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  1. Yes final minutes and Mills saw Florent then Kennedy in the background and kicked it to the hawk in the middle of them. He will learn from it but as you say,the curtains are drawn for this season. Hawks well there still a smokey for the 8.
  2. Close hard fought win by the Cats. Wasn't the most exciting game to watch. Bit of speculation over the Dixon kick,at the time watching it i thought he didn't get enough time, Took a while to click that the ump didn't call any time off which was unusual.
  3. He should of given me a call,i was very good at using the back streets to get home from the Gosnell's golf club . Never caught once
  4. Hi Isan Farang, Do you have your genset earthed to ground.
  5. While on gensets,i bought this one yesterday basically looking to run internet,tv,fans and a light when the powers down. On a lot of mine sites i have worked it's standard practice to run an earth to ground. My question is,is it that important if under a roof or should i just turn it off if lightning is in the area as i want to keep it portable.
  6. Rule changes from 1990 up to 2015.
  7. I'm having problems sleeping at night trying to remember why the big circle was put outside the small circle in the centre of the grounds. I recall a line was originally put across the small circle to stop ruckman both coming from the same side at the bounce. Any idea's why the bigger circle was introduced? Ok just found it,there's a 3 metre and 10 metre circle so Nic Nat can't take a big run up and win every knock.
  8. Bit off topic now i know it's for a factory. Took this picture at Makro today. Decent span.
  9. Went to Makro(chumphae) today hoping to get some crawfish to eat Not stocked at that store yet.They did have giant shrimp with their tail size the same as a fully grown crawfish for 370 baht/kilo. I will wait for the crawfish.
  10. Well well well umps,that ole can't bounce the ball cause i'll get a bad back caper. Maybe they should look at how many concussions and other body muscle injuries there have been to players this year,then there backs might loosen up a bit. On the concussions it would be interesting to know whether there is less or more since the shirtfront was taken out of the game.
  11. That picture could of be taken down the best rows. I must say not sure what you will gain by planting teak if you think the rubber won't do well. When i cleared some land years back,we thought we had good timber trees for house making only to find 80 percent were hollowed out in the centre.
  12. There a cattle markets weekly on certain days in most provinces.They cater for buffalo's to. Find your closest one and make a sign to say you have x amount for sale on farm.There are many middlemen at these markets who have trucks and basically buy and sell from market to market. If you live in a village find the nearest big town and ask there for a location or call the government livestock department,they would have a list of all registered selling venues. Don't expect great prices for a bulk deal,you will have to take what's offered.
  13. Why would you think the soil has arsenic in it,close to an old mine?
  14. Had a brain fade not thinking about tyre widths and row spacings so ended up using version 2. It was successful spraying paraquat down the rows with no plant damage from the chemical. The next version will have the shields independently mounted to ride over uneven terrain.
  15. Hi KS, We have ended up with 9 inches for the week. Haven't been out much but around me you would hardly know as the sugar crops are up about 5 feet tall and lapping it up. My corn i planted is a little worse for wear and will take a lot of sunshine to pick up again.The neighbours corn which is about 1-2 weeks more advanced than mine is thriving. The crawler is a great little machine,have had it out making some rice fields with rotary hoe on back and PTO works well..It will plane through mud 2 feet deep. It's still running on the high side at 115 degrees(engine)and it takes about 3 hours of working to get up to that so then have a rest and cool it down.Will have to take the radiator out at some stage and get serviced as that's the only thing i haven't checked besides the timing. The tracks are fine,no problems there with sprockets jumping or over tension.i welded some flatbar in the tensioner guides to take out the slack when turning so the 3PL implements don't rub on the tracks.I used it with the corn seeder to plant with no problems. Haven't used the boomspray on it yet as i need to make a frame to sit a 200 litre drum of water on the front otherwise it's rear heavy with 750 litres in spray tank. The biggest issue now is track width and row spacings as the seeder is on 750mm(30") spacings so have to look at what is the best fit for the equipment.The tracks have 1250mm centres and are 450mm wide.At this stage i'm looking at a 34"-16"-34"-16"-34"-16"-34" gap setup.It would up the seed population rate about 15 percent to help control weeds.It would also cater for in row spraying or cultivating so a few mods to be done to the planter. My little Kubota could then also be used in row for light work. The beauty of this rain is i can now cancel anymore cropping besides rice till mid july giving me time to setup things a bit more user friendly.To tell the truth when i saw corn at only 6 baht/kilo i wasn't in any rush to get the whole lot in.The diesel is still in the tractor and the seed and fertilizer is in the shed. Any thoughts on the row spacings.