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  1. Immigration Office Construction Update

    Well, someone mentioned curling irons earlier in the thread. Won't be able to have a "fun day out" in the new building, but then again, it's not that far from Central Airport Plaza, is it?
  2. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    This was suggested earlier in the thread and it was pointed out that not all hospitals have doctors on staff 24/7 and quite a few don't have cardiologists standing by 24/7 ready to wheel you into an operating theater to do an angioplasty at a moments notice, either. You could lose valuable time going to a small, amphur hospital where they'll simply transfer to an appropriate hospital.
  3. Immigration Office Construction Update

    Last week went to @Prom, got a re-entry permit, did some banking business at Bangkok Bank where everyone remembered my name despite my being there only four or five times, had lunch at Ragu because you can't eat every meal at Duke's, took in that new blockbuster Thor (didn't really see the point to the rave reviews), yes bought a new curling iron at Chi Chang where they carefully completed the paperwork and warranty documents like I'm buying a major appliance and visited that shiny new visa agent, Tian to inquire about their price to handle a medical extension. Despite leaving my phone number, no one ever got back to me with information. Maybe because when they called Imm. to bring up the list of required documents, the Imm. employee tipped them off about who I was. Oh well, that's OK. My inquiry was genuine. I really did want them to help process a medical extension for someone in a gov't hospital where they don't handle medical extensions for their patients. But, it's OK. The poor guy died. On overstay. Tian missed a big opportunity to get 5 or 6 thousand baht from him just before he died.
  4. Actually, there are several SCB branches within the Suan Dok complex. The best thing to do is bring your passport to Counter No. 19, as described above during a slow time, like maybe in the late afternoon and have them look in their on their computer to see if you're in their system. Then, record your Hospital Number in a place you won't forget, like maybe a tattoo. Only kidding about the tattoo. Lanna Care Net has "In Case of Emergency" cards that are distributed at CEC meetings and at an upcoming seminar "Lessons Learned at the End of Life" If you want to go to Suan Dok in case of an emergency, note that on the card, along with your Hospital No. and keep it in your wallet at all times. http://www.lannacarenet.org/
  5. Rental deposit--preparing for move to CM

    Agree that for stays of less than six months or for your first housing experience here, it can usually make sense just to stay in a "hotel", or rather a serviced apartment where you don't have a real kitchen, but rather a studio unit with a small fridge, microwave, pot water pot, aircon, maid service, cable TV and wifi provided as part of the package. Just be sure this serviced apartment is in a good location where you don't have to rent a motorcycle to get around, if you haven't used a motorcycle before. There are many options. This gives you a chance to learn your options and look around for longer-term housing options. Some people who live on their own and/or don't like or need to cook for themselves live in units like this for year after year. Some of these building are run by very nice people and have a good "family feel.
  6. Feet and Lower Leg Swelling / Pain

    Edit: oops, didn't see Sheryl's reply above. I basically said the same thing about fasting blood sugar.
  7. Feet and Lower Leg Swelling / Pain

    This is something to tell the doctor when you go in for your tests. It could be that the swelling is related to cardiac problems and you had a "good day" with your blood pressure under control. I find that when I eat salty foods my blood pressure soars and I have more foot and ankle swelling. If I have several days of a low salt diet and exercise, then no swelling.
  8. Rental deposit--preparing for move to CM

    Oh, when I suggested to wire transfer funds into Thailand, I had presumed the OP understood, I meant into his own Thai bank account, not into that of his landlord. You can set up your rental payment as an "auto pay" out of your Thai bank account or transfer rental payment into your landlord's bank account via online banking or even at your bank's ATM machine. Some owners want payment in cash, presumably because they don't want a "paper trail" and aren't declaring the income on Thai income taxes, but I'd suggest steering clear of someone who doesn't appear to be declaring their rental income. Such people aren't likely to cooperate in other arenas, like filing the TM30 form on your behalf at Chiang Mai Immigration or returning your deposit when the contract is over.
  9. Reporting Overstay

    I don't know how things are done elsewhere in Thailand, but here in Chiang Mai, a situation like this would have captured the attention of the police -- if the woman being harassed had been the one going to them with a credible story, especially with a lawyer. A jealous, new boyfriend/husband, maybe not. But, it's my understanding that every formal complaint filed with the police HAS to be investigated and the fact that the harasser was on overstay would have given the police just the excuse they needed to arrest him. I've been involved in several cases like this in Chiang Mai through Lanna Care Net, but actually on behalf of the ex-boyfriend/husband who is an older mentally imbalanced/demented foreigner still trying to stay involved with his Thai ex- after she has moved on. The man's Consulate/Embassy is always called by the police, with varying degrees of interest by the man's gov't depending upon the situation and we've always been able to work out a "managed deportation" whereby the man can avoid being hauled down to IDC in Bangkok, but instead is taken before a judge here in Chiang Mai, his 20,000 baht overstay fine is reduced, he is blacklisted and hustled out of the country on an international flight headed far away. In some serious cases where the man can't travel, he's taken to a mental hospital or nursing home and carefully watched so he doesn't leave the facility. In all cases, the Thai ex- and her new husband/boyfriend are taken out of the equation and no longer bothered. Also, the Thai ex- has to give up her access to the man's banking, credit cards, internet passwords, etc. I assume the OP's ex- no longer has an access to any of the financial resources of the harasser, right? You'd be surprised how many still do when you start to dig into the situation. And how many of the ex-s make stupid requests like "when is he leaving? I want to go to the airport to say good bye." I think that secretly some of the ex-s like the attention and drama and just don't want to settle down to a nice, safe life with the new (often much better, but more boring) guys they've gotten.
  10. Rental deposit--preparing for move to CM

    Often an owner/landlord will withhold the cost of the building's "standard cleaning" fee if you haven't used them and even the cost of a cheap repainting from the deposit. We got caught on this once when we'd been keeping the place spotless ourselves and were charged 1000 baht "painting fee" by the owner out of our deposit when we found out he paid the building maintenance guy 400 baht after hours to slap on a cheap coat of paint. We should have arranged the 300 baht cleaning and 400 baht repainting ourselves before we left, rather than getting 1500 deducted from the deposit by the owner for "cleaning and repainting"
  11. Feet and Lower Leg Swelling / Pain

    Yes, when someone has cardiac problems and this type of swelling an afternoon nap, or at least a time sitting with the feet elevated can help. I find an afternoon swim to be of great value in reducing/eliminating swollen feet/ankles.
  12. Feet and Lower Leg Swelling / Pain

    Dr. Thanawat also practices at Bangkok Hospital - Chiang Mai now also. I'm not certain he's still at Sripat, he may have retired from CMU. It's been the practice of Bangkok Hospital - CM to sign on some of the really good CMU/Sripat professor/doctors when they are "turfed out", i.e. forced to retire at age 60. The O.P. will find it easy to access services at Bangkok Hospital - CM. Dr. Apichard is also a good cardiologist at Bangkok Hospital - CM.
  13. Rental deposit--preparing for move to CM

    Two months rent as a deposit plus the first month rent paid upfront has been the norm in the rental arrangements we've been in. Thus -- three months rent is needed initially, realizing you'll (probably) get the two months rent deposit back at the end when you leave. Be sure to allow time for the landlord/owner to "process" the refund of your deposit when your contract is over. Some mess around with this, especially if you're leaving the country, saying they need time to inspect the place, get money from their bank, etc. It's generally a good idea to bring large amounts of money into the country via a mechanism where there is a "paper trail" so you can prove foreign sourcing, to make it easier for you to repatriate the money.
  14. Cheap Kitchenware

    There are a couple of cheap shops in Maya mall, like Diaso and another one with a cutesy name that escapes me. I think it's a level or two below Duke's just off that escalator. They have some kitchen utensils and food storage containers, along with an interesting array of other unrelated items.
  15. Outpatient costs - Bangkok Hospital

    I've found the outpatient costs at Bangkok Hospital to be very reasonable and the wait times minimal. The pharmacy doesn't overcharge the way they do at CM Ram, but of course, you only want to use them for meds like the one mentioned that you can't buy at retail pharmacies, they still charge more, but at least not the astronomical prices that CM Ram does. English language skills throughout the staff are excellent, the best of any hospital in Chiang Mai, all the way down to the cleaning staff and cafeteria people. Well, those folks aren't fluent in English, but they know enough to do their jobs when interacting with English speakers, provided you're speaking simple, unaccented English if asking them a question.