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  1. Then keep quiet about those who are willing to take up a gun and defend the lives of others, we are not killing machines we just see what we feel must be done and do it. We do not ask for anything but for those who are not willing to face the horror face to face to just sit down and shut up.
  2. In many places the salaries and expense accounts of public workers are a matter of public record and posted on the internet. The bidding of public projects over a set amount are held in open meetings that anyone can attend. In Thailand you can be prosecuted for exposing this sort of "Private" information. I would like to see the country advance but with no interest in actually educating a population to be able to ask questions and then encouraging or at least allowing them to ask questions I doubt it can be accomplished.
  3. I agree that the lack of actual enforcement makes it hard for the hotels, restaurants and other amenities that operate within the regulations. The general excuse I hear for why many places operate outside of the regulations is that "they can not afford to do..." when there is a great fire or building collapse people feel pity but you can not get them to accept that things need to be done properly. As far as the ones on TV complaining about the price it is totally laughable, whenever I hear some one on TV talking about "value for money" all I hear is Cheep, Cheep, Cheep...
  4. Here are some examples of the blades you need or just do a google search for Concrete fiber board blades and up they come.
  5. medium voltage and high voltage splicing is a craft, Scotchkote is one manufacturer. but I would not suggest that an untrained person undertake this kind of splice.
  6. I love all the ideas especially the Chicken and the Goat! The gardeners at the "Estate" seem hardly able to take care of the little park we have. Guess I will just have to look for a gardener in the area next visit and leave it to the in laws to do their best until then. I should be living there in a few years and then the problem is solved.
  7. We have a house near Salaya, outside Bangkok, that we intend to use as a retirement home. In the meantime we visit only once a year or so. How can I keep the yard from growing into a wild jungle? I have had relatives growing Banana trees and the neighbor women using it as a makeshift garden. One thought is to till the ground and cover with plastic sheeting for a month to kill the weeds and then cover with pavers. Or else arranging for someone to do yard maintenance on a regular schedule. The gardeners in our estate are old and i am not interested in having them do this. My Sister-in-law lives in the same estate so I have some supervision on the property. Any ideas on where to find someone to do yard maintenance ?
  8. So it sounds like a Halon release, the suppression system could have been activated by the movers hitting a manual release button, they are protected but they are meant to be used in an emergency so it's not like you need to unlock anything. The system would have had a warning alarm but they may not have realized what it was or known how to override the release if they were not familiar with the building or if they were not trained on what to do. The doors that are on magnetic hold opens would have automatically released and the rescue people would not have known where to get keys. Halon systems are very useful but they are dangerous to untrained workers.
  9. There are two prices listed for gold in Thailand. The lower price is for gold bar, this is the gold price. The second price is the price for gold ornaments ie: chains, bracelets, rings and Buddha frames. Oh the third price is the buy price.
  10. Vinegar would be a start or if you can find a Calcium or lime remover in HomePro or local store. In the states we use a product called Bartenders Friend or CLR (calcium/lime/rust).
  11. Because no matter if you are legal or not if the Navy/Marine Police think you are in the wrong you will be arrested and your equipment impounded. So better to run than sit and wait. However if the Navy did a better job of interdicting them they would not have had the chance to get away.
  12. As someone involved in the installation of Mobil Phone Antenna Sites i can tell you that the differences in phone design, use and the quality of the build of the particular phone in question do enter into the question. But the biggest factor of all is the location and coverage pattern of the Antenna being used by the provider that is connecting your phone to the Local Exchange. While many of the installs are well planned, the quality of the install is the single greatest variable in your mobile phone reception. You can have two phones in the same location with one connected to one antenna and the other one using a different antenna or a different channel on the same antenna. so simple tests like "I have my phone and my mates phone both laying on the table and we have different connections values and speeds is not surprising. Your best bet is to use the sim of the provider with the best coverage in your area and use a quality device, Samsung, Iphone etc. The stick on antenna boosters are a joke, but I wish I had come up with the idea as many people who should know better will tell you they work. Active signal boosters for your home or office can work but they are often a source of electrical noise and can actually work against you unless you have had a Frequency Spectrum test done to see how much carrier saturation you have in the area in question. So buy a good phone, and use a Sim from a provider with good signal in your area and you will be rewarded with reasonable signal strength. In places where the infrastructure is not up to par, like much of thailand you are going to have dead spots or places with too many users competing for too little space on the antenna. it will improve, every day more and more antenna upgrades are being done but the providers have to see profit to be willing to upgrade their antennas.
  13. How is it possible to hold two "Common" or Brown Passports? I understand the use of Official or Diplomatic Passports but is it normal to have multiple passports?
  14. Does anyone have a link to the Youtube video of this? i would like to be able to see it for myself. My searching of YouTube has has not been a success.
  15. The IR extender is the way to go the wire is very small and concealable the hardest part is finding the IR receiver window on the cable/sat box. Use some cellophane tape to hold the "blinker" to the box to find the best placement the adhesive that comes with most of them is only good for one try. It is important to get the placement right the first time.