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  1. NancyL

    I don't understand the logic of Thai Immigration

    If you have family in your home country that you visit every couple years and investments in your home country, then it could make sense to do back-to-back O-A visas every two years. It's very possible to obtain an FBI background check from Thailand -- Hubby and I did it when we were considering relocation to Malaysia and applied for their 10-year Malaysia My Second Home retirement visa. Downloaded the documents from the FBI website, got fingerprinted in Chiang Mai at the same place teachers go to get fingerprinted for background checks and sent the credit card payment and documents via Thai post to the FBI. 16 weeks later our report showed up in our Chiang Mai condo mailbox. We were clean, as expected since we'd been living in Thailand for over 10 years and somehow this report was acceptable to the Malaysian authorities. Presumably it could have been used to apply for an O-A visa in the U.S., too. All that would have been needed is a U.S. medical report since I've heard the Thai Embassy and Consulates in the U.S. won't accept a Thai doctor completing their little laughable visa application medical form. That could be done by a Doc-in-a-Box strip mall clinic doctor in the U.S. if someone doesn't have a U.S. doctor, perhaps by giving that U.S. doctor test results from a Thai clinic for verification. All this assumes someone has family in the U.S. maintaining a U.S. mailing address for the Thai-resident retiree and suitable U.S. investment or banking accounts.
  2. Yes, the app is brilliant -- way better than the Grab app. You can wait indoors in comfort while you watch a bus approaching the bus stop near you on the phone, and then go out to the bus stop shortly before it arrives. The app is does lag real time just a bit, as I learned the first couple times when I missed the bus, but once I figured this out I'm OK now. Once on the bus, you settle into icy cold aircon and free wifi while you watch the city from a nice high position in comfort. It makes the wait at the Maya intersection almost pleasant.
  3. NancyL

    razor blades

    Maybe find a real barber and treat yourself to a professional shave from time-to-time. Their hot towels serve to soften your beard before the shave.
  4. NancyL

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    Yes, that's the correct location, but it won't be open on Saturday. Open normal days that gov't offices are open. Same hours as at Promenada. Closed 12.00 - 13.00 for lunch.
  5. Connda, are you nuts? This sort of thing got me into big trouble out at Immigration Promenada and I was taking photos on mall property, not Immigration property. Remember my photos, some of which were on Thai Visa of the queues, the goats, etc. Thai officials just love to kill the messenger if they don't like the message. Just look at what happened to the editor of CityLife magazine when she tried to cover the proposed rally about the air quality problem.
  6. Thank you for the clarification. May he rest in peace.
  7. That cause of death is so sad. If the poor man was still able to swallow, then someone should have been feeding him. And even if he couldn't swallow, if he still had the will to live, an NG tube could have been inserted into his nose and down into his stomach and liquid food given to him that way. It really isn't as uncomfortable as it sounds once it's installed. The tube stays in place all the time and the person doesn't really know it's there -- they can still talk, swallow, blow their nose, etc. I wonder if the police will investigate this as a form of elder abuse.
  8. I know the OP said that all the key players are in Bangkok, so perhaps he needs to look around for a law firm in Bangkok that has an American lawyer on staff. Here in Chiang Mai, Lanna Lawyers has both an American and an Australian lawyer on staff, in addition to their Thai lawyers, so that makes it very easy for us resident expats to handle legal matters both in our home countries and here in Thailand. For example, having Final Wills to take care of our assets in both countries, something the OP's father should have done.
  9. NancyL

    I don't understand the logic of Thai Immigration

    And what happens when the visa applicant holding the 800,000 baht during the three month period becomes ill and decides to use the 800,000 baht in their account to pay their medical bill or has a Thai g/f or someone else close to them who runs off with the money during the time they are holding the visa agent's 800,000 baht or worse yet, dies? I've known this to happen in cases where friends were sharing 800,000 baht between them.
  10. Learned to speak central Thai to a level where I can get by in shopping, traveling, etc by myself around the country and learned to read Thai to a higher level. Learned to type Thai so that I can send emails, etc. Learned how to use a some canned software to do surveys, produce newsletters, manage emails lists, keep track of finances, etc. Was doing that already for our small business when I retired, but since retirement I've done it for a couple of clubs. It's been interesting to see how that technology has advanced since we had our small business over a decade ago. Would have been nice to have had tools like that available when we had our business.
  11. Also, a new serviced apartment, Wellness Residence, opened behind Central Airport Plaza that's very elder-friendly, with well-designed rooms and pull-cords in the bathrooms and bedrooms. Very reasonable rates. On their website, they say they have 24 hour nurse call service, but there isn't a nurse onsite. Rather they have 24 hour front desk people who come to investigate and if necessary, call an ambulance. Meals, help with bathing, etc are not included but the owner is a doctor at Klaimor Hospital and can arrange for someone to hire assistance. http://www.wellnessresidencechiangmai.com/
  12. Check out these two documents from the website of LannaCareNet.org This data was collect a couple years ago, but the prices haven't changed much in the past couple years. http://www.lannacarenet.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/LCN-Care-Facilities-Survey-December-2015-Document-1.pdf http://www.lannacarenet.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Care-survey-grid-1.pdf
  13. Do these rates include meals? The price quoted at the assisted living centers in Chiang Mai usually include three meals/day, although Vivo Bene has a two plans, one with full board and the other with "half board" whatever that is. I guess that's if you want to fix your own light breakfast.
  14. Morphine and fentanyl and other forms of pain relief are legal and available here and Thai people receive free medical care here. Foreigners do not. Foreigners can die in pain here if they lack the financial resources to have their cancer adequately "staged", i.e. tested, so that it's evident to the doctor just how much longer the patient is expected to live. Also, some pain medications can only be given in a hospital or nursing home by qualified staff, but not in a residential setting by untrained people.
  15. NancyL

    Chinese Mob at CM Immigration

    I doubt that Immigration likes the "line sitters" because they undercut the need for customers to use visa agents. Remember, the agents have a separate channel for accessing immigration. They no longer have to send a rep to go "sit" in the queue.