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  1. Front end loader - weight capacity?

    No problem with that one JB,its a belt drive where msterial sits across the width of the belt and fed out the rear door. In the earlier days spreaders were designed not with a belt but 2 x chains that dragged the material out the back and were only good for pelletised products like potash,superphosphate and urea.
  2. On-line Rice prices

    It's a difficult question to answer especially if your out of the country. If in country it's not hard to spot the delivery places usually with a big shed or silo's and large concrete area's for drying. Thing is the price will work on a matrix for moisture,quality etc.But there are normally big boards displaying basic prices out the front.
  3. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Just make sure your ground prep work to sit tank on is good as the cheaper ones after a few years will split at the outlet if it's not.
  4. Never fear so you like my avatar,my son's superheroes 8th birthday party last week. TV must of had another brain fart overnight as i woke up to no avatar this morning so until i figure how to get it back,this is it. PS Spiderman got the nod as i'm saving superman and his cape in case it's needed at work this week.
  5. Yanmar - hydrostatic transmission?

    Hi JB, Most of the older japanese tractors have a creeper gear. This is a picture of my Kubota L2201 gearbox arrangement,it's the red lever at the back side witch changes the gears to creeper speeds. My Morooka MK-80 has hydrostatic transmission and PTO
  6. I'm in the engineering field Alex,basically helping those with a machete and hoe background to open a toolbox and use the right tools for the job. I have a hand me down Note3 from the wifey witch i use when away to check emails,its most important feature is the alarm clock. Feeling quite confident about the Kangas next year after reading we have the easiest drawn going around,i guess that means playing the Dees twice again,as well as all the bottom 8 clubs. I'll get the champers out for the 2018 bolters. Was game 1 of the international rules worth watching?
  7. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    This is a neighbours set up. Not sure how effective it is.
  8. Farm Photos

    Started the rice harvest today,drove straight in and got bogged. Fil failed to mention he pumped water on it last week when i was away. Finally got going and finished it,that was sticky rice,jasmine a couple of weeks away.
  9. I am looking for a flail mower

    Haven't seen any around like that other than the bigger government amphurs,might be worth a go to ask there. Redbullhorn had his own made but that was a tow behind for a four wheeler bike for memory.
  10. How to plumb my pool

    Hi Carlyai, Hope you are starting to enjoy the fruits of all the hard work,everyone appreciates it. One more question if i may,what are you using for your pump set point,a pressure guage in the system or listenening for cavitation.
  11. Ashes 2017/2018

    Aussies would have to go in underdogs wouldn't they. Would like to see Berendorf along side Starc,two lefties,Hazelwood only does it for me on flat decks.
  12. Front end loader - weight capacity?

    Another idea KS just gave me was an A frame with chain block,would be cheap enough to knock up. My real question to JB would be what sort of spreader is he going to use? I don't know much about the 3pl spreaders but from experience i know chain link drive spreaders were useless for lime and gypsum applications,belt drive were very effective after setting them up which meant having a density scale for correct weight,finding right belt speed(for ground speed),back door opening gap,spinner speed and setting the right vane angles on them. Also adjusting driving width with the windy days As well as how to mark your track were you've been,ploughed land,foam marker,gps or drag a tyre. So what i'm saying is set it up properly at the start or it will be a horrible mess of too much or not enough. The 1st time i would be inclined to buy 50kg bags,position the distance apart in the field and have local labour spread if available. Or better still have some big fertilizer boxes made to fit on the seeder and put it where needed.
  13. Ashes 2017/2018

    Bancroft has popped into contention for the Aussie wicky's spot. I hope he gets a crack and put Marsh in at 6 as well.
  14. Talk about cold weather and jet setting Alex,just back from flying with the eagles in Turkey,my Thailand sun loving body didn't handle the zero degrees mornings at all well,hopefully the weather will be better in the Philippines next week. The brightest note to come out of my trip was reading Thomas(North) had been delisted and Swallow is almost at the GCS's.
  15. How to plumb my pool

    Did you do a bucket test to check your pump output.