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  1. Good to see Gary Ayres putting his name in the mix for the GCS job. A perfect fit i think.
  2. Steel bridge

    Ok will make with the main beams on their side. Even though tractor is nearly 5 ton the highest load i guess would be the rear wheel weight at 1.5 metres which maybe 3 ton.
  3. Steel bridge

    I have the steel,can fabricate in my workshop then drag to position. When it flows at its peak the area is right now for water holding capacity with a bridge(old wood one now) above.
  4. Same here,Chumphae to Lomsak highway if you have local number plates and up to date rego it's a wave thru. Non province plates will get pulled over depending on how busy it is.
  5. Steel bridge

    Hi, Anyone who can help me with load bearing on C channel (150x75x10) I'm building a steel bridge across a creek,3 metre span. It needs to be able to take a 5 ton tractor(wheel base length 2300mm)but various width(narrower) vehicles will also use it. So the plan was 2 x C channels 2200mm width apart(tractor width 2100mm) and another in the centre of the 2 making 3 main beams with 50x50x3 angle across them at say 250mm apart. So my questions are before i proceed,which way will the C channel be strongest.On its side or the 150mm flat side on top. And will this design be adequate. Thanks.
  6. New beer prices

    Sounds like your mrs has a shop. There was talk about the license to sell alcohol going up from 2,000 baht to 50,000. Or is that just a furfy and business as usual.
  7. New beer prices

    My Ma/Pa shop prices went up 5 baht leo(65) and 5 baht local cigs.(70) My local shop is now making(or were)38% margin on a case of leo.
  8. Just an attempt to increase their market share in agriculture here,next they will be asking to ban hybrid seeds so the heirloom seed market they control grows bigger. They have an option to buy organic.
  9. Maize and Rotational Crops

    It can cause major traffic congestion. Normally only get 2 cars and 8 motorbikes a day going past home,this week numbers are up.
  10. Bit harsh Radar,they have one for finishing top after home and away.
  11. I'm starting to wonder if North resigning the coach was a good move. Our B&F was Higgins,one of Scott's prize recruits who averages mid 20's in disposals and his goal kicking let him down at crucial times during games. With a bucket load of money to spend we still can't attract any elite players to the club. Stringer looks set to go to a bigger membership Vic club so the cupboard looks a little bare now. I still think Allir and Armitage are worth pursuing but not elite class. I think we have a good forward line mix and some young backline players coming through. So it's good decision makers with elite skills in the centre we need. Down the road Melbourne seem to be able to attract them and they haven't tasted success since well long before i was born. Is it the attraction of being at a MCG home ground club?
  12. Diseased chickens

    Cooked,a long shot but are there any common weeds in the district that turn toxic at a certain stage in maturity. When i had cows years ago here the FIL would point out what they could graze on and how much they could tolerate of certain plants. The heads facing back reminds me of back in Aus,we had a plant called box poison and if the sheep ate to much of it and their heart rate was risen they would run around in a circle for a minute then die.
  13. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Hi KS, I did use the Ford to do the slashing(made a mess in a couple of spots) as it's a bit quicker than the crawler and seeded with the crawler. Most of it was on higher ground and as you can see in the picture i still have an uncompleted area to finish. Just waiting to see what the germination is like before putting the slasher on the crawler to complete the rest. The seed i'm using has not been graded so had a few issues with blockages. Yes the foot print left re wheels v tracks is like chalk and cheese.It's amazing how the tracks perform,only negative is scuffing up the end of the rows when turning sharply. I did investigate tracks for the Ford,you just unbolt the wheels and put the 4 individual tracks on.I think the guys i got the quote off were having a laugh when i sent the hub dimensions and a picture of the old tractor. At the end of the day the price for the tracks was just short of what i paid for the crawler and the stud pattern was not inter changable with other make tractors so it made sense in the end not to pursue it. If i was in the market for a new tractor the 1st on the list would be at least a set of rear tracks for it with a universal stud pattern.
  14. Maize and Rotational Crops

    With an onus on tilled land and no tilled land. To give an example,we have had 355mm of rain since the neighbour ploughed his corn residue in on 12th August expecting to put another crop but has had no opportunity to get back on the land. Across the road i seeded no-till on friday and have seed sprouting after 2 and half days.Nobody has ever been able to plant a crop this late in this area. Not saying it's the be all end all but certainly gives flexibility throughout the season for different crops and planting times with the minimum disturbance of the soil.