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  1. NancyL

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    Used to be that the retirement extension was easier to get than the marriage extension. I predict increased activity on the Thai dating websites as retirees decide to get married as a strategy to speed up their time at Imm.
  2. Good idea to lay in some Augmentin 1000 in case Mr. Bitey gets rambunctious. I suffered a nasty cat bite on the back of my leg in my early 20s when I did exactly what you did. Somehow my parents and I thought it would be a good idea to bring my cats over to their apartment. We thought because we got along, our cats would. When one of their cats started going after one of mine, I picked up my cat and got attacked by one of my mother's little darlings.
  3. That sounds awful, Sheryl. Did that little dear intend to inflict that kind of damage on your other sweetheart? Ours run around, wrestle and kick each other, but don't bite each other very hard. Never seen any penetration wounds. And with us, Mr. Bitey is a "nipper" as in what Hubby calls "love nibbles", doesn't do deep wounds, but the nipping is annoying enough.
  4. When Hubby and I relocated to Thailand 10 years ago for retirement, it hadn't dawned on us to get any vaccinations. So, we each went to CM Ram hospital and inquired as to what they'd recommend. We went at different times and were given a very different list. So much for the hospital supposedly being ISO certified. Doesn't that mean they're suppose to follow standard procedures, as in when someone in their late 50s from the U.S. turns up and says I plan to live here long-term in a condo in the city, with occasional side trips to country "resorts", what vaccinations do you recommend? You think we'd have been given the same advice. Somehow they thought I needed pre-exposure rabies vaccinations, but not Hubby. I didn't find the jabs painful, just needless expense when I was told that they don't have a lifetime effectiveness. Hubby went on to do some volunteer work at a dog charity where maybe, just maybe it would have made sense for him to have pre-exposure rabies vaccination, but the people running the charity said, nope, he could always go get the shots if was bitten by a dog. (he wasn't. We have more problems with Mr. Bitey, our cat, but he's been vaccinated.)
  5. NancyL

    TM28/TM30 avoiding fines if on extensions.

    Yup, and you make an appointment online, get a receipt, service with a smile, and receive the Cert of Res. immediately. No B.S. about having to return the next day to pick up your Cert of Res. Plus, whenever the U.S. Congress has a stupidity attack and shuts down the U.S. gov't, the U.S. Consulate remains open, living off the $50 fees, simply not remitting them to Washington and using the money to keep the lights on here in Chiang Mai.
  6. I think Jazzdog misunderstood about the "certified" copy of the passport. An original birth certificate, yes, and it's not very difficult to order one online, but I think they just want a copy of the photo page of the passport that you've signed and dated, like when you do banking business.
  7. Absolutely clueless. Deriding Kohsamida without realizing he's comparing apples and oranges and then admitting, well yes, he does use his passport from time to time when he travels. He'd probably be pretty upset if a Thai gov't official held onto his for a week. And, I'd like to know, exactly how are my posts on this thread "self-promoting"? (this response should be interesting)
  8. I send SSA Manila an email on June 12 and didn't receive a reply, so I resent it on June 21, with a subject header of "2nd request: ......" ahead of the original subject heading. I received a reply from a real person within 24 hours, asking to set up a specific time for a phone call. I've encountered this before, that a "2nd request" email is often needed.
  9. Well, yes, it's very likely that someone can be here 14 years and keep their nose clean without any involvement with law enforcement, aside from renewing their TDL every five years. But, they'd have to be living a hermit's life never to need to show their passport to someone.
  10. You're not able to open a bank account or buy a SIM card with a TDL, nor can you fly internationally. In the other situations I mentioned, they'll accept a TDL begrudgingly. I suspect that Kohsamida and the Chinese grandmother don't have a TDL yet, either, being newcomers seeking a visa conversion.
  11. opalred, you haven't been paying attention. Kohsamida and the "Chinese grandmother" are doing visa conversions; you've been doing retirement extensions or marriage extensions for 14 years and I suspect marriage extensions because right now the reports are that people seeking retirement extensions are in the same queue with students competing for a limited number of openings. I doubt anyone applying for a retirement extension is able to arrive at 8:30 am in the past couple weeks and be able to get a queue ticket. And if you've lived here 14 years and never been asked to show a passport, then you must have a Thai person handling all your banking, arranging your household utilities, buying a SIM for your phone, making airline reservations or checking into a hotel with you, having made the reservation in their name. These are just a few of the situations where people are asked to show a passport.
  12. Koh Samui has it's own separate rules. Frankly they seem OK if you don't mind a couple days on the island to obtain a health certificate. Worse places to get certified.
  13. Yeah, I think this is correct. You'd have to go through the whole TM 30 process and then you may find that CM Imm won't let you file 90 day reports once you return here -- until after you've done a new TM 28/30, of course. And they might remember you. That agent is starting to look like a good bargain, right?