  4. No sweat Alex,should do Chooks in a canterbarring an injury early. Got to try and break even with GS percentage wise,could be a big difference finishing 3rd or 4th come finals.
  5. Well the Bombers certainly gave the saints a touch up tonight. Long road back for the Saints now. 1st up tomorrow the Kangas v Port,wishing Zurhaar all the best for his debut.Looks a talent but coming up against Port in Adelaide will be a tough ask.His best bet will be to be front and square to Madjak.
  6. Without out going into detail i don't think the business will work as a full time venture. Not to say you couldn't get it to work,just my view. My best two side works have been carting water for villagers when the water supply is down or dirty like this time of year and i've had a lot of work for the post hole digger digging holes for rubber tree plantations and dragon fruit fields.I'm the only one in the area with a set-up to do those jobs.People know so they just ring the mrs and i send the FIL off.I take out the expenses and Fil gets some cash in his pocket. I live in a village environment,within a 10 kilometre radius off the top of my head there are 8 excavators and 40 tractors.12 years ago there was 1 excavator and 3 tractors. The couple of mini diggers around here are Kolbelco then next size are PC-200 Komatsu's then the 20 tonners are mostly Caterpillar..
  7. If your looking at an import,get hold of the manuals so you can cross reference parts to research their availabilty locally. The manuals will most likely need translating as well.Well worth doing unless you want a large ornament. Not sure about genuine parts prices here,paid 2400 baht for a genuine hino thermostat a couple of weeks ago. Have a Kubota harvester but not needed any parts as yet. You've got a tractor,why not get a post hole digger and box blade for that.And make a deep ripper.Outlay of about 80,000 baht. In saying that my biggest downfall was not buying an excavator when i got here,the money i've spent on hiring them i could have bought two.
  8. Hi Grollies, Are they steel or rubber tracks or one of each? I made a mistake this year putting stone down around the house and shed without proper compaction. With all the rain we've had the stone comes up in the clay and does quite a bit of damage to the rubber tracks so i have to be always cleaning them.(that's on a crawler) Sorry i see you mention check the pins.
  9. 6 weeks and hung out to dry by his own advocate. The process speaks volumes for the PC world most people live in today. The AFL wanting 4 to 7 on the potential risk. The Dees wanting 5 on remorse and compassion and early plea. The chairman one minute saying ignore the media and make sure a week comes off to do we make an example of him. He would of been better off pleading not guilty saying it was reactionary from the Mills bump and was aiming for the shoulder. Made the medical reports either state available or not for this week. At least it might of made the jury think a bit and the penalty certainly wouldn't have been any worse. Wonder if there will be any changes to his mural.
  10. Maybe you could come over and build me some villa's to house the bad boys of the AFL and rehab them. The village girls would be good at getting them back on track and out of here pretty quickly.There's no oil paintings around here. If the Dees are looking for some wheels,look no further than the wreckers yard,had a look the other day. Kangas have two mag wheels that are ok and a drivers seat pretty much been unused this year. All the other parts are a right off from when the bus hit the train.
  11. Was making a fence and put the ex tree post in the ground with smaller diameter end in the hole. No good,bad luck.Had to come out and be reversed.
  13. Can you just delete the weather site,it doesn't work and it's not going to work.
  14. Start with going to the retail hardware shops that sell what you would be installing,pvc pipe,sprinklers, cement posts, bricks etc. See if they have or are looking for contractors with the right equipment and labour.Or a trip to the local Amphur to see what contracts are up for tender. Otherwise it would probably mean setting the family up in that kind of business(selling the product) with the installation side as an extra.
  15. If Manny had shown the same intent as Horn from the start it may have been a different result,but he didn't. Well done to Horn.Not sure about showing a walking stick to Mayweather though.Horn can box but the trash talking is not him.