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  1. What's new in truck world ??

    I picked up a new 4 door BT-50 Mazda(Hi Racer) for 700K as our local dealer had a promotion on. It is still a truck ride but better than the previous 2 door BT-50 we had.
  2. Not to happy Higgins may miss the Hawks game for his 1st baby. What's going on at Arden st,the train station upgrade must have bamboozeld them. Higgins is in the leadership group,not good leadership when you may have to take the week off because you couldn't plan around football season.
  3. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    JB, Massey Ferguson are becoming more popular with dealerships growing everywhere. There 5709 model is 92 hp and has 2 auxillary spools as a standard feature.FWA is optional.
  4. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    Where did you buy your chisel plough in Thailand and how wide is it.
  5. Well i've been waiting for Alex to review this weeks Fantasy. So i will start and gloat about the grudge match where my baby Flyers shouldn't have been in the hunt but prevailed. Chooks got over Rip in a another tight one,well done Chooks. And GS did the job on Numbnuts with ease. The leader board has tightened up going into next week. Good scores to be had from the soldiers and money to made from the gifted young blokes
  6. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    My 2 cents... Find out the asking price and roughly what's missing/broken. If you could pick it up for say 200,000 and get it running by spending another 400,000. You would have a reliable tractor(big horsepower) at a good price. See if the (Lao-German training school)) ? would take it on as a project. Some times it's good to know the history of a machine. But in your case if you can afford a new spreader,a new tractor would look good in front of it.
  7. Fantastic to see the Kangas back up the loss last week with the killer instinct to win and win well. I think it's the 1st time in Scotts reign we have put sides away. Anderson who i would of thrown under a bus 2 years a go just might be maturing.
  8. Melbourne will be favourites for their 1st flag in 138 years.
  9. Yep, what was her comment. It felt like he Nearly put his hand on my pants.
  10. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    Mostly sunn hemp and trialling getting rice into the rotation. And corn when the price is right. Mainly playing around till i come up with a solution that suits no till farming in Thailand. More can be said about that on the Maize and rotational crops thread. Don't want to side track JB's quest for a tractor with the right amount of spools.
  11. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    Not in the general scheme of things for pre planting preparations. Yes i've used one intensely to water level some land as this was the easier way to level land. It would be rare in this heavy clay area to use a tiller without ploughing.I've tried and it just wants to Bounce out of the ground at 75mm deep.
  12. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    I don't use ploughs myself. A deep ripper when required and no till disc's on my place.
  13. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    Was in town today at a machinery hire place that help me fix a idler bearing on my crawler. They had a 6640 in the yard for hire with a 3 disc plough,15,000 a day. I noticed it had one of those big draw bars KS was talking about,no using PTO with that on. Got a shock of how heavy duty it was. Also like in JB's picture,one of the spool's was taken up to use the blade on front of tractor.
  14. A house and a shed(to put excess belongings in) has never caught on in Asia.
  15. Think Tom Mitchell will be coming in this week,time to spend on a capitan.