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  1. Who do you support,are you a fellow Kangaroos man.
  2. I have to duck off to the Flips next week,gut wrenching that i've watched nearly all the home and away season to likely miss the the 1st quarter starts of the finals. Heard of that saying - if palm trees don't grow,i don't go Melbourne weather doesn't fit into that. However i'm quite happy to send an instructional video to the boys at Arden street on goal kicking.
  3. Crossy,would be great if you could put a hand held temp gun on it to see what the operating temperature is. What oil grade did you use?
  4. Thanks Alex,thanks also to Chooks for organising it and everyone who played. Hopefully we can get a few more starters next year. As said,well done Rip in the tipping. Last one the fantasy score was 2566 to 2374
  5. The premiership quarter has gone and the DD's lead FJ'S flyers 1711 to 1485 in the Fantasy. FJ still has 10 to play with one being captain(double points) and the Delightful Dees 7 to play. I suspect Alex has indulged in the Black label,Red label,all his red wine and half of the James Boag. FJ has quietly been sipping away on Leo's finest. Lets see what tomorrow brings
  6. I must of been watching a different game last night. All the commentators were that far up Boak turning the middle around. It stood out like dogs balls to me it was clearly my guy Wingard and when he left the ground the Bombers scored. Your cheapie backman had me nervous after 32 in the 1st quarter,but turned out,well,to be a cheapie. My last request today is Steven May falls like a clumbsy clown into Hawkins. Cmon the Flyers.
  7. farmerjo

    Maize and Rotational Crops

    Hi KS, It's just a variety of grasses and weeds,but i plan to roll it so need some height in it. All part of the long term plan to conserve moisture and cut down on chemicals. Cow farming up here is very small scale,10 rai farmers running 3 or 4 cows, They put there land into crop then have to cut and carry for the animals till the land is freed up, The problem is one comes then the telegraph line starts and before you know it people are turning up from villages away.They won't pay for it.From there point of view if they see a 75 rai field full of grass not being used for cropping it's heaven. So easier to nip it in the bud with the signs.
  8. All good Alex,although it's going to be drawn out. Been good to have a nice build up to a GF. Hope there's bit more banter over the weekend. My side is settled with Waite in for Caddy and Cunnington is out,replaced by Ross who will be Captain. So you will get the runs on the board and i hope i can come home with a wet sail. Was going to say good luck but that would be unfair on myself in a two horse race.
  9. Two and a half hours left to chop and change. Can't work out my Captain Alex,going to crack a big bottle of Leo's finest and ponder some more. What the weather like in the city of trams.
  10. farmerjo

    Maize and Rotational Crops

    Well it's one of the driest Augusts on record around here. 40mm of rain for the month so far,rice and corn are struggling but the sugar in the area seems to be handling it ok. It's got to the stage here that i've had to have signs made to keep the livestock owners off my land from cutting grass where i'm trying to build organic matter.
  11. farmerjo

    Becoming a wholesaler

    Member Wayned is involved in a Co-op. He might be able to give some advice. Huge commitment required to make it work with a rice and corn enterprise.
  12. 8 hours and 41 minutes till full lock out in the fantasy. Hope your not working today Alex.
  13. You've got me thinking about the cheapies Alex. Till this arvo i had Lloyd in for Macmillon and Westhoff for Caddy. Now i've changed Shuey for Ross and Caddy for Waite. Waite,Waite,Waite,yes Waite.I have a feeling about Waite in his last game. Laird is Elcapitano.More to come.... Don't like when players are named on the splinters.
  14. Don't know if your trying to confuse me or yourself Alex. I guess it depends on the weight of 84K in the bank last week. I thought you may trade out Sier for a cheapy and that would give you enough cash to put in Laird for Doodee and even the backline contest. That would leave us 13 points apart on paper. Think it will come down to the Captain. Mitchell doesn't fare so well against the Swans they say. Grundy in Perth against big Sandy or Ablett with or without a tag against the Suns. Or will Big Benny Brown kick 10 to score 180. Decisions decisions.
  15. West of Chumphae we would normally get around 9 inches for August. This year we've had 11/2 inches.Water pumps are on as i type. This is not irrigation country for most so plenty of farmers will be happy to see the planes up there.